8 Best Bluetooth Speakers for Outdoor Party for 2023

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Updated: February 02,2023

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You just can’t have a good party without some deafening bass-blasting speakers!

So, we’ve hunted down the loudest and flashiest models that will play your favorite tunes all night. Who cares about what your neighbors think!

We’re going to take a gander at the following: 

  • Battery life
  • Wattage
  • Audio quality
  • Lights
  • Connectivity
  • Portability.

We’ve even put together a nifty little buyer’s guide for you!

The best Bluetooth speaker for your outdoor party is but a scroll away. Let’s get started.

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JBL PartyBox 300

Brand: JBL
Battery life
Up to 18 hours
Mic /guitar input
Frequency response

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The JBL PartyBox 300 is sure to please any crowd. This portable Bluetooth party speaker has it all: fantastic sound and show-stopping lights.

It’s capable of booming out 240W of power.

You can effortlessly line up your favorite songs via Bluetooth or your USB stick. Furthermore, the audio is bass-boosted with a frequency response of 45Hz-20kHz

It also offers three light modes: meter, pulse, and party. 

These JBL party speakers have inputs for your mic and guitar as well.

You can plug your PartyBox in to keep it powered indefinitely (12V DC input) or if you take it outside, use the built-in 10,000mAh battery for up to 18 hours of playtime.

It also lets you connect two models wirelessly (via TWS) or from one RCA output to another.

Sony XB90

Brand: Sony
Battery life
Up to 16 hours

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The Sony XB90 will knock your socks off with its massive sound. I mean, it’s EXTRA BASS mode (yes, in all caps).

You can set up this Sony party speaker vertically or horizontally and its rechargeable battery will give you 16 hours worth of play

If you’re running out of power, there’s the low-watt Stamina mode, which will extend its life by another 4.5 hours. 

You can also connect multiple speakers with the Wireless Party Chain via Bluetooth. Or, you can daisy-chain them thanks to the RCA ports.

Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without a USB port and a mic input for all those karaoke impulses.

Don’t forget to play around with the equalizers or the light effects through Sony Music Center and Fiestable apps!

JBL Boombox 2

Brand: JBL
Battery life
Up to 24 hours
Yes, IPX7
Frequency response
Built-in power bank

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If you feel that boomboxes are more your style, the JBL Boombox 2 has you covered. 

You can sing along to your tunes for up to 24 hours! It has a built-in power bank so you can charge it whenever, although it does take 6.5 hours to fully charge it.

Besides that, you can take it anywhere, thanks to its optimized portable design. Even to a beach party or poolside since it’s IPX7 waterproof.

This boombox has some profound sound, too, with a frequency response of 50Hz-20kHz.

You can also link up multiple JBL outdoor speakers. They need to be PartyBoost compatible, though.

Your dream party could be within your reach — for just $499.95.

Treblab HD Max

Brand: Treblab
Battery life
Up to 20 hours
Water resistant

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If you’re the type of person to bring the party wherever you go, the TREBLAB HD-Max is right up your alley.

It rocks three main settings –  Indoor, Outdoor, and Bass Boost. Each of them tweaks the EQ, so your music remains audible regardless of where you are.

Here’s how it works.

The Indoor setting emphasizes the low and mid ranges. In Outdoor mode, the treble becomes louder. And the Bass Boost setting speaks for itself. These three options ensure you get the same clear sound outdoors as you do indoors.

But what else is there?

For one, an IPX6 water resistance rating, so you can hang out on the beach or near a pool without worrying about water splashes.

Then, you get a battery life of up to 20 hours to make sure your party never ends abruptly.

And, of course, the TREBLAB HD-MAX can get pretty loud.

Aiwa Exos-9

Brand: Aiwa
Battery life
Up to 9 hours of music
Built-in EQ

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Aiwa Exos-9 will instantly teleport you to your favorite club.

It has five active drivers, including a massive dual-coil subwoofer. With 200 watts of continuous power, it produces a full-bodied sound without compression at higher volume levels.

However, it’s a big, heavy speaker — at 7.5 X 11.7 x 19.4 inches and 13 pounds. So, it isn’t ideal for carrying around!

But, if you’re looking for excellent audio in a Bluetooth party speaker, this is the one. It even has a built-in EQ with multiple customizable presets.

Additionally, its removable lithium-ion battery will provide up to 9 hours of music.

You can even wirelessly link two models together and double the fun!

Marshall Kilburn II

Brand: Marshall
Battery life
Up to 20 hours
Frequency response
Charming & portable
Multi-host functionality

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Marshall’s Kilburn II is quite a force to be reckoned with.

This compact little speaker can play for 20 hours continuously. It’s also quite durable, with reinforced corners.

Obviously, it wouldn’t be a Marshall without that signature Marshall look!

Like all the best outdoor Bluetooth speakers, it can withstand water, being IPX2 water-resistant

It also has a built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery with a visual indicator, taking 2.5 hours for a full recharge. Although if you happen to be impatient, a 20-minute quick charge yields 3 hours of playtime.

Besides that, the frequency response range is 52Hz-20kHz. It supports Bluetooth 5.0 aptX and multi-host functionality, as well. That means you can switch smoothly between two Bluetooth devices.

For $249.99, this outdoor wireless speaker is sure to be the life of the party!

Bose® S1 Pro

Brand: Bose
Battery life
Up to 11 hours
Auto EQ
ToneMatch processing
AUX, microphone, & instrument

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The Bose S1 Pro will give your favorite playlist the treatment it deserves.

It’s the full package! It has a 3-channel mixer with an AUX input and inputs for your microphone, keyboard, or guitar. You can also manually adjust the bass, treble, and reverb to your heart’s desire.

Its rechargeable battery can support up to 11 hours of fun. It also sports an integrated handle for convenient mobility. 

Besides all that, this outdoor Bluetooth speaker system has a few more tricks up its sleeve:

  • ToneMatch processing — makes the connected mics & instruments sound more natural
  • Auto EQ — automatically adjusts the sound balance when you position the speaker vertically, horizontally, or tilted back
  • Party Mode pairs up with multiple speakers via the Bose Connect app.

Anker Soundcore Rave Mini

Brand: Anker
Battery life
Up to 18 hours
Yes, IPX7

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The Anker Soundcore Rave Mini has all the ingredients for a proper hardcore house party — without vaporizing your wallet.

This portable Bluetooth party speaker delivers 80W of sound. It’s loud with hard-hitting bass, punctuated by pulsing LED lights.

Furthermore, there are six default light presets. You can customize them via Light DJ on the Soundcore app. On top of that, the app also lets you switch between Indoor and Outdoor mode and tweak the EQ settings.

Most importantly, it can blast tunes for up to 18 hours! And it’s IPX7 waterproof, making it perfect for summer pool parties. 

You can even fully submerge it — it will just float back up and continue playing!

How To Choose the Right Bluetooth Speaker for Your Party?

A good speaker can transform a snoozefest into a night to remember. After all, music sets the mood! So, your choice of outdoor Bluetooth speakers can make or break a party. 

Let’s go through the most critical factors that should dictate your decision.

Sound Quality

Let’s start with the obvious: the overall audio quality.

It’s easy to hear when a speaker’s not up to standard. Your music will sound weak, one-dimensional, and compressed.

So, here’s what to keep in mind if you want to avoid that.

Frequency Response

While shopping for the best party speakers, you might notice a specified frequency response range in Hz (hertz).

Basically, it lets you know how faithfully your audio device reproduces all the audible frequencies, from low bass to high treble. 

Human hearing can register a range of 20Hz-20kHz, with slight variations. You might not hear sounds lower than that — but you will feel them. Clubbers and fans of bass-centric music know what I’m talking about. 

This is why portable party speakers often have bass frequencies far below 20Hz. Subwoofers are the driving force behind that.

On the other hand, Woofers specialize in low and mid-range frequencies, while tweeters reproduce high, nearly-inaudible sounds.

Why is this important?

The type of speaker will impact your audio range. It would be best to go for a subwoofer/woofer + tweeter combo for a broader, more dynamic result.


One of the main things people look for when buying wireless outdoor speakers is bass. So, is there such a thing as too much bass?

Yes, there is! 

Low-quality speakers often ramp up the lower frequencies to achieve that popular sound. But, it often backfires. The overly dominant bass compromises the audio balance.

It’s important not to overdo it — or else it might overshadow everything else in the music.

The best party speakers usually have passive radiators. They vibrate along with the beat, intensifying the perceived bass depth.


It’s not a real party until the police come knocking on your door!

If your heart is set on loud party speakers, you should pay attention to two factors: the power rating and sensitivity.

The power rating represents your amplifier’s power in watts (W). Loosely speaking, more watts means a louder sound.

However, it’s not quite that simple.

Sensitivity measures how efficiently speakers convert the incoming electric energy into acoustic energy. It’s expressed in decibels SPL (Sound Pressure Level) with one watt of power, measured at one meter.

Again, a higher number means a louder speaker.

Here’s how the two specifications tie in.

If you have a  Bluetooth party speaker with relatively low sensitivity, it will take considerably more power to increase or double the perceived volume. But, with a more sensitive/efficient model, you can easily double the volume even when paired with lower wattage.

Battery Life

There’s no worse timing for your speakers to die than mid-party. Luckily, the best outdoor Bluetooth speakers have enough juice in them to last the night!

Some of them (like the JBL Boombox 2) can work for up to 24 hours. Most of the time, though, you can expect 10-20 hours max from a portable speaker.

The batteries are usually rechargeable lithium-ion, compatible with an AC adapter or a micro USB port.

Keep in mind that when manufacturers list the expected battery life, it refers to medium volume levels. If you turn up the music, your battery will drain more quickly.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Portable outdoor Bluetooth speakers are generally pretty easy to set up. Bluetooth is a point-to-point wireless system. All you need to do is pair up your mobile phone or computer with your speaker.

Another cool thing is if your devices support NFC, you can instantly pair them by tapping them together!

Bluetooth audio codecs used to be relatively low-level. But, nowadays, they’ve vastly improved in terms of audio fidelity. AptX is one of them, with excellent transfer rates that preserve audio data.

4.0, 5.0, and newer versions of Bluetooth transmit audio near perfectly. The average connectivity range has grown, too. You can expect quality coverage of 30-100 feet.

Lastly, outdoor Bluetooth wireless speakers often support linking and chaining. That way, you can connect multiple devices and create stereo pairs or even set up multi-room audio.


So, what about wired connections and other inputs? Having these extra options will make your speakers more versatile.

In the worst-case scenario that your Bluetooth malfunctions, you’ll still be able to play music!

Here are some of the most common and useful inputs:

  • AUX — most frequently a 3.5 mm jack, universal but prone to noise
  • USB — not as widespread as AUX inputs, but with superior audio quality
  • Microphone & instrument inputs — perfect for jamming along to your favorite songs.


If you’re searching for the best Bluetooth party speaker, you’ll definitely want to look into lighting capabilities. A dynamic light show can turn any old backyard into a rave!

There are countless effects, including: 

  • Colorful strobe lights
  • Rhythmic pulsing lights
  • Rainbow effects
  • Flashing flame lights.

Some speakers (like Sony XB90 and Anker Soundcore Rave Mini) even have apps that will let you customize your light show.

Water Resistance

Are you thinking of taking your party to the beach or pool? Then outdoor waterproof speakers are a must!  

When you’re shopping, try to look out for the IP rating. Every rating consists of either two numbers or an X and a number.

The first of the digits represents resistance against solids. The range of protection from solids (like dust) goes from zero to six.

If there’s an X instead, that means the manufacturer didn’t officially test for dust protection, but you can assume that the rating is higher than zero.

The second digit refers to liquid resistance. This range goes from zero to eight

So, let’s take the JBL Boombox 2, for example. It’s a waterproof party speaker and is rated IPX7.

The “X” means it hasn’t been adequately tested against solids and the “7” means that it's highly waterproof. So, if you need to, you can submerge it in up to 3.3 feet of water for 30 minutes.


Outdoor speakers are generally designed with portability in mind. However, the level will vary. 

Certain models are smaller and lighter, even pocket-sized. But, you can’t expect them to produce as much sound as you would bigger speakers. 

Heavier and larger models are made to be carried only over shorter distances — like to your car’s trunk. Their volume and bass depth are much more defined, though.

Either way, a handle is essential!


An outdoor Bluetooth speaker for parties needs to have a certain degree of ruggedness and durability.

You probably won’t be hiking with it, but it will still need to withstand the occasional clumsiness.

Rounded, reinforced corners and shockproof exterior materials are always great things to have.

Wrap Up

There’s a broad range of speakers to choose from for your outdoor party. With such a variety, it can be tricky to find the right one.

Nonetheless, our list of products is sure to satisfy even the pickiest of users. If any problems pop up, you can consult our comprehensive buyer’s guide.

So, let’s revise on what to keep in mind while shopping for the best outdoor wireless speakers:

  • Audio quality (frequency response, bass sound, & loudness)
  • Battery life
  • Bluetooth version & supported audio codecs
  • Extra inputs (AUX, USB, mic, & instrument)
  • Light effects
  • Water resistance rating
  • Portability
  • Durability

So, what are you waiting for? The ultimate sound for your party is just around the corner!


Which speaker is best for an outdoor party?

The overall best outdoor Bluetooth speaker is the JBL PartyBox 300. It strikes the right balance between exceptional audio quality, entertainment value, battery life, and portability.

What is the most powerful party speaker?

The most powerful party speaker on our list is definitely the JBL PartyBox 300. It can process 240 watts of power. It will perform well in big indoor parties as well as medium outdoor ones.

Is 100 watts loud enough for a house party?

If you’re considering using a 100W system for an outdoor party, it will be loud enough for a smaller gathering of around 25-50 people. Any more than that, and you’ll have to upgrade to more robust, loud outdoor Bluetooth speakers.

If it’s an indoor party of 50-75 people, 100 watts will more than suffice. In fact, it will probably be an overkill with fewer people. 

Bear in mind the volume level will depend on a combination of factors like sensitivity, speaker position, acoustics, and more.

To see how sensitivity interplays with the wattage, check out the Loudness section in our guide to buying the best Bluetooth speaker for an outdoor party!


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