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Deyan Georgiev
Deyan Georgiev

Updated · Jul 19, 2022


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The easiest way to get a user to act is by telling them what to do. Including what they stand to gain also drives the point home faster. The best call to action examples use strong and precise language.

We’ll examine several CTA examples. But first, what exactly is a call to action?

What Is a Call to Action?

A call to action is a line of text used to instruct users on the next action point you’d like them to carry out. For example, If you want a user to subscribe to your newsletter, you can use a CTA to tell them. 

For a CTA to be effective, it has to meet certain criteria. It must:

  • Grab the user's attention
  • Use direct language
  • Offer value

Without these things, your CTA won’t be as effective as you’d want.

Why Is a CTA important?

CTAs are necessary for advertisement, marketing, content, and digital marketing campaigns. Without a CTA nudging users to perform an action, your efforts won’t convert as they should. 

Here are some examples of what a good CTA can do: 

  • Direct visitors to a website or landing page
  • Ask them to sign up for a free trial
  • Invite them to join a mailing list
  • Buy a product

A call to action takes users to the next step in your marketing funnel. By telling them what to do, you can direct them down the path you want them to go. 

Without a CTA in your campaign, you either won’t get the results you desire, or the results won’t meet your targets.  

And what’s the point of a campaign that doesn’t convert well?

Types of CTAs:

  • Newsletters: CTA aids email marketing campaigns. A newsletter campaign is a great way to keep your brand at the top of users' minds.

This type of CTA must be eye-catching. It is not sufficient to tell users to “Subscribe”. A good newsletter CTA tells people what they stand to gain by clicking that button.   

  • Lead generation: Lead generation is how you convert your website visitors into potential and repeating clients. To do so, you need a lead magnet. This could be anything you offer people in exchange for their contact details. 

A call to action that leads to a landing page is crucial for a lead magnet to be effective. Place it where a new website visitor can see it. In addition, you should present the lead magnet in a way that makes people curious enough to click the CTA button.

  • Learn more:  A new website visitor can’t learn everything about your business just from your home page. If you want them to go beyond it, give them a call to action to explore your website further.

This CTA should be engaging and provide just enough information to spark interest.

  • Social sharing: This is how you get more people to see the content on your website. With this CTA, readers can share your articles within their network in one click.

The catch, however, is that you have to provide valuable content they find shareable.

  • Event Promotion: You can use a CTA in advertising an event. If you’re hosting one, you definitely need people in attendance. This call to action can double as both a marketing strategy and a way to get attendees. 

Call to Action Examples

A CTA can be funny, subtle, direct, and even rude in some cases. But the unifying factor is that the language is persuasive. Something about it just makes users want to click.

To show you CTA examples that have proved to work well, let’s examine 15 outstanding CTAs from popular companies.

Netflix – Get Started

Call to Action Examples - Netflix

Netflix offers unlimited movie and TV show streaming from any device. 

The CTA “Get Started” is placed boldly on their website. It works because Netflix isn’t just telling people to click a button to use their services. It begins by informing them what they stand to gain. The CTA uses direct language to show the best qualities of the service. 

By the time a user gets to the CTA button, they already have enough reasons to click. The CTA copy itself incites the fear of missing out (FOMO). This makes users feel like they’ll miss out on something by not clicking.

Full Bundle – Our Work

Full Bundle

Full Bundle is a digital creative agency that specializes in:

  • Web design
  • Digital branding
  • Web app development
  • Etc.

Its homepage speaks to its work. These simple CTA words use the power of curiosity to invite people to explore the website further. The fact that the page design is eye-catching also helps.

Mindvalley – Join Mindvalley Now


Mindvalley is a platform that teaches people how to lead a quality life. The service claims to free the mind from the constraints of formal learning and give us the tools to enjoy life fully.

Above the CTA button is a powerful message that makes users feel empowered just by reading it. The button itself works because it employs a tone of urgency. A user might feel like this amazing community might not be available again if they don’t register immediately.

Wix – Start Now


Wix is a platform where anyone can build a website for themselves or their business. With Wix, you don’t need to be a website developer to build a fully functional website. 

That’s its catch. 

As you can see, its CTA text is rather boastful. It works because it shows confidence. The company isn’t afraid to show off a little, and people are usually intrigued to check if a bold statement holds water.

Spotify - Get Spotify Free

Call to Action Examples - Spotify

Spotify is a streaming platform for music and podcasts.

People like freebies, especially ones that come with no strings attached. Spotify’s CTA uses this strategy, and it works. Its copy says that users can use the service for free without submitting their credit card details.

Vyond – Try it Free and Learn More


Vyond is a cloud-based animated video-making platform. Businesses can use it to create animated videos for brand awareness, staff onboarding sessions, and more.

It employs two CTA buttons strategically placed side by side. One invites users to get more information about its services. The other asks them to try the service, with a free trial as the catch.

Hennessy – Learn More

Call to Action Examples - Hennessy

Hennessy is a cognac distiller that’s been around for over 250 years. It’s a luxury brand that caters to a specific clientele. 

It employs simplicity when it comes to CTAs. Its reputation as a luxury brand and the website’s elegant design let it get away with a simple CTA.

McDonald's – Download the App

Call to Action Examples - McDonald's

McDonald’s is one of the biggest and most popular fast-food chains worldwide.

Above the CTA button, the call to action statement makes an irresistible offer. The thought of free chicken is enough to make most people click quickly!

Coursera – Join for Free and Try Coursera for Business

Call to Action Examples - Coursera

Coursera is an online course provider. It collaborates with universities and other organizations to offer certification courses. 

Its CTA buttons are placed after an emotional text. By doing so, the company is appealing to the sentimental side of people to drive action.

Vogue – Sign UP

Call to Action Examples - Vogue

Vogue is a monthly lifestyle, fashion, and beauty magazine.

People believe the brand to be an authority in those fields. Vogue knows it, which is why this pop-up subscription form works as a good CTA. 

It’s in your face, it’s confident, and it offers value. There’s also a second “No Thanks” CTA button as people like to have options, and it makes them feel respected.

Fashion Nova – I Love Saving Money!

Fashion Nova

This is one funny CTA! Honestly, who doesn’t like to save money? 

Fashion Nova is an American fashion retail store. It’s known for its unique pieces worn by celebrities and everyday people alike.

Its lead magnet CTA approach employs humor and energetic language. It’s fun and conversational, which users respond to, especially when the brand promises 10% off! The button itself is bold and stands out.

CoSchedule – Start My Forever Free Calendar


CoSchedule is every content and digital marketer’s best friend. It helps plan, schedule, organize, and carry out content marketing plans.

The platform’s call to action works because the CTA copy provides information. It’s not vague or confusing. Such direct language tells users what they’ll get by clicking on the button.

My Fitness Pal – Start Your Journey Today

My Fitness Pal

As the name suggests, My Fitness Pal is a fitness app. It tracks diets and workouts and also helps users achieve their fitness goals.

The CTA works because it taps into the psyche of the user. It implies they’re taking a step towards transforming their lives by clicking that button. It’s an empowering feeling as people enjoy the sense of making progress.

Coinbase – Start Earning


Coinbase is among the biggest cryptocurrency exchange platforms

Its CTA speaks a universal language that everyone understands – making money. And this is why it works. The CTA uses words implying that the user will start making money right after clicking the button.

WebMD – Share Button


When you notice specific symptoms in your body, you probably go to WebMD before calling your doctor. Guilty, yes?

WebMD publishes articles that give information about human health and diseases. Its articles include a share button to different social media platforms at the end. In doing so, the company ensures that more people can read these articles, thereby increasing traffic to its website.

Wrap Up

A CTA is a great low-budget marketing tool. If used well, it can boost your sales, website visits, and brand visibility. 

When it comes to CTAs, dare to be bold. But first, you have to offer value. Give a user enough reasons to want to click that button. 

In addition, the CTA design and the placement of the button also play a role. 

It’s not just about telling people what to do. How you tell them also matters. Know your target audience and speak the language they understand.


How do you write a call to action?

The best call to action phrases use direct, active, and intriguing language. Here are some helpful tips for writing a CTA:

  • Create a sense of urgency. Use words like “Now” and “Immediately”. They tend to activate FOMO, which is the fear of missing out. It’s a great marketing strategy used by experts in the industry.
  • Be persuasive. The key here is to do so without using weak language. You need people to do something, but you also have to sound like an authority in your field. Otherwise, how will they trust you enough to do as you say?
  • Offer value. Give them an offer they can’t resist. People appreciate value, especially if they don’t have to work too hard for it. 
  • Think outside the box. Unique copies always catch people’s attention. That’s enough to spark their curiosity to act.

After coming up with great CTA options, you can do A/B testing to discover which one converts best.

Is a hashtag a call to action?

Hashtags are primarily used on social media platforms to identify and group similar content. They can also act as a call to action, but not in the usual way.

A hashtag can be employed as a CTA to support a movement. For example, #SpreadTheWord and #SupportTheAmazon are hashtags that also double as CTAs.

What is a call to action in social media?

A CTA for social media directs users to carry out a specific action on the platform. Some examples include:

  • Sharing the post
  • Entering a contest or giveaway
  • Donating to a charity
  • Registering for an event
  • Etc.

If you have difficulties coming up with a good CTA, use any call to action examples we listed in our in-depth article.


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