11 Best Hidden Cameras for 2023

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Updated · Apr 20, 2023

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Spy gadgets are not created equal. As a result, finding the best hidden cameras can be hard. That’s why we decided to make life a bit easier for you and scoured Amazon for the top models.

In this piece, we’ll:

  • Talk about the characteristics of our diverse picks and when to use them
  • Explain the most important factors you should consider when comparing spy cams.
  • Reply to the frequently asked questions about covert surveillance devices like, how small could secret cameras be
  • Cover the legal side of things
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Best for: Camera masking
LIERONT Spy Camera Bluetooth Speaker Clock
At A Glance





Motion sensor

PIR (passive infrared)

See more details

A nearly perfect hidden surveillance camera, LIERONT’s prized gadget can help you wake up to important discoveries without getting caught.


This spy cam meets and exceeds many of the usual expectations.

It can do loop recording, so it can run continuously and overwrites itself when its memory’s full. Since it adopts the cycling recording scheme, it breaks 1080p videos in AVI into smaller clips.

If you want a WiFi hidden camera that can capture clear footage from dusk to dawn, this one fits the bill.

The Spy Camera Bluetooth Speaker Clock by LIERONT has night vision that can cover up to 10 feet. It has eight IR lights to brighten up dark places.

With its PIR motion sensor, its human movement detection tech is more accurate than the average spy cam. This innovation keeps you from wasting your precious storage space on false triggers like bugs or falling leaves. It’s smart enough to sense record-worthy events.

Speaking of storage, this gadget can handle 128-GB microSD cards, which can save over 480 hours of footage.

Its built-in 2600mAh battery has a life of five hours. If you need to record longer than that, you have to keep it plugged in using its micro USB cable.

If you want to watch the footage as it happens, you can do it on your Android or Apple device.

Just download the HomeEye app. Then, connect your smartphone or tablet to the camera’s hotspot so that the app would recognize it.

It supports multi-user login. So, you can control multiple units all at once.

Perhaps the only criticism against this wireless hidden camera is its lens angle of 90°. But what it lacks in the field of view, it makes up for it in aesthetics and practicality.

It’s three gadgets in one. Its exterior is sleek from end to end.

When it comes to music, It promises a 360° stereo sound effect, making it perfect for outdoor gatherings. If you don’t want to play tunes via Bluetooth, it provides a separate SD card slot for music.

The best part is that the camera meshes with the speaker holes. So, nobody would suspect that it’s capable of surveillance.


On Amazon, its list price is $69.99. There’s no info about LIERONT’s warranty, but it does provide full refunds to dissatisfied users.


With its cam’s unmistakable obscurity, this model is the ultimate tool to catch what people are doing when nobody’s looking.

Best for: Motion detection
Quniao Wireless Hidden Spy Camera Air Purifier
At A Glance

Motion sensor


Night-vision range




See more details

Nothing goes undetected when this hidden WiFi camera is on watch. But there’s more to this attentive spy than meets the eye.


This model has an unobtrusive design, allowing it to quietly exist in a corner while it records unsuspecting individuals. Its lens blends into the text on the air purifier’s body so well that only discerning observers could notice it.

As far as content quality is concerned, its images are stellar and 1080p videos shot at 30 fps. And when it comes to storage, the Wireless Hidden Spy Camera Air Purifier is compatible with 128-GB SD cards.

But what really makes it head and shoulders above most spy cams on Amazon is its remarkable motion detection.

Equipped with a PIR motion sensor, this wireless spy camera can detect movement from up to nearly 33 feet.

When triggered, it automatically records a clip of 10 to 60 seconds long and notifies your smartphone. The content is immediately available for remote playback and download.

When combined with night vision, this advanced motion detection feature can boost your indoor surveillance efforts.

When it comes to audio, it supports sounds both ways. The only drawback is that the recording can sound muffled when the air purifier is on.

If you want to use it for round-the-clock surveillance, you can watch the live footage on your mobile device online. You can activate this capability by pairing your smartphone with the spycam first.

Quniao claims that its WiFi hidden camera can record nonstop for up to three days without overwriting existing data.

The company hasn’t been transparent about its customer support channels and warranty protection. But it actively interacts with Amazon users.


The Wireless Hidden Spy Camera Air Purifier retails at $86.99.


Despite not having a rechargeable battery, it has a full-fledged air purifier with a filter. It’s hands down a great deal.

Best for: Wide-angle video recording
Arlo Essential Wireless Video Doorbell
At A Glance


180° camera lens

Video quality

HDR (high dynamic range)

Battery life

Six months

See more details

Nothing can capture a wider outlook of your front yard than this WiFi spy camera. But you have to spend extra to unlock its full potential.


This model (AVD2001-100NAS) is more suited for home security than covert surveillance.

Its modern appearance is a bold departure from ordinary doorbells. It doesn’t really conceal the camera in hopes of deterring unwanted visitors and porch pirates.

If an uninvited guest arrives at your doorstep, you can manually or automatically ring its siren to make a scene.

The Essential Wireless Video Doorbell by Arlo is adept in motion detection. If someone walks toward your front door, its movement-triggered alert will send you a video to your mobile device. With a range of 25 feet, you’ll quickly know who’s coming from afar.

As a wireless hidden camera with two-way audio, this model can start a video call when a visitor presses the doorbell.

Being able to remotely, clearly engage with guests can help you screen people and save you trips to the door. If you’re not ready to answer the video call, you can respond with pre-recorded messages.

From a technical standpoint, this model can produce the most stunning recordings.

It promises HDR video quality at a 180° angle. With an aspect ratio of 1:1, you can see a package on the ground or a person from head to toe. It has night vision too.

If you sign up for an Arlo Secure plan, you can enjoy 2k (1080p) or 4k (2160p) live streaming

Considering how this wireless hidden camera operates, its rechargeable battery can last a staggering six months on one charge.

Its installation needs no hardwiring. But you can connect this model to the existing wiring to give it a constant power supply.

Designed with brutal weather in mind, this video doorbell can resist the harshest elements.

If you have a smart home, this product is a wonderful addition to your system. It’s compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Samsung SmartThings.

The Essential Wireless Video Doorbell’s regular feature set ends here. But you can unlock more functionalities by signing up to either Arlo Secure or Arlo Secure Plus. The additional capabilities you can get include:

  • 30-day cloud storage

  • Package, vehicle, and animal detection

  • Activity zones

  • Rich, interactive notifications

  • Emergency response (available in the US only)

  • Call a friend

  • Priority support

If you want local storage, you can get Arlo SmartHub.


This hidden WiFi camera will cost you $199.99. With your purchase, you can enjoy a one-year warranty and have the privilege to ask for a full refund within 30 days.

Moreover, Arlo Secure and Arlo Secure Plus cost $9.99/month and $14.99/month for unlimited cameras, respectively. Only the former has a subscription for a single camera, which is $2.99/month.

If you want continuous video recording capability, you can pay for it as an add-on. It costs an extra $9.99/month for 14 days and $19.99/month for 30 days. 

When it comes to SmartHub, the price is $99.99.


Admittedly, the said subscriptions and add-ons are not cheap, but this WiFi spy camera is worth the splurge.

Best for: Installation versatility
HJSHI HD Mini Spy Camera
At A Glance




160° camera lens

Motion sensor


See more details

This model brings a ton of versatility to wired and wireless spy camera installation. But is the rest of its utility nothing but hype?


This is one of those spy cams that you have to put in a discreet location to avoid grabbing eyeballs. It’s not a dummy of anything, so it can capture the interest of an observer when spotted.

Fortunately, HJSHI’s HD Mini Spy Camera is tiny, lightweight, portable, and magnetic. It has a magnet at the back and comes with a magnetic mount and an iron sticker. That’s why you can stick it on any surface in order to covertly monitor an area.

For loop recording, you have to plug it into a USB port to keep draining its battery completely. Without charging it while recording, its battery can last about 60 minutes only. Its recharge time is just 20 minutes.

To use it for maximum effect, put its PIR motion sensor to work. When this spy camera with one-way audio detects something, it sends push notifications with 1080p videos to your mobile device.

Although this spy cam can work without a 2.4GHz WiFi network connection, its online remote viewing functionality is neat.

After logging into your account on the HomeEye app, you can take photos, start a video recording, and play files back. You can remotely download up to 128 GB of data from the microSD card in it on your smartphone too.

Lastly, you can simultaneously pair multiple cameras with the app. And you can view their memory cards’ contents on different devices at the same time.

In total darkness, this model uses eight enhanced IR LEDs to capture sharp footage from up to 26 feet. Using its light sensor, it knows when to turn the night vision feature on and off.

Owing to its incredibly wide 160° lens angle, its videos and photos are panoramic any time of the day.

If you have any concerns, you can get in touch with HJSHI via email. The company promises a response time of 24 hours.


At the time of compiling this list, HJSHI’s HD Mini Spy Camera sells at $49.99 on Amazon. Your purchase will come with a one-year warranty and a 60-day free trial. Presumably, this model is fully refundable within the first 60 days.


For its price, this small WiFi camera is probably the most affordable well-rounded one you will find.

Best for: Indoor surveillance
WNAT Hidden Camera Smoke Detector
At A Glance


125° camera lens




Mobile device

See more details

This nanny spy may be limited indoors. But you can bank on it to expose how the mouse plays when the cat's away.


If you have an existing smoke detection system, you can easily mask this overhead spy cam’s presence. Mind you, it’s just a faux smoke detector, so you should keep your current units when installing this one.

As a surveillance device, it can cover a sweeping view of the surroundings with its wide lens angle of 125°. The higher you place it, the deeper and more expansive the area it covers.

Like all 21st-century spy cams, it supports high-resolution. But it can automatically compress 1080p videos to 720p to minimize storage usage.

Nevertheless, it can automatically produce crisp footage even when the sun is down. A non-luminous light is the driver of its night-vision prowess.

If you want a hidden camera with audio, look elsewhere. This model records no sounds to comply with US laws.

Similar to our other picks, this one accepts microSD cards with a cap of 128 GB. It comes with no memory card, but it can still shoot videos without one.

This model can use your mobile device to store the recordings via its app.

While wireless data transmission is optional, a WiFi connection isn’t. This device must be online to work. And it’s compatible with 2.4GHz WiFi only.

How long can this hidden security camera for home keep recording?

The Hidden Camera Smoke Detector by WNAT can do loop recording. But its fully charged 5500mAh battery can just continuously record 20 hours of footage before going empty. In other words, it’s unsuitable for all-day surveillance.

This model’s battery takes 24 hours to recharge in full. But you may plug into a USB port for a few hours if you like. 

To conserve its battery life, use its motion detection. It uses a PIR sensor to accurately identify the movement of humans and animals.

When something triggers its motion detector, this model sends real-time message alerts. So, you can see what’s happening immediately and remotely.

When nothing happens, this model stays on standby. And it would take 180 days before its battery drains completely.

Installation-wise, this spy cam is the least convenient to set up on this list. WNAT includes three screws in the box, but you have to affix the model yourself.

This task can be challenging. Without the proper tools and the expertise to wield them safely, you could hurt yourself and/or damage your property.


If you shop on Amazon, you can take WNAT’s Hidden Camera Smoke Detector home for $119.99. It’s unclear whether the company has a warranty.


Granted, it can be difficult to install, but what you’ll gain from this hidden nanny camera justifies the little pain.

Best for: Night vision
Ebarsenc FHD WiFi Mini Camera
At A Glance


12 IR





See more details

This model (X5) shines at night, but its usefulness doesn’t fade at dawn.


The FHD WiFi Mini Camera has incredible night vision. It boasts 12 940nm invisible IR LEDs that can heighten the available light for visual clarity.

Using its 120°-angle lens, it records 720p and 1080p colored videos at 30 fps (frames per second) in MP4. In addition, this spy tool allows you to toggle between loop recording and motion detection modes.

What’s more, it can detect movement from as far as 16 feet, thanks to its 1/3-inch color CMOS sensor.

When it comes to power supply, this mini spy camera runs on a 350mAh polymer lithium battery. Its life is good for 60 minutes only, though.

Here’s where the FHD WiFi Mini Camera becomes really special:

This model supports two-way storage. That means you have the option to save your 30-minute recordings on a 128-GB microSD card or in the cloud.

Although this device has WiFi in its name, it can work without connecting it to your router or a hotspot.

To use the FHD WiFi Mini Camera offline, just insert a microSD card. This setup is advisable for event recording, which is the default mode.

Nevertheless, you can download your recordings to the YI IOT app, which brings us to the WiFi setup.

To use the device online and enable remote monitoring, you have to go through a long pairing process. But you should be able to install the app on any mobile device.

Another important reminder: this mini wireless camera supports 2.4GHz WiFi only.

Once you’re all set, you can unlock a new array of features, including multi-view, camera sharing, and image rotation.

If you explore its settings further, you’ll discover a bunch more functions like smart detection and alerts.

Moreover, this miniature spy camera supports one-way audio. That means it’s mute, but your recordings should have sounds. 

If you take the hotspot route, you can watch live footage only. And you must be within more or less 16 feet from the camera.

If you have any concerns like your package is missing a 360° rotating magnetic holder, you can email the company.


On Amazon, the FHD WiFi Mini Camera sells at $39.99. For your peace of mind, Ebarsenc’s one-year warranty covers free replacement and return.


It’s not perfect, but it’s certainly as useful as a Swiss Army knife.

Best for: Battery usage efficiency
TTCDBF Hidden Spy Camera Wall Clock
At A Glance






18-money free

See more details

Why is it time for you to have this innocent-looking spy camera for home? Keep reading to find out.


A broken clock is still right twice a day. But a tiny spy cam inside a wall clock with an empty battery is totally useless. That’s why TTCDBF has placed a premium on battery usage efficiency.

Unlike the other hidden indoor home security cameras of its kind, this model adopts an independent power supply. Instead of sharing one source of energy, this camera has a built-in battery and the clock uses a AAA one.

This surveillance gadget’s lithium polymer 5000mAh battery can last for about five hours on one charge.

Clearly, it won’t last to capture what happens on an entire day. But that’s why it has a quick charge plug and a 6.56 ft USB charging cable.

When left charging, you can use its loop recording feature and store up to seven days’ worth of footage.

This model, however, supports 32-GB SD cards and records 1080p videos only. The weight of its stored data can add up quickly, which is why TTCDBF has embraced cyclic recording.

With this scheme, the cam limits the length of each recording to 15 minutes. Overall, it packs its limited memory with lots of Full HD files and saves more than 40% on storage space.

A connection to a 2.4G WIFI network isn’t a requirement for this model to work. But pairing it with its Android or iOS app unlocks its real-time viewing and motion detection features.

Programming it to roll the camera only when it senses some movement is yet another way to reduce its energy usage. Armed with adjustable detection frequency, it can accurately record events that matter like a home invasion.

One of the tried-and-true small spy cameras with no audio, it can send you timely snapshots and videos. This way, you can see the action as it unfolds wherever you are.

In fact, its app lets you set multiple cameras at the same time and control them individually.

Considering that this model’s portability suffers because of its design, TTCDBF has added a 180° manual lens adjustment capability.

Placed at the number 10 on the wall clock, the cam has a triangular concave design that renders it flexible. You can adjust it as you please to help minimize any blind spots and enhance its coverage.


Each unit of TTCDBF's Hidden Spy Camera Wall Clock will set you back $69.99 if you shop at Amazon. A purchase entitles you to a free replacement service for 18 months and a full refund within 12 months.


Although it’s a spy camera with no audio and night vision, it’s arguably your safest bet because of after-sales guarantees.

Best for: Outdoor surveillance
SirGawain Spy MINI Camera
At A Glance




140° camera lens

Night-vision range


See more details

Don’t let the size of this micro spy camera fool you. Once you understand how it works, it’s easy to see why it can yield excellent results for outdoor surveillance.


This model (G007) mimics no everyday object. But this cube-shaped camera can fit into tight spaces. Its dimensions are 3.78 x 1.46 x 3.7 inches. So, you should be able to conceal it with ease.

Thanks to its compact design, you can carry it around wherever you go. With its sling hole, you can bring it with you and enjoy some personal protection when you’re out.

Moreover, the Spy Mini Camera has a 140° wide-angle lens. This means it can capture a significant portion of what’s in front of it.

Plus, it supports 720p and 1080p videos with date and time and can take 12-megapixel photos. It has no sound recording function, however.

This spy cam is suitable for surveillance after dark. Equipped with six IR LED lamps, it can record clear footage that reaches up to 16 feet at dusk.

Another great thing about the Spy MINI Camera is that you can put it to sleep to save on energy. You can set it up to record only when it senses motion. It comes with a rechargeable 200mAh battery with a run time of 80 minutes.

To activate loop recording and keep it awake 24/7, you need to charge it and leave it plugged. It captures everything nonstop even when the microSD card, which can be up to 32 GB, becomes full. It would just create new storage space by replacing the oldest clip with the latest one.

A microSD card isn’t included in this mini spy cam, though. So, what’s in the box?

Along with the unit and a user manual, you’ll get:

  • Card reader

  • Pin

  • Fastening clip

  • USB and TV cable

  • Neck lanyard

  • 360° rotation accessory

In terms of customer support, SirGawain offers assistance around the clock.


SirGawain sells the Spy MINI Camera on Amazon at $61. While you may be able to purchase it at a discount, not buying it at full price may disqualify you from its one-year warranty.

If you’re eligible to activate your warranty, you’ll be able to ask for a replacement or a full refund.

SirGawain handles everything, but it only entertains quality-related claims for the most part. You can, however, submit a request about a non-quality-related issue within 30 days of purchase.

When SirGawain replaces a defective tiny spy camera, it doesn’t renew its warranty.


It’s not for everybody. But its superb feature set makes it an ideal companion to help watch your six when outside.

Best for: Customer support
DivineEagle Spy Camera Charger
At A Glance

Record quality


Memory support

up to 256GB

Motion detector


See more details

So, what sets this model (MEE007) apart from the rest? Discover the answer in the next paragraphs.


Like other spy gizmos that pretend to be garden-variety USB chargers, this micro spy camera is a set-and-forget device. It can start recording after inserting a microSD card and plugging it into an electrical outlet, power bank, or USB port.

Great at spying out babysitters, caregivers, employees, etc., it doubles as an actual Android or iPhone charger. Its memory slot is out of sight, and its unnoticeable lens is wide enough to capture a field of view of 120°.

Further, the Spy Camera Charger produces audioless 1080p videos. Although it lacks night vision, this small camera for home records no hazy footage when there’s abundant visible light.

Located next to the microSD slot, the recording mode toggle gives you the power over the device’s functionality.

If you want to capture scenes only when something’s happening, you can put the switch on M for motion. Using its so-called intelligent motion activation, you can preserve its memory for watch-worthy events.

But if you prefer to see everything, push the switch to L for loop. In this mode, this invisible micro spy camera runs continuously and deletes old content when it needs more storage space.

Don’t worry about losing precious moments for good too much and too quickly, though. Due to its support of 256-GB microSD cards, it can retain a ton of data.

Every unit comes with no memory card. But you’ll get a 2-in-1 charging cable, a card reader, and a USB-to-USB cord instead.

To help avoid total loss of data, a surge protector is built into this model.

If you have any concerns or experience any technical difficulty, DivineEagle’s email representatives are ready to help 24/7. Likewise, you can get in touch with the team via Messenger.


DivineEagle offers a one-year warranty. But it’s available only for customers who buy directly from it on Amazon at full price, which is $76.


While this mini spy camera doesn’t have spotless functionality, it has rare qualities you’ll love.

Best for: Portability
Obisdent Spy Camera Pen
At A Glance

Standby modes

Photo and Video



Battery life

160 minutes

See more details

Need a tool to execute covert surveillance à la Agent 007? This hidden spy camera is a great fit.


This model (B09GG6FXNQ) is simplistic, intuitive, and yet versatile. This multifunctional hidden spy pen can surreptitiously take photos and videos while you’re using it for writing.

As a pen, you can clip to a notebook and attach it to your shirt like a portable body camera.

The Spy Camera Pen by Obisdent has a one-button design. It’s all you need to press to switch between video, photo, and standby modes.

If you hit the function button once, you’ll set the camera’s video-taking capability in motion. And hitting it one more time stops the recording.

If you want to take a photo instead, you’ll just have to press the button twice.

How do you know which mode this pocket device is in? Its indicator will tell you.

Before it begins recording 1080p videos, a blue light should flash three times. And before it starts taking a high-resolution snapshot, the light should come on once. The indicator stays on when the camera isn’t doing anything.

Unlike many tiny spy camera manufacturers, Obisdent includes a 32-GB SD card in the package. It’s not a lot, but it’s more than enough for short-term loop recording.

Thanks to its 350mAh battery, you can use it for surveillance for up to 160 minutes when fully charged. That’s why it’s good for snooping on someone or recording an event for more than two and a half hours.

When unscrew the portion you grip when writing, you’ll find the recessed memory card slot and the USB cable socket. From there, you can retrieve your data with a reader. Or, you can plug it into your PC or Mac’s USB port or a 5V power supply to recharge its battery.


Obisdent’s Spy Camera Pen modestly costs $35.99 on Amazon. The company hasn’t been forthcoming about its warranty and refund policy, though.


This one’s the best spy camera if extreme portability and full surveillance control are needed. But be careful, for its indicator light could give away your activity.

Best for: Warranty protection
Asani Hidden Spy Camera USB Charger
At A Glance






120° camera lens

See more details

Is Asani taking a gamble by offering lifetime protection? Read on to know why this vendor has a lot of faith in this hidden nanny cam.


This model (C002) is a plug-and-play device that you can camouflage with ease. To set it up, you just need to insert a microSD card and hook it into a power outlet.

Discreetly located above the USB port, it offers high-resolution viewing and crisp photos at a 120° angle.

To keep a low profile, its microSD slot, reset button, and recording switches are thoughtfully at the back.

If you want this hidden security camera for home to run continuously, set it to Loop Recording.

In this mode, it can get around the data storage cap of the 128-GB memory cards it supports. It deletes old footage to make room for more and can produce a recording of the last five days.

In Motion Detection mode, you can let it hibernate when nothing happens to avoid needless data overwriting. While in this mode, it alerts you when it catches the slightest movement through a push notification.

Furthermore, Hidden Spy Camera USB Charger comes with a built-in surge protector. This feature safeguards your microSD card from corruption in case a high amount of electricity drastically flows into the device.

The accessories that you can expect when you buy a unit are as follows:

  • 2-in-1 charging cable

  • Male-to-male USB cord

  • microSD card reader


You may find the Hidden Spy Camera USB Charger for sale in multiple marketplaces. But on Amazon, its list price is $28.99.


A hidden nanny camera vendor that offers a lifetime warranty for a solid product is one in a million. So, this model is definitely a bargain.

Buyer’s Guide

Many things go into choosing the right hidden camera for a particular situation. To pick the best one for the job, consider the following specifications and other determining factors:


An ideal hidden camera for a house is one that can hide in plain sight. A product that masquerades as something else doesn’t call attention to itself in order to avoid arousing suspicion. 

Setting up such a hidden camera needs little creativity. Its design is already ingenious enough to naturally use stealth to avoid detection.

To have a proverbial fly on the wall, clocks, smoke detectors, pens, and dolls are popular designs at your disposal.

If you want something you can bring with you, spy cams embedded in wearable items are solid options too. Sunglasses and tie tacks are classic body-worn examples, which usually come in handy when snooping on a specific person.


If you intend to place hidden camera devices in an area for a long period, put a premium on durability.

Its material should be able to withstand outdoor threats like the elements and wildlife and indoor dangers such as moisture and pets.

Point is, your chosen cam should suit the conditions its location presents. Otherwise, its environment could cut it off in its prime.


In the world of covert surveillance, there are generally two camera connection types: wired and wireless.

In wired models, the manufacturer firmly connects the camera and the recording device. They don’t count on signals, which is why they’re highly reliable. They tend to be more detectable, though.

In wireless models, the receiver and the transmitter are separate components. They’re more inconspicuous than their wired counterparts. But they’re less reliable because they may experience weak or loss of signal.

In addition to wired and wireless models, you may also encounter IP (internet) and 4G ones.

IP cameras send data through wireless digital encryption. They depend on WiFi connections to make remote video access possible.

4G cameras, on the other hand, depend on - shockingly - 4G technology. Experts say that these secret cameras are the most advanced ones money can buy. The problem is that they’re useless outside of the 4G coverage area.

Occasionally, some of these connection types overlap. So, don’t be confused or surprised when you come across models that support more than one of them.

Power Source

Ponder how you want to power your spy cameras. The usual choices are batteries and AC outlets. Portability and installation versatility are characteristic of battery-powered devices, while longevity is what’s great about AC outlet–powered ones.

Hidden surveillance cameras with sophisticated features usually drain energy more quickly. So, think about how you want to use your surveillance devices to keep their power supply adequate at all times.


By and large, there are three types of resolution: high-quality, high-resolution, and high-definition.

High-quality has the poorest quality, although a notch above that of standard videos. High-definition produces the sharpest output, which maintains crisp images even when zoomed in. High-resolution are perfect for monitoring common areas.

Experts use horizontal and vertical television lines (TVL) to measure the resolution of analog cameras. When it comes to digital ones, they use pixels.

So, these are the key terms you have to remember when comparing small surveillance cameras by resolution.

Another term you need to be familiar with is lux rating, which measures image quality when the light is minimal. The lower a product’s lux rating, the better the result when captured even in the darkness.

However, not all characters in the surveillance industry trust the credibility of lux ratings. The folks at IPVM are some of them. For this reason, take lux ratings with a grain of salt.


Generally, spy cams record videos in black and white. But if you want all details to be as clear as possible, go with models that can generate colored visuals.

Night Vision

Do you want to do surveillance come nighttime or in dimly lit rooms? Use pieces of equipment equipped with night-vision technology.

Night-vision cameras capitalize on the little visible light available to produce otherwise unrecognizable images discernible.

Understand that mini security cameras can deliver stellar results only when the conditions are right. They can’t capture good videos when there’s no light source and when there’s too much illumination. Plus, smoke, fog, and dust can obscure the picture.

Lens Angle Width

Pick your small camera for home with your target field of view in mind.

If you wish to record a panorama of an area, choose a model whose lens can capture the widest angle. But if you just need to monitor the happenings in a relatively narrow space, a camera with ordinary specs should do.

Frame Rate

A camera’s frame rate determines how realistic the video looks.

The best rate is 30 fps. A high number of frames per second can affect the size of your files. But anything less than 30 fps can prevent you from recording most moments.

Viewing Options

How do you want to view your recordings?

Answering this important question early on matters, for it can dramatically narrow down your options.

Typically, you can see your recordings after they’ve been captured and saved by your spy cam. This means you may have to retrieve the data first before you can play it.

If you want live footage, you need a device that can transmit the video as it happens over the internet. Due to the equipment’s technical limitations, you may experience some delay of a few milliseconds. But you should be able to view the recording remotely and/or in real-time.

Activation Trigger

Of course, you need a tiny camera that’s on the lookout for any suspicious activity. But you don’t want to max out your storage and waste energy on uneventful footage.

To capture moments that are worth a closer look, consider a device that wakes up only when it senses something. Some cameras come to life only when they detect heat or motion. When nothing’s going on, they go to sleep, record nothing, and conserve energy.


Find out how your prospective hidden spy camera saves data and how much it can store.

In general, spy cams rely on SD and microSD cards.

To check your footage, you can plug a device with built-in memory directly on another piece of technology for viewing. An SD or microSD card requires an adapter, which can communicate with another viewing device.

The storage capacity of SD and microSD cards differs. And there’s no way to gauge how much time you can record on them too.

Better image resolution eats up more storage space. So, the video an SD or microSD card can record is shorter in HD than in lesser types of resolution.

Moreover, you can find small spy cameras that let you store data on a separate device. Such devices enable you to enjoy greater memory and more convenient viewing options.


Spy cams come at various price points. As usual, the models with somewhat outdated features are the most affordable. And naturally, those with advanced functionalities may carry hefty price tags. 

Covert surveillance doesn’t have to break the bank. But you shouldn’t skimp on quality either.

Instead of just focusing on the cost, think about the value you’ll get in return too. It’s better to buy something expensive that makes sense for your needs than something less costly, but inadequate.


Every self-respecting small hidden camera vendor provides a warranty. A reasonable warranty period ranges from 1 to 5 years. But coverage is just as important as length. So, read the fine print to know what the warranty can actually do.

Customer Support

Favor an approachable brand.

Spy cams are becoming more sophisticated by the day. So, chances are that you will need some technical assistance along the way.

If you need a replacement, you’ll find it difficult to file a warranty claim to an unreachable or unresponsive manufacturer.

Not all mini spy cam manufacturers openly share their contact details. But an active presence on marketplaces like Amazon can be a good indicator of one’s approachability. Regularly engaging with customers by replying to posts is a positive sign that the manufacturer has an active help desk.


Last, but not least, be aware of what you can and can’t do with hidden security cameras.

Video surveillance laws vary by US state. In most of the States, you can snoop on someone in common areas only. And you can’t set up spy cams in places where privacy is expected like the bathroom.

Understand what the relevant laws in your jurisdiction permit you to do to stay out of trouble.

Wrap Up

The power to do covert surveillance is a double-edged sword. It can help keep you and your loved ones out of harm’s way. But at the same time, it can tempt you into invading someone's privacy.

Hopefully, our roundup of high-quality hidden security cameras has given you wonderful options. But always know your boundaries and stay within them.

Remember: playing Big Brother makes you invisible, not invincible. Abusing this power has real consequences you’ll surely regret.


How do you hide a camera in plain sight?

The most effective way to pull this off is to go with a camera designed with natural camouflage.

Models that mimic everyday objects can successfully do covert surveillance openly because nobody suspects them to be something else.

How can I hide my camera in my bedroom?

The nightstand, wall, and ceiling are some of the best spots to place a surveillance cam in the bedroom. And with a wide lens angle, they can capture the events in most of the space.

Having said that, find out what relevant laws say before installing a bedroom cam. Carrying out covert surveillance in a room where privacy is expected may put you in trouble.

What is the smallest hidden camera?

The tiniest models that can record decent footage are smaller than two inches.

However, their dimensions can negatively impact their ability to capture clear videos and images since they peek through minuscule holes.

The best hidden cameras offer a good trade-off between size and performance. To learn about the products you should consider the most, check out our list.


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