15+ Best Facebook Chatbots For Your Business Website in 2020

by Darina Lynkova | June 3, 2019

Every business owner would like his product or service to be constantly at the disposal of the almighty customer. This will not only lead to better customer satisfaction but will also drive the sales up. Until recently, the only way to achieve this was through 24/7 customer support lines.

Not anymore!

Making use of the advancement in AI, Facebook chatbots have changed the world of digital marketing forever.

This is why we’ve decided to review the 15 best Facebook chatbots platforms.

You might be wondering:

“But what is a Facebook chatbot, and how do you use it?”

A chatbot is, basically, automated messaging software that uses AI to converse with people. Chatbots are programmed to understand questions, provide answers and execute some tasks. Using them saves both sides time and brings a more personal feel to the interaction. It’s just like talking to a friend.

Well, almost.

The main stage for this has been Facebook Messenger. With over 1.3 billion monthly users, the messaging platform is the go-to place for marketers. And the effect is obvious – over 20 billion messages are exchanged between businesses and people every month. Currently, there are more than 40 million businesses texting people across the globe on Messenger.


We know AI and chatbots might sound a little too complex and futuristic, but we assure they’re not. Plenty of platforms for creating chatbots have user-friendly drag-and-drop interface that requires little or no coding skills. The only issue is deciding which one is right for you.

So, keep reading and choose wisely!

1. MobileMonkey

mobile monkey best facebook chatbots techjury review

In the words of its founder, Larry Kim, MobileMonkey was created “because customer communication via messaging is 10x more engaging than regular email.” And it seems like customer engagement is the cornerstone of this platform.

The free chatbot tool was created in 2017 with a focus on Facebook Messenger. It is easy to use, as it does not require any additional coding.

What’s more:

It offers a multitude of useful features such as chat blasting, comment guard, and a wizard for easily creating click-to-messenger ads.

If you’d like to go a bit deeper, there is a Pro version. And although it is paid, it provides access to some very valuable features like scheduling, analytics, and drip campaign setup.

2. Botsify

botsify facebook chatbots techjury review

This chatbot platform is designed for non-technical users. It comes with pre-built templates that might be useful for specific organizations and businesses like hospitals, travel agencies, and restaurants.

A cool feature of Botsify is the ability to save users’ responses to a form. What a great way to collect information! The forms can be exported to CSV through the web interface, which is nice.


There’s still a lot to be desired with the interface. Different parts of the bot you’re creating are hidden behind different menus. Editing could be quite a challenge, and unexpected errors slow down the process.

The free plan includes 1 chatbot supporting up to 100 users. The optimal self-serviced plan is $50 per month. The chatbot developers also offer a fully managed service for $300 monthly.

3. Chatfuel

chatfuel facebook chatbots techjury review

This is one of the most popular Facebook chatbot builders. It’s self-service and is designed with non-technical users in mind. You don’t need any coding skills – as long as you can write, you’re good to go! The platform has a huge number of features, and the developers are constantly adding more.

However, with so many options, it can be a bit complex to overview the whole interaction flow. Also, the free version comes with a non-removable logo and is limited to 1000 subscribers.


There are paid options which will allow you to really delve into chatbot creating. The Pro plan starts from $15 per month and comes with an unlimited number of subscribers and full-featured bot options. The premium plan is $300 monthly, but it includes a dedicated Account Manager assigned to you and bot building help from experts.

4. Chatteron

chatteron best facebook chatbots techjury review

Chatteron is an AI chatbot builder that allows users to create bots without coding. It currently has 20 pre-built chatbots which are further customizable.

Here’s the thing:

The feature that really makes Chatteron stand out is the option to monetize your chatbots. This is made possible by adding contextual advertising from Radbot’s Advertising API.

The pricing is divided into three groups. The service for Startups is free, but it’s limited to 15,000 messages per month. The price for Businesses is $0.0010 per message with no monthly limit. For Enterprises, the price is negotiable, and the service includes custom development by a team of experts and 24/7 support.

5. ManyChat

manychat chatbots software techjury review

ManyChat helps you create Facebook Messenger chatbots. It requires no coding skills and has an easy drag-and-drop interface. It has an integrated ability to send message previews, which is really useful. It’s quite popular among marketers for its easy usage and segmentation functions. It could be easily connected with Shopify, Mailchimp, and Google Sheets using the native integrations or through Zapier or Integromat.

However, users can sometimes experience software crashes and glitches. There are often stability issues with broadcasting as well.

ManyChat is a good option if you just want to create a free Facebook chatbot. The free plan includes unlimited broadcasts and Facebook comments tools, but it also comes with ManyChat branding. The Pro plan lets you remove the logo and allows you to have unlimited broadcasts sequences. It starts at $10 and can reach over $150, depending on your preferences.

6. Flow XO

flow xo best facebook chatbots techjury review

Flow XO offers SaaS for handling bots and workflows. The chatbot creator works with Facebook Messenger, Slack, Twilio, SMS, and Telegram – so you can choose the best chatbot platform for your needs. It requires no coding skills, and the visual builder makes it really easy to see the Flow.

On the downside:

The flow system brings some limitations to the design. In order to start broadcasting, you need a webhook or some other trigger.

The free plan allows up to 5 bots or active flows and a maximum of 500 interactions. Starting from $19 per month, you can get 15 bots or active flows and up to 5,000 interactions. You will also get priority support and the option to download users’ data.

7. Conversable

conversable facebook tool techjury review

Conversable was recently acquired by LivePerson and is on the way to becoming one of the best AI chatbot platforms. It provides enterprise-class SaaS services and will build the bot with you. They work with many Fortune 500 companies (Whole Foods, 7-11, Pizza Hut, and Dunkin Donuts, among others). The provided tools are great for creating automated text and voice messages on Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Alexa, and other platforms.

As I said, Conversable is an enterprise-class platform, so it will not provide self-service plans. That means the price is negotiable, and there are no standard rates.

8. It’s Alive

itsalive best chatbots facebook techjury review

It’s Alive version 2.0 was just released, making the platform a strong contender for a place amongst the best Facebook chatbots in 2019. It is a highly specialized tool for creating exclusively Messenger chatbots. The platform makes it easy to build conversations, broadcast messages, and hand the conversation over to a human operator. It’s Alive allows you to categorize the different recipes and schedule your broadcasting.

One of the drawbacks of the platform is that there is no proper failure message, so you might not be able to establish easily what went wrong.

It’s Alive offers 5 type of plans, which is flexible enough. The Free plan comes with 1 chatbot and up to 1000 monthly messages. The rest of the plans start from $19 per month and include services like brand removal and full analytics, and KPIs.

9. Surveybot

surveybot best facebook chatbots techjury

If you need a Facebook automation bot for the sole purpose of carrying out surveys, this is the platform for you.

Here’s the deal:

Surveybot offers 12+ question types, advanced conversational logic, and answer piping. As a really cool feature, you can let users start from where they left off if they stop answering mid-survey. You can also make the survey anonymous. In general terms, Surveybot is a great way to collect and analyze customer data.

However, the very nature of the platform is also its great weakness – it’s only good for surveys.

What’s more:

There is only a branded version, even if you’re willing to pay.

Surveybot does not charge for the first 50 responses, which is a trial version of sorts. After that, it’s $3 for up to 50 responses in a month, $6 for up to 100, and so on. The maximum package is for up to 25,000 responses and will set you back $549 per month.

10. Octane AI

octane ai facebook tools techjury review

If you’re doing e-commerce, Octane AI can help you create the best chatbot for your website. The tool focuses on chatbots for online commerce and works primarily with Shopify stores. Using Octane AI, you can create chatbots to track orders, prevent shopping cart abandonment, and understand customer behavior. The platform has great built-in statistics and is constantly improving.

Octane AI has a 30-day free trial period. You can choose from three plans. The Basic plan starts at $9 per month and includes unlimited Facebook messages, automated campaigns, and automated customer support. The Pro plan starts at $209 and includes SMS as well (at the additional cost of $0.02 per message). You can get the Premium, targeted at SMS-heavy merchants, for $999 or more, depending on your preferences.

11. DialogFlow

dialogflow facebook chatbot techjury review

If your goal is to become a Messenger marketing pro and you don’t mind coding, DialogFlow is a good choice. In addition to Facebook, the platform is also integrated with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Cortana, and others. The focus is on natural language processing (NLP), so the setup and training for DialogFlow can take a bit longer. However, your hard work will be definitely rewarded, and you will have a very powerful language understanding trainer at your disposal.

On the downside:

There is no broadcasting option and limited usage without coding.

The platform is basically free if you’re not planning on working with a huge amount of data. There is also a pay-as-you-go plan for enterprises, which comes with unlimited text and audio options.

12. Sequel

sequel facebook chatbot online review techjury

This is one of the best Facebook chatbots building platforms for businesses focused on entertainment, storytelling, and gaming. It also works with Kik, Viber, and Telegram. Sequel allows you to create so-called episodes within a nice visual builder, making it easy to separate (and connect) different flows inside one chatbot. It has many useful features, such as a built-in poll and emoji support.

The platform does not require coding skills.

What’s more:

You can choose from 5 different bot templates, so you don’t have to start from scratch. Also, it’s entirely free.

13. Pandorabots

pandorabots techjury review

This is one of the best platforms for programmers. Creating the chatbots involves programming in AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language). Pandorabots also offers Artificial Intelligence as a Service, which provides API access to the bot hosting platform and the Pandorabots Playground. This Playground is a free and completely integrated development environment for building chatbots.

The only negative aspect is that you need to know how to code.

Here’s the deal:

Pandorabots’ free plan includes up to 2 bots and 1,000 messages per month. If you want to have a developer’s level access, you will have to pay $0.0025 per message.

14. Reply.ai

reply ai tool techjury review

This is an enterprise platform perfect for building Facebook Messenger bots for businesses. It also works with other messaging apps like Telegram and KIK. Reply.ai is an all-in-one conversational AI platform for sales, support, and marketing conversations. The interface is drag-and-drop and easy to use.

This is great:

Some of the coolest features include advanced analytics, audited security practices, and internationalization.

The main disadvantage of the platform is the lack of sufficient tutorial videos and self-learning materials.

As the service is still only provided to enterprises, there is no pricing plan. You have to contact them and negotiate the price. Will they make an offer you can’t refuse?

15. Engati

engati best facebook chatbots software techjury review

The platform is code-free and supports Facebook Messenger, KIK, Telegram, Slack, and several others. Users of Engati can take advantage of machine learning and NLP when developing their bots. The interface is very intuitive and easy for non-coders. As a really cool feature, you can import/export the dialog file.

It gets better:

Engati allows you to keep an eye on how your bot is doing by providing comprehensive statistical and analytical data.

The main concern of most Engati users is that there are not enough tutorial materials. Which the developers should tackle as soon as possible.

The Free plan includes up to 2 bots and 1000 interactions per month. For as little as $19 per month, you can unlock all the features that need, including the ability to copy a whole bot, human takeover, and voice-to-text recognition.

Other Platforms

In our search for how to build the best Facebook Messenger bots, we found many platforms worth mentioning. The 15 platforms listed above are the best at the moment, but new players are joining the field almost every day. It will be really interesting to see how the market will develop in the next couple of years.

That being said:

Here are some platforms that couldn’t quite make the final cut.

16. WP-Chatbot

wp chatbot best facebook chatbots techjury review

WP-Chatbot adds a Facebook Messenger chat widget to any WordPress website. It offers full integration with your Facebook Business page and Messenger. It’s an easy to use and straightforward tool. The really good thing about this platform is that it’s compatible with hundreds of WordPress’ plugins, themes, and e-commerce platforms, including WooCommerce.

The plugin is free, so make sure to give it a go if you think it’s suitable for your needs.

17. Converse.ai

converse ai chatbot tool techjury review

The best thing about Converse.ai is the wide suite of integrations. Apart from Messenger, the builder could be integrated with Slack, Smooth, Nexmo, and even third-party platforms such as Salesforce, Stripe, and Paypal.


The interface is more complex than the other platforms on the list. It takes time to master all the features.

18. BotMock

betmock facebook techjury review

BotMock’s Conversation Builder has a drag-and-drop interface that is straightforward to use. It really helps to visualize the whole process. There is a browser-based emulator that allows you to test your conversational flow. Apart from Facebook Messenger, the platform offers integration with Slack, Apple Business Chat, WhatsApp, and others.

Although there is a free 15-day trial, BotMock is a paid platform. The Basic plan is $14.99 per month (if paid yearly) and includes unlimited projects, 5 journeys per project, project templates, and developer handoff. The Advanced plan is $24.99 (if paid yearly) and includes usability testing, 1 month of project revision history, and the option to remove the branding. There is also an Enterprise plan, the price of which is negotiable.


These were the top 15+ platforms for building the best Facebook chatbots. We’ve carefully selected them from the rapidly growing number of AI chatbot builders.

Bottom line:

During our research, we came to the conclusion that one thing is certain – the AI chatbot industry is booming. Which means there will be tons of new and exciting stuff coming out in the near future. And we’ll be here to share them with you.

We’ll leave it up to you to decide which platform is your favorite.

Until next time!



Q: What are Facebook Chatbots?

A: Facebook Chatbots are a form of automated messaging software that uses AI to converse with people. Chatbots are programmed to understand questions, provide answers, and execute some tasks. All of this happens without the oversight of a person.

Q: What are the best Chatbots?

A: There are so many Chatbots out there that every expert will probably give you a different answer. We will name just a few Chatbot examples that should be interesting to check out.

EstherBot – Esther Crawford is a San Francisco based marketer. She decided to turn her CV into a chatbot as a way to promote her brand. The result is amazing!

1-800-Flowers.com – This was one of the first bots on Messenger. It’s so simple and easy to use, it’s almost perfect. Try it out and order flowers for your loved ones just to see how good it is.

Kayak – This is one of the best Messenger bots in 2019. It allows you to plan your whole trip and even find things to do at your destination – without leaving Messenger. And it’s all in the form of interaction. Who has time to switch from one app to another, right?

Q: What are the best AI Chatbots available online?

A: There is no straightforward answer to this question. It all comes down to what you need the bot to do and the purpose it will have. Probably the best all-around platform is MobileMonkey. But any of the other 14 (or even 17, if you include the three other platforms) could be the best option for your business. It all depends on why you need the bot in the first place.

Q: How do you use Facebook chat bots?

A: You can assign many different tasks to chatbots. As long as you have some inbound information (i.e., requests) coming through Messenger, you can leave the handling to a chatbot. Whether it’s just answering basic technical support questions or spiking up your conversion rates, Messenger bots can provide it all.

Chatbots are perfect for handling support, conversion, sales, marketing, carrying out surveys, and much more.

Q: How do you make a Facebook chat bot?

A: Most of the platforms reviewed above offer an easy drag-and-drop interface that requires no coding skills whatsoever. You just need to choose the one that will let you create the best chatbot for your website. Some of them provide relatively good free service, so you don’t even have to pay.

As many of the bot building sites love to point out, language skills are all you need. Learning how to do the rest is quite easy – especially when you’re dealing with the best facebook chatbots.

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