Can You Play GTA Online Without PS Plus in 2023?

Dejan Cvetnarevic
Dejan Cvetnarevic

Updated · Mar 27, 2023


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Can you play GTA Online without PS Plus?” is a question many PlayStation gamers ask when they want to join their friends for some online shenanigans.

Unfortunately, GTA Online requires PS plus, similar to Xbox’s subscription service. But you can always play GTA Online for free if you own a PC copy!

Let’s find out all about it: from prices to platform support!

What Is GTA Online

Rockstar Games released GTA Online in late 2013 as the much-anticipated online component of their flagship title: Grand Theft Auto V. Still, its universe evolves separately from the main game as it regularly receives a slew of new content.

Within the GTA Online multiplayer world, a total of 30 players can engage in various competitive and/or cooperative game modes while building a criminal career as a nightclub owner, gunrunner, biker, executive, or a simple street hustler.

Moreover, the gameplay encourages innovative approaches to every single mission or activity you do, which still makes GTA Online one of the best games to stream. As an illustration, GTA had more than 550,000 active Twitch viewers in 2021.

The GTA Online experience is available on the PS4 & 5, Xbox One & X|S, and PC.

Can You Play GTA Online Without PS Plus?

Regrettably, you cannot play GTA Online with no PS Plus since the game’s console version requires an active subscription plan even if you own the main title, meaning that even Xbox players need an Xbox Live Gold membership to enjoy the online mayhem.

The main reason for this particular payment scheme is the fact that GTA Online is a premium live service game that continuously grows with premium gameplay and story additions.

However, while Sony and Microsoft restrict access to GTA’s thrilling online universe behind a monthly payment, PC gamers can join free of charge as long as they have a GTA V copy.

What Do You Need to Play GTA Online?

What does it take to play GTA Online on each available platform? Check out this list:

  • PlayStation 4—a copy of GTA V: Premium Edition ($29.99) and a PS Plus subscription starting at $9.99, $24.00, or $59.99 for 1, 3, or 12 months;
  • PlayStation 5—a copy of GTA V for PS5 ($39.99) or a standalone GTA Online purchase ($9.99) plus one of the aforementioned PS Plus subscription plans;
  • Xbox One—a copy of GTA V: Premium Edition ($14.99) and an Xbox Live Plus subscription starting at a cost of $9.99/month;
  • Xbox X|S—a copy of GTA V for Xbox X|S or the GTA Online module starting at $19.99 and the aforementioned Xbox subscription plan;
  • PC—gamers playing on PC can join GTA Online with only a copy of GTA V ($29.99).

GTA Online was also available on PS3 and Xbox 360 until December 2021, when it was shut down since future content and support were moved onto next-gen hardware. 

As for additional platform support, recent reports suggest that GTA V will also make its way onto the best cloud gaming services out there.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, there are a couple of ways to play GTA 5 Online without PS Plus, but only the PC method does not require an active monthly subscription of $9.99. In any case, gamers will need a valid copy of the main GTA V title regardless of their platform.


Do you need PlayStation Plus for GTA Online?

Yes, but only when playing GTA Online on the PlayStation Network. Xbox gamers require an Xbox Live Gold subscription, whereas PC enthusiasts only need a GTA V copy.

How to play GTA Online without PlayStation Plus?

You can play GTA Online without PS Plus subscription only on a PC.

Can you play GTA Online without PS Plus on PS5?

No, you still cannot play GTA Online on the PS5 without PS Plus.


Dejan Cvetnarevic

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