What to Do If a DNS Server Cannot Be Used on Your PS4 [Fast Fix]

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Over 50% of gamers play multiplayer games at least once a week. These gamers play on consoles, PCs, and gadgets, relying on internet servers for a lag-free gaming experience. 

However, servers, internet connections, and general errors can cause malfunctions. If this happens on your PS4, you are most likely encountering DNS server issues. 

A DNS server translates domain names into the language that the PS4 understands. When your PS4 fails to connect with the DNS, you cannot access the web to enable multiplayer games.

In this article, let's tackle all the steps you can take if a DNS server cannot be used on your PS4. Let's begin.

🔑 Key Takeaways:

  • A DNS server error in PS4 occurs when your device fails to connect to DNS.
  • Power cycling is the systematic process of unplugging your PS4 to reboot it if any unresolved issues are encountered during its initial use.
  • Configuring DNS settings involves resetting your DNS server to resolve connection issues.
  • Resetting the PS4 to its default setting helps you fix possible setting issues disrupting the DNS server connection.
  • If all else fails, PlayStation's customer support can help you get your PS4 up and running smoothly again.

Understanding How DNS Works in PS4

DNS stands for Domain Name System, aka the Yellow Pages of the Internet. A DNS server turns website names that people use, like www.example.com, into numbers that computers understand. 

These sets of numbers are called IP addresses. They allow PS4 users to access online playgrounds on the Internet, the PlayStation Network, and game servers.

With DNS, connecting and playing on your PS4 online is possible. However, the PS4 sometimes fails to connect to the DNS server due to technical issues.

Let's look at why DNS servers won’t work on a PS4.

👍Helpful Article:

Though most people don't know what DNS does, it is vital to the internet. The same goes for online games. If you have problems playing your PS4, consider changing your DNS server for a better gaming experience.

Causes of DNS Errors on PS4 

You cannot play online or multiplayer games when your PS4 can't connect to a DNS server. If you're already in the game, you will also get disconnected and be unable to finish it. This error can be frustrating, especially when you've set things up carefully before playing.

However, there are several other reasons that you might have missed.

      DNS Server Error
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1. Incorrect DNS settings

A wrong DNS server setup can prevent your PS4 from connecting to the Internet and game servers. This setup results in a DNS server unavailability error. Bad sets of IP addresses are the leading cause of incorrect DNS settings.

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If you have capital, you can invest in building your own server for $600 to $1,000 to avoid encountering server problems. Making your server can give you complete control of your connection and be a good income stream.

2. Slow, Unstable Network Connection

Your PS4 can't find the DNS server if the internet connection is unstable. Poor or unreliable connections also cause errors that stop online games from operating. This problem often happens when your internet service provider (ISP) is on maintenance or encounters a power outage.

3. Outdated browser

DNS errors occur when your browser is outdated, resulting in trouble accessing websites. For DNS servers to work correctly, an updated browser must "understand and translate" your server. A server outage is a disruption of services on a computer server, which can also lead to this issue. 

To address these issues, troubleshooting DNS errors on PS4 should be your next move. Let's discuss all the fast fixes in the section below. 

Troubleshooting DNS Errors on PS4

After knowing what causes the issue, there are troubleshooting methods you should use to fix it. 

Let's explore some easy ways to fix the DNS server on PS4.

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Sign-in issues on PS4 are more common than you think. If you are experiencing any sign-in problems, check out TechJury’s article to remedy this. 

A. Power Cycle PlayStation 4

Power cycling is a robust version of unplugging the power cable. This method can help you fix minor issues when you turn on your PS4. Also, it’s similar to a quick reset to clear out temporary issues on disrupted connections.

Here’s how to power cycle a PS4:

  1. Click the power button to shut down your PS4.
  2. Unplug the power cord from the back of the console.
  3. Stand by for about 10-15 seconds.
  4. Reconnect the power cord.
  5. Activate the PS4 by pressing the power button.
  6. If the DNS errors are resolved, you can connect your PS4 to the DNS again.

B. Configure DNS Setting

      PS4 Faster Download Speeds by Changing DNS to Google ( and
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If your DNS server continues to fail, take control by manually changing the DNS settings. This option will allow your PS4 to resolve connectivity problems if that's the cause of the error.

Here's how to configure your settings:

  1. Open the Settings menu.
  2. Choose Set Up Internet Connection under Network Settings.
  3. Ensure the Ethernet wire is connected to the router
  4. Select the Network (LAN or WiFi).
  5. Choose Automatic for IP Address Settings under Network Settings.
  6. Choose Manual from the DNS Settings menu.
  7. Insert or for the primary DNS and or 208.67.2020.2020 for the secondary DNS.

C. Reset PS4 to Default Setting

Resetting your PS4 can fix DNS errors by clearing issues and improving online activities. This simple and user-friendly method can be used through the settings menu.

Follow these simple steps to reset your PS4 settings:

  1. Press and hold the power button on your PS4 console for about 7 seconds to turn off your PS4.
  2. Wait for the second beep before releasing the power button.
  3. Unplug all wired devices - controllers, power cords, and Internet cables.
  4. Plug the power cable back in after a while.
  5. Press the power button to put your PS4 in Safe Mode.
  6. Plug the controller back into your PS4 using a micro USB cable.
  7. Set your PS4 settings to default, then try to reconnect to the DNS server. You can manually set up the DNS again if it's unresolved.

D. Contact Customer Support

Contacting customer support is your last resort when you cannot fix the DNS error. Experts can find and solve technical issues with your PS4's connection. 

Here’s how to contact the support team:

  1. Dial PlayStation's toll-free international number at 1-800-345-7669 (Sony).
  2. Contact a representative between 8 am and 8 pm PST for immediate assistance.

Wrap Up

Encountering a DNS server error while playing on your PS4 can be annoying. Before slamming your console out of frustration, check what caused the issue.

You can employ troubleshooting by power cycling your device, configuring the DNS settings, and restarting your PS4 to its default setting. If all else fails, you can always contact PlayStation's customer support.

Overall, for smooth gameplay, the key is to keep your system updated to fix bugs and existing problems. Remember to handle your PS4 with care for prolonged use.


What do I do if my PS4 says a DNS server cannot be used?

If your PS4 cannot use a DNS server, check your internet connection, restart your device and WiFi router/modem. If the issue persists, update your software or test the internet connection.

What DNS should I use for PS4?

Some public DNS servers that are great for PS4 include Google DNS (Primary:; Secondary:, Cloudflare DNS (Primary:; Secondary:, and OpenDNS (Primary:; Secondary:

Does DNS make gaming faster?

DNS can enhance gaming speed, but factors like connection time, gaming updates, and geographical location must be considered. A DNS server doesn't guarantee increased latency or ping, but it has minimal effect.


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