11 Best Cloud Storage Providers for 2023

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Deyan Georgiev

Updated: February 02,2023

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I spent weeks analyzing 50 of the best cloud storage solutions in the market. My goal was to narrow down the list to the finest 10.

In this article, you’ll also find:

  • Techjury’s rigorous in-house methodology
  • A buyer’s guide to help you choose the perfect product
  • Pros and cons followed by an in-depth review of the features
  • Answers to frequently asked questions

Ready? Let’s get started!

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Best for: Small enterprises

1. iDrive

  • Remote access support
  • Local networking for computers
  • Backup unlimited devices
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Best for: Large enterprises

2. pCloud

  • Lifetime plans are available
  • Browser extensions support
  • End-to-end encryption
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Best for: Desktop and mobile use

3. Livedrive

  • Reliable cloud based-storage
  • 256-bit encryption
  • Supports files in different locations
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Best for: Personal use

4. OneDrive

  • Detect and recover ransomware
  • Automatic device lock
  • Scan/save from device
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Best for: Photographers/videographers
Google Drive

5. Google Drive

  • Unlimited photo/video storage
  • Microsoft Office support
  • Synchronizing across multiple devices
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Best for: Corporate organizations

6. Box

  • Supports file embedding
  • Malware detection and removal
  • Information governance
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Best for: Large enterprises
Zoolz Cloud

7. Zoolz Cloud

  • Support for server backup
  • Data versioning is included
  • Unlimited file size uploads
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Best for: Personal use

8. iCloud

  • Supports device cloning
  • Messaging across linked devices
  • Compatible with Windows
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Best for: Large organizations

9. Nextcloud

  • Automate workflows
  • Third-party app integration
  • Track file activity
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Best for: Families
Amazon Cloud Drive

10. Amazon Cloud Drive

  • Unlimited storage plan
  • Duplicate file checker
  • Access controls policy
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Best for: Small and large companies

11. Dropbox

  • Productivity apps support
  • Watermark documents
  • Access policy controls
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  • iDrive – Best for small enterprises
  • pCloud – Best for large enterprises
  • Livedrive – Best for desktop and mobile use
  • OneDrive – Best for personal use
  • Google Drive – Best for photographers/videographers
  • Box – Best for corporate organizations
  • Zoolz Cloud – Best for large enterprises
  • iCloud – Best for personal use
  • Nextcloud – Best for large organizations
  • Amazon Cloud Drive – Best for families
  • Dropbox – Best for small and large companies


Here’s how my research went: 

  1. searched the web to see which were the most often mentioned solutions.
  2. read numerous reviews about the best cloud storage, looking for user opinions in forums.
  3. wrote down the 50 most mentioned.
  4. scouted the knowledge base of every tool to get acquainted with it.
  5. Then, I signed up for free accounts to test them all.
  6. put myself in the customer’s shoes to evaluate these solutions based on:
    • Ease of use
    • Features
    • Storage resources both on the free and paid plans
    • Apps integration
    • Customer support
    • Pricing
  7. This helped me eliminate 40 from the list.
  8. Finally, I ranked the remaining 10 in terms of features and pricing.

It’s time to find the best cloud storage service in 2022.

Best for: Small enterprises

1. iDrive

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Support for remote access

Local networking for computers

Backup unlimited devices

iDrive is a light-weight cloud storage solution that has a wide array of features, such as incremental uploads, file sharing, disk image backups, and more. This product allows multiple users per account, which is ideal for families and small business enterprises. The service is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. 


Here’s what iDrive has to offer: 

Ease of use

The dashboard is a joy. It’s clean and has all the tools you need for easy access. You’ll also find a files manager that organizes all your documents in a central location. In case of any challenges, iDrive has a dedicated tutorial to help.  

Continuous data protection

This cloud–based storage service allows you to backup file changes on a device in real-time. It works by automatically scanning for changes in the local storage before initiating incremental uploads. On the flip side, it excludes external drives, networked devices, system data, and temporary files. 

Unlimited users and devices

iDrive did put into consideration the number of devices that you can find in a typical household. Rather than limit users per account, this solution allows you to add a limitless number of PCs, Macs, and smartphones. With such scalability, securing data for your family members or work teams is easy as a breeze.      


You can forget about the hustle and bustle of backing up individual computers to the cloud. All you’re required to do is connect the storage devices of each machine to the local area network. From here, use iDrive’s mapped drive set up in one of the connected systems to select the files for upload to your storage cloud. 

And the best part? 

This option even works when the rest of the PCs in sync are logged out.  


The security of your data is a top priority. iDrive provides two options, namely file encryption and two-factor authentication (2FA). Whereas the former utilizes a 256-bit AES computation during transfer and storage of files, the latter uses verification codes to provide access to your cloud storage. 

iDrive encrypts all transactions between your device and the online servers by default. The 2FA needs to be activated separately if you want to prevent any unauthorized entry to your online drive account.   


The speed of uploads and downloads is one of the core elements in online storage services. To test it, I backed up and restored a 2GB file to and from the cloud on a 25mbps internet connection. It turns out iDrive is super-fast. It took approximately 10 minutes to complete the entire test.


iDrive customer support is available via phone and chat throughout the day. I managed to engage with an agent. He was not only polite but also knowledgeable. He gave some solid advice and managed to solve the issue I had. I give the support big thumbs up.


Apart from the free plan, iDrive’s pricing is as follows:

  • Personal – $52.12/year This plan supports multiple devices, continuous data transfers, disk cloning, and comes with 5TB of space.   
  • Business – $74.62/year With this offer, you get all features in the personal bundle in addition to server cloud backup, multiple user groups and accounts, and 250GB of online storage.

There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee on both plans.


iDrive is an affordable cloud storage platform. It’s easy to use, supports incremental uploads, and comes with top-notch security to protect your files. Best of all, it allows an unlimited number of devices per account. 

On the downside, storage space is limited, and only annual plans are supported. But for its price point, this solution offers stellar performance.

If you want to know more about the service you can check out our iDrive review.

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Best for: Large enterprises

2. pCloud

Lifetime plans are available

Browser extensions support

End-to-end encryption

pCloud is a friendly cloud storage service for companies looking for an off-site solution for securing files. This product offers collaboration tools, automatic data synchronization across devices, built-in document viewer, link sharing, and more. Best of all, it runs on platforms – Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, you name it. Some of the organizations that love pCloud include Coca-Cola, Uber, Adidas, and BMW. 


Here are the features of pCloud:

Ease of use

pCloud’s user dashboard is very easy to navigate. All the features are well-labelled and easy to locate. This software has a data manager that arranges files based on content type. It eases the process of locating and backing up information right after installation.  

Collaboration management

The exchange of documents can be an annoying process, especially when your coworkers are working remotely. pCloud allows you to create folders for sharing with teams. Such an approach ensures that all of the organization’s information is accessible from a central location. 

This feature also allows you to secure the storage of files by setting user access levels. You can grant or restrict specific individuals from viewing critical data based on rank at the workplace. 

This solution lets users leave remarks on files and folders. You can mark important information for review by people that share the cloud data storage service. I also find the feature useful for engagement.


Customization of download links is another area where pCloud shines. You can include the name, logo, and any other branding of your company. Anyone that opens the URL will be mesmerized by the look of the landing page.  

File versioning

pCloud keeps several versions of your files for restoration at a later date. This option allowed me to restore data that I had accidentally deleted. On the downside, these archives are only kept for a maximum of 30 days. 


This application can integrate seamlessly with other cloud storage providers such as Google Drive, OneDrive, and DropBox. This is beneficial, especially when it comes to moving data from the mentioned file hosting services to pCloud.  


pCloud has some of the best upload and download speeds. I used the same 2GB file I used when testing iDrive. It took 12 minutes to backup and restore the data. 


You can contact pCloud only via email. Upon submitting a query, it took an average of half a day to receive a response. In case of emergency, that just won’t do.

On the bright side, the agent that answered my email was extremely polite and helped me tremendously.


pCloud’s pricing is as follows:


  • Premium 500GB storage/bandwidth – $4.99
  • Premium plus 2TB storage/bandwidth – $ 9.99


  • Premium 500GB storage/bandwidth – $47.88
  • Premium plus 2TB storage/bandwidth – $95.88


  • Premium 500GB storage/bandwidth – $175
  • Premium plus 2TB storage/bandwidth – $350

All the payment plans above come with the same online storage features. In case you’re unsatisfied with the paid services, you have up to 10 days to request a refund.  


pCloud is an excellent solution for enterprises, looking to share cloud resources with their staff. It offers file sharing, personalization of links, user access limitations, and more. 

On the downside, you can only reach the support via email. And if you’re working with a team, data sharing is limited to the allocated bandwidth. Once it runs out, the feature is disabled until the beginning of a new month when it is reset.

If you’re an enterprise owner and want to make your team’s work easier, give this product a try by opening a free online backup account. It comes with 10GB of storage and will give you a good idea of how the solution performs.

If you want to know more about the service you can check out our pCloud review.

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Best for: Desktop and mobile use

3. Livedrive

Reliable cloud-based storage

256-bit encryption

Supports files in different locations

If you have been searching for Livedrive is among the best cloud storage tools out there. Its features include mobile app support, active backup, editing, and recovery of files from different locations. 

Available for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, Livedrive provides plenty of online cloud storage options. It is relatively affordable, starting at $8 per month for the Basic package. The cloud storage is protected by the AES 256-bit encryption, so you have nothing to worry about.


When you open Livedrive, you’ll see a Dashboard where you can monitor the latest backup/sync tasks as well as see the status of your uploads and downloads. The Settings tab can help you add individual folders and set preferences for scanning on a regular basis.

You can restore your files from different locations, even if you are using the mobile app. The Briefcase storage solution simplifies things and makes Livedrive one of the best cloud storage options.

Livedrive mostly relies on your Internet speed for file uploads and downloads, it rarely lags and won’t give you too many problems. The performance still managed to impress us. On average, you can fully backup a 1GB folder in less than 20 minutes.

Ease Of Use

Livedrive has a clean interface. It might lack the modern twist, but does the job well. 

There are only five tabs that make navigation easy. You don’t need to be an expert or even relatively tech-savvy to use the software. It’s very intuitive.

If you need them, though, you have Web and Support options. There are informative materials in the FAQ section. Livedrive also offers tutorials. or get in touch with customer support during workdays.


There are three main pricing plans:

  • Livedrive Backup$8/month
  • Livedrive Briefcase$16/month
  • Livedrive Pro Suite$25/month

All of these plans can be also purchased yearly, which reduces their price a bit. 

Backup works best for individual users, giving you affordable cloud storage and sync features. The Briefcase plan’s main highlight is the ability to access, edit, and sync files across different devices and locations (not available in the Backup plan). Lastly, Pro Suite is best for teams, because of its unlimited cloud storage options and space.

There is a 14-day free trial for all plans.


We only wish it could support more file types and offer backup/sync for specific ones plus folders. Also, some of its competitors offer cheaper plans.

In general, Livedrive is a very simple tool with a clean interface. It offers quick backups and sync options that people can turn to from their desktop or mobile devices. If you are having second thoughts about it or want to explore it in detail before you make a final decision, try the 14-day free trial.

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Best for: Personal use

4. OneDrive

Detect and recover ransomware

Automatic device lock

Scan/save from device

OneDrive ranks among the best cloud storage platforms that you can find in the market. This solution supports automatic file backup, data recovery, sharing of downlinks, biometric protection, and more. It’s suitable for personal and business use on Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android devices. Some of the companies that use this product include Royal Philips, Honeywell International, and GlaxoSmithKline.


Here’s an assessment of OneDrive’s features: 

Ease of use

OneDrive’s user interface is identical to the native appearance of Windows PCs. It’s easy to find and highlight the folders for backup. There’s also a filter for categorizing information based on file types. That way, you can easily find vital data such as Word documents, Excel Workbooks, PowerPoint Presentations, etc. 

Automatic backup

This option provides instantaneous data synchronization between the local disk and cloud storage drive. When set up, the software continuously scans for changes in folders before activating uploads to your OneDrive account. It also helps to eliminate the blunder of creating duplicate files primarily associated with manual backups.   

Ransomware detection/recovery

If you’re ever a victim of a virus, malware, or ransomware attack, this software will enable you to roll back your data to a previous date. Even though this feature is essential, the records are only preserved for 30 days. That’s a bit disappointing.

Document viewer/editor

This solution offers the convenience of viewing and editing your documents on the go. I find this feature a lifesaver, for you can use it without downloading files to your device. 

Account security

OneDrive comes with multiple options to secure your data. They include: 

  • Fingerprint reader
  • Face unlock, and
  • SMS authentication

Best of all, this feature also locks your device or online file storage account following a certain period of inactivity as set by you. 


Of course, not everything is perfect. Speed is where OneDrive performs dismally. I tested it with the same 2GB file I used for the other solutions. It took almost 20 minutes to complete the whole process of uploading and downloading. That’s double the duration for pCloud and iDrive.  


You can reach the OneDrive support team either via chat or toll-free number. I managed to speak to a live chat agent that was calm, friendly and provided quick responses to my queries. Despite being hospitable, he failed to address some technical issues that I raised. Overall, the support is average.


Apart from the 15GB free offer, OneDrive’s storage plans are as follows: 

  • OneDrive – $1.99/Month This option gives you up to 100GB of storage.
  • Personal – $6.99/Month You get 1TB of space in addition to premium Microsoft apps such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.  
  • Family – $9.99/Month With this subscription, you get a 6TB cloud drive, all features in the personal plan, and support for up to 6 users. 

All plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


OneDrive is a great product for people that need enormous online storage space, but don’t want to break the bank. It offers excellent security, file sharing, disaster recovery, and an online document viewer/editor. 

As for the cons, this solution is slow. I also find technical support to be subpar. Not to forget, while checking out the best cloud storage reviews, most users complained of discrepancies in the data syncing process.

Other than that, this service offers adequate features to secure your information in real-time.

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Best for: Photographers/videographers

5. Google Drive

Unlimited photo/video storage

Microsoft Office support

Synchronizing across multiple devices

Google Drive is a simple to use solution that offers both free and subscription-based cloud storage services. With this tool, you can store unlimited media files, view and edit documents, collaborate with colleagues, and share data. Individuals and businesses looking for more online storage space will surely love this product. Best in all, the application is compatible with devices running on Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. 


Let’s jump right in!

Ease of use

All the features that you need are in one place. There’s an intuitive dashboard that categorizes information into folders, making it easy to locate files. This solution also has a search tool for filtering data based on file names. 

As if that’s not enough, it provides detailed statistics of the available space just to remind you on whether to upgrade or delete old archives. The choice is yours! 

Unlimited media storage

Google Drive offers free and unlimited cloud storage for media files. 

Yes, you read that right! 

But. To take advantage of this feature, you need to prompt the application to apply compression on images and videos. From here, Google will reduce the overall size by maintaining the highest quality possible.   

Microsoft Office compatibility

Compatibility with Microsoft Office documents is another plus for Google Drive. I found it convenient to upload a file and edit it using Google Docs. To my delight, it also works even when you’re offline.   

File tracking

Tracking changes on documents can be challenging, especially when you’re working as a part of a team. But not with Google Drive. You can edit, add, and reply to comments. That’s not all – Google will notify you of any amendments made by colleagues via email. 

Activity logs

This solution organizes all the activity of your Google online storage account in chronological order. In this way, you can quickly recover files following an event of data loss or system corruption.  


Google Drive is blazing fast! During the upload and download of a 2GB file, it took 9 minutes to complete the entire test. However, there isn’t an option for simultaneous transfers, which is a bit of a letdown.     


In case of any issues, you can contact Google via live chat round the clock. The support staff are friendly, fast, and will offer you multiple solutions to resolve your problems. we give them a 10/10 rating.


Google Drive’s prices are as follows:

  • Google One 100GB – $1.99/Month
  • Google One 200GB – $2.99/Month
  • Google One 2TB – $9.99/Month
  • Google One 10TB – $99.99/Month

All plans offer the same features such as limitless media storage, automatic backup/sync, etc. Also, Google has a 30-day refund policy from the time of purchase. 


Google Drive is a reliable solution. It has top-notch features – automatic synchronization, link sharing, multiple devices support, activity tracking, and so much more. 

Despite the upsides, this service doesn’t support simultaneous file uploads/downloads. There’s also no end-to-end data encryption. 

Sign up for a 15GB free account to check if it suits your needs.

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Best for: Corporate organizations

6. Box

Supports file embedding

Malware detection and removal

Information governance

Box offers one of the most secure cloud storage services. So if you run an organization that handles sensitive data, look no further. It will assist you with collaboration, file embedding, malware detection and removal, and automatic synchronization. Among companies that trust this solution, you’ll find Morgan Stanley, Broadcom, and General Electric. Above all, it’s compatible with devices running on Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, and Android. 


Let’s take a closer look:

Ease of use

Box has a great user interface that both new and expert users will appreciate. It categorizes data into folders and gives you a search option to find files quickly. The tools panel is within reach for easy access to the most needed features. 

Regional data centers

Box is among the few cloud storage providers that offer multiple regions for storing files. This helps strengthen information governance for countries that require companies to hold clients’ data locally. Some of the supported locations include the United States, Germany, Ireland, and more.

Intelligent Security 

This solution combines security tools such as McAfee and Symantec to help keep your files free from malware. Box will also send emails to alert you of any threats to the data stored in your account.

File embedding

Unlike other cloud storage solutions that offer link sharing, Box goes further by allowing you to embed files on webpages. Your website visitors will be able to preview documents before downloading them. This way, you can continue sharing exciting content to keep your audience engaged.  

Apps and integration

Today’s organizations depend on productivity tools to improve performance. To accomplish that, Box integrates with a significant number of applications. They include:

      • Office 365
      • G-Suite
      • Slack 
      • Salesforce


When it comes to online cloud storage solutions – speed always wins! Box performed great in the speed check. During our upload and download test with a 2GB file, it managed to complete the entire process in around 9 minutes. That’s on par with Google Drive. 


You can contact Box only via email round the clock. To be honest, this is a significant weakness for such a powerful product. 

It took the support specialist around 6 hours to respond to my queries. The person was pleasant and helped with the challenges that I experienced.    


Box pricing is as follows below: 

Individual plan

  • Personal pro – $10/Month Offers 100GB of storage 

Business plans

  • Starter – $7/User/Month You get Office 365, G-Suite apps, and collaboration for up to 10 users.
  • Business – $20/User/Month Comes with unlimited cloud storage, collaboration for the entire organization, data loss prevention, and custom branding. 
  • Business Plus – $33/User/Month Supports unlimited external collaborators and integration with up to three enterprise applications.
  • Enterprise – $47/User/Month Provides unlimited resources. 


Box is a reliable product for organizations that take customer information seriously. This cloud storage solution offers automatic file synchronization, document viewer, malware protection, and other features. 

Some of the shortcomings include lack of live chat support and the absence of file versioning. Also, the majority of the core features are bundled in the enterprise plans. 

But all things considered, this service is ideal for firms with high productivity requirements.

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Best for: Large enterprises

7. Zoolz Cloud

Support for server backup

Data versioning is included

Unlimited file size uploads

Zoolz is a cloud storage service that offers more resources at a low price. This product gives you unlimited file size uploads, bandwidth throttling, recovery for deleted data, and more. It’s perfect for organizations that deliver on-demand services to consumers. Among the companies that rely on this solution, you’ll find Dell, Harvard Library, and Duracell. 


Zoolz’s online storage features are as follows below:  

Ease of use

First-time users will find Zoolz challenging to use. It lacks a quick access feature, and the user dashboard is cluttered. The good thing is, there’s documentation online to help guide you from setup to using the software.

Multiple cloud storage options

Zoolz offers you multiple solutions to backup your files. Apart from using the internet, you can physically ship your hard disk to their data center. 

Zoolz will also send you Amazon’s Snowball appliance, which can hold over 10TB of data. Such an approach helps save time and reduce the overall costs of transferring information from local servers to the cloud.

Resource manager

You can use bandwidth throttling to limit the speed of downloads and uploads. There’s also a storage usage monitor that keeps track of the available space. A data compression tool is present for limiting the overall size of backups. 

Unlimited file size uploads

Be it videos, images, projects – Zoolz will let you upload files of any size. Despite how good that sounds, this feature is limited to the available space on your online drive. 


I had to use a smaller file size to check Zoolz’s upload and download speeds because they only provide a maximum of 1GB on the free plan. Other than that, this service is pretty fast. It managed to complete the entire process in 5 minutes. That’s pretty close to what iDrive achieved.  


In case you need assistance, the Zoolz support team is available throughout the day on both email and chat. I managed to speak to a live agent. She was lovely and helped fix the issues I had. She went as far as offering me a discount code. 

Quite pleasing.


Zoolz’s cloud storage services are priced as follows:

  • 1TB – $14.99/Month
  • 2TB – $29.99/Month
  • 5TB – $74.99/Month
  • 10TB – $149.99/Month
  • 20TB – $269.99/Month
  • 50TB – $674.99/Month

All the pricing plans above have the same features you see listed above. The company has a 30-day money-back guarantee from the time of subscription. 


If you need to work with unlimited users and collaborators, Zoolz is your best choice. It offers continuous automatic backups, resource manager, unmetered file size uploads, fast speeds, and data compression. 

But the product is not flawless – it has a complex user interface, server-side encryption only, and lacks 2FA security. 

You can sign up for a free trial to test the service.

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Best for: Personal use

8. iCloud

Supports device cloning

Messaging across linked devices

Compatible with Windows

iCloud is an easy-to-use file storage service that automatically syncs data between connected devices. It’s ideal for iOS users, as well as those with Mac and Windows computers. IT comes with a document organizer, gallery manager, content mirroring, etc.  


Here are the features that make iCloud stand out:

Ease of use

iCloud apps follow Apple’s philosophy of keeping things simple. 

What does this mean?

The user interface is clean and organizes all tools in one place. There’s also a data manager that compiles everything based on file types. This makes the backup/restore process quite effortless.

Cross-device syncing

This option allows you to mirror data across all gadgets connected to iCloud. Such a tool is convenient for importing all information to a new device following an upgrade.


With iCloud, you get a document viewer and editor. There are also options for comments and link sharing. Quite useful for any cloud space. However, iCloud offers limited options unlike OneDrive’s Office 365 or Google Drive’s G-Suite. 


iCloud allows you to track the location of your iOS device or mac. If recovery is impossible, you can use this solution to lock or erase sensitive information from the gadget remotely.  

Parental permissions

Use this feature to approve or decline any purchase requests made by anyone using your iCloud. 

Better safe than sorry.


You can reach the iCloud support throughout the day via phone or live chat. He provided a workable solution to my problem and was extremely polite and focused on helping me.


iCloud’s speed positions it among the best cloud backup services in the market. With the 2GB test file, it managed to complete the upload/download procedure in around 9 minutes. 


iCloud has various storage options based on the following pricing plans.

  • 50GB – $0.99/Month
  • 200GB – $2.99/Month
  • 2TB – $9.99/Month

All the subscription plans have the same features. You get a 14-day money-back guarantee for any purchase.


iCloud is a good option for Apple users that require personal cloud storage services. It gives you plenty of features such as cross-device syncing, photo gallery, file mirroring, and document viewer/editor. 

In contrast, some users complained about long wait times for files to load. A Mac/iOS device is also required to register for this service. 

Overall, it’s the go-to choice for iOS users. If you want to see what the hype is all about, you can make a free iCloud account and give it a try.

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Best for: Large organizations

9. Nextcloud

Automate workflows

Third-party app integration

Track file activity

If you’ve been looking for ways to build a personal cloud storage service – Nextcloud is what you need. This software provides features such as advanced collaboration tools, automation of tasks, file access controls, large file uploads, and more. You’ll be surprised to learn that the governments of France, Germany, and Sweden are big fans of the service. 

But why is that?


Nextcloud’s most outstanding features include:

Ease of use

Despite being made for advanced users, this software has a simple dashboard. It’s quite similar to the Windows 10 user interface. The toolbar is bold, and the icons are easy to get used to. 

Automation of workflows

Everyone usually gets bored with running repetitive tasks. I mean, who doesn’t? And this is where Nextcloud shines. 

This personal cloud server solution allows you to automate all types of functions – from stuff as simple as converting documents to as complex as integrating scripts to work with your custom applications.

Advanced collaboration tools

This software has a wide variety of options to keep your coworkers motivated and focused on meeting team goals. These include: 


You can create a centralized place for managing workflow. Here, users can access documents, leave comments tags, and track real-time changes to files.


Nextcloud also included other features such as a built-in email client and video chat for holding Zoom-style meetings. 

Accessibility support

This makes it easy for people with visual impairment to use the application. The best thing about it – additional software such as screen readers isn’t required at all. 


Nextcloud’s performance depends on the quality of your servers. If tuned right, the speeds can give the best cloud storage services a run for their money. 

My setup managed to process the upload and download of the 2GB test file in around 8 minutes. See what I mean? 


Nextcloud offers support for enterprise clients only. However, if you’re on the open-source plan, you can utilize the knowledge base and communities to engage with experienced users. I did manage to seek help from the forums. To my surprise, everyone is lively and welcoming. Not to forget, I got expert opinions that helped address my issues.   


The pricing for this software is as follow:

  • Basic – €1900/Year Offers migration services, technical support via email, and space for up to 50 users.
  • Standard – €3400/Year Comes with phone support, installation assistance, video conferencing, document viewer/editor, and custom branding.  
  • Premium – €4900/Year This allows you to use custom applications and scale your servers globally.


Nextcloud allows you to build an online file storage platform. It offers powerful collaboration tools, automation of tasks, and accessibility support. 

Of course, this product isn’t perfect. Apart from the high price tag on the enterprise plans, using custom plugins comes at an additional cost. It’s also surprising to find support for local area networking missing. 

Give Nextcloud a try – the open-source version is free! You can see for yourself if it’s the right tool for you.

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Best for: Families

10. Amazon Cloud Drive

Unlimited storage plan

Duplicate file checker

Access controls policy

Amazon Cloud Drive ranks among the best online storage services that provide limitless space. You get a files manager, resource optimizer, document viewer, access policy controls, and so forth. Users that need endless resources to store photos, videos, and documents will appreciate the Amazon Cloud Drive. 


Here are some of its best features:

Ease of use

This application has a clean user interface that both first-time and advanced users will enjoy. It even has a drag-and-drop feature! It helps you to eliminate the tedious process involved in selecting files for backup/restore. 

Automatic backup

This feature allows you to synchronize data on the local drive with your storage cloud in real-time. It’s enabled by default, so there’s no risk of losing files. 

Duplicate checker

Even though Amazon Drive offers unlimited space, this feature helps keep your information organized. You can save bandwidth on metered connections and reduce the time it takes to backup data by skipping duplicate files.


This cloud file storage service offers limited support for people that wish to collaborate. By way of example, you can preview documents and share folders with colleagues. 

Note that the link-sharing tool doesn’t allow you to set a password to protect files from unauthorized access. 

Device optimization

Users that spend hours working on their workstation will love this! You can optimize Amazon Drive to run smoothly in the background. Think the likes of a simultaneous file limiter and upload/download speeds throttling. 


This cloud drive storage service has dismal performance in terms of speed. When conducting the upload/download test, it managed to complete the entire process in around 25 minutes. That’s way below what OneDrive achieved. 

Upon further investigation, I found a clause on Amazon’s website, which states that the quality of service is dependent on network conditions. Maybe it was a one-time issue?


Amazon Cloud Drive offers support both via chat and email during business hours. As usual, I managed to speak to a specialist regarding several issues. He was calm, friendly, and helped me overcome the challenges I ran into.  


Apart from the 3-months free trial, this product is priced as follows: 

  • Amazon Drive – $59.99/Year

You get unlimited storage to store all your files.


Amazon Cloud Drive is suitable for people that need a simple online storage service. With this service, you get unlimited space, a duplicate file checker, device syncing, and file sharing. It has everything you need for a good experience!

However, some users complained of inconsistencies in photo syncing. Also, the inability to set passwords on shared links is a bit of a letdown. 

Sign up for a free trial account now and test its features!

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Best for: Small and large companies

11. Dropbox

Productivity apps support

Watermark documents

Access policy controls

Dropbox is hands down one of the best cloud storage solutions that you can find on the market. You get automatic file syncing, document viewer/editor, collaboration, and activity logs. Accordingly, these features are appropriate for personal and business use. Some of the biggest names use Dropbox – Spotify, National Geographic, and Under Armour are just some of them.  

Curious why?


Dropbox offers some great features to its clients: 

Ease of use

Dropbox’s user dashboard is straightforward. All the tools that you need are within reach. There’s also a file manager that organizes all your data in one place. You can forget about the chaotic search for files!

Advanced Collaboration apps

This cloud storage solution supports a wide variety of options that promote teamwork. For starters, it allows you to view/edit documents using Microsoft Office or Google Docs. You’ll also find apps for editing PDF files, watermarking records, and commenting on files.

But this list doesn’t end there. 

Dropbox also allows you to make calls and chat with colleagues. If that’s not enough, you can add Zoom and hold video meetings. Such features help to keep remote teams engaged at all times. 

Access policy controls

Dropbox allows you to set access rights for every file. There’s also a bulk control option for providing the visibility of folders to entire teams. 

Security scanner

This solution takes the security of your online storage seriously. It scans and checks for the presence of malware or suspicious files. It also has an activity log that gives the status of data stored in your cloud. 

Although still good, Dropbox doesn’t match the capability of Box’s intelligence security. Whereas the former is limited to documents, the latter scans pretty much anything.  

Device support

This solution goes the extra mile of offering support for a wide array of devices. Other than the usual iOS and Android, Dropbox has apps for Blackberry OS and Amazon’s Fire OS. It’s not something we see often.


Dropbox’s online file storage service is fast. During the speed checks, it managed to complete the upload/download loop test in around 10 minutes. Not the fastest, but not disappointing.  


And here’s where Dropbox fails. I couldn’t get any help from the live chat agents. The best thing they could do was to create a support ticket. It took three days to get a response that lacked a clear answer to my query – not even an apology for the lateness. A huge letdown.


Dropbox’s cloud data storage service is priced as follows:

  • Professional – $19.99/Month You get 3TB of storage, document watermarking, and support for up to 1 user.
  • Standard – $15.00/User/Month It starts at 3 users, offers 5TB space, and provides team management and collaboration tools.
  • Advanced – $25.00/User/Month You get scalable online space, top-notch security tools, and allows the integration of custom applications.


If you need a reliable online data storage service for your company, definitely give Dropbox a try. You’ll benefit from using advanced co-working tools, user access management, auto-syncing, and sharing large files. 

But. If bad customer support and the lack of refunds whatsoever worry you, you might want to look elsewhere. 

Otherwise, you can sign up for a 30-day free trial that gives you adequate time to experiment with the features.

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What Is Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage is a service that allows you to store files in an off-site location. It is offered by companies that own an online infrastructure for securing information. It usually relies on the internet to transfer data between user devices and remote servers.

You can make your content accessible from anywhere and at any time. Most companies offer many applications for collaborations. 

The major benefits of using this product include cost and flexibility. Depending on needs, you can either increase or decrease capacity. Also, it’s affordable – most of the solutions allow you to pay based on the consumption of resources.

Paid vs. Free Cloud Storage

Most online data storage providers offer free and paid plans. With the former, the numerous restrictions include up to 5GB of limited space on average, upload/download speed throttling, and the absence of productivity tools for teamwork. 

To keep the costs low, these limitations have to be in place. They also allow you to try the product, without any commitment. You can always scale up by upgrading. 

Upgrading brings in all the real benefits. You’ll be able to upscale resources based on demand. A good example is Amazon Drive – you get unlimited cloud storage at a flat yearly fee. In most cases, you get 100GB on the lowest tier. Other benefits comprise enhanced security, collaboration apps, and priority customer support.

Cloud Storage Comparison

Let’s compare the best options on the market.

iDrive vs Google Drive

If you are looking for a free online storage provider that offers exceptional features – Google Drive is perfect for you. Apart from the 15GB of space, you get access to productivity tools such as Google Docs. However, it reduces the size of files, ruining the quality, which is hardly ideal for designers and photographers. 

With iDriveyou get up to 5TB for just $52.12/year. That’s half the price of what Google offers on the premium plans. iDrive allows you to clone your disk, continuously back up files, and securely store your data. 

OneDrive vs Google Drive

These solutions are quite similar. They both provide 15GB on the free plan and offer a document viewer/editor. However, when it comes to price, OneDrive has better offers. With it, you get up to 6TB for $9.99 versus Google Drive’s 2TB for $9.99 per month. OneDrive is definitely the better offer for those on a tight budget. 

pCloud vs Dropbox

When it comes to enterprises, the right choice of tools is crucial in enhancing productivity. With Dropbox, you get one of the best cloud management solutions. It has advanced collaboration tools with support for custom apps, access policy controls, and a security scanner for files. 

pCloud also packs a handful of goodies. This product has collaboration management features, file versioning, and customization of links. There are also lifetime plans that let you pay once and store data for good! With that in mind, this service is the right pick for businesses that wish to keep their online storage costs low.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Cloud Storage Service?

By now, you might be wondering why you need a cloud storage service. Here’s the deal:

Cost advantage

Cloud storage services companies usually incur the expenses of developing and maintaining the infrastructure. You get to access the service at a fraction of the cost – or even better, for free.  

For enterprises, having an on-premise setup can be a complicated affair. Apart from overheads relating to installation, you’ll have to employ full-time specialists to manage the system. Keep in mind; I haven’t even included the electricity charges. 

By shifting this burden to the vendors, you can concentrate on important tasks, like backing up data and growing the productivity of your coworkers.     


Running out of storage space when you’re in the middle of backing up data is terrible. And this is where cloud storage providers come to the rescue. With their tools, you get the opportunity to expand capacity at any given time. If cost is of concern, some vendors give you unlimited or lifetime disk resources at a low price. 


Cloud services come with the advantage of making your data accessible at all times. This implies that you can still view and download your files from different devices. Quite useful, if you’re often on the go.


Losing your data due to ransomware and malware attacks can be an awful experience. But with online data storage, the security of your files is guaranteed. Service providers rely on sophisticated tools to ensure the safety of your information. In the event of a breach, you can restore your system to a previously working state in no time.

How to Choose the Best Cloud Storage?

Here are some useful tips to help you choose the best cloud storage provider for your needs.  


You must define your needs. For example, if you’re a student, the free plans on Google Drive or OneDrive might work for you. For enterprises, a more robust solution that supports teamwork applications is a better pick. 9 


The next step involves determining your budget. You should consider which features you require. This is important because the more options you need, the higher the price you have to pay.

Ease of use

When it comes to settling for the right service, ease of use should be top of your list. You don’t want a confusing dashboard, that will slow you down.

Customer support

Sometimes things just don’t work – and when problems arise, getting stuck is the last thing that you want to encounter. Selecting a service that comes with dedicated support is a must. Find a vendor with a turnaround of 6 hours at most.

Wrap Up

Cloud storage is on its way to take over traditional hardware storage. So, keep up with the trends and take a look at our 10 best cloud storage solutions list. We’re sure you’ll find something that fits your needs. Why not give it a try now?


Which cloud storage service is best?

iDrive has both free and affordable paid plans. The service offers 5GB of space on the free account and support for unlimited devices. It also comes with advanced tools for networking and collaborating. When it comes to upgrading, you’ll get some of the most unbeatable prices in the market.

Which is the most secure cloud storage?

If you take the security of your data seriously – Box is your pick

This vendor integrates with some of the best antivirus solutions:

  • Symantec
  • McAfee
  • IBM Security
  • AT&T Cybersecurity
  • Sumo Logic
  • LogRhythm
  • Splunk

The icing on the cake? – This service offers active protection at all times. With such a setup, anything that you store in your cloud is thoroughly scanned. Such an undertaking helps to detect and eliminate the risk that comes with virus/malware attacks.

What is the best value cloud storage?

When it comes to money, every cent counts. If you’re working on a budget, then Amazon Cloud Drive is the best cloud storage for you. This solution offers unlimited storage space for just $59.99/Year. With such resources, you’ll never worry about running out of space.


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