5 Ways to Make Anonymous Calls from Your Android Phone

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There are many reasons to hide your phone number when calling someone. Some do it to carry out a simple “unknown caller” prank on a friend.

Meanwhile, others conceal their phone number from some people’s ill intentions. Remember that over 60% of fraud cases are from phones. With that, it’s only right to hide your number from some interactions over the phone.

Hiding your caller ID on iPhones is simple. But what about Android phones? Continue reading to find out how.

LEGAL NOTE: TechJury does not encourage any unlawful activities. The information provided in this article is intended for educational purposes only. Please check if you can legally use these methods in your location first.

How To Make Anonymous Calls?

A single phone call can reveal your caller ID. Concerningly, a hacking incident happens every 39 seconds. In some cases, hackers will steal your caller ID and other personal data.

💡 Did You Know? A person can locate you just by knowing your phone number. After that, they can find out more details about you, such as your employment history or family information.

There is also the risk of identity theft, which affected 42 million Americans in 2021. Now that you discovered those figures, you must realize how much your phone number can say about you.

That’s where anonymous caller IDs come in. They help conceal your mobile number and other information on the recipient’s phone. 

Hiding your phone number lets you call anyone without disclosing your identity. Here are five ways to make your calls anonymous:

Method 1: Use The *67 Prefix

Use The *67 Prefix

Using prefixes during calls is a technical way to command a call to do something. Each prefix serves a specific purpose. Hiding your caller ID is one of them.

You can use the *67 prefixes to make anonymous calls. When you dial *67 with a phone number, the recipient will see "Unknown" or "Private Number."

Here's how you can do it:

  1. Open the dialer or Phone app on your Android phone.
  2. Dial *67 followed by the recipient's phone number.
  3. Press the call button to initiate the call.

This method works with most phone carriers. It is the quickest and easiest way to make anonymous calls since you do not need to install additional apps or change your call settings.

Method 2: Use The Hushed App

Use The Hushed App

Hushed is a popular application that lets you make anonymous calls online from your Android phone. 

Here's how to use Hushed:

  1. Download and install the Hushed app from Google Play Store.
  2. Sign up for a Hushed account. Choose a temporary phone number.
  3. Use the Hushed app to make calls. 
  4. The recipient will see the temporary phone number on their end.


👍 Helpful Article: If you are reluctant to use Hushed, Techjury has an in-depth app review of Hushed that you can check out.

Method 3: Use Google Voice

Use Google Voice

Another popular option for anonymous calls from your Android phone is Google Voice. It provides you with a free phone number that you can use to make calls and send messages. 

You can also use Google Voice to forward calls to your phone number, making it a convenient option for maintaining privacy.

Here's how to use Google Voice to make anonymous calls:

  1. Download and install the Google Voice app from Play Store.
  2. Sign up for a Google Voice account. Choose a phone number.
  3. Use the app to call using the Google Voice phone number.
  4. The recipient will see the Google Voice phone number instead of your phone number.

🔒 Security Note: There is a way to reverse this. People can still look up a Google Voice number and find out its source. That said, use this method at your own risk.

Method 4: Try Anonymous Call Apps and Websites

Try Anonymous Call Apps and Websites

Several anonymous call apps and websites provide temporary phone numbers or hide your caller ID with a different number. It keeps your actual phone number private and ensures your anonymity.

MICO and AntiChat are two well-known anonymous call apps. They typically work like social media sites that feature live streaming.

You can also use websites like Globfone, which uses VoIP call service to call landlines and mobile phones. 

Here are the steps for using Globfone:

  1. Open a browser and go to: https://globfone.com
  2. Click the Call Phone option in the navigation bar. 
  3. Input a name. Enter the recipient’s country and phone number.
  4. Click Call to initiate an anonymous call.

Click Call to initiate an anonymous call.

Method 5: Try Traditional Methods

Using apps and websites to hide your caller ID is not feasible for all. Regardless, you can also use traditional methods, such as:

Calling the carrier to stop showing your Caller ID

You can ask your phone company to remove your number from the recipient's caller ID. After that, your phone number would always be disguised when making calls. For most people, this is a more long-lasting option.

Hide your number in the Android settings

Check if your phone lets you hide your caller ID. Depending on the phone’s brand or model, this feature allows you to call while hiding your phone number. This is usually found on your phone’s "Settings" app.

Here’s a short and helpful YouTube video on how to hide your caller ID using your phone’s settings:

Bottom Line

Protecting your online privacy and personal data is a must. If you need to make unknown calls for legitimate reasons, the abovementioned techniques are more than helpful. However, always remember that using them in compliance with the law is crucial. 


Is it legal to make anonymous calls from my Android phone?

Although most countries do not have restrictions against making anonymous calls, it is still important to abide by the rules and laws in your area. Anonymous call techniques may sometimes be limited or forbidden, especially for malicious or unlawful objectives.

Can I make anonymous calls from any Android phone?

Yes. Any Android phone can place anonymous calls regardless of brand or model using the techniques mentioned in this article.

Are there any risks or consequences of making anonymous calls?

Using anonymous calls help safeguard your privacy, but there can be hazards or adverse effects depending on how you use them. You could face legal consequences if  you make anonymous calls for harassing, threatening, or fraudulent purposes.

Can I use anonymous call methods to block robocalls or unwanted calls?

There are better ways to stop robocalls and other unwanted calls. Automated systems often produce unwanted calls and robocalls. Therefore, hiding your caller ID might not stop them from calling you.


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