The 10 Best POS Software Money Can Buy in 2019

by Teodora Dobrilova

To run a business you must juggle a million things. 

Managing the inventory constantly can be stressful. You also need to have a genius IQ to keep track of discounts and loyalty cards. To top it off, there are mind-numbing sales reports to deal with.

What if there’s software that takes care of all that?

Heck, what if it also handles a variety of other crucial tasks as well?

Enter point of sale (POS) software.

By the end of this article, you’ll discover which is the best POS system for you. (Hint: it depends on your business’s needs.)

How I Created This List

Long story short, I spent days reading POS software reviews from authority websites. Based on that feedback, I made a list of 30 POS systems with the best feedback.

Then I took it a step further – I scoured the web for POS user reviews and found hundreds. Turns out, when you put them all together, the bigger picture starts to emerge.

This is how I narrowed it down to the 10 best POS software. Those are the ones you’ll find reviewed here. They’re good for all business sizes, retail, and restaurants.

Once I listed the 10 choices below, I signed up for them, checked their interface and basic functionality, hammered their support with noobish questions, read the fine print of the ToS, and here we are.

Here you can find the case study I prepared for a quick comparison between the best POS software.

Let’s first cover up the types of POS systems and how they can benefit your business.

Types of POS Systems

POS solutions come in different flavors. Here are the main ways to differentiate them.

Desktop POS Systems

You’ve probably seen those in retail stores where they are most common. 

Desktop POS systems run on computers. You can use them either in a browser or via a desktop app.  

They are usually connected to widgets, such as barcode scanner, cash drawers, receipt printers, and credit card readers.

Desktop POS systems include features such as inventory management, sales reports, employee management systems, and loyalty programs. 

Mobile POS Systems

The best thing about them?

They are portable.

You can literally ring up sales on the spot.

They are mostly free or fairly affordable as well as available on most app stores. They are best for small businesses or individual retailers and can be a real gamechanger if recent trends in mobile usage continue.

The Best POS Software of 2019


square the best pos software techjury review

Best POS system for 2019

  • 30-day free trial
  • 24/7 support center
  • No training required
  • Square for retail comes at $60 per location and comes with one POS or 2.5% +10¢ per tap, dip, or swipe
  • Square for restaurants comes at $60 per location and comes with one POS or 2.6% +10¢ per tap, dip, or swipe

Square POS is suitable for both retail and restaurants and is quick and easy to use. It requires no training so you get to have a flying start with this software. 

Square supports both Android and iOS. The pricing system makes it affordable for businesses of all sizes. 

Square for retail provides fast and easy checkout. The POS provides inventory management features, such as receiving purchase orders and scanning products as they arrive. All of these stack up to save a lot of time from your day. 

It allows you to create user profiles, which combined with the loyalty program help you create personal discounts with ease. It can help you create and launch a website without using costly development services.

Square for restaurants allows you to customize your floor plan for maximum efficiency. It further optimizes that through special features, that allow your chefs and waiters to work in sync. As for the menus, you can create multiple ones and swipe with ease between them. 

Square keeps you up to date with what’s happening in your restaurant by offering reports for sales, covers, and revenue centers, among others.

As for cons, users point to account freezing if the system suspects fraud where there is none. This could be a problem for rapidly growing businesses. Some complain about difficulty when connecting their Square accounts with bank accounts. 

If you’re still not sure about Square, there’s a 30-day free trial to help you decide. Тheir support center is available 24/7, in case you encounter any difficulties. 


lightspeed pos software techjury review

Best hybrid software

  • 14-day free trial
  • 24/7 support center
  • Hybrid system
  • Most popular plan for retail starts at $99 per month
  • Most popular plan for restaurants starts at $69 per month

Lightspeed is a good choice, no matter the type of business. You have three options to pick from – Lightspeed Retail POS, Lightspeed Restaurant POS, and Lightspeed Ecommerce.

It also fits all business sizes. It allows transferring data from other platforms.

Lightspeed Retail has various inventory management options. It shows the name, quantity, and availability of the product. It allows grouping items by type, adding details such as size and color. You can order products from pre-loaded catalogs directly from the POS.

It offers Retail analytics, Employee tracking, Remote reporting, Exportable reports, and various other reporting and analytic tools.

Lightspeed also offers an advanced loyalty program. It allows you to create customer profiles and make special offers and discounts. These discounts will make your customers feel appreciated, while also tempting them to spend more with you.

Lightspeed Restaurant also offers rich inventory management options. It offers adjustable floor plan and kitchen display, to ease up your staff’s work. And speaking of staff, each member can create their own profile. That way, the information and orders are easy to navigate and utilize. 

The main con of Lightspeed that users point to is the price. The pricing is mostly opaque.

Another popular complaint is that the system has pretty rapid updates, which lead to bugs. Some users that the UI design can get a tad confusing at times, but it’s nothing they can’t handle. 

Lightspeed POS is the best hybrid system out there. You can see for yourself if you try their 14-days free trial. If you need help, their support center is at your service 24/7.


vend best pos software techjury review

Best Retail POS

  • 14-day free trial
  • 24/7 support center
  • Most suitable for merchants
  • Good for all business sizes
  • The price depends on the size of your business

The defining benefit of Vend POS is that it works offline. If the system goes down, Vend will allow you to continue selling and then resync your data. 

It’s the best POS for Mac, PC or iPad and syncs with clouds so you can use either platform or all three.

Vend is also effortless to use – and with very little training too. 

Vend also has an ecommerce option. It can integrate with popular platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, and others. It can connect existing stores, effortlessly syncing products, inventory, customers and sales.

It also manages your inventory for you, reminding you when you need to re-stock. You can add item size, color, and material. 

It creates customizable reports. It also has an employee management system, which helps you set sales targets for your staff and see how they’re performing. 

The customer profiles you create with Vend allow you to create a loyalty program. Then you can give them discounts, send targeted emails or group your clients for sale prices. Each of those allows you to get more money from your existing clients – for free. (In contrast, marketing efforts that attract new clients cost money!)

The main disadvantage of Vend according to customers is it works only with Google Chrome and Safari and doesn’t support other browsers. Also, the ecommerce platform is said to lack in features.

Vend is a very affordable solution for merchants. We encourage you to sign up for the free trial or contact their support center if you have more questions. 


shopkeep pos tool techjury review


The POS software that runs on numerous hardware

  • Free trial
  • 24/7 support center
  • Good for all types of businesses
  • Pricing available when you reach for a quote
  • User-friendly

ShopKeep is another POS system that is suitable for all types of businesses. It’s good fit for coffee shops, food trucks, bars, restaurants, retail, and quick-service, among others. Its versatility is not to be ignored. 

Another key benefit of ShopKeep is it comes with its own hardware. Still, you have the freedom to choose another device. ShopKeep runs with a number of other point of sale machines. To top it off, the ShopKeep team is always ready to walk you through the process of choosing the best hardware for your needs.

Whether you choose ShopKeep for restaurants or retail, the software comes bundled with an iPad, allowing your team to be mobile. This helps massively reduce the queues in stores,- as you can strategically place your staff around the store and just equip them with the POS software.

ShopKeep for retail also offers inventory management tools. You can add item details, such as color, size, and material. The system tracks top selling items, categories, and departments and gives you a bird’s eye view of your main revenue sources. 

ShopKeep offers real-time data reports, which you can access on both desktop and smartphone. You can also create customer profiles, which is a tremendous help with email marketing campaigns. (Hint: it’s the marketing channel with the highest ROI!) 

ShopKeep for restaurants comes with all the benefits of its retail counterpart, plus a few more. The easily customizable menu is a nice touch here. It also allows waiters to send orders directly to the kitchen, eliminating half the waiting time. (And allowing fewer waiters to serve more tables.)

It comes with other extras, such as a customizable suggested tip amount, synced checks, and easily accessible top-selling menu items.

Despite all the praise, inevitably ShopKeep is not a perfect system. Several customers have complained of bugs with the inventory management system. There are also some complaints about connection issues.

ShopKeep comes with a free trial, so you can see for yourself if it fits your needs. They also have a 24/7 support center, ready to answer your questions at any given time.


touchbistro pos software techjury review

Best restaurant POS software 

  • Free trial – 7 days without registration and 21 more, after you make an account
  • 24/7 support center
  • Good for all business sizes
  • The solo package is $69 monthly for the software and $105 for software and hardware bundle
  • VIP community

TouchBistro is specifically tailored for your restaurant’s needs. It offers bill splitting, seat joining and numerous modifiers. In fact, it comes with over 200 features, which make running your business disturbingly simple. 

TouchBistro offers customer relationship management, which allows you to create a loyalty program for customers. It has staff management features too, as well as update schedules and measure sales success.

Speaking of sales, TouchBistro has pretty good reporting and analytics tools, that can be accessed on all types of devices. That’s not its best side, though.

In fact, TouchBistro has a very unique approach to the cloud compared to other cloud POS software. TouchBistro does use it, but doesn’t rely on it. So, even if your internet connection fails, you can still use all the features.

What sets TouchBistro apart from other POS systems is their VIP community. It allows you to network with other restaurant businesses and exchange tips and tricks with them. Finally, the VIP community is where you can get early information about updates and submit feature requests.

When it comes to complaints, people mostly point out it can take quite some time to connect with the tech support team. Furthermore, not all features are customizable.

TouchBistro offers a 7-day free trial without registration and 21 more, if you create an account. That means you have 28 days to try the software for yourself.


shopify best pos software review techjury

Best for online stores

  • 14-day free trial
  • 24/7 support center
  • Best for retail
  • Good for all business sizes
  • The basic plan starts at $29 monthly

Since it was founded in 2004, Shopify has been a major player in the ecommerce universe. Now it offers its own POS software. Shopify POSworks extremely well with ecommerce integrations, which is where it leaves the competition in the dust.  

Here, you get your own branded online store – something no other POS system offers. Not only that, but you also gain access to numerous sales channels like online marketplaces and social media.

A key feat of Shopify POS is its easy checkout, which works beautifully with smartphones and tablets. In the mobile age, this is an easy way to boost your conversions by appealing to mobile users.

Shopify also allows you to create customer profiles. It works well with gift cards too, which can be emailed or printed in store. Customer profiles are synced, so you can always see their order history. 

Shopify offers useful inventory management features, such as product organization by sale, type, season and more. You can also sort items by size, color, materials, etc and have each variation have details like price, weight, inventory, and others.  

When it comes to disadvantages, reviews mention a lot of bugs in the system. Also, the lack of low-stock inventory notification is pointed out as another huge disadvantage. 

You can try Shopify for free, for 14 days. They also have a 24/7 support center, in case you encounter any difficulties or have any questions. 


clover software review techjury

Easiest to learn

  • 30-day free trial
  • Tutorials available online, support center available via email or phone
  • Good for retail, restaurant, and service
  • Rates start at 2.3% + 10¢ per transaction
  • User-friendly

Clover’s edge is in how incredibly easy it is to learn. The UI is extremely user-friendly and any training takes less than 15 minutes.

Clover is suitable for retail, restaurant, and service. It is also good for all types of businesses, no matter big or small.

Clover for restaurants has guest seating, floor plans, and tableside service. It allows you to take and update orders easily. It also fires tickets straight to the kitchen, which halves waiting time. It allows bill splitting and accepts numerous ways of payment. It is easily customizable, so you can make it fit all your individual needs.

Clover for retail comes with cutting-edge inventory management features. It has real-time updates and notifies you when items are low on stock. You can also separate your items into sizes and colors. 

Clover also has a loyalty program, which allows you to run targeted email campaigns, give discounts and send offers. It offers and accepts gift cards. This gives you a wide arsenal of marketing tactics to try out and boost your business.

The biggest complaint would be that the cost comes too high, especially if you need more than one terminal. Also, the apps are said to sometimes show different numbers than the ones you’ve added. People have also noted the support center is not the best one out there.

You can try Clover for 30 days for free. During that time, you can also contact their support center with any questions you may have.


loyverse review pos software 2019 techjury

Most affordable POS

  • Products come free
  • 14-days free trial for paid add-ons
  • 24/7 chat support
  • Loyverse community
  • Good for all businesses

The best thing about Loyverse is how affordable it is. The POS, Dashboard, Kitchen and Customer display are all free. The add-ons for employee management come at €5 per month and those for advanced inventory at €25 monthly. 

Loyverse is good for both retail and restaurant. It has an offline mode. It allows you to work with multiple stores under one account. It offers multiple payment methods. Receipts can be printed or send via email. 

The basic inventory management features include inventory tracking, order purchase, low stock notifications and etc. 

It allows you to create customer profiles. You can make notes about customers, analyze their visiting patterns and create a loyalty program. 

The restaurant and bar features include kitchen printers. It sends orders to the kitchen automatically. You can split, merge and move items between tickets. The menu is easily customizable, so you can fit it to your needs. 

Customers are generally satisfied with Loyverse. There are mainly recommendations about how the software can improve, rather than complaints about bugs. 

While free, Loyverse POS is limited in some areas, compared to the competition. It lags behind in terms of features. It also doesn’t integrate with other software.  Finally, it has limited card processing.

If you can live with all that and enjoy the perks (and the software being free) – maybe Loyverse POS is the one for you.

If you have any questions or encounter any problems, the Loyverse support center is available 24/7.


ehopper best pos software 2019 techjury review

Best customer support

  • Essential package comes free
  • Free demo available
  • 24/7 support center
  • Good for all types of businesses
  • Webinars and live online training available

eHopper is another free POS system for your business. The essential package costs you nothing and the Freedom and OmniChannel ones are really affordable – $49.99 a month and $79.99 a month respectively.

eHopper works with both iOS and Android systems. It’s also one of the best POS solutions for Windows PC and tablets.

Add to the pile of benefits the fact that eHopper also works offline. No more stressing about your internet connection! You can basically use all the functions that don’t involve credit cards, without being connected to the internet. 

Users are also excited that it syncs in real time. This allows them to successfully communicate with the rest of the team without losing precious time. 

It has discount and loyalty options. You can provide your customers with customized discounts, loyalty check-ins and coupon redemption. 

Numerous user reviews have pointed out how incredibly fast and effective the eHopper Customer Support Centre is. No matter your situation, they react as quickly as possible and there doesn’t seem to be a problem they can’t solve. 

As cons, users have pointed out eHopper has difficulty connecting with QuickBooks. Also, sometimes it has bugs when running credit card transactions. 

You can give eHopper a try with their free demo. In case you have any questions, their support center is available 24/7. 


imonggo review techjury pos software

Best POS system for small businesses

  • 30-day free trial for the premium package
  • 24/7 support center
  • Free forever for businesses with less than 1000 transactions a month
  • Works on Mac, Windows and Linux
  • Can support multi-store set-ups with no limit

Another great affordable POS solution for your business. Imonggo comes free for small businesses and even if you choose the premium package, it won’t break the bank. At $30 per month it’s easily the cheapest premium system for your business. 

It is also extremely easy to use. You and your staff won’t need any specific training, as it is extremely user-friendly.

Imonggo is best for retail. It allows you to download your inventory, so that you can always have backup of your data. It also keeps a list of your suppliers, which makes it effortless to order new stock. You can also see a list of your top selling products.

Imonggo also works offline. No more stressing when your internet connecting crashes! Imonggo’s got you covered.

As cons, users point to server issues like it being too slow, which results in double input of information. Another complaint is that while the design is easy to navigate, it looks a bit outdated. Users are also left wanting more inventory and a few basic features. 

If you have other questions or encounter any difficulties, Imonggo’s support center is available 24/7. 

The Benefits of POS Software

The best way to compare POS systems is to understand their benefits and what each one brings to your business.

Let’s start with the benefits of POS.

Faster Service

Gone are the days of slow payments and huge queues. POS solutions provide the fastest check out service possible. 

They are a huge relief not only for stores but for restaurants and cafes too. Instead of writing down orders and trying to remember everything, waiters can just tap in the info on their tablets. Some software will even send it directly to the kitchen.

How much money does that kind of efficiency save?

More Accurate Results

Humans are prone to errors. It’s in our nature. However, it’s not in the POS’ nature.

Calculating the checks and the change has never been easier. Applying discounts also. No need to double check customers’ orders. The system does it all for you. 

Also, scanning a barcode is infinitely easier than adding the numbers manually. It’s also a bulletproof way to avoid costly mistakes.

Client Profiles

Most POS software allow you to make client profiles. You can track their purchases this way. This allows you to adapt promotions or special discounts on the go – hassle-free. Clients love feeling special. And happy clients are loyal clients.

Loyalty and Gift Programs

Say goodbye to old-school crumbled gift cards, vouchers, and coupons. Most POS systems can run loyalty programs and digital rewards with ridiculous ease. 

That’s where client profiles come handy, too. You can add points, rewards or vouchers to their profile.

Do you know what happens when you do something nice for people? Usually, they want to do something nice in return. Don’t be surprised if your shoppers decide you’re worth an extra visit to buy more stuff.

You’re also making life easier for them. They don’t need to carry around vouchers anymore. Or even if you insist on having a paper copy, forgetting it won’t be an issue – it’ll all be added to the POS system. 

Inventory Organization

Are you out of Coca Cola? Are the chips low on stock?

The POS software takes care of all that automatically. It keeps track of all the products you’ve entered in the system and you can easily see when you need to restock. 

Some POS systems can even submit orders to suppliers themselves. 

POS systems also make sense of sales patterns. They analyze time frames, periods, items sold by the store, etc. That way you can always know which product is selling better than the rest and why. 

Sales Report

Imagine putting those on autopilot POS systems to keep a record of the cash flow all on their own. At the end of each day, you’ll have a pretty good idea of your financial status.

Also at the end of each month.

And year.

You get the point.

POS systems also help you keep track of all your employee sales. You can use this as reward criteria to motivate them. 

Motivated employees are the lifeblood of every business. This feature of POS systems alone can define the success of a business.  

Еmployee Management

Another daily task made easy breezy by POS software.

Who makes more sales? Who can’t work on Tuesdays? Who’s available to cover for an ill employee? 

POS software allows you to create different employee profiles and store all the information you need. 

Key Takeouts

Getting a POS system will make you more effective at managing your business – while giving you more free time to actually scale it. (Or simply to spend it with your family and friends.)

After all, we are talking about a software package that manages your inventory, sales reports, accounting, customer service, staff tracking, AND more – all in one place. You have all main administrative tasks incorporated in a single program. This helps you get more accurate results and provide better, more efficient and error-free service. 

When you draw the line, this leads to some massive changes in how you can run your business. 

You will no longer need to use separate systems for payment, card transactions, and inventory management. No longer will you have to come up with loyalty programs on your own and spend a ridiculous amount of time managing them. Gone are the days of orders taken wrong and splitting bills yourself. 

The question is – are you ready for that change?

That’s a real concern, by the way. It can be downright scary to start doing things differently, to let them become easier, and to open up more time for yourself – especially if you’re not used to it.

Still, if you’ve read until here, you’re likely dedicated enough to succeed. In that case, there are probably some POS reviews that caught your attention while you were scrolling down the page. 

Every one I’ve listed has a free trial, so why not give one (or more) a spin? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Q: How does your business benefit from POS software?

A: It makes life easier. Just one system doing it all for you – money transactions, inventory management, sales reports, client profiles, etc. It also gives you faster and more accurate results. 

Q: What is a good POS software?

A: Each of the ten we’ve listed here is a “good” one. That said, the best one for you depends on your business’ size and goals. This is a case where one size doesn’t fit all. Scroll through this article and decide on the best POS software and provider from our list.

Q: Are POS systems easy to use?

A: Most are extremely user-friendly and intuitive to use. For those that are harder to navigate, there are usually training and tutorials provided.

Q: How much does a POS system cost?

A: Depends on many things – how big your business is, do you need hardware, and how many features you need, among others. Either way, most POS solutions are pretty affordable.

Q: Should my POS system be industry specific?

A: Not really. Most of the time, a general retail software package is as good as any industry-specific one. Also, there are a lot of POS software, that are simply suitable for all types of businesses. 

Q: Do POS software help you track staff performance?

A: Most of the best POS software solutions do. It’s one of the features that makes managing your business way easier. The POS systems that offer it, allow you to create profiles for each staff member. That way you can see the sales they’ve made, the hours they’ve worked, and be notified of any problems.


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