Can You Play Fall Guys on Mac? [2 Simple Methods]

Dejan Cvetnarevic
Dejan Cvetnarevic

Updated · Mar 27, 2023


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Can you play Fall Guys on Mac?” has become a common question after Fall Guys exploded on the gaming scene as everyone wants to join in the fun.

Unfortunately, Mediatonic (the developer) does not yet have any plans to release a macOS version of its popular platform battle royale game.

That said, you can still make it playable on your Mac.

Keep on reading to find out more!

What is Fall Guys?

After its release in late 2020, Fall Guys grew to become the ultimate casual multiplayer game as it allows up to 60 players to compete in immensely entertaining battle royale challenges round after mayhem-filled round until one victor remains.

To whittle down the competition, the game uses almost 80 different courses—everything from goofy obstacle races to individual and team-based survival and hunt challenges.

The gameplay is simple: you are a jelly bean character in an inflatable yet chaotic world and must do anything to survive in five randomly chosen rounds. This structure makes Fall Guys one of the best games to stream.

You can tactically pull other players, jump to get ahead, dive below swinging axes, and scream at your friends out of joy or anger, but, ultimately, you will have to battle everyone for the ultimate bragging rights.

Due to its live service game nature, Fall Guys has regular seasonal updates and a Battle Pass that brings new content including map levels and skins, so you can look as fancy or ridiculous as you wish!

Win or not, you will definitely have some pure and frantic fun!

Is Fall Guys on Mac?

Regrettably, we are still waiting to see a Fall Guys Mac version as the devs have yet to make any effort to make it officially compatible with macOS. That said, you can install Fall Guys on PC (via the Epic Store), PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

However, as you will read in the following paragraphs, you can still employ a couple of workarounds to get the game running on a Mac despite the lack of official support.

How to Play Fall Guys on Mac?

The best way to run Fall Guys on Mac is to stream it to your device via a cloud gaming platform, such as Boosteroid. But you can also load it into a Windows environment using a Parallels or a Boot Camp virtual machine (VM). We explore both approaches below.

1. Playing Fall Guys Via Cloud Gaming

Boosteroid, which is one of the best cloud gaming services around for U.S.-based gamers, allows you to play Fall Guys (among numerous other titles) straight from your browser at 1080p 60 FPS, and you only have to follow a few simple steps to get going:

  1. Visit the Boosteroid official website to create an account and subscribe;
  2. a) You will need to provide contact and payment information;
  3. b) The costs are around $7.50–$10/month, depending on your plan.
  4. Get Fall Guys from the Epic Games Store for free;
  5. a) Оnly users with active licenses can run it on Boosteroid.
  6. Log into your Boosteroid account and search for Fall Guys;
  7. Verify your license by logging into your Epic Games account;
  8. Click ‘Play’ and enjoy countless hours of fun!

To ensure the best gaming experience at average internet speeds, Boosteroid sets the game settings at medium to high. So, if you have a reliable internet connection, you will experience Fall Guys at Full HD, 60 frames per second, and about 25 ms latency.

Boosteroid works best with Google Chrome and Opera, some of the best browsers right now, but the company is also actively developing a native macOS app.

Note: If Boosteroid’s offering does not convince you, check out Shadow and airgpu as two other cloud gaming services that offer Fall Guys as part of their portfolio.

2. Playing Fall Guys via a Virtual Machine

Instead of streaming it from the cloud, you can also download Fall Guys on Mac if you set up a virtual partition that hosts a Windows environment beforehand.

The best software for this purpose is Parallels Desktop for Mac, which is currently the most versatile desktop virtualization software for macOS.

Once you install and activate Parallels on your device (paid or trial version), you can set up a virtual OS and start downloading Fall Guys within minutes:

  1. Download the corresponding Windows installation file;
  2. Start Parallels and drag the Win 11 ISO file when prompted to do so;
  3. Wait for Parallels to build the virtual Windows machine;
  4. Update and set up your Windows 11 emulator version;
  5. Browse for and download the Epic Game Store;
  6. Once you log in, search for and install Fall Guys;
  7. Launch the game and enjoy playing with your friends!

Note: The above method only works for Intel-based Macs as Fall Guys uses Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC), a solution that does not yet work in VMs on M1 & M2 chips.

Should You Use Boot Camp Instead?

On older Intel Macs with subpar hardware, Fall Guys will run better if you use the Boot Camp Assistant instead—Apple’s multi-boot utility for macOS.

All you need to do is download the Windows 10 ISO image and complete a few steps:

  1. Update and open your Boot Camp Assistant (found under ‘Utilities’);
  2. Ensure you have sufficient storage on your Mac (at least 128 GB);
  3. Insert an empty USB stick into your Mac and start Boot Camp;
  4. Follow the on-screen prompts to create a Windows install disk;
  5. Select the ISO file and the size of the hard disk partition for Windows;
  6. Wait for your computer to restart and start the Windows installation.

Note: Boot Camp does not yet support Windows 11 without additional user tampering.

Once you complete these steps and log into your new Windows environment, follow the directions we outlined above for the Parallels solution.

Unless you are forced to use Boot Camp, we recommend installing Parallels since it’s a much better and newer alternative that offers significant benefits.

With Parallels, for instance, you can use macOS and Windows simultaneously without a restart and easily share files and resources between both operating systems.

However, despite its drawbacks, Boot Camp is available for free, unlike Parallels.

Bottom Line

Even if you can’t officially get Fall Guys for Mac, you can still join your Windows and console buddies in all the fun by playing it via a cloud gaming service.

However, if your internet connection is not fast enough to stream the game at good quality, you can start it via a virtual machine without any performance loss.


Can you get Fall Guys on Mac?

There is no official Fall Guys version for Mac, but gamers can still access it on macOS either via a virtual machine or through a cloud gaming site that hosts the game.

Can you play Fall Guys on Mac through Steam?

Fall Guys was removed from Steam and made exclusive to the Epic Store for PC on June 21, 2022 as a free-for-all game. However, if you purchased the Steam version before this date, you can still start it from Steam and get the newest updates and support.

Can you play Fall Guys on Mac M1 and M2?

No, the M1 and M2 ARM SoCs do not allow you to play Fall Guys in virtual environments as they use the Easy Anti-Cheat system, which is as of yet unsupported.


Dejan Cvetnarevic

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