10 Best Enterprise Backup Solutions for 2023

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Updated: February 07,2023

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Do you want to find out the best enterprise backup solutions on the market? 

You’ve come to the right place. We carried out comprehensive research and narrowed down the ten best enterprise backup tools on the market. We assessed them based on various critical parameters, including;

  • Pricing
  • Ease of use
  • Customer support
  • Speed
  • Performance
  • Uptime
  • Security

And many more.

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Best for: Large enterprises
Acronis Cyber Protect logo

1. Acronis Cyber Protect

  • Flexible storage
  • Fast backups and recovery
  • Supports many operating systems
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Best for: On-premise backup
Paragon Backup & Recovery logo

2. Paragon Backup & Recovery

  • Easy to use
  • Flexible pricing
  • Supports image-based backups
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Best for: Technical/IT businesses
Aomei Backupper Workstation logo

3. Aomei Backupper Workstation

  • Scheduled, event-triggered backups
  • Command-line utility
  • User-friendly interface
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Best for: Large backups
BackBlaze Business Backup logo

4. BackBlaze Business Backup

  • Cost-effective
  • Strong encryption
  • Versatile
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Best for: Secure backups
iDrive 360 Endpoint logo

5. iDrive 360 Endpoint

  • Free trial available
  • Centralized management
  • Mass installation
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Best for: Ease of use
Zoolz Cloud Backup logo

6. Zoolz Cloud Backup

  • Relatively cheap
  • No file size limits
  • Compliance tools (GDPR/HIPAA)
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Best for: Cost-effective storage
Data Deposit Box logo

7. Data Deposit Box

  • Remote management
  • Supports many operating systems
  • Free trial available
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Best for: Mid-sized enterprises
ElephantDrive logo

8. ElephantDrive

  • Cost-effective
  • Easy file sharing
  • Free version available
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Best for: Cloud storage
Veeam Enterprise logo

9. Veeam Enterprise

  • Comprehensive feature set
  • Extensive third-party integrations
  • Unlimited backups
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Best for: Frequent backups
CrashPlan Enterprise logo

10. CrashPlan Enterprise

  • Superb customer support
  • Very secure
  • Automatic, frequent backups
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Best for: Large enterprises

1. Acronis Cyber Protect

Flexible storage

Fast backups and recovery

Supports many operating systems

A great option made by Acronis International GmbH, a Swiss software company! It lets you upload large volumes of data to the cloud or on-site storage and restore them whenever required.


Acronis Cyber Protect has many features designed for easy backups and preventing data loss, including:  

Flexible Storage

Acronis supports different types of data storage, either online or offline. You can use private or public enterprise cloud backup options, such as Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. For offline storage, it supports: 

  • network-attached storage (NAS) 
  • storage area networks (SAN)
  • tapes 
  • disks 

File and Disk-Image Backups

Acronis supports file or disk-image backups

The first one is backing up individual files from a PC or server. On the flip side, disk-image backup entails backing up a whole hard disk, including the operating system. 

The latter lets you restore an entire system that’s damaged beyond repair. Hence, it’s a desirable feature in every enterprise backup tool. 

Continuous Data Protection

Acronis supports continuous data protection, i.e., real-time backups. That makes it a great backup software for business

It monitors file changes and saves those it detects automatically. This feature ensures 100% data protection within an enterprise without necessary human input.

Data Migration

Acronis stores backups in a unified format that makes it easy to migrate to any platform regardless of the source. You can move data between different hypervisors and to/from physical machines or the cloud. 

Data Deduplication

Acronis uses data deduplication to minimize storage space and, consequently, costs. It identifies and eliminates duplicate copies of any file during backups. 

Forensic mode

You can collect and analyze data concerning enterprise backups. 

For example, it keeps logs of who accessed any backup. This feature helps enterprises maintain compliance statutes and easily perform internal data access investigations.

Anti-Malware Backup Scanning

Acronis scans every backup for potential malware to ensure you don’t keep infected files. This easily puts it among the top cloud backup solutions for business.

Tape Multiplexing

This feature comes into play if you’re using tapes to store backups. It allows multiple clients to simultaneously save data to a single tape drive. 


Acronis Cyber Protect is available through an annual subscription. It has five different pricing tiers:

  • Essentials - $319/year. 
  • Backup Standard - $409/year.
  • Standard - $539/year. 
  • Backup Advanced - $709/year. 
  • Advanced - $839/year.

Customer Support

Acronis provides customer support through telephone, live chat, or email. Its support options are pretty good, with fast response times.

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Best for: On-premise backup

2. Paragon Backup & Recovery

Easy to use

Flexible pricing

Supports image-based backups

Paragon Backup & Recovery is one of the most reliable data backup options for businesses. Paragon Software Group, a leading German software company, is its developer. 


Paragon Backup & Recovery has many features enabling smooth enterprise backups. They include:

On-Premise Storage

You can store backups on external storage hardware, such as hard disks and tapes. However, unlike many rival backup tools, it doesn’t support cloud storage.

Data Replication

You can store the same data in multiple locations for redundancy purposes. This feature gives enterprises peace of mind knowing that there are various copies of their data backups available at any time. 

That’s one of the main reasons why Paragon is among the top backup solutions for enterprises.

Windows Server Support

Paragon Backup & Recovery supports backups for Windows servers. Many enterprises run the Windows Server OS on their on-premise servers, making this feature helpful.

File or Image-Level Backups

Paragon Backup & Recovery supports file-level or image-level backups. The former capture individual folders on a computer, while the latter -  the entire system.


You can encrypt files with your private keys or use the Paragon-managed option. This way, only permitted people within an enterprise can access backups.

Data Deduplication & Compression 

Paragon Backup & Recovery uses data deduplication to minimize the storage space needed. It also applies compression techniques to reduce file sizes and storage costs.

Compliance Tools

You can set strict data access controls within your enterprise for compliance purposes. In addition, you can keep accurate and detailed logs to reference in the event of internal investigations.

So, if you need a good corporate backup solution, Paragon sure checks some important boxes.

Bootable Media

The tool can automatically create bootable media. Bootable media is external storage hardware from which a PC can load and run an operating system or utility program. Its primary purpose is to recover a failed system when the internal storage OS can’t load.

It’s one of the must-have features for any of the top backup software.


Paragon Backup & Recovery does not have a standard pricing plan. You need to contact the company for a direct quote

Customer Support

Paragon provides customer support through email or telephone. A detailed Backup & Recovery user manual is also available on the official website.

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Best for: Technical/IT businesses

3. Aomei Backupper Workstation

Scheduled, event-triggered backups

Command-line utility

User-friendly interface

Aomei Backupper Workstation is one of the best backup software solutions for businesses. Its main advantage over the competition is cheap storage costs.


Aomei Backupper Workstation includes many features that ensure dependable data backup and restoration. They include:

System or File-Level Backups 

Aomei Backupper Workstation supports a system or file-level backups. 

It offers the three main backup types: 

  • full 
  • incremental 
  • differential

Scheduled/Event-Triggered Backups

You can set schedules for automatic backups. Choose from daily, weekly, or monthly. 

In addition, the tool offers seventh-triggered backups. For example, it can save data immediately after a user logs out of a computer. 

To sum up, it’s a great automated backup software.

Command-Line Utility

Aomei Backupper Workstation has a command-line utility to control it entirely using codes. It’s a likable supplement to the intuitive graphical user interface.

File Sync

You can keep files stored in different locations up-to-date. It ensures that every file change made in one storage area reflects in all other locations. Aomei’s enterprise data backup tool supports file synchronization. 

Hot/Cold Backups

If you’re interested in offline backup solutions, look no further. Aomei Backupper Workstation supports hot and cold backups

The first type is made while the system is offline or in shutdown mode. On the other hand, the latter occurs when the system is still running, even if the backup data is in use. 


You can lock backup files with custom passwords.

Data Compression

Aomei’s backup tool compresses backup files into the smallest possible file size to reduce storage space and costs. 

Email Notifications

You can monitor backups through email notifications. For example, you can get alerts whenever a backup completes or if any error occurs during a backup.


Aomei Backupper Workstation costs $60 for a license for one PC. While that’s not exactly cheap for a backup solution, you get discounts if you purchase more than one license. It also provides a 90-day money-back guarantee for every purchase.

Before purchasing, you can utilize the provided 30-day free trial period to test Aomei’s backup tool extensively. 

Customer Support

Aomei provides customer support only through email. If we had to make an enterprise backup solution comparison here, Aomei would lose a lot of points for this.

There are also video tutorials, a FAQ page, and a support forum available on the official website.

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Best for: Large backups

4. BackBlaze Business Backup


Strong encryption


BackBlaze Business Backup is one of the most sophisticated enterprise cloud backup solutions. Here’s why:


BackBlaze Business Backup provides many features to ensure smooth data backups and recovery. They include:

PC/Server Backups

You can backup files from regular computers or servers with BackBlaze.You’ll find both options crucial.

Flexible Scheduling

BackBlaze lets you set schedules to run automatic backups. Those are an essential part of any enterprise backup strategy.


BackBlaze compresses files into the smallest possible size to decrease storage space and charges. 

Centralized Management

You can control all backup processes from just one dashboard. Everything becomes extremely easy to manage.

Native Desktop Apps

BackBlaze provides native apps for the Windows OS and macOS for easy backups.

Unlimited Workstations

You can connect and backup an unlimited number of PCs. There’s also no limit to the size of files you can upload or download.

Mailed Hard Drive Restores

BackBlaze can mail you a physical encrypted hard drive with all your enterprise’s data for no additional cost if you send back the hard drive within 30 days. 

It is one of the few backup enterprise software offering this feature.


BackBlaze uses default 2048-bit encryption to secure all backups. Additionally, you can encrypt your data with a private key.

For security purposes, you can also enable two-factor authentication for account access.

Forever File Retention

You can pay BackBlaze to retain your data archives forever. This way, you’re sure you have backups available somewhere. 

Continuous Backups

BackBlaze offers continuous backup to auto-save every data change within your enterprise.


BackBlaze offers monthly, yearly, or two-year pricing plans.

It charges $7 monthly for each computer, $70 yearly, or $130 for a two-year plan. The company discounts the monthly plan if you pay for a year or two years in one stretch. This makes it a relatively cheap backup solution.

Customer Support

BackBlaze provides customer support through email, live chat, or telephone

However, the options besides email are only available for customers that pay for a dedicated support plan. It costs between $150 to $700 per month.

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Best for: Secure backups

5. iDrive 360 Endpoint

Free trial available

Centralized management

Mass installation

iDrive 360 Endpoint is a dedicated solution from iDrive, an American software company specializing in data backup applications. It's available to Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android users.


iDrive has many features that ensure smooth, secure backups:

Automated Backups

If you’re looking for an automated backup software, iDrive can save your data daily, weekly, or monthly.

External Drive Backups

You can backup enterprise files to external hard drives. You could even remove the drive during backup, plug it back in and resume the backup from where you unplugged. 

Cloud Storage

The other backup storage option is to store your files in the cloud. iDrive provides its own cloud storage service for customers to utilize.

iDrive 360 Express

Enterprises back up their files by mailing in physical hard drives. This way, they save on bandwidth costs, especially if they have enormous files.  

It also makes this backup software for business pretty secure.

Mass Deployment 

You can remotely install iDrive on multiple PCs within an enterprise in one go. 

Malware Protection

iDrive monitors the files for malware and alerts you to anyone it finds. This feature prevents enterprises from storing infected files that can cause data corruption. 

Centralized Management

iDrive allows you to manage numerous backup processes within your enterprise from one central dashboard. You can: 

  • add devices for backup 
  • set access rights 
  • schedule backup plans 
  • monitor cloud storage

And more.

Secure Account Access

All good enterprise data backup solutions focus on security and this one is no exception.
You get:

  • two-factor authentication 
  • single sign-on 
  • IP-restricted logins 

System Image Backups

iDrive 360 Endpoint supports system image backups. It means that the tool saves a system's exact copy ("image"). So, you can completely restore the backed-up system’s settings on another PC at any time.


iDrive 360 Endpoint is available through an annual subscription. Your options are:

  • 5 computers (5TB) - $99.50 per year.
  • 10 computers (10TB) - $199.50 per year.
  • 25 computers (25TB) - $499.50 per year.
  • 50 computers (50TB) - $999.50 per year.
  • 100 computers (100TB) -  $1999 per year.
  • 200 computers (200TB) - $2998 per year. 

This corporate backup solution provides a 25% discount for first-year subscribers. 

Customer Support

iDrive offers customer support through email, live chat, or telephone. Its response time is pretty fast.

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Best for: Ease of use

6. Zoolz Cloud Backup

Relatively cheap

No file size limits

Compliance tools (GDPR/HIPAA)

Zoolz is an attested enterprise backup and recovery tool. It provides reliable cloud backups, with Amazon Web Services (AWS) running the backend. 


Zoolz has many features designed to provide smooth and scalable cloud backups, including:

Continuous Data Protection

The first benefit is continuous data protection. It monitors any file changes and backs them up automatically to keep your backups as up-to-date as possible.

Scheduled Backups

You can set specific schedules for backups, so you won’t have to worry about that.

Data Deduplication

Zoolz identifies and deletes duplicate files to reduce backup storage space and costs. You can do this on a single machine or across the entire enterprise. 

Bulk Uploads

If you need to backup large files forget other solutions - Zoolz lets you upload huge amounts of data simultaneously. 


Zoolz uses 256-AES encryption to protect your files. 

Centralized Control

You can control all the backup processes within a large enterprise from one console. You can set storage limits for each user: 

  • suspend
  • archive
  • delete user files 
  • add new users

And more!

File Retention Rules

You can set how long you want Zoolz to retain your backup files. Quite useful for enterprise online backup.

Windows Integration

Zoolz has extensive integration with the Windows operating system. So, users can back up specific files with a simple right-click.

Zoolz also supports backups for Windows Server. 

Mail-In Backups

You can send external hard drives loaded with data to Zoolz and have them back it up for you. 

Real-Time Monitoring

Zoolz lets you monitor backup bandwidth and cloud storage use in real-time. Great for keeping up with the space you have left for your enterprise backup.


The tool offers yearly subscriptions. Your options are

  • 1TB - $200 per year.
  • 2TB - $400 per year.
  • 5TB - $1000 per year.
  • 10TB - $2000 per year.
  • 20TB - $3600 per year.
  • 50 TB - $9000 per year.

If you need above 50 TB storage, you can contact the company for a direct quote

Customer Support

Zoolz offers customer support primarily through email. You can contact the company through a form available on its website and wait for an email response. 

There’s also a detailed FAQ page on the official website.

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Best for: Cost-effective storage

7. Data Deposit Box

Remote management

Supports many operating systems

Free trial available

Data Deposit Box is a secure, reliable commercial backup software. It offers cloud storage for multiple devices in an enterprise controlled from one app. 

Data Deposit Box supports various operating systems, including: 

  • Windows 
  • macOS 
  • iOS 
  • Android 
  • Linux 
  • Synology 
  • QNAP


Data Deposit Box includes many features ensuring easy backups. For example:

Continuous Backup

You can back up data on enterprise systems every time a change is made, following the initial backup. This feature ensures that the backup remains up-to-date. 

Real-Time Notifications

Data Deposit Box notifies the user of any error in real-time. A must-have feature for all good enterprise cloud backup tools.


The solution encrypts files with 448-bit Blowfish encryption to prevent unpermitted access.

Two-Factor Authentication

You can enable two-factor authentication for account access. It helps prevent access from unauthorized people. It’s a great addition to all backup solutions for enterprise.

Centralized Management

You can manage all the backup processes in your enterprise from one centralized console


Data Deposit Box gives you daily email reports concerning your backups. 


You can schedule f backups to run automatically. Your options include:

  • hourly 
  • daily
  • weekly 
  • bi-weekly

And more.

It’s a great way to backup your enterprise data even if you’re not at the office.


You can set unique user and account permissions within your enterprise. For example, you can set rules to exclude specific files by: 

  • device 
  • location 
  • type

File Sharing

You can share backed-up data with anyone through an email or link. Optionally, you can password-protect it to prevent compromise.

Custom Throttling

Data Deposit Box lets you set CPU and bandwidth priority within your enterprise. 

Cleanup Mode

Cleanup Mode is a native Data Deposit Box feature that minimizes backup file sizes by identifying and eliminating orphaned files. They’re the one associated with uninstalled programs and they just take up valuable space on your PC.

This feature certainly puts Data Deposti Box among the best backup software for enterprises.


Data Deposit Box is available on a subscription basis. It starts at $20 a month for 200GB of storage space. Anything above that costs $0.10 per GB (or $10 for 100GB). There’s no free version, but the company offers a 14-day free trial period

Customer Support

Data Deposit Box offers customer support through email and telephone. There’s also an online Support Center with a FAQ page, user guide, and video tutorials.

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Best for: Mid-sized enterprises

8. ElephantDrive


Easy file sharing

Free version available

ElephantDrive is a popular backup software. It offers ample storage space for a relatively low price. It’s also compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac computers. 


ElephantDrive has many cloud backup/restore features, including:

Direct Backup from NAS

You can send files directly from network-attached storage (NAS) devices to back up, thanks to native integrations. Usually, you’ll have to first map the NAS device to your computer, which is a burdensome process. 

Everywhere Sync

ElephantDrive can sync files between multiple devices. It has a folder, Everywhere, that automatically syncs across multiple devices within an enterprise. This way, you can start working on one office desktop and pick up where you left off on another. 

A great addition to any backup enterprise software.

Folder Sharing

As part of the syncing feature, you can share folders with your colleagues by automatically syncing to each others’ devices. No more using thumb drives or sending large files through email! 

You can also share folders within your enterprise via URL links. 

Mobile Access

ElephantDrive lets you upload and backup files directly from mobile (iOS and Android) devices. You can also share files between gadgets. 


For security purposes, ElephantDrive uses the AES 256-bit encryption. This strong encryption protects your enterprise’s sensitive files from malicious actors. 

Recover Deleted Files (Archiving)

ElephantDrive includes an archiving tool that helps you recover mistakenly deleted files. A pretty crucial feature for a good business backup software.

File Versioning

A computer file can exist in several versions simultaneously. You can update them all at the same time, thanks to this feature. Hence, you can also revert to any previous version anytime you want. 


ElephantDrive provides in-built tools to comply with various data protection regulations, such as HIPAA for medical providers. That’s one of the main reasons why we put it among the best enterprise backup solutions.


ElephantDrive has two different plans for businesses; Business and Enterprise

The Business plan starts at $20 per month for 1TB of storage. Each additional 1TB costs $20 monthly, up to a maximum of 50TB. 

The Enterprise plan costs $30 per month for 1TB of storage. Each additional 1TB costs $30 monthly without being limited, unlike the Business plan. This option has an individual file size upload limit of 200GB, compared to 50GB for the Business plan. In addition, the Enterprise tier supports 100+ devices, compared to a maximum of 25 devices for the Business plan. 

Customer Support

ElephantDrive provides customer support through email, live chat, or telephone. Subscribers to the Enterprise plan get prioritized support over the Business plan users and they also get a dedicated account manager.

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Best for: Cloud storage

9. Veeam Enterprise

Comprehensive feature set

Extensive third-party integrations

Unlimited backups

Veeam Enterprise is one of the best data backup solutions available. It offers many advanced features for corporate data backups and disaster recovery. 


Veeam’s list of advanced functionalities includes:

Cloud Integration

Veeam has native integrations with major cloud storage providers, including: 

  • Google Cloud 
  • Microsoft Azure 
  • Amazon Web Services
  • IBM Cloud  

Veeam’s cloud integrations are better than what you’ll find in most competing data backup options


Veeam Enterprise is compatible with many operating systems for PCs and servers. It includes:

  • Mac, Windows, and Linux for PCs 
  • Windows Server and VMware ESXi for servers

Monitoring and Analytics

Veeam provides ample tools to monitor and analyze backups. For example, you can get alarms if the app detects an error. You can also scan your backup files for viruses and get a real-time notification if there are any.

That’s great for successful enterprise backup and recovery operations.

Scheduled Backups

You can set schedules to run automatic backups, e.g., hourly, weekly, or bi-weekly. 

Continuous Data Protection

Veeam supports continuous data protection, i.e., real-time backups.

Disaster Recovery Orchestrator

Veeam includes a tool to test disaster recovery strategies without disrupting the backup normal network flow. After testing, you can generate documentation proving your enterprise has a disaster backup strategy that’s good enough.

Instant Recovery Engine

Veeam’s Instant Recovery Engine lets you recover any backup to a PC, virtual machine, or server with considerable speed. This feature makes it one of the most desirable backup solutions for businesses

Capacity Planning

You can monitor and adjust the storage capacity for backups. This way, you utilize the backup space you pay for as much as possible and with little waste. 


There’s no standard pricing for Veeam Enterprise. You have to contact the company’s sales team directly to get a quote. You can do so from the website.

Customer Support

Veeam provides customer support through email, live chat, or telephone 24/7. It has one of the best response times among the backup tools we’ve mentioned.

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Best for: Frequent backups

10. CrashPlan Enterprise

Superb customer support

Very secure

Automatic, frequent backups

CrashPlan is one of the best backup systems for online or offline storage. It's sold by Code 42, an American cybersecurity software company.

CrashPlan lets you backup files to an external hard drive or cloud provider. It has no file size limits, an advantageous feature for large enterprises. 


CrashPlan has many features to ensure smooth and secure backups, including:

Continuous Backup

You can back up data as frequently as 96 times a day, ensuring you hardly ever lose any files. You can set schedules to back up your files even when you aren’t physically present. 

Furthermore, CrashPlan lets you handpick and prioritize which files to backup and how often. That’s why we put it among the best backup software for enterprise.

File Versioning and Retention

CrashPlan can store multiple versions of the same file, so you can quickly revert to anyone you want. You can also set it to retain your backups for as long as possible.


CrashPlan Enterprise encrypts all files by default to prevent unpermitted access. It uses 256-bit keys to encrypt files before sending them to your backup destinations. 

Fast Data Recovery

CrashPlan lets you recover backed-up files with remarkable speed thanks to source-side deduplication. That’s a must-have feature of the good corpоrate backup solutions.

Remote Management/Control

CrashPlan provides a centralized dashboard from which you can control all the backup processes within your organization. All you need to monitor, manage, and restore backups is a PC with an active internet connection. 

“Self-Healing” Archives 

This enterprise backup and recovery tool have regular archive maintenance to validate the health and status of backups. If it finds faulty data blocks, it immediately "self-heals" by re-requesting them from the source device. 

Non-Disruptive Backups

CrashPlan allows you to make backups as non-disruptive to your business as possible. For example, you can set a backup to pause when a laptop reaches a specific percentage of remaining battery power. You can set bandwidth limits by: 

  • network type 
  • location 
  • work hours 


CrashPlan Enterprise doesn’t have standard pricing. You have to contact the company directly for a quote. The form to do that is available on its official website. 

Customer Support

CrashPlan offers customer support through email or live chat. There’s also detailed documentation for the proprietary backup tool on the official website.

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What Is an Enterprise Backup Solution?

This is a utility software used by businesses to back up data and recover it when needed. Information technology (IT) professionals usually implement it to ensure sensitive files never get lost or corrupted. 

Businesses can back up individual files or entire systems. You can upload them to physical storage hardware or the cloud through first- or third-party providers. Hence, if there’s a data loss or corruption incident, the business can simply recover the files or systems. 

Enterprise data backup tools are different from the home ones. The corporate ones offer more sophisticated features, e.g., mail-in hard-drive backups or restores. Also, they usually work with many computers simultaneously. On the flip side, home backup tools work with one, two, or three computers at most. 

How To Pick the Right Solution

How do you pick the best commercial backup software? We want to help you do that. You must consider some specific factors to make the best choice, including; 


Pricing is the foremost factor to consider when picking any software. 

Enterprise products often have a wide price range. You can spend as low as $100 to $100,000 or more. Just ensure to pick a plan your enterprise can afford, depending on its size. 

For example, a large enterprise with over 1,000 employees would have no problem paying for an expensive solution. Likewise, small businesses should pick a relatively cheap plan.

The best enterprise backup solutions often offer flexible pricing. You can take advantage of it to negotiate the best possible prices.  


Security is another critical factor to consider before picking any software. Avoid backup solutions with a history of sloppy security practices as much as you can. The risk of having your data stolen is high with such providers. This factor is doubly essential for enterprises working with sensitive data, e.g., medical and insurance providers. 


Some enterprises are required by law to comply with specific data protection statutes, e.g., HIPAA for American medical providers. If yours falls into this category, pick a backup solution with built-in compliance features

Many backup providers, including some we mentioned in this review, offer extensive compliance features. 

Ease of Use

Software with complex user interfaces can frustrate your staff, and you don’t want that. They increase the probability of manual errors, which could have significant consequences. 

The best backup solution for your enterprise is the one that’s easy to navigate even for beginners.

Customer Support

You’ll need sufficient technical support if you run into difficulties using any software. A backup tool offering telephone, live chat, and email support is convenient. 

Some backup providers go further by providing your enterprise with dedicated support staff, depending on your plan. 


As your enterprise grows, so do your backup needs and requirements. Hence, choose a business backup software that can scale quickly. If you choose a non-scalable option, you may need to migrate your data in the future. 

An ideal solution should handle increasing storage requirements without problems

Speed and Performance

Slow, lagging software is frustrating, and you want to avoid that. A good tool won’t use up too much computing resources and slow down your enterprise.

Wrap Up

We carried out comprehensive research and testing to narrow down the top enterprise backup solutions on the market. 

To sum our findings up, there’s no perfect tool; they all have respective pros and cons. The ideal option should be a trade-off between the above critical considerations. So, carefully consider what is vital for your business and what you can do without.

Here’s some good news - some of the software listed have a free trial. So, go on - test them! There’s nothing to lose.


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