What’s the Best Time to Post on Reddit? Everything You Need To Know

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Reddit’s platform focuses on providing its users with the answers to almost everything. Redditors can discuss anything and everything on the forum - provided their post gains traction and engagement. 

This detail is where scheduling Reddit posts plays a role - it helps the original poster gain the audience and upvotes for their post. If you want to create an impact through Reddit, the best time to post is between 6 am and 9 am Eastern Standard Time.

However, post timings aren’t the only factor to consider. Read on to understand the best time to get more upvotes on Reddit.

Key Takeaways

  • Post timings on Reddit depend on the country, time of day, day of the week, and the subreddit of the post.
  • Saturday, Sunday, and Monday are the best days of the week to post on Reddit.
  • The best time to post is between 6 am and 9 am Eastern Standard Time.
  • AskReddit, Science, Funny, and Movies are the subreddits where people post the most.

Reddit Posts Timings: Why Does It Matter?

Timing is an essential factor for content engagement on Reddit. By analyzing user behavior, you can make data-driven decisions so people can see your post at the right time. Refer to the top statistics below:

Reddit's User Stats, Demographics, and Insights

Infographic with Reddit logo about web visit.

In April 2023, Reddit saw 1.7 billion web visits. Many users are in the US, where 26.4 million Americans visit Reddit monthly. Meanwhile, active users in the US increased to 74% every Sunday between 6 and 8 am, and would go up to 46% more until 10 am. 

Posting on Reddit in the morning gives your content all day to reach people. A New York Times story even says that Americans go online before breakfast as a routine. Additionally, 64% of Reddit users aged 18–29 check that app more than once daily.

However, Reddit engagement is not just about user demographics. Understanding user behavior is essential to establishing tactics for timing your Reddit posts. The next section below will discuss other factors that affect your Reddit posting schedule.

📌 Reminder: 

Always show good "Reddiquette" by respecting fellow users, using proper grammar and spelling, reading the community rules before submission, and avoiding personal attacks.

Timings Based on Country

Peak activity on subreddits varies by country and region, with the time of day affecting it. Posting during non-peak hours can downgrade your post, making it buried by the latest or most popular ones.

Refer to the table below on the ideal post times on Reddit in popular countries:


Best Day to Post

Best Time to Post (EST)

United States




6 am to 8 am

7 am to 9 am

8 am to 12 pm

United Kingdom



Weekdays: 6 am to 9 am

Weekends: 7 am to 9 am 8 pm to 12 pm

European Union


6 am to 9 am





6am to 8am

7am to 9am

8am to 12pm

Timings Based on Day

Unlike Instagram’s posting algorithm, posting in the middle of the week doesn’t generally get the best engagement on Reddit. These are usually the days when people are busy with work, school, and other responsibilities.

Here’s a breakdown of the best time to post on Reddit on each day of the week:






























As the table shows, you can get more engagement when posting in the morning. Redditors spend most of their time on the platform this time of the day. Meanwhile, Redditors spend less time at night as the weekend approaches, making nighttime a not-so-ideal time to post.

Timings Based on Subreddits

Reddit's popularity stems from its subreddit platforms, which have varying post timings and engagement levels due to various subjects, topics, and interests. Understanding your target audience is crucial for determining when they will likely see your post.

Here’s a summary of the best times to post on the top 4 popular subreddits.


Best Day to Post

Best Time to Post (EST)

Ask Reddit

Monday and Friday

8 am

9 am

1 pm


Monday, Friday, and Sunday

4 am

8 am

7 am


Wednesday and Friday



Monday and Tuesday

9 am to 11 am

4 pm

What Makes Reddit Different?

Reddit is an inclusive and useful platform for community-building. It stands out because it encourages users to discuss topics that pique their interest and curiosity.

However, there's more to Reddit than just discussions. Some of the good qualities that make the timing of posts more critical include:

Users' Level of Education

Reddit is the best platform to find Redditors to educate you about various niches. According to Gitnux, 63% of Reddit users have a Bachelor's degree or higher.  You could expect riveting and intelligent interactions on the platform.

As Reddit is free-for-all and open to all kinds of topics, many users on the app share expert information within their respective fields. You can expect to get real-life experiences on questions you post or view. 

✅ Pro Tip:

Boost your account’s engagement on Reddit by building rapport with other users on the platform. Do this by engaging with posts on the subreddit and regularly creating posts that drive feedback to others.

Average Usage Time

On average, there are around 57 million active Reddit users daily, but they only spend around 15 minutes on the app. Due to this, you only have a limited time to post and drive engagement. 

The best way to take advantage of this short time is to have your post ready and send it for posting. This gives you more time to interact with other users, and your post will get upvotes.

✅ Pro Tip:

Catchy headlines, appropriate formatting, and many other factors make your post successful on Reddit. Try structuring your posts so they generate a conversation around the topic. Posting images on Reddit is also a good strategy.

Segmentation of Topic Communities

The subreddit search tool can identify communities with specific professions, interests, or hobbies. Some subreddits also have rules and hashtags for specific topics. This feature makes it easier to brainstorm relatable content and engage in discussions.

📖 Helpful Article:

The quality of your Reddit title can make or break a post's popularity, and creating content can be tricky. Factors such as time constraints, expertise, and limited knowledge lead to writer's block. 

There are ways to remedy this, such as using SEO tools, utilizing content-generating apps, and searching for updates on subreddits. 

4 Tips to Get More Upvotes

On Reddit, users tap the upvote button when they like your content. The more upvotes you get, the higher your posts go within the community standard. Whether it's a video, link, or post question, you can get upvotes as long as your content is engaging.

Remember to add value to community discussions to prevent your posts from getting downvotes. Here's a quick rundown of 4 easy tips to get more upvotes: 

Event Timing

Posting about fresh and new events worldwide is a great way to spark interest and increase the audience's engagement. Posting content about relevant topics builds trust, especially when posted early or related to trending topics.

Consider The Target Audience

Learn about your audience's behavior, routine, and interests. You will gain more value by posting content that is personally related to them.

For example, posting about leadership or career growth will deliver better results if your content and the subreddit are for professionals. It also helps to post during typical work breaks or after work hours.  

Create a Content Management System

Tracking and monitoring your posts on a spreadsheet, graph, or any other visual aid that summarizes your performance can help build a posting strategy. It lets you identify your strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement to keep and grow Reddit engagement. 

Schedule Your Content

A Schedule of Reddit Content on a Laterforreddit

Making a schedule of your content and possible posts is an excellent strategy to ensure your brand maintains its visibility on the platform. Since Reddit has no built-in post-scheduling features, you may use third-party tools, like LaterForReddit, to schedule a post.

Use Reddit analysis tools, such as Social Rise, for the best results on the best time to post on Reddit. This platform can deliver the latest in the best and worst times, covering all subreddits and time zones.

Final Thoughts

Knowing the best times to post on Reddit is important for increasing engagement. The optimal times are usually Saturday, Sunday, and Monday mornings.

Still, you should understand the profile of your target audience and create helpful content for them. Remember that even if you post your content during peak hours, its effectiveness depends on its intrinsic value.


How often can I post on Reddit?

There's no limit, but it's best to avoid spamming. Each subreddit might have its own posting rules.

Can a post be too long on Reddit?

It depends. The best practice is to make your posts concise. Long posts do not get much attention.

Why does Reddit make you wait to post?

To prevent spam and ensure quality interactions.

Is there a post cooldown on Reddit?

Yes, there's a cooldown between posts to prevent excessive posting.


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