15 Best Antivirus Software for 2020

[Tested And Reviewed]

Here you’ll find the best antivirus software on the market.

I carefully selected them, after analyzing dozens of solutions.

Then I tested them firsthand and wrote detailed reviews.

But that’s not all you’ll find on this page.

  • I’ll share my extensive professional methodology.
  • Unlike other antivirus reviews, I’ll explain the core features.
  • You’ll see the ways your device can get infected.
  • Finally, I’ve prepared an actionable buyer’s guide to help you choose.

But most importantly – my in-depth, data-driven reviews will guide you through your cyber security journey and help you make an informed choice.

That way you can find the best tool to protect your privacy, your family, and your devices.

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Top 15 Antivirus Software for 2020






Best antivirus overall


Best home antivirus


Best all-in-one antivirus


Best buy antivirus


Best detection antivirus


Best antivirus for mobiles


Best lightweight antivirus


Best multi-device antivirus


Best business antivirus


Best SMB antivirus


Best for home protection


Best antivirus for people on the go


Best value for money antivirus


Best cheap antivirus


Best for complete protection at a reasonable price.

Best Antivirus 2020

  • Bitdefender – Best overall antivirus
  • Kaspersky – Best home antivirus
  • ESET Internet Security – Best all-in-one antivirus
  • Trend Micro Maximum Security – Best buy antivirus
  • Norton 360 Deluxe – Best detection antivirus
  • Malwarebytes Premium – Best antivirus for mobiles
  • Webroot Internet Security Plus – Best lightweight antivirus
  • McAfee – Best multi-device antivirus
  • Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud – Best business antivirus
  • Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security – Best SMB antivirus
  • BullGuard – Best for home protection
  • TotalAV Total Security – Best antivirus for home use and people on the go
  • Sophos – Best value for money antivirus
  • PC Protect – Best cheap antivirus
  • Heimdal Security – Best for complete protection at a reasonable price.

Any of these solutions will keep you, your family, or your business safe.

But how did I compile the best antivirus list?

How did I rate them?

Let me take you behind the scenes and introduce you to the step-by-step process I followed.


Let’s get something out of the way first.

A recent investigation revealed that one of Avast’s subsidiaries, Jumpshot, was selling browsing data gathered by Avast and AVG’s free antivirus versions. However, Avast terminated Jumpshot’s operations, so this practice is no longer in action.

Anyways, below you’ll find out the process I followed to find the best antivirus of 2020.

  • I scanned the Web for all worthy antivirus solutions. In addition to the ones I’ve already used and trusted, I added a dozen more.
  • Then I checked out their pricing. My goal was to find the best budget antivirus suite for under $50 per license.
  • I read hundreds of user-written antivirus reviews to see if any of my top picks have any unsolved issues.
  • When I was satisfied with my 10 best antivirus picks, I signed up for a trial for each of them. Excluding Norton 360 Deluxe, since the company doesn’t offer a free trial. I purchased a license so I can test it first-hand.
  • For the antivirus comparison and tests, I used an HP Pavilion DV6 laptop with Intel Core i7-2670QM 2.20 GHz and 8 GB RAM. To test each antivirus on an Apple device, I used a MacBook Air. I also used a Huawei Smart Z and an iPhone 7 to find the best phone antivirus on the market.
  • I downloaded hundreds of malware samples from Objective-SeeKernelmode, and Contagiodump. The collection included malicious software for Mac, Windows, and Android.
  • I started testing each antivirus based on several criteria.

Security features

I checked out each antivirus software’s security features, including multi-layer protection, the technique they use to detect malware, and so on.

  • First of all, I downloaded the EICAR test file2. Naturally, all my best antivirus picks detected the file as a threat. If you wonder how to test an antivirus, this is where you should start.
  • I tested each app’s ability to block malicious and infected URLs. I found the list of malicious websites thanks to Artists Against 419Malware Domain List, and Scumware.
  • I moved on to testing the apps’ real-time anti-phishing capabilities. I fed my browsers with dozens of randomly selected phishing URLs that I got from PhishTank. All these antivirus tests delivered satisfactory results – the antivirus solutions prevented almost every dangerous download and access to infected content.
  • Then I fired up the big guns – I executed all malware samples I had gathered and left each security software do its job. Although it took a while, I enjoyed watching the best antivirus programs detecting and eliminating the samples.

The samples included all types of nasty malware, including worms, Trojan horses, keyloggers, ransomware, zero-day malware, and so on.

That’s how I managed to evaluate each antivirus’s real-time protection capabilities.

When I got the results, I did a combined rating based on my in-house testing and the AV-TEST institute’s results. Naturally, when the independent lab didn’t have any recent test on a given antivirus provider, I didn’t take the old ratings into account.

Privacy and advanced features

Not only should the best antivirus in 2020 protect you from adware, spyware, keyloggers, and so on – it should also give you additional tools for identity protection.

  • One such example is the dedicated browser for safe online banking. It safeguards your credentials and keeps you safe from online frauds.
  • Additionally, some of the best antivirus providers offer a VPN service, included in the internet security pack. In case you aren’t familiar with this technology, you check out this super-easy-to-digest article.
  • Encryption is also a handy feature to have. It can “hide” your data behind an unbreakable code, and even if cybercriminals get their hands on it, they won’t be able to see what’s inside.
  • You can achieve the best virus protection for 2020 by getting a full antivirus suite. That means the software should be able to protect your webcam, smart TV, include anti-theft features, and much more.
  • And let’s not forget about your kid(s) online safety. The best antivirus app should come with a built-in parental control module, that can filter inappropriate content and protect your little one(s) while online.

Scanning and performance

Even the best antivirus programs are worthless if they slow your device too much. That’s why I paid special attention to system performance during my antivirus tests.

The decrease in performance is inevitable, but the malware protection software shouldn’t “eat” all of your device’s resources.

Additionally, a full system scan shouldn’t last a decade because it uses more CPU power and memory. Sure, a virus scanner that takes two hours isn’t a deal-breaker, but you’ll want something faster that can free the system resources quicker.

On top of that, you’d want a solution that doesn’t detect too many false positives. Best case scenario – the number should be 0.

Thankfully, all the best-rated antivirus utilities on this list do an excellent job both in terms of speed and performance.

User interface/Ease of use

Sure, an antivirus app’s UI isn’t as important as the protection it delivers.

However, the best antivirus should suit you like a glove – both the interface design and the app’s ease of use. You wouldn’t want to wander within the menus to find the feature you are looking for – it will become annoying at some point.

Customer support

Typically, you won’t be in constant contact with tech support. Still, you’ll want the reps to be available when you need them. The best antivirus provider should not only offer excellent security software but stellar support as well.

That’s why I evaluated each company’s support teams, based on their speed and professionalism.

Now that you know how I found and tested the best antivirus solutions, it’s time to get to know them in detail.

Detailed Reviews



Users who need strong security features.

Visit Website
  • Great balance between features and performance
  • Stellar customer support
  • Perfect security scores
  • Can’t encrypt the entire hard drive

Bitdefender is a flawless tool for detecting threats in real-time. Moreover, you can use this excellent antivirus with little to no compromise on system performance. It delivers top-notch real time anti-phishing, anti-fraud, and malware threats protection. On top of that, Bitdefender offers numerous practical features, like anti-theft, VPN, password manager, and much more.

Bitdefender Total Security features

With Bitdefender, not only you’ll get the best antivirus protection in 2020, but the software comes with a bunch of useful features. Naturally, you’ll get award-winning virus protection, and the software can protect you from all types of e-threats – from simple worms to sophisticated zero-day exploitive malware and ransomware. All in all, Bitdefender is an excellent tool for detecting threats online.

Here’s why:

  • The company’s technology can identify suspicious network activities, as well as infected and malicious URLs.
  • Moreover, this security software monitors your active apps and takes action if it detects anything suspicious.
  • Bitdefender also offers multi-layer ransomware protection. It can easily prevent unauthorized changes to your files.
  • The Time Machine feature can create regular backups of your most important data.
  • Our best antivirus pick comes with an anti-phishing module, as well as anti-fraud, and antispam technologies.

All in all, Bitdefender is top-notch antivirus software that offers all the essential features and then some.


A full scan with Bitdefender took about 50 minutes. While this isn’t ultra-fast scanning, it isn’t the slowest either. Still, I didn’t experience any performance issues, while the software was checking my system, so thumbs up!

On the other hand, a quick scan lasts less than two minutes.

You can schedule scans on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. However, you can’t schedule one on a particular date.

Bitdefender Total Security privacy and advanced features

In addition to protecting you from all kinds of online threats, Bitdefender provides a fast, anonymous, and secure surfing experience.

  • First of all, Bitdefender Total Security comes with a built-in VPN service. Although that’s excellent news, you get only 200 MB of daily traffic for free. If you want to remove this limitation, you can get unlimited traffic for $39.99 per year.
  • This cybersecurity solution also comes with an anti-tracker extension that prevents data collection while you are browsing.
  • For privacy protection, Bitdefender can find out which apps have access to your microphone and offer webcam protection, as well.
  • The best antivirus software also comes with file encryption capabilities However, Bitdefender can’t encrypt your entire hard drive.
  • If you want to get rid of sensitive files permanently, you can use the File Shredder. It completely removes all traces of these files from your device.
  • Another great feature is the dedicated web browser. It offers browsing and banking protection, and the Safepay feature can automatically fill in your credit card details. That way, you get payment protection on top of the impressive security feature set. On the downside, it didn’t work flawlessly. Although it’s supposed to open all banking websites in the secure browser automatically, I was able to load them in Chrome, without triggering Safepay.
  • Bitdefender offers a feature-rich parental control module. It lets you keep track of your child’s activities – like location, visited websites, opened apps, time spent on the device, etc. However, it isn’t 100% efficient when it comes to blocking content. We were able to visit websites promoting violent sports, for instance. Except for that, the company offers decent parental controls.
  • The icing on the cake is the built-in antitheft feature. If your device gets stolen or lost, you can easily locate it, lock it, wipe all data, or get an alert.

In a nutshell, Bitdefender can give you all-round protection. In addition to all the features mentioned above, you also get a privacy firewall and a password manager. The latter isn’t one of the best password managers out there, but it’s a decent tool nonetheless.

Antivirus test results

One of the main reasons why we ranked Bitdefender as the best antivirus of the year is the excellent results the software achieved in our antivirus testing.

We bombarded Bitdefender Total Security with hundreds of malware, and the results were perfect. This top antivirus software scored a 100% success rate for detecting zero-day malware, trojans, ransomware, and so on. It also slammed an excellent 100% in fighting widespread malware samples.

However, we did get some false positives while performing a system scan, but it’s below the industry’s average.

All in all, Bitdefender offers top-notch protection against malware and other cyber threats.

Ease of use

Bitdefender Total Security offers an easy-to-use app that’s intuitive and even novice users won’t face any challenges while using it.

The app is neatly organized, and you can manage all features with one click.

System requirements and performance

To get the best antivirus protection, you’d need a Windows device with Intel CORE 2 Duo (2 GHz) or equivalent processor, 2 GB of RAM, and 2.5 GB free space. If you own a Mac, it should have 1 GB of free space, and macOS X Yosemite (10.10) or later.

Our performance tests show that Bitdefender Total Security is one of, if not the best antivirus that won’t slow down your PC. The software is a lightweight solution that doesn’t use much of your system’s resources.

One of the things I liked about Bitdefender is that when we attacked it with malware, the utility used as much CPU as it required to eliminate the threats faster. For comparison, some other tools use about 30% but work extremely slow.

This lightweight antivirus also offers numerous features that ensure there’s no impact on your system’s performance.

  • The best antivirus of 2020, offers the Bitdefender Photon technology that adapts to your system’s hardware, thus saving computing power and resources.
  • Bitdefender also comes with automatic games, movies, and work modes. They improve the system’s performance and act as a “do not disturb” feature.
  • In addition to all these features, this top antivirus solution has a OneClick optimizer and battery mode. That way, you can enjoy a faster device for a longer period.

Bitdefender Total Security device support

The best antivirus shouldn’t only protect your Windows PC.

That’s why Bitdefender has dedicated apps for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices.

Unfortunately, it can’t protect your router.

However, the company offers a solution called Bitdefender Box, which can secure all your IoT devices, including your router.

Now some of you are probably like: “Yeah like I need to secure my smart light bulbs.”

Well, let me tell you a story that isn’t exactly related to our antivirus reviews. It’s a short one, I promise.

In 2017 hackers managed to steal data from a casino.

Nothing unusual, you’d say.

However, what’s interesting is that the hackers managed to enter the casino’s entire network via an internet-connected fish tank thermometer.

So yeah, it’s a good rule of thumb to secure all your IoT devices.


In a nutshell, our #1 rated antivirus offers stellar support.

The reps are accessible via email, phone, or the 24/7 live chat function. The support teams are friendly, helpful, and reply fast.

The website also has a forum that supports topics in English, German, French, Spanish, and Romanian. Moreover, the community is quite active, and you can find help there, as well.

On top of that, our best-rated antivirus’s website offers an extensive knowledge base, FAQ, and supports an up-to-date YouTube channel.

It simply doesn’t get any better than that.

Bitdefender Total Security pricing

First of all, the best antivirus for 2020 offers a free version. It’s available for one Windows PC only and lacks all the software’s advanced features. However, you’ll still get real-time protection and regular updates. Unfortunately, that’s pretty much it.

If you want top-notch cyber security, you better get the paid version. There’s a 30-day free trial, and the company offers three subscription options for Bitdefender Total Security 2020:

  • One year – $44.99 for up to five devices. The price is $49.99 if you want to secure 10 devices.
  • Two years – $104.99. For 10 devices, you’ll have to pay $118.99.
  • Three years – $139.99 or $160.99 for 10 devices.

If you aren’t happy with the best antivirus on the market for some reason, the company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

  • AI-powered protection
  • Excellent scanning and malware removal capabilities
  • Outstanding parental control
  • Heavy on the system

If you are looking for the best home antivirus with virus protection, powered by machine learning – Kaspersky Total Security 2020 is your best bet. This excellent anti-malware software can crush computer viruses with ease and has impressive scanning capabilities. With Kaspersky, you get multi-layer protection against all kinds of online threats, including ransomware, Trojans, keyloggers, etc. It also offers an encrypted browser for safe online banking, VPN, and numerous practical features that will keep your privacy safe.

Note: We know that Kaspersky has been accused of having close ties to the Russian government. However, since there isn’t any hard evidence on the matter, we treat and test Kaspersky’s products the same way we do with all antivirus providers. That’s why we can safely recommend Kaspersky Total Security 2020.

Security features

Kaspersky is well-known for delivering excellent internet security suites. Naturally, the company’s newest Total Security 2020 software is no different. The AI-powered real-time security delivers the one of (if not) the best virus protection in the industry. Kaspersky Total Security will keep your devices safe from viruses, worms, Trojan horses, rootkits, spyware, and all the other nasty malware. Here’s what else it has in store for you:

  • Kaspersky comes with an improved “Malware Defender” that reacts instantly to malware.
  • Moreover, it can detect file-less sophisticated malware that infects your device’s RAM instead of the hard drive.
  • You also get a two-way firewall that analyzes both incoming and outgoing network requests. That way, you can protect your device from unauthorized access.
  • There’s also an anti-phishing module that can protect you from spam, scam, and phishing attacks.
  • On top of that, the Malicious Link Detector uses Kaspersky’s security network to analyze the links on the websites you visit.

All in all, Kaspersky Total Security 2020 is one of the best antivirus solutions on the market. Moreover, its creators are constantly working to make this tool an effective weapon against all known and emerging malware.

Kaspersky Total Security privacy and advanced features

In addition to the total protection from viruses, Kaspersky comes with an impressive internet security pack.

  • Kaspersky Safe Kids Premium – The software’s parental control is among (if not) the best in the market. You can filter the content your child has access to, manage the screen time, see the kid’s location, and much more. There’s also a parental advisor that can give you tips, written by professional psychologists.
  • Kaspersky VPN – Nowadays, it’s common for antivirus software packages to include such a feature. However, the service is restricted to 200 MB per day (300 MB if you register it to your My Kaspersky account). To remove the traffic limitation, you’ll have to pay $4.99 per month or $29.99 for the entire year.
  • Privacy – A top antivirus in 2020 shouldn’t only protect your device, but your identity as well. Thankfully, Kaspersky’s got you covered. The software’s “Private Browsing” feature blocks trackers, therefore data collection. Moreover, you get webcam protection and an anti-phishing module. That way, your data will stay safe from companies, cyber-criminals, and hackers.
  • Safe Money – Kaspersky’s encrypted browser secures your transactions to prevent fraud. The feature works flawlessly, and you can easily spot malicious sites that want to steal your credentials. And speaking of credentials, Kaspersky comes with a password manager, as well.
  • File safety – Kaspersky’s top antivirus software can encrypt your data, as well as create backups. The latter happens via DropBox, so you’ll get only 2 GB of storage for free. Additionally, if you want to erase any files, the File Shredder does an excellent job.

Antivirus test results

Kaspersky performed excellently in terms of security. The software achieved a perfect 100% in our malware detection tests.

Moreover, in our antivirus comparison evaluation, Kaspersky Total Security 2020 is one of the few tools on this list that didn’t show any false positives.

On top of that, this is one of the best antivirus tools to remove malware on an already infected device. Watching Kaspersky deal with malware is like watching the Hulk.

The downside is that it’s relatively slow.

In a nutshell, Kaspersky has top-notch threat detection and powerful virus removal tools.


Although Kaspersky’s scan showed perfect results in terms of accuracy, it took a long time. This antivirus solution ranked last in our antivirus speed comparison for 2020.

A full system scan took 96 minutes!

You can think of it as an extremely powerful but equally slow tank.

However, considering the excellent results, I’d trade time for perfection in a heartbeat.

On the other hand, the quick scan took a couple of minutes and didn’t have much of an impact on system performance.

Ease of use

As you can see, the UI is quite simple and easy on the eye.

Kaspersky is one of the best virus protection providers for the last 20+ years, and the company’s experience is visible in the app. You get all commonly-used features straight in the dashboard, and you can access the advanced ones from “More Tools.”

However, the app shows a notification about each blocked threat. Typically, every good antivirus should do the same, but it can get annoying. Thankfully, there’s a “Gamer Mode” that provides a zero-distraction experience.

Despite that, Kaspersky offers an excellent antivirus app.

System requirements and performance

To run Kaspersky Total Security, you need a computer with 2 GB RAM, 1 GHz processor, and about 1.5 GB free space.

Although the system requirements aren’t as high as with other antivirus programs, Kaspersky does take its toll on system performance. We experienced an overall 7% loss in performance, which is relatively high.

This is one of the software’s few disadvantages, and so is the opinion of other users, judging by their Kaspersky antivirus reviews. If it wasn’t such a resource hog, Kaspersky would’ve been our “Best antivirus” pick.

Kaspersky Total Security device support

Naturally, the best home antivirus offers cross-platform malware protection. The company has dedicated apps for Windows PCs, Macs, and Android devices.

Did you notice that something’s missing?

Yup, iOS.

Sure, there’s little to no risk of your iPhone getting a virus, and that’s the reason why there isn’t an iOS app. At least that’s the company’s opinion. That said, if you are looking for the best antivirus for iPhone, Kaspersky isn’t an option.


You can reach out to Kaspersky’s customer support via numerous channels – live chat, email, phone, social media, forum, and a virtual assistant. You can’t expect any less from one of the best antivirus companies.

My experience with the reps was a positive one. Phone and live chat support are great, but email communications take time. And by “time,” I mean, you’ll have to wait for about 24 hours to get a reply.

However, I read numerous user-written antivirus reviews, and the overall opinion is that the company offers good technical support, so nothing alarming there.

Kaspersky Total Security pricing

Like the majority of antivirus solutions, you can test Kaspersky Total Security for free for 30 days. Once it expires, you can purchase a license for one of the best internet security suites on the market. The company offers several subscription tiers:

  • One year – $49.99 for the first 12 months. After that, the renewal will cost you $99.99. You get two user accounts, and you can protect up to five devices. For 10 devices, you have to pay $74.99.
  • Two years – $99.99 for 5 devices, respectively $149.99 for 10.
  • Three years – $149.99 ($224.99 for 10 devices).

If you aren’t happy with Kaspersky’s antivirus protection, you can take advantage of the company’s 30-day money-back guarantee.

Kaspersky also offers free antivirus software for PC protection. However, it doesn’t have any of the Total Security’s advanced features.

ESET Internet Security
ESET Internet Security


Users who need advanced features.

Visit Website
  • Advanced machine learning protection
  • Numerous features
  • Supports Linux
  • Gets pricey for more than one device

If you are searching for the best antivirus app of 2020 that comes with a great number of security features – ESET Internet Security is your best choice. The software comes with two layers of security, powered by machine learning, as well as excellent detecting and removal capabilities, and an exciting set of additional features. There are many benefits to using ESET Internet Security, but the main advantage of this product is that it will keep you and your family safe from offline and online threats.

Security feature

ESET Internet Security comes with one of the most feature-rich antivirus software packages. It’s the swiss army knife of antivirus programs and offers excellent protection.

  • Double-layered virus protection powered by machine learning – ESET’s machine learning algorithms not only do the heavy lifting in the cloud, but there’s also a layer that runs locally. That way, your devices get the best antivirus protection regardless of whether you are online or offline. You get protection from spyware, viruses, worms, Trojans, and all the other malicious software running loose on the Web. Moreover, the ML algorithms can keep you safe, even from the next-generation malware that hasn’t been seen before.
  • Exploit blocker – One of the top antivirus tools in 2020 also comes with an exploit filter that catches malicious apps, designed to evade antivirus software and take advantage of a software’s vulnerability.
  • Ransomware shield – With ESET Internet Security you get
  • Botnet protection – The software uses network signature-based detection to quickly block malicious traffic and protect your device from becoming one of the soldiers in someone’s botnet army.
  • Firewall – ESET comes with a smart firewall that uses behavior tracking algorithms and traffic patterns to detect and block all malicious traffic.
  • Anti-phishing – This module will keep you safe from malicious URLs, that want to acquire your personal information.

Privacy and advanced features

If you are impressed with the previous paragraph, then you’ll find this one even better.

  • Banking and payment protection – The best antivirus should keep you and your finances safe. Thankfully, ESET has a secured dedicated browser for financial transactions. It’s also an anti-keylogging software.
  • Parental control – ESET allows you to filter the content your kid has access to. Unfortunately, you can’t see its location, or check its browsing history and app usage.
  • Anti-theft – This top antivirus software offers an excellent anti-theft module. You can track your lost/stolen device’s position, configure system account passwords, and even gain access to the webcam to see the eventual thieves.
  • Gamer mode – This feature mutes all notifications, thus saving power and battery for a longer, undisturbed gaming experience. It works for all apps that use fullscreen mode.
  • Webcam protection – One of the best antivirus software will inform you if someone (or some app) tries to take control over your webcam and let you block that access.
  • Scheduler – this feature doesn’t contribute to your online security, but it can automate several processes and launch apps at any given time.
  • Connected Home Monitor – This feature lets you test your router for vulnerabilities, outdated firmware, and weak passwords. It also lists what devices are connected to your home network. You can also disconnect each device from your network.

The only additional features that are missing from ESET’s impressive feature portfolio are the file shredder, password manager, and the ability to encrypt files. You can get the last two if you purchase ESET Smart Security Premium, which is more expensive.

Antivirus test results

ESET Internet Security performed excellently in our antivirus comparison tests. It detected more than 99% of all malware samples at the first scan and didn’t allow any of them to launch successfully.

It also has impressive cleaning capabilities. It’s probably the best antivirus to remove Trojan horses and other viruses that I’ve seen. ESET successfully deleted all threats either automatically or by asking me.

All in all, ESET achieves an impressive score in terms of security. There aren’t any recent (in the last few months) tests performed by AV-Test lab, so we didn’t take them into account.


This top antivirus solution needed only 28 minutes to perform a full system scan. Sure, it’s not ultra-fast scanning, but it’s impressive nonetheless.

You can also perform custom and boot sectors/UEFI scans, and several settings allow you to configure the scanning process. Although it can perform excellent in-depth scans, ESET used more system resources than I’m comfortable with, especially in terms of CPU usage. It used about 20% CPU power and 70 MB of RAM, while it was scanning.

Ease of use

Obviously, the company has tried its best to create an antivirus app that’s easy to use for novice users, but sophisticated enough for the advanced ones as well. I have to admit the developers have done a great job. Still, the sheer amount of features and settings may be a bit overwhelming for beginners.

Anyways, you get all the main features, distributed across six tabs, and you can gain access to the advanced features via a small button on the bottom of each console.

System requirements and performance

You don’t need a high-end PC to run ESET Internet Security. A computer with at least 1 GHz processor, 2 GB of RAM, and about 600 MB of free disk space will be enough.

This lightweight antivirus software won’t slow your system down. I didn’t experience any lag when playing games, not to mention browsing or watching movies. The program runs quietly in the background and uses about 50 MB of RAM.

ESET Internet Security device support

You can purchase ESET Internet security and install it on devices running on Windows, macOS, Android, and Linux!

There’s no iPhone app, though.

However, this is the best antivirus for Windows 10 that runs on Linux computers as well. You don’t get to see this that often. Sure, Linux machines are safer by default, but this doesn’t mean they don’t get viruses at all.


The company offers phone, email, and live chat support (available only in North America) that works Monday to Friday, 6 a.m. – 5 p.m. PST.

That means there’s no 24/7 support, and you can’t get help from ESET’s technicians during the weekends.

The reps replied relatively fast, with short answers. Typically, I don’t give much credit to support reps’ friendliness, but the ones I talked to weren’t exactly welcoming. In fact, I’d have a warmer conversation with a white walker.

One of the reps even closed the chat, although I was just typing another question. Still, I didn’t experience any problems with the software, so I can’t judge their professionalism.

However, I read many user-written antivirus reviews, and none complained about the company’s technical support.

ESET Internet Security pricing

Pricing is the main factor that cost ESET the best antivirus award.

  • A one-year license for ESET Internet Security costs $49.99.
  • If you purchase a two-year subscription, you’ll save $20 and pay $79.99.

The problem is, the license covers only one device.

Each additional device will cost you $10 extra. That means you’ll have to pay $89.99 per year for five devices. There are other solutions on this list that are twice cheaper.

Still, in all honesty, I have to admit I like the company’s transparent pricing model.

  • Firstly – it’s flexible. You can protect as many devices as you need.
  • Secondly – it’s transparent. There’s no mind-blowing discount that will get you to purchase this top antivirus software for the first year and charge you double (or more) for the renewal.
Trend Micro Maximum Security
Trend Micro Maximum Security


Users who need something affordable.

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  • Excellent phishing and privacy protection
  • Ultra-fast scanning
  • Great Price
  • No VPN

If you are searching for the best paid antivirus, but you don’t want to spend much money on it – Trend Micro Maximum Security is an excellent choice. It offers top-notch smartphone and computer virus protection, powered by artificial intelligence. Moreover, this lightweight antivirus comes with lightning-fast scanning capabilities and numerous features that will protect you from all types of cyber crime.

Security features

Trend Micro Maximum Security comes with impressive internet security capabilities.

  • The AI-powered virus protection can create a malware shield over your device. It can detect all types of malicious software, including worms, Trojans, rootkits, etc.
  • The best part is, Trend Micro uses the same machine-learning algorithm to deliver top-notch smartphone protection.
  • Micro Trend Maximum Security has built-in anti-spam, anti-phishing, and web threat detection.
  • On top of that, the software’s browser extension can notify you about infected and malicious URLs directly from the search results.
  • The ransomware shield can protect your valuable data by securing your folders and preventing any unauthorized access.
  • Firewall Booster – it finds network vulnerabilities and has built-in botnet detection.
  • Also, one of the best antivirus solutions comes with an impressive malware scanner that, with the help of the AI, can detect even new and emerging malware.

The company has been investing and machine learning for the last decade, and its AI, along with behavior tracking algorithms, can deliver the best antivirus protection.

However, it’s not all roses.

Micro Trend Maximum Security doesn’t offer data encryption. Sure, it’s not a must-have feature, but you can find it in many other antivirus solutions.

Privacy and advanced features

In addition to the antivirus essentials, Trend Micro comes with several handy tools that can improve your security and online experience.

  • Parental control – The software comes with a decent module for protecting your kids while they use the protected device. You can filter the content your child has access to at a granular level, and you can manage its screen time. However, you don’t get to see the kid’s location, a function that you can find in many antivirus programs.
  • Password manager – This feature encrypts your passwords and keeps them safe from prying eyes.
  • Secure erase – If you need to delete sensitive information without a chance of recovery, you can use this tool.
  • Vault – This feature creates a password-protected folder, where you can keep all your sensitive data. It wouldn’t protect your device against a computer virus but comes in handy in case your device gets lost or stolen.
  • Pay Guard – Trend Micro’s dedicated secure browser is an excellent solution for safe online banking.
  • Mute mode – I don’t know about you guys, but I do want always-on security, without constantly disturbing me. That’s why I like Trend Micro’s mute mode – it will alert you only when your attention is really needed.

However, one of the software’s downsides is that it doesn’t have a built-in VPN service.

Antivirus test results

In a nutshell – Trend Micro works like a charm when it comes to zero-day attacks and malware protection. It achieved the best antivirus ratings in our tests, detecting 100% of all known malware.

On top of that, our antivirus comparison showed that Trend Micro found 0 false positives, which is admirable.

That said, if you want the best computer protection, Trend Micro Maximum Security is a safe bet.


This malware protection software gets an A+ in terms of fast scanning.

The full scan antivirus test took only 16 minutes and delivered satisfactory results. It didn’t detect every malware at first, but it didn’t allow the launch of the remaining ones.

So yes, it didn’t catch all files at first glance/scan – still, it matters more that it didn’t allow the system’s infection.

After all, that’s what you want from the best antivirus, right?

However, it did not automatically delete the infected .exe files that I tried to launch. If you are looking for the best virus cleaner, I’d recommend Kaspersky, ESET, or Bitdefender.

Ease of use

Trend Micro offers a great-looking antivirus app for PC and Macs.

You get the essential buttons on the main console, and configuring the settings is easy and straightforward.

Even if you haven’t used such a tool before, you’ll find Trend Micro Maximum Security extremely easy to use. Enabling and disabling real-time protection happens with a single click, and configuring each security and privacy setting is a breeze.

However, if you are a total security control freak (like me), you may find the app a bit too simple. There aren’t any advanced security options to tweak. Still, it’s not a deal-breaker, considering the software has much to offer.

System requirements and performance

Trend Micro requires a computer with at least 1 GHz processor, 2 GB RAM, and about 1.5 GB of free space.

While running, it doesn’t take a serious toll on your system’s performance. The time for launching and installing apps increased by about 10%, which is close to the average you can expect from a top antivirus tool.

However, a complete system antivirus check used only about 1% CPU and about 30 MB of RAM, which is beyond excellent.

In fact, judging by other antivirus reviews, Trend Micro is among the best PC security software in terms of resource usage.

Trend Micro Maximum Security device support

Trend Micro offers a full antivirus suite for all popular operating systems – Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. So if you are looking for the best antivirus for Mac, for a reasonable price – you can count on Trend Micro Maximum Security.

However, it’s unavailable for Linux users.

The good news is that you can install this antivirus on up to 10 devices with one account, which is more than enough for the everyday user.


One of the best internet security software comes with top-notch support.

First of all, the website has a huge knowledge base, including articles, how-tos, and FAQs. There’s also a decent YouTube channel with more than 40 videos that can guide you through your cybersecurity journey.

On top of that, this security software company offers numerous support channels – live chat, phone, and email. You can also use Facebook Messenger to talk to Vanessa, one of the company’s reps. She’s quite helpful, and I’d recommend talking to her instead of the live chat reps.


I spent hours talking to different reps about the company’s otherwise top antivirus product. Long story short – not all of them have an in-depth knowledge of the software and its features.

So let’s just say support is hit-and-miss and leave it at that.

Trend Micro pricing

When it comes to pricing, this top antivirus provider keeps it simple.

You can purchase Trend Micro Maximum Security for $39.95 for one year.

The company offers two antivirus packages – for 5 and 10 devices. At the time of writing, they are both at the same price!

You can also purchase a two-year license that will cost you $59.90 for 5 devices and $79.90 for 10.

All in all, If we compare the top antivirus providers, Trend Micro offers the best antivirus plans on our list.

It’s certainly not the cheapest antivirus solution on the market, but it’s the best antivirus you can buy for under $40 a year.

Norton 360 Deluxe
Norton 360 Deluxe


Best for quick detection.

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  • AI-powered threat detection
  • Unrestricted VPN service
  • Numerous features
  • Pricey renewal

Norton 360 Deluxe is one of the best antivirus tools for both home and professional use. It’s easy to use for novice users and offers multiple security options for the advanced ones. It comes with numerous handy features, including an unrestricted VPN, excellent parental controls, and a built-in firewall. Norton’s product is a lightning-fast internet security solution that can detect all popular and emerging malware. Moreover, the company will return your money, in case you catch a virus and the software or the company’s technicians fail to remove it.

Security features

Without a doubt, you’ve heard of Norton. It’s been one of the best computer antivirus tools even before cybersecurity awareness was a thing. So, without further ado, let’s see what this veteran has in store in 2020.

  • Norton’s AI-powered malware protection uses its multimillion customer base as a cyber threat intelligence network.
  • Тhe machine-learning algorithm can detect even the brand new malware that’s trying to get into your system.
  • With 360 Deluxe, you get top-notch anti-spyware, antivirus, malware, and ransomware protection. It can keep you safe from all types of nasty malware.
  • Smart Firewall – This feature scans both incoming and outgoing traffic and keeps your files secure from cybercriminals.
  • Cloud Backup – In addition to the multi-layer ransomware protection, you can also protect your most sensitive data in the cloud.

To top it all, Norton offers a Virus Protection Promise. If you purchase one of Norton’s antivirus solutions and you get a virus that the company’s technicians can’t remove, you get your money back. Simple as that. Moreover, there aren’t many antivirus providers that offer such a service.

On the downside, you can’t use this security software to encrypt files on your own. Also, there isn’t a file shredder for completely erasing your files. Still, if you find the lack of these features a deal-breaker, you can always pick another solution from our best antivirus list.

Privacy and advanced features

In addition to its excellent machine learning algorithms for virus protection, Norton 360 Deluxe comes with several handy features that can keep you and your family secure.

  • Secure VPN – Norton is one of the few antivirus providers that offer unlimited use of their VPN tool, included in your subscription. That way, you can secure your connection via the encrypted VPN tunnel and use as much data as you need. On top of that, it blocks websites’ trackers.
  • PC SafeCam – Did you know that spyware can access your webcam and use compromising photos and videos for blackmail? Well, not will Norton. You can safely use your camera for work or connect to your loved ones without worrying about cyber-criminals and hackers.
  • Password Manager – Norton’s tool for keeping your passwords safe can also generate hacker-proof passwords.
  • Dark Web Monitoring – In case your email figures in a database somewhere in a Dark Web marketplace, you’ll get notified. That way, you can take action like changing your passwords, checking your credit cards for unusual activities, etc. However, this additional layer of identity protection is available only in the US.
  • Parental control – Norton offers an excellent tool for child protection. You can filter content, see your kid’s browsing history, downloaded apps, and manage the screentime. Moreover, this feature comes with a GPS tracker, so you’ll always know where your little one(s) are.

As you can see, Norton offers a bunch of helpful features that come in handy in today’s dangerous online world. With that said, if you need a simple anti-keylogging software, Norton isn’t the best fit. It would be like having Thor’s hammer and use it to nail paintings on the wall.

However, Norton 360 Deluxe’s feature set isn’t complete – it lacks a secured browser for safe online banking.

Antivirus test results

Norton’s AI-powered virus scanner achieved a 100% success rate in detecting malware. We also got 0 false positives, which is great. It doesn’t get any better than that.

However, the downside is that Norton isn’t the best computer cleaner out there. Sure, it will detect malicious software, and it will prevent infection, but it won’t clean all infected files. In fact, you’ll have to remove them yourself or be prompted to get help from Norton’s technicians.

On the bright side, Norton offers one of the best on-demand malware removal services.


When we compare antivirus tools, we track the time it takes to perform a full scan.

Norton 360 Deluxe is the big winner in this contest. It took the software only 15 minutes to scan the entire system! The quick scan took about a minute.

All in all, Norton 360 Deluxe is one of the best antivirus apps for PC and Macs when it comes to detection and speed.

Ease of use

The UI looks good and offers access to the main features directly in the main console.  From there, you can find several security options that you can configure.

Not many antivirus brands have apps that are equally suited for beginners and advanced users. Thankfully, Norton is one of the few. The app is easy to use, yet it offers enough customization options to suit everyone’s taste.

System requirements and performance

To run Norton 360 Deluxe, you’ll need a computer with 1 GHz processor, 2 GB RAM, and 300 MB of free space.

This top antivirus doesn’t have a serious impact on system performance. Our antivirus comparison tests put Norton somewhere in the middle. It slowed our devices with about 8%, which is good, albeit not excellent.

Norton 360 Deluxe device support

Undoubtedly, Deluxe is the best antivirus in Norton’s 360 family for home use. As such, it supports all popular devices running on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.

However, it’s not compatible with Linux, and the other operating systems that aren’t mentioned above.

With one account, you get award-winning virus protection on up to five devices. If you need to secure more, the company offers two more plans – one that covers up to 10 devices, and one that doesn’t limit their number. Naturally, they are more expensive.


In terms of support, everything looks great – the company offers phone and live chat support. They are both available 24/7 and reply extremely fast (under a minute).

Being a cyber security leader for so long, Norton also has a massive community, and you can get help from your peers in the website’s forum.

The support reps are friendly and helpful and answered all my questions. However, I didn’t experience any issues with the software, so I checked other user-written antivirus reviews to see how the company’s support team handles serious problems. There were no negative comments about Norton’s support, so I take it the technicians are doing their job efficiently.


You can get one of the best antivirus solutions in the universe for as low as $39.99 for the first year.

However, the renewal will cost you $99.99 for the following year. In a nutshell, you get one of the best antivirus deals, but only for the first year.

There is no free trial or free account for one of the best premium antivirus solutions. On the other hand, there’s a 60-day money-back guarantee, in case you don’t like the product.

Malwarebytes Premium
Malwarebytes Premium


Mobile devices.

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  • Excellent for mobile security
  • Four layers of AI-powered real-time protection
  • Light on system resources
  • No 24/7 live chat or phone support

Malwarebytes Premium is an excellent antivirus and antimalware tool that can detect and block numerous attack vectors. The AI-powered protection consists of four layers of security that can protect your privacy and keep your devices safe. This goes not only for the widely-spread malicious software, but for the next-generation malware as well, thanks to the software’s machine learning algorithm. Malwarebytes is easy to use, scans fast, and isn’t a resource hog, unlike some of the robust antivirus solutions on the market.

Malwarebytes features

Malwarebytes is a well-known name in the antimalware industry. It started as a complimentary antivirus tool, but it’s a standalone solution for the last several years.

Let’s see what this cybersecurity solution has in store:

  • Four layers of AI-powered real-time protection.
    • Web protection
    • Malware and PUP protection
    • Ransomware protection
    • Exploit protection

These four layers work simultaneously to protect you from all known malware and infected URLs. Moreover, the machine learning algorithm helps secure your device from new and unseen malicious software.

To top it off, Malwarebytes has a highly configurable exploit filter that can safeguard you against software vulnerability exploits and zero-day malware.

  • Browser Guard – Malwarebytes’ browser extension is free even if you don’t buy the antivirus software. It’s an ad and tracker-blocker, stops malicious and infected URLs, and blocks in-browser cryptojackers.
  • Hide notifications – Every top antivirus app in 2020 should have a do not disturb mode for gaming, watching videos, giving presentations, etc. Malwarebytes is no exception – it can hide all notifications if a selected app is running on full screen. You can also set up each app that activates this feature.

Unfortunately, Malwarebytes isn’t a feature-rich antivirus software. All it offers is real-time safety from a variety of attack vectors. After all, that’s the primary purpose of such a tool.

You can think of Malwarebytes Premium as Captain America – he can’t fly and doesn’t have an augmented suit, but he has an impenetrable shield that can stop everything.

However, if you need features like parental controls, backup, encryption, password manager, VPN, and so on, Malwarebytes may not be the best antivirus software for you.

Antivirus test results

Our antivirus testing procedure didn’t reveal anything alarming.

The initial threat detection missed only a few malware samples. However, when we tried executing them, Malwarebytes blocked and removed all of them.

AV-Test labs haven’t tested the new version yet, so we ranked Malwarebytes based on our in-house antivirus tests alone.


Malwarebytes did a great job of performing a full system scan. It took about 24 minutes and didn’t have a serious impact on system performance.

The software offers an excellent scan scheduler that gives you numerous options of how and when you want a scan to occur. You can set a specific time or set scans regularly – hourly, daily, weekly, etc.

Ease of use

Considering there aren’t dozens of features, the antivirus app is extremely easy to use.

You have a clean and nice-looking dashboard, and the advanced settings are neatly arranged in several tabs.

There aren’t many configurable settings, but in terms of usability, Malwarebytes is an excellent app. Only the exploit module offers configuration at a granular level, but that’s about it.

However, you can tweak some of the settings, add trusted apps, and manage the silent mode. Still, if you are looking for a highly-configurable app, Malwarebytes isn’t the best antivirus utility for you.

System requirements and performance

This malware protection software requires a computer with at least 800 MHz processor, 2 GB of RAM, and about 250 MB of free disc space.

In terms of performance, Malwarebytes isn’t a resource hog. However, it does use more system memory if we compare it to other antivirus providers.

The good news is that even when it’s scanning, Malwarebytes uses almost the same amount of RAM, while the CPU usage is about 6%. Still, even when attacked by malware, this antivirus software performed admirably – the CPU usage never got above 30%, but it did take some time to analyze all samples.

All in all, it’s a relatively lightweight antivirus solution.

Device support

You can download this antivirus utility for devices running on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.

Although it’s a decent app for desktop and laptop computers, it’s the best antivirus for Android and iOS devices.

Not only it protects your smartphone (or tablet) from ransomware, adware, and other types of malware, but it also conducts a privacy audit for all apps on your device. Moreover, it blocks malicious websites while you are using Chrome or Safari.

On top of that, the Malwarebytes for mobile places scam messages into a dedicated folder, blocks ads and trackers, and detects calls from known and suspected scammers.


Malwarebytes offers email and live chat support. The latter is available only during business hours, while the email support team works 24/7. Phone support is unavailable, and if you need help ASAP off-hours, your best bet is the website’s knowledge base.

Although Malwarebytes is one of the best virus protection providers, its support leaves room for improvement. Live chat was randomly available, and the rep I managed to talk to, gave me one-liner answers with links towards the website.

All in all, I didn’t have the best user experience while dealing with Malwarebytes’ support.

Malwarebytes Premium pricing

First of all, Malwarebytes has a free antivirus version. It offers all the software’s features for 14 days, and when the trial expires, you are left with a free virus and spyware removal tool. Still, the free version doesn’t offer real-time protection.

If you want to stay safe for more than two weeks, you’ll have to buy it.

On its pricing page Malwarebytes Premium offers two antimalware deals:

  • $39.99 per year for one device.
  • $59.99 per year for three devices.

However, you can purchase a license that covers up to 10 devices. Each additional device will cost you $10 extra (for instance, you’ll have to pay $129 per year for 10 devices)

There’s also a 25% discount if you purchase a two-year license, and the company offers a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Webroot Internet Security Plus
Webroot Internet Security Plus


Users with low-end machines.

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  • Lightning-fast scanning
  • Extremely light on system resources
  • LastPass password manager included
  • Pricey for more than three devices

If you own an older computer or need an antivirus app that isn’t a black hole for system resources – Webroot is an excellent choice. This cloud-based antivirus software does all the heavy lifting in the cloud with little to no impact on your system’s performance. Webroot scans the Web for malware and suspicious URLs three times a day, thus providing up-to-date real-time security. It also comes with a few handy features that will keep your identity and devices safe.

Security features

Webroot Internet Security Plus is next-gen, cloud-based antivirus software. It does all the heavy scanning and updates in the cloud and requires only a tiny amount of resources from your system.

Its size shouldn’t fool you, though. Webroot offers all the antivirus essentials and some handy features as well.

  • Realtime Shield – This feature blocks all known threats, listed in Webroot’s databases.
  • The software uses heuristic-based detection to identify new malware by using the gathered samples in its database.
  • Webroot scours 95% of the Web, three times a day, to add new malware samples and infected URLs to its database.
  • Phishing Shield – Webroot’s antivirus app detects and blocks malicious websites. It evaluates URLs in real-time by analyzing page content, domain reputation, etc.
  • SafeStart Sandbox – This feature allows you to launch suspicious apps in a safe environment to see if they are harmful or not.
  • Firewall – The best antivirus apps on the market typically come with a built-in firewall, and Webroot is no exception. However, the firewall works one way only – it monitors your outgoing traffic and warns you if any untrusted processes connect to the internet.

Although Webroot’s somewhat modest feature set doesn’t qualify the app for the “Best antivirus 2020” award, the software does keep you safe from malicious software and cyber attacks.

Privacy and advanced features

  • Identity protection – Webroot will secure your identity and personal information against spyware, keyloggers, and other attack vectors.
  • Web Shield – This feature gives you real-time anti-phishing protection and blocks malicious websites.
  • Webcam protection – No matter if it’s a built-in camera or a standalone device, Webroot will block the malicious software that tries to hijack it.
  • Password manager by LastPass – In addition to a lightning-fast internet security solution, you get the LastPass password manager.

In fact, the latter is one of the best password managers on the market. It’s an excellent tool for protecting all your passwords in a centralized vault. With your Webroot subscription, you get LastPass Premium, which is usually $3 a month.

Although Webroot Internet Security Plus offers a decent set of security features, it’s not the best antivirus platform if you need these absent features:

  • Parental controls
  • Dedicated browser, protecting you against online banking attacks.
  • VPN
  • Encryption
  • Cloud backup (this feature is available for Webroot Internet Security Complete)

Antivirus test results

Unfortunately, Webroot doesn’t have the best virus scanner out there. It missed a few of the samples we used.

However, it prevented these files from launching, thus protecting our system from infections.

On the bright side, Webroot automatically deleted all infected files during the scan, leaving the system with a clean sheet, excluding the few files it missed.

We also got a few false positives during our scans, but their number is negligible.

Note: The AV-test lab hasn’t tested this security software recently, so we’ll use only in-house results for Webroot’s antivirus rating.


When you hit the Webroot’s Scan button, you get a deep scan by default. Meaning, the system will look for different types of threats like rootkits, trojans, malicious software, and so on. The best part is, the scan took a little over two minutes!

The software can also perform a full system scan, but because of its real-time protection, it’s unnecessary. For the sake of testing, we did one, and it took 35 minutes. I wouldn’t call it ultra-fast scanning, but it’s fast enough.

Ease of use

Webroot’s antivirus app is, well… different from the other ones on this list. It’s somewhat overwhelming at first, and not that intuitive.

However, the basic features are easy to find, but you’ll need some time to configure the software and tweak the advanced settings. Still, once you get used to it, it’s fairly easy to use.

Also, I didn’t enjoy the green and fifty shades of gray interface. However, it can be just me.

System requirements and performance

Since all the heavy lifting is done in the cloud, you can run Webroot on almost every device. It’s the best antivirus software for an older laptop or a computer.

All you need is 128 MB of RAM, 10 MB disk space, and an internet connection!

In terms of performance, you’ll barely notice Webroot. It has little to no impact on your system’s resources, and it won’t slow down your device.

Webroot Internet Security Plus device support

Most of our top 10 antivirus solutions support the most popular operating systems. So is Webroot.

You can download the antivirus app and run it on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS devices.

It doesn’t support Linux, though.

The base license covers up to three devices. You can secure up to five, but it will cost you extra.


Webroot is also the best antivirus for a smart TV running on Android since it doesn’t require that many resources.

See, smart TVs don’t have enough computing power to support any of the heavier antivirus solutions, and this will affect their performance. Thankfully, Webroot is so light that it can secure your Android smart TV easily.

Now I know some of you will be like:

“Can you get viruses on your SmartTV?”

Yes, you can. On top of that, your smart TV can give cyber-criminals and hackers easy access to your entire home network. Moreover, the FBI recently issued a warning on the topic.


The website offers a decent knowledge base and supports a community. In case you don’t find the answers to your questions there, you can reach out to customer support.

The reps are available via phone or email. Unfortunately, this is one of the few best paid antivirus providers that doesn’t offer live chat support.

Phone support works during business hours only (there are support centers in the US, Ireland, and Australia). On paper, the reps who are responsible for email support work 24/7. However, I sent a ticket Saturday morning and didn’t receive a reply until Monday.

Webroot Internet Security Plus pricing

First of all, you can try Webroot’s virus protection capabilities for free for 14 days.

  • This antivirus solution will cost you $44.99 per year for three devices.
  • If you need to protect five, the price goes up to $69.99.

You can choose between one, two, and three-year subscriptions, and the company offers a discount if you prepay for more than a year.

There’s also a WiFi Security add-on that offers an additional layer of security over wireless networks. The complete bundle will cost you $69.98 per year.

If you aren’t happy with one of the best-rated antivirus programs, the company offers a 70-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee.

McAfee Total Protection
McAfee Total Protection


Users who need an antivirus on several devices.

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  • One license covers up to 10 devices
  • Stellar support
  • Light on system resources
  • Not perfect lab test results

One of the first antivirus providers has been delivering great antivirus solutions for more than 30 years. The company’s Total Protection Family is an excellent product for multi-device households that want to keep their computers and smartphones protected. McAfee offers good security, file encryption, firewall, and stellar support. On top of that, you’ll get a full refund in case you catch a virus that can’t be removed by McAfee.

Security features

All the interesting news about John McAfee aside, the company he founded still delivers one of the best antivirus solutions on the market. It can protect you from viruses, spyware, phishing, and other types of malware.

Here’s how:

  • McAfee’s virus protection uses heuristic-based detection3 to keep your device safe from new and emerging malware.
  • Home Network Security – That‘s a bundle of security features, including a firewall that analyzes incoming and outgoing traffic to protect you from cybercriminals.
  • Safe Web Browsing – This feature will give you real-time protection from malicious and infected URLs by blocking them directly.
  • File encryption – One of the best anti-malware programs can protect your sensitive data with the military-grade AES-256 encryption.
  • Virus Protection Pledge – Just like Norton, McAfee also promises to give you your money back, in case the software or the company’s technicians fail to remove a virus from your device.

All in all, McAfee offers all antivirus essentials and then some. Sure, AI and machine learning would be nice, but the heuristic-based detection has proven its effectiveness over the years.

Privacy and advanced features

In addition to its cybersecurity capabilities, McAfee offers several handy tools to keep you and your family safe.

  • Identity Theft Protection – McAfee’s identity protection monitors your accounts and alerts you of potential issues. It can also provide reimbursement options, in case someone has stolen your identity. This module also scans the Dark Web to check if any of your personal data is for sale.
  • Safe Family – McAfee’s parental control offers everything you could ask for. You can filter the content, manage the screen time, create rules, and monitor your kid’s location.
  • Password manager
  • McAfee Shredder – deletes your files completely, without leaving a trace.

The company also offers a VPN service, but it’s not included in the Total Protection Family suite. Moreover, the software doesn’t offer cloud backups or microphone and webcam protection.

Antivirus test results

McAfee Total Protection does a decent job of protecting your devices.

Its malware scanner can detect all widespread malware samples. Moreover, it achieved a score of 98.7% in detecting zero-day malware and online threats. Although this isn’t perfect, it’s still quite good.

Its virus and spyware removal capabilities are also on par with the best antivirus utilities on the market. It didn’t delete all samples, but it did stop them from launching and infecting our system.


McAfee Total Protection needed 46 minutes to perform a full scan on our system. Based on our antivirus comparison, the software does an average job in terms of fast scanning.

The quick scan, however, didn’t impress me. It took about four minutes, which is substantially more than other solutions on this list. On top of that, it never finished. It stopped at 99% with a message “Quick Scan canceled. No issues found.” It turned out that’s a common issue, and the support reps will gladly help you fix it.

Ease of use

McAfee’s antivirus app looks nice from a visual standpoint. It’s intuitive and easy to use, and you have access to all features with one to two clicks.

However, the UI feels somewhat outdated. Still, that’s not a deal-breaker, as long as the software does its job.

System requirements and performance

You can run the software on a computer with 1 GHz processor, 2 GB of RAM, and about 500 MB free disk space.

This excellent PC security software will work quietly in the background without a noticeable impact on your system’s performance. Compared to the industry’s average, McAfee is a lightweight antivirus.

McAfee device support

McAfee Total Protection Family supports up to 10 devices running on the most popular operating systems – Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.

Moreover, it’s one of the best antivirus apps for Windows and Mac alike. So if you have a variety of devices running on different operation systems, McAfee is one of the best choices on the market.

However, like the majority of best antivirus solutions on our list, McAfee Total Protection doesn’t support Linux.


The company offers several types of support – virtual assistant, live chat, and phone support.

The virtual assistant is useful for basic information. It can guide you through the antivirus installation steps, help with product activation, etc.

Live chat and phone support are available 24/7.

The reps are polite and helpful, and can even access your device remotely to fix the issue you are having.

All in all, McAfee offers stellar customer support.

McAfee Total Protection Pricing

You can get this top antivirus solution for $44.99 for the first year.

Typically, the renewal price is $119.99. However, the sales reps assured me they offer discounts to their clients when the first year is over.

The company also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 30-day free trial.


Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud
Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud


Big corporations and enterprises.

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  • High threat detection ratio
  • Excellent server and client communication
  • Stellar technical support
  • Requires fine-tuning of the antivirus exclusions

Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud is the best business antivirus solution for your company’s network. It comes with automated hardware discovery and monitors every piece of software on the devices. You also get real-time monitoring of your corporate network via the extremely effective management console. It comes with top-notch security, encryption, and multi-layered protection over all the devices on your network. On top of that, it’s the best antivirus to remove ransomware and other malware on already infected devices.


Kaspersky offers the best business antivirus, no matter your company’s size. It can keep you safe from all types of attacks, enterprise hackers, and other cybercriminals.

It’s an excellent tool for detecting threats and blocking them before they have an impact on your network. Here’s what the best business antivirus for 2020 has in store to keep your company safe:

  • Top-notch threat detection – Kaspersky can keep your files, email, and online activities protected.
  • Exploit and ransomware shield – The best business antivirus offers award-winning protection that can prevent any infection from all types of malware.
  • Two-way firewall – Kaspersky’s firewall can monitor both incoming and outgoing traffic for an extra layer of security.
  • Network Attack Blocker – You can forget about brute force attacks, network exploits, and password stealers, thanks to the app’s great protection capabilities.
  • Vulnerability assessment – Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud can scan the devices in your network and offer suggestions on how to improve your company’s cybersecurity.

The company also offers Endpoint Security Cloud Plus, which is an excellent tool that offers numerous manageable security features.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud pricing

The best business antivirus protection comes at a price.

And that price is $430 per year for 10 devices.

The good news is that you get two mobile licenses per user for free.

However, if you need to secure more than 10 devices (and chances are you do) the price goes up.

Still, the more devices you need, the less you’ll pay for each one. For instance, if you need to protect 100 devices, the license will cost you $2.850.

Bitdefender GravityZone
Bitdefender GravityZone


Small businesses and SMEs.

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  • Easy to use
  • Multi-layer node protection
  • Top-notch detection capabilities
  • Slow installation

Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security is the best antivirus for small and mid-sized companies. It offers top-notch, AI-powered, multi-layered endpoint protection. You can manage your entire network’s security from a centralized platform in the cloud. That way, you don’t need any extra infrastructure or additional IT staff. It’s deployable on all kinds of environments and protects against all commonly known and next-generation malware.


Not only does Bitdefender offer the best home antivirus, but the company’s business utility is also an excellent choice for small to mid-sized companies.

With Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security, you get:

  • Network Attack Defense – Our #1 rated antivirus for SMBs can protect your company’s network from brute force attacks, network exploits, password stealers, and other nasty attack vectors aimed at your businesses.
  • Multi-layer protection for endpoints – GravityZone Business Security uses a variety of techniques to keep your devices safe. These include machine learning, heuristics, signatures, and monitoring of all running processes.

Should you choose to purchase this excellent business antivirus software, you’ll also get endpoint risk management, application behavior monitoring, and a centralized console. The latter can help you install this top antivirus remotely on the devices on your network. And the best part is, the console is in the cloud, so you won’t need any dedicated hardware to manage your network’s security.

Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security pricing

All business antivirus solutions’ prices depend on the number of devices you want to protect. To keep these business antivirus reviews easy to digest, we’ll keep it simple.

  • For 3 devices (including up to 1 server), the price is $77.69 per year.
  • Each additional device costs $25.90 extra.
  • The number of servers can be up to 30% of all endpoints.

You can get a one, two, or three-year subscription. Naturally, you’ll get the best business antivirus plans if you prepay for a longer period.

  • Excellent detection rate
  • Cloud backups
  • Identity protection
  • Numerous features

BullGuard has been on the best antivirus race for the last two decades. The new version offers almost everything you’d expect from a decent antivirus app in 2020. 

Let’s check it out!

Bullguard security features

According to AV Labs, BullGuard scores a perfect 100% malware detection rate. But that’s to be expected – this top antivirus software comes with multiple layers of protection, including:


  • Built-in Firewall
  • Anti-Phishing
  • Anti-Ransomware
  • Anti-Malware
  • Vulnerability Scanner


The best part is that BullGuard offers advanced machine learning virus protection. And so it will be able to protect you from emerging malware as well. 

But that’s not all!

BullGuard advanced features

Naturally, everything listed above is a must for all the best antivirus brands. However, BullGuard adds more value by including several practical features:


  • Parental Controls
  • Secure browser
  • Home network scanner
  • Cloud backup
  • PC tuning tools


Unfortunately, unlike some of the tools on our best antivirus list, you don’t get even a limited version of BullGuard’s VPN for free. 

BullGuard system requirements and performance

The good news is you don’t need a high-end machine to run BullGuard. 

However, it uses about 250 MB of RAM in background mode, which could have a considerable impact on older devices. While scanning, it uses about 40% CPU, which is decent, although it can make the computer laggy. 

While on the subject – the scanner works reasonably fast. A complete scan takes about 26 minutes, which is a better result than most of the antivirus solutions on the market. 


In a nutshell, BullGuard is one of the top antivirus apps in 2020. It delivers top-notch protection and is packed with practical features. If you can get past the outdated UI and the somewhat high price, that is. 



Home use and people on the go.

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  • One of the best range of antivirus features
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Affordable
  • 24x7 support

TotalAV is new antivirus software that is creating waves in the market for all the right reasons. It is a great tool with a full suite of features, intuitive interface, and malware scanning system. It also has a proprietary VPN network for privacy protection.

TotalAV offers three different protection plans:

  • Antivirus Pro
  • Internet Security
  • Total Security

Surprisingly, all are great with some extra and value-adding features in each plan. 

TotalAV Security

One of the reasons TotalAV is one of the best antivirus software is that it offers decent phishing protection even in the free version. However, the paid versions offer excellent protection against spyware, ransomware, Trojan, and other malware. Moreover, you can add VPN protection, ad blocking, and identity protection at an extra cost.

All in all, you get the antivirus essentials and then some.

Advanced Features 

  • Real-time scan and protection
  • Proprietary VPN   for safe browsing
  • Ability to block phishing URLs
  • Remote Firewall to prevent unauthorized access

System requirements and performance

It offers both a quick and thorough system scanning. But the latter is only available the premium plans. It is compatible with Windows, Apple Mac, iOS, and Android.


Offering both free and premium plans, Total AV is a competitively priced, easy-to-use, and feature-packed antivirus that provides excellent protection against threats to your system. No wonder it is one of the best antivirus solutions on the market.



Multi-device protection

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  • Remote security management
  • AI threat detection
  • User-friendly interface
  • Total protection from viruses

Sophos provides unparalleled protection from cyber attacks and malware across devices and platforms, hence its place in our best antivirus list.  Select a package to keep your system safe and well-protected. Sophos Home is perfect for protecting home computers from viruses, ransomware, and malicious apps. Likewise, Sophos Firewall covers VPN and provides application control, malware shield, IPS, web security, and URL filtering, as well as reporting and monitoring. 


Sophos provides a suite of products for detecting threats and helping to protect your network, remove viruses, and scan for security risks. From malware protection to web-filtering technology and traffic shaping, it offers all. Simply choose an internet security pack to make sure that your system is protected from cyber threats.  

Advanced Features 

  • Business-grade cybersecurity
  • Managed threat response service
  • Remote access VPN 

System requirements and performance

In terms of performance, it is above average. It protects your system and mobile devices without adversely affecting battery life or system performance.


The performance and security provided by Sophos all come down to the package you select and your personal security requirements. It could be the best antivirus option for you if you make an educated choice.

PC Protect
PC Protect


Those who need protection on multiple devices.

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  • Advanced Security Software
  • System Boost
  • File Manager
  • Cross-platform and multiple device compatibility

PCProtect is the only software that you will need to keep your devices safe, clean, and running at an optimal level. It offers all the antivirus essentials and then some. From offering a cutting-edge antivirus engine to real-time protection, ad-blocking feature, computer cleaning, Firewall controls, a browser manager, and startup program management – it has it all.


PCProtect provides ransomware protection in all its packages thus keeping your system and data well-protected and safe. Total protection from viruses! Additionally, it also has a built-in firewall for enhanced security. It protects your system from harmful network connections and phishing.

Advanced Features 

Some advanced features worth mentioning are:

  • Low system impact
  • Protection against all threats
  • Web shield extension browser

System requirements and performance

It comes with system boost tools, thus have minimal impact on it. You will hardly notice PCProtect in the background. Definitely one of the most lightweight antivirus solutions out there.


PCProtect is rightfully in our list for the best antivirus of 2020. It comes with a variety of useful features for enhanced security and protection. It offers great value for money. You get tons of features in only $24.95 plus a 30-day money-back guarantee. Try it now!

Heimdal Security
Heimdal Security


Home and business.

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  • Multi-layer ransomware protection
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Optimal Performance
  • Single subscription across multiple computers

Deployed with next-generation technology, Heimdal Security takes protection against malware to a whole new level! It will prevent all types of infection and will our intellectual property and information safe.  


This program offers several layers of security between your device and infected content. It provides all-round protection from malware hidden in online ads, instant messages, malicious links, and emails.

Advanced Features 

Some advanced features worth highlighting are:

  • Sandbox and backdoor inspection that prevents malicious files from entering your computer and isolates suspicious content before the inspection.
  • Monitoring incoming and outgoing traffic
  • Automatic software updates that help eliminate security loopholes in 3rd party software

System requirements and performance

In terms of performance, we’d rate Heimdal Security at 9.5/10. It uses very little memory and runs scans in the background. So, it won’t take too much of your RAM  while scanning, thereby, ensuring your device runs smoothly.


Heimdal Security is without a doubt one of the top antivirus solutions that the market can offer. It is great for business use providing total security on all fronts.


Is it worth paying for antivirus?

Is it worth paying for professional police officers? Or doctors?

Of course it is. The same goes for antivirus programs.

Unfortunately, nothing that comes for free is actually free (Avast proved it). On top of that, even the best free antivirus can’t offer you the top-notch protection, and security features a paid one can.

Is Windows Defender a good antivirus?

Let me put it this way – Windows Defender offers basic protection.

Imagine your Windows Defender as a soldier with a sword that’s attacked by an army armed with assault rifles.

Remember this metaphor the next time someone asks, “Do I need another antivirus if I have Windows Defender?” or “Do I still need antivirus for Windows 10?”

Do Apple products get viruses?

Does a bear poop in the woods?

Sure, Apple’s devices are far more secure than Windows and Android ones. However, they aren’t immune to cyberattacks.

There are numerous malware that targets Macs specifically. I even downloaded numerous samples from such a database while performing my antivirus tests.

And if you wonder what the best antivirus for Mac is – any of the utilities reviewed above can be the answer.

How do I clear a virus from my phone?
  • Step #1 – Install any of the best antivirus solutions from our list (Malwarebytes is an excellent choice for smartphones).
  • Step #2 – Run a scan.
  • Step #3 – If the antivirus utility doesn’t remove the malicious app, uninstall it manually.
  • Step #4 – Enjoy a clean device.
Can smart home devices be hacked?

In short – yes, they can.

Not only that, but they can act as a gateway to your entire home network. That way, cybercriminals can not only control your smart bulb, for instance, but they can gain access to all devices connected to the network. Thankfully, the best antivirus software should be able to protect your smart home devices as well.