7 Best Resume Writing Services for 2023

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Updated: February 07,2023

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Struggling to find the best resume writing services in an over-saturated market?

Worry not, we got you.

We’ve compiled quality solutions to help you narrow down your search. Here’s what you’ll find in this article:

  • Six comprehensive reviews 
  • The best use case scenarios for each service 
  • Three equally good alternatives
  • A helpful buyer’s guide 

Ready to see what’s on our list?

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1. ZipJob

  • ATS screening
  • Unlimited revisions
  • 60-day interview guarantee
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2. Monster

  • Resume review checklist
  • Networking opportunities
  • Interview follow-up letters
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Let's Eat, Grandma (LEG)

3. Let's Eat, Grandma (LEG)

  • 30-minute writer consultation
  • In-depth writer-client collaboration
  • 60-day satisfaction guarantee
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Resumes Planet

4. Resumes Planet

  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Timely deliveries
  • Direct writer contact
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5. ResumeSpice

  • 60-day interview guarantee
  • ATS optimization
  • Interview preparation assistance
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6. TopResume

  • Free resume review
  • Expert career advice
  • 60-day interview guarantee
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7. ResumeWriters.com

  • Excellent customer service
  • Expansive services
  • One-on-ones with writers
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  • ZipJob is‌ ‌best‌ ‌for‌ cheap rates.
  • Monster is best for entry-level and executive positions.
  • Let's Eat Grandma is best for in-depth writer-client collaboration.
  • Resumes Planet is best for a la carte pricing.
  • ResumeSpicebest‌ ‌for‌ ‌career coaching.
  • TopResume is best for job seekers looking to change careers.
  • ResumeWriter is best for both inexperienced and professionals.

Best for: Cheap resume writing service

1. ZipJob

ATS screening

Unlimited revisions

60-day interview guarantee

Features‌ ‌

Here are ZipJob’s features.

Direct Communication with Writers

Having an organization that allows you to collaborate with its writers is always a plus. Zipjob allows you to address its writers using phone or messaging.

Tailor-made output 

Zipjob is keen to personalize its output to meet your needs, which is one of the reasons it appears on our best resume writing services online list. It matches its writeups with your requirements, industry, or job titles. 

So, you never have to worry that you’ll end up with a one-size-fits-all deliverable.

Modern Formats

First impressions always count. Even documentation appearance matters.

Zipjob takes a modern approach when designing your resume to give you a competitive edge. The result is a clean, contemporary, polished, and eye-catching look.

LinkedIn Rewriting

Most people hardly think about this, but employers also check your LinkedIn profile to decide if you’re the right fit

Quality professional resume writing services online often give profiles on the social media network facelifts. Zipjob does that excellently. It will:

  • Furnish your resume with a more engaging narrative
  • Inject it with industry-specific keywords
Resume Review

Zipjob offers free resume evaluations. All you have to do is upload your document from your device or drag it to the site’s window. The company’s experts will evaluate it on the following:

  • ATS friendliness
  • Design
  • Grammar
ATS Optimization

Most businesses use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to sift through resumes. That’s because they save time by short-listing applicants that meet specific requirements early on.

Therefore, reputable professional resume services must optimize CVs to pass the systems’ criteria. 

Zipjob fully understands how the technology works, hence incorporate the right keywords into its deliverables. That way, they pass through ATS algorithms so recruiters can see them. 

60-day Interview Guarantee

Zipjob claims that its resume writing is so good that you’re likely to get an interview within two months. That’s about 200% more calls from potential employers than when using a self-made CV.

But if organizations you’ve applied to don’t show any interest, Zipjob promises to make some improvements. Its resume writers will polish your CV based on roles that you’ve applied for to match their requirements.

Note that this feature is only available for some packages.

Pricing‌ ‌

Here are Zipjob’s rates:

  • Launch - $139 (ATS + direct writer messaging)
  • Fast Track - $189 (Launch + 2-month guarantee + cover letter)
  • Premium - $299 (Fast Track + LI updates)

*The company requires one-time payments, but US account holders can pay in installments.

It’s crucial to note that it's one of the most pocket-friendly resume writing companies online.


Zipjob also doesn’t guarantee turnaround time. However, it has a disclaimer on its website stating that the speed will depend on how busy they are.

All in all, Zipjob is a dependable solution. It has ATS optimization, personalized writeups, 60-day interview guarantees, and LinkedIn re-writing.

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Best for: LinkedIn makeovers

2. Monster

Checklist resume review

Networking opportunities

Interview follow-up letters


Here are the goodies this tool offers:

LinkedIn Makeovers

80% of users believe professional networking is vital for success. That's why having a professional LinkedIn profile is essential. That’s because most employers use it as a networking site to help connect them to the proper personnel. 

Monster will polish up your profile, as any of the best executive resume writing services will do. That means using the right keywords, descriptions, experience, and educational background. 

ATS Optimization

Monster uses the right industry keywords on its resumes. That way, hiring managers using recruiting software can easily find yours in a sea of applications. 

Otherwise, the systems might not pick yours, no matter how qualified you might be. 

Resume Critiquing

Are you wondering why you haven’t heard from companies after applying for roles?

If that’s the case, it’s paramount to get a second opinion to help identify CV issues. And that’s where professional resume writing services like Monster come in.

It evaluates:

  • Fonts (some line Arial or Times New Roman make reading a breeze
  • Grammar
  • Summary
Employer-employee Networking

Monster connects job seekers with recruiters. It also has a “Job Search” function, so you can look for your dream role. 

There’s more:

You can perform advanced queries to find positions within a specific salary range or location.

Not only that, but employers can contact you directly if they come across your credentials in the database. 

Resource Tools

You’ll be happy to know that this professional resume service has numerous valuable resources.

With it you can learn things like:

  • Interview preparation 
  • Resume must-haves
  • The importance of relevant keywords and how to use them


Here is how much Monster’s plans cost:

  • Basic - $129 for resume only
  • Deluxe - $169 (inclusive of 10% discount) for resume + cover letter
  • Premier - $349 for resume+cover letter+LinkedIn makeover


Unfortunately, Monster only caters to clients in the United States. 

Also, some users have complained of formatting and accuracy issues. The good thing is that the company amends the mistakes when you point them out.

But it’s not all bad.

This service is affordable and gives you a 60-day guarantee. Additionally, it offers resume feedback, follow-up letters, and ATS optimization, among other things.

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Best for: High quality resume writing

3. Let's Eat, Grandma (LEG)

30-minute writer consultation


60-day satisfaction guarantee


This tool can help your application shine! Here’s what it offers:

Background Questionnaire 

Before anything else, LEG will give you a questionnaire to complete. It gives the writers an understanding of your previous role and current needs to have a rough idea of creating your resume. Soon after, a contact person will send you a working draft two days before your consultation meeting.   


This service gives you direct writer contact throughout the entire process. 

It’ll review your write-up right off the bat then connect you to a resume consultant. During this stage, you’ll get a half-hour discussion with them where they’ll table a strategy.

Nothing major:

You'll get to ask ‌questions regarding the initial document. Your author will also explain the importance of the various cover letter and resume sections. This stage is crucial as it will provide them with the role-specific details to tailor your documents.

Your resume writer will then revise the working draft and email it in about two business days. You’ll have around four business days to go through it and highlight any further changes you’d like. 

After that, they’ll work on it and send you the final document in Word and PDF. Overall, the process takes three to four weeks.

LinkedIn Makeovers 

Let’s Eat, Grandma can help you strengthen your LinkedIn profile for a professional edge. It rewrites what’s already in it so everything can match your document. 

That’s not all:

It further gives recommendations as proof of others' belief in your qualifications. It also adds  ‌keywords so employers looking for your skillset can find you. An added advantage since you’ll have more offers to choose from just in case there’s a better offer out there. 

Thank-You Notes 

This company for writing your resume offers a digital guide to writing post-interview thank-you notes and reach-out messages to potential employers. 

And perhaps offering you the job!

These are vital because they show that you’re looking forward to working with the organization.

Free Ebook

This service offers a digital guide at no cost. It gives you useful information on creating a winning resume to land more interviews. It also has over 70 ideas of metrics you can provide to strengthen yours. 

Resume ATS Optimization 

LEG adds industry-specific keywords to your writeup. Additionally, it formats your resume accordingly, so it scans correctly on applicant tracking systems. Therefore, yours will easily come up when a recruiter does particular searches.

There’s more:

It also sells ATS-friendly templates at affordable rates. They offer a quick fix for anyone looking to build their resumes personally. 


This professional resume service doesn't have a free trial. However, it has a three-day money-back guarantee subject to a 10% processing fee. In addition, it offers a 60-day Satisfaction Guarantee, but this is only available to clients that actively collaborate. 

  • Starter package - $399 (Resume and cover letter only)
  • Accelerated package $509 (Starter + LI recommendations)
  • Premium package - $649 (Accelerated + second resume design)
  • Templates and Digital Guides - $25


If you’re looking to get your write-ups in a few days, this might not be the best option for you. You’re likely to get yours in about a month.


The service is worth the wait. 

That’s because it gives the writers enough time to customize your document to avoid getting something generic that potential employers won’t consider. The best thing of all is that it’ll involve you in the whole process. As if that’s not enough, you’ll get two edits! And the resume writers will do that for free

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Best for: 24-hour turnaround

4. Resumes Planet

30-day satisfaction guarantee

Timely deliveries

Direct writer contact


Let’s have a look at the goodies.

ATS-Friendly Resumes

Resumes Planet’s ATS optimization makes it one of the best resume editing services.

Apart from re-writing pre-existing documents, its employees also create new ones from scratch. They also implement keywords

That way, the recruiting system won’t toss out your resume.

30-day Interview Guarantee 

With Resumes Planet, you’ll get a 30-day interview guarantee. If no calls come by, you’re free to contact the company to see if there was an oversight. It’ll give you one free edit.

Thank You and Follow-up Notes

Never underestimate the power of a thank you, especially after an interview. It shows that you’re grateful, which can help heighten the chances of you getting a job. 

Thankfully (see what we did there?), this tool drafts you a professional thank-you note. 

And in case an interviewer goes cold, it will also write you a follow-up.

Direct Writer Contact

Talking to a person directly is 100% more effective than communicating with them through a third party.

You can reach your writer directly on Resumes Planet. Yet another reason it’s one of the top-rated resume services by its subscribers. 

Multiple File Formats

You can request Resumes Planet to deliver your document in PDF (to keep formats intact) or Microsoft Word if you want something editable. You’ll also get printable versions in case you need hard copies. 


This resume editor gives lots of valuable extras for free.

For starters, it offers a list of international recruitment agencies. It also has one of the top ten job sites.

Another free giveaway is interview tips. That way, you’ll know what to expect, the dos and don’ts, etc. - everything that’ll heighten your chances of getting the job. 

LinkedIn Profiles

Resumes Planet can help your LinkedIn profile stand out more to potential employers. It will take care of the wording, hashtags, etc.


This CV writing service has an extensive pricing structure. Its rates depend on how long you need it to complete the order, ranging from 24 hours to five business days. The longer it takes, the cheaper it is. 

So, let’s look at its main packages:

  • Resume Writing - From $109 to $159
  • Resume + Cover Letter - From $135 to $219
  • Full Package (Cover Letter + Resume +  LinkedIn Profile) - $189 to $309
  • Full Package 2 ( Cover Letter +Resume+LinkedIn Profile Follow Up and Thank You Letters )- $165 to $245.
  • Addons - From $15 to $159

*Resumes Planet currently has discounts ranging from 15 to 20%.


Resumes Planet’s refund policy isn’t straightforward. In its terms and conditions, the company states that it may decline or accept it.

Another thing:

Rates go up if you need a quick delivery. 

The organization guarantees delivery within a specific timeframe, however, unlike other services.

All in all, there’s no denying that it’s one of the top options out there. It offers responsive 24/7 support, unlimited revisions, ATS-friendly pieces, contact with the writer, etc.

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Best for: Career coaching

5. ResumeSpice

60-day interview guarantee

ATS optimization

Interview preparation assistance

Features‌ ‌

So, what does this resume writing software have in store? 

Here you go:

Personalized Resume

This is how its creation process looks like:

After making your order and filling out a simple questionnaire, an expert writer will call you to discuss career goals and experience. They will then turn the information into a tailor-made draft in about two days.

If you’re not happy with the work, you can request a redo. If you’re satisfied, the company will send it over in PDF or Word format.


Another reason why this is one of the best resume writing services online - its creators understand how applicant tracking systems work. Therefore, they add keywords that a recruiter would use to search for prospective candidates. 

Cover Letter Help 

ResumeSpice’s career consultants can help you write a cover letter that will leave a lasting impression. It will explain why you applied for the job and any unique angles that make you the most suitable applicant. 

Interview Preparation

Getting an interviewer to call you for an evaluation is one thing. Passing, however, is a whole other ballgame. 

This professional resume builder teaches you about body language, how to dress presentably, etc. 

Thank You Letter

ResumeSpice will write a thoughtful thank you note after your interview. This shows that you’re professional, capable of following through and take nothing for granted. 

Professional Bio

No, a bio is not only for artsy people like musicians or authors.

It can work wonders for literally everyone.

ResumeSpice can help you create killer bios. The write-ups include:

  • Social media profiles 
  • Your website
  • Books or publications under your name
LinkedIn Profiles 

There’s no underestimating the massive benefits a strong LinkedIn profile can give you. 

That’s because recruiters constantly use them to cross-reference applications. 

ResumeSpice does a pretty good job in this area since it knows what kind of information would appeal to a possible employer. 

Career Coaching 

When searching for a job, it helps to have a knowledgeable person in your corner. 

As do good resume builders, ResumeSpice will help you negotiate salaries/pay rise, give business networking ideas, or create a personal brand for you.


The following are ResumeSpice plans:

  • Entry Level Resume (maximum of 2 years experience) - $409 
  • Professional Resume (2+ years in the workforce) - $519
  • Executive Resume (Executive or C level positions)- $629

Verdict‌ ‌

ResumeSpice’s customer support is not as responsive as we’d like it to be. You’ll still get a response within 24 hours.

It also only does two revisions. The good thing is that it does a thorough job, so you probably won’t need more.

In a nutshell, its quality output and reliability make up for its high pricing point. In addition, it does career coaching, applicant tracking systems optimization, etc.

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Best for: Job seekers looking to change careers

6. TopResume

Free resume review

Expert career advice

60-day interview guarantee


Here are TopResume’s features:

60-day Interview Guarantee

TopResume promises you an influx of interview calls within 60 days after they work on your CV. The company assigns you a certified resume writer to collaborate with you. If you’re not happy with the final product, the company will give you two free revisions. 

LinkedIn Makeovers

It’s no secret that LinkedIn is brimming with professionals, hence a hunting ground for employment agencies. So, a well-written profile can work wonders. TopResume updates the following things on your account:

  • Education
  • Experience
  • Achievements
  • Skills
ATS optimization

The pain of missing out on fantastic job offers because your documents don't contain relevant search phrases! 

Fortunately, your application will never fall through the cracks with this resume builder service because it will enrich it with keywords. 

Resume evaluation

TopResume offers a free critique within 48 hours. Just drag' n’ drop or upload it from your computer and wait for the magic to happen. After that, it will email you comprehensive and personalized pointers regarding improvements you need to make. 

Examples could be on:

  • Style and organization
  • Keywords
  • Clarity
Interview Preparation

How ready are you for an interview? 

Do you know how to dress appropriately for the big day? Or what type of questions to expect?

If your answer to any of the above is no, then don’t worry.

TopResume is one of the few resume services online that help people polish their interview skills. 

The company does that through either calls or video. And it records all the sessions so that you can refer to them later! 

Afterward, your coach will give you a tailor-made action plan. 


Here are TopResume’s rates:

  • Personal Growth (Resume only) -$149
  • Career Evolution (Resume and cover letter) - $219
  • Executive Priority (Resume + cover letter + LinkedIn reworking)- $349

*TopResume is currently giving away 25% discount purchase codes for all its packages. 


Some TopResume’s packages, like the Professional Growth, don’t have an interview guarantee. Additionally, its customer service isn’t responsive and may take a while to get back to you. 

Nevertheless, it’s still a quality service for LinkedIn makeovers, 60-day interview guarantees, resume evaluation, and writer collaboration.

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Best for: Both inexperienced and professionals

7. ResumeWriters.com

Excellent customer service

Expansive services

One-on-ones with writers


Here’s what ResumeWriters.com offers: 

LinkedIn Rewriting

A social media presence is necessary nowadays. It’s the easiest way for recruiters all over the world to notice you.

But what if it doesn’t represent who you are professionally?

This company’s professional resume writers can help you create and maintain a powerful brand on LinkedIn.  To do that, it will assign you a professional writer for one-on-one consultations.

Note that this feature comes as an add-on.

60-day Interview Guarantee

ResumeWriters.com promises to deliver a resume that can get you an interview in two months. If that doesn’t happen, you’ll get a free re-write. 

Moreover, it lets you choose a different writer or go with the initial one. 

Curriculum Vitae (CV) 

Does a role require a more detailed resume

Sit back and relax.

ResumeWriters.com doubles up as a CV writing service. They can create an outstanding output for a job or grant. It specializes in the following fields: 

  • medical 
  • dental 
  • legal 
  • scientific 
  • research
  • academic fields 
Cover Letters

Most companies ask for cover letters alongside resumes or CVs. ResumeWriters can craft a personalized and eye-catching letter to get recruiters to shortlist you. 

One-on-one Consultations

Nothing beats being in direct communication with a certified resume writer from start to finish. This solution allows you to channel your concerns or request any additions. 


Here are ResumeWriters’ rates:

  • Student - $169.95 (includes LinkedIn profile and cover letter)
  • Professional - $199.95 (includes LinkedIn profile and cover letter)
  • Executive - $299.95
  • Career Change - $249.95 (includes LinkedIn profile and cover letter)
  • LinkedIn Profiles + Resume - $199.95 and $90 as an add on
  • Military to Civilian - $169.95 (includes LinkedIn profile and cover letter)
  • Tech- $299.95 (includes LinkedIn profile and cover letter)
  • CV - $299
  • 24-hour Rush - $150


ResumeWriters hasn’t specified whether it optimizes resumes for ATS. We reached out to the company and are still waiting for a response. 


We can’t ignore that this company has been on the grind since 1999, so it has the right tools to produce quality resumes.

It gives a 60-day interview guarantee. It also does LinkedIn rewriting, professional CV writing, cover, thank you, and follow-up letters.

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Resume Writing Services Alternatives

Take a look at some solutions that didn’t make it to the first list but are still good nonetheless.

Resume Builders

A resume builder lets you type relevant details (name, education, experience, etc) on a template to generate a CV. It has easy-to-follow prompts that direct you to the next step. Examples include Resume Builder, Zety, or ResumeGenius. 

What is good about Resume Builder?

If you want to build a resume online fast, this is the best option. Most templates are free and easy to use.

In what situation can you use it?

You can use the tools if you’re pressed for time and need your document ASAP. This is also your best option if you’re more of a DIY (DIYourself) person.

When should you not consider it at all?

You shouldn’t consider using a resume builder if you want a unique document. Since it uses templates, your CV might end up being identical to the next person’s.


  • Offers writing tips
  • Various template alternatives
  • Fast
  • Easy to use


  • Design lookalikes
  • ATS unfriendly
  • No human helper

Professional Writers

A professional resume writer is a skilled specialist that operates as a freelancer. You can find one from a job board/site like LinkedIn ProFinder, Upwork, or Fiverr.

What is good about using a professional writer?

If you decide to use a professional writer, you’ll have the liberty to choose a person for the job. 

In what situation can you use a professional writer?

When you want to have control over who writes your resume. 

When should you not consider it at all?

You shouldn’t consider using a professional online resume writer if you need your CV urgently. Most work on an order basis and might require more than a week to deliver.


  • Plenty of options
  • Direct communication
  • Negotiable fees
  • Wealth of expertise


  • Might take time
  • Requires thorough pre-qualifying research

Free Resume Template

There are tons of free professional resume builder templates online. Usually, they are from expert writers and career professionals. Examples include Google Drive, Canva, and MS Word

What is good about free resume templates?

You mean besides the fact that it’s free? 

The whole process takes about five minutes from start to finish. 

In what situation can you use a template to build a resume online?

Like with professional builders, it is best to use the tool when you require your resume urgently.

When should you not consider it at all?

You shouldn’t consider a free resume template if you need a unique deliverable.


  • Easy to use
  • Professional format
  • Fast
  • Built-in checklist


  • Not ATS optimized
  • No one to consult
  • Too generic 

How To Choose the Top Resume Writing Services

The market is full of professional resume writer services.

But picking an ideal one can be challenging.

So, we created a simple guide to help you choose a suitable one. 


Price is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing the best resume writing service. After all, you can’t spend what you don’t have. 

Some companies like Zipjob, TopResume, and Monster are affordable. Others like Resumes Planet also have pocket-friendly but have longer turnaround times of about five days. Rates go up if you need your results fast – for instance, within 24 hours. 

If money isn’t an issue, then a solution like ResumeSpice will work for you. It gives a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so it’s a dependable option.

Job Type

Are you applying for a job in the Military, bank, hotel?

Whatever industry you’re in, you’ll need a resume writer that’s familiar with it for the best outcome. 

Sites like Zipjob take a general approach. ResumeWriter.com, Resumes Planet, or TopResume do that and also specialize in academic, military, and federal resumes. 


You need a professional and knowledgeable team to handle all your queries and concerns. An excellent company will also get back to you promptly. 

Zipjob and Resumes Planet offer various ways to reach customer services, such as chat, phone, and contact forms.

Others like Monster only offer phone and email. 

That’s not all:

Zipjob also takes just a couple of hours to respond, while Monster may take up to 1 business day. Resumes Planet’s client support is 24/7.

ATS Optimization

A professional resume writing service should be ATS-friendly. Otherwise, recruiters may never get to see your application

Zipjob, Resumes Planet, TopResume, ResumeSpice, and Monster offer applicant tracking systems passing. 


The last thing you want is a resume that looks dated. Zipjob has modern designs, while Monster’s aren’t that attractive. 


It’s possible to get a document that does not represent you 100%. So, you need a company with actual resume writers, willing to do revisions.

Zipjob and Resumes Planet provide unlimited revisions, while others like Monster, ResumeSpice, and TopResume provide just two.  

Your Location 

Some companies do not offer services internationally.

For instance, sites like Monster only serve US clientele, while ResumeSpice only operates in the US and Canada. Zipjob, ResumeWriters.com, Resumes Planet, or TopResume do not have geographical limitations.

LinkedIn Makeover 

Your LinkedIn account is just as crucial as your resume. So, you need a website with certified professional resume writers that understand how to produce an excellent profile. 

Fortunately, all our options offer this.

Turnaround Time

How fast do you need your resume?

Companies like Resumes Planet have flexible options starting from 24 hours to 5 days. With Zipjob, you can expect to get your document within five business days. TopResume takes about a week.

Interview Guarantees

Most of the listed options give interview guarantees. 

Resume Spice, Zipjob, ResumeWriter.com, and Monster have 60-day interview guarantees. Others like Resumes Planet have a shorter period of 30 days

Wrap Up

Resume writing services are essential because they help you produce a more presentable CV. Employees that work for resume companies have the necessary expertise for that. 

To sum up, it’s all about what you need and the budget you’re operating with. But our list surely has something suitable – just take a look!


Who writes the best resume?

Zipjob produces the best output. It’s the best resume writing service because it’s feature-rich and affordable. Plus, it has a responsive customer service team to top it all up.

Is a resume writing service worth it?


Resume writing companies have the expertise to craft resumes that can pass through applicant tracking systems. Most give interview guarantees, coaching,  interview preparation, and LinkedIn makeovers.

How much should a resume writing service cost?

A resume service costs anywhere from $110 to $630.

Which is better? Zipjob or TopResume?

Zipjob and TopResume are some of the best resume writing services in the market. 

They both have many similarities, such as affordability, ATS optimization, and 60-day guarantees.  However, when it comes to the number of corrections, Zipjob wins hands down. It offers unlimited revisions while TopResume does only two.




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