Can You See Deleted Messages on Discord? [2 Methods]

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Can you see deleted messages on Discord?” is a question important to Discord server owners and admins who need to review these messages for moderation purposes.

The answer is: no; by default, you cannot! However, you can use third-party tools that log user messages and simply check the logs when you need to.

How to See Deleted Messages on Discord With Dyno Bot?

As the most popular Discord moderation bot out there, Dyno Bot takes your server management game to the next level! And one of its best features is the Action Log, which records anything users say on your server and sends you a copy to your dedicated log channel.

To set it up correctly, just follow these straightforward steps:

  1. Navigate to and click on ‘Login with Discord’;
  2. Sign in with your Discord account and select your server;
  3. Click continue to get to the ‘Permissions’ screen;
  4. Select the permissions you want to grant and click ‘Authorize’;
  5. Complete the CAPTCHA to access your server web interface;
  6. Choose your Dyno Bot prefix and choose your timezone;
  7. Follow the next two prompts to finalize the process.

At this point, Dyno Bot will be incorporated into your Discord server, and to finalize the setup process, open Discord, access your server, and do the following:

  1. Click on the plus sign (+) next to ‘Text Channels’;
  2. Add a name, such as ‘deleted-messages’ and set it to ‘Private’;
  3. Only add Dyno as a member and any admin you trust;
  4. Create your channel and return to the official Dyno site;
  5. Click on ‘Manage Servers’ in the top-right corner of the page;
  6. Select your Dyno-managed server and access the ‘Modules’ tab;
  7. Tap on ‘Action Log’ from the drop-down menu and select your channel;
  8. Scroll down and choose the message events you want to monitor.

Now that you are done, you can sit back and let Dyno Bot do all the monitoring for you. Whenever a user deletes their message, image, or anything else, it will be redirected to the private channel you created above.

How to See Deleted Messages on Discord With BetterDiscord

Your second-best option for keeping track of all deleted Discord messages is to use BetterDiscord—the platform’s enhancement project that adds a ton of functionality to your Discord experience, from different themes to advanced plugins.

One such plugin is MessageLoggerV2, which records all future messages sent in your server, and to set it up, you only have to complete several steps:

  1. Download and install BetterDiscord;
  2. a) You will be prompted to choose your Discord location.
  3. Get the MessageLoggerV2 plugin;
  4. Save the files in a handy location;
  5. Launch Discord and navigate to ‘User Settings’;
  6. Click the ‘Plugins’ tab and open the plugin folder;
  7. Drag and drop MessageLoggerV2 into the folder;
  8. Restart Discord and re-open the ‘Plugins’ tab;
  9. Toggle MessageLoggerV2 on!
  10. a) You may have to download and enable additional libraries.
  11. Exit ‘User Settings’ and right-click the server you want to monitor;
  12. Scroll to the bottom and hover over ‘Message Logger’;
  13. Click on ‘Add to Whitelist’ to begin recording the server messages.

After completing the above steps, your server will never lose a message again. To find all deleted messages, you only have to get to ‘Message Logger’ and click ‘Open Logs’. There, you’ll find all your deleted messages under their own tab. You’ll be able to view all edited messages and ghost pings as well.

Note: Deleted messages will also be recolored red and remain viewable to the server owner in the respective chat channel.

How to See Deleted Messages on Discord Mobile?

Last but not least, finding deleted Discord messages is also possible on mobile either by using the Dyno Bot, which works with the app as well, or downloading Aliucord, which is like a Better Discord for Android, and installing its MessageLogger plugin.

While you don’t have to do anything special to set your Dyno Bot on mobile since it’s already up and running by following the desktop process outlined above, installing Aliucord and its plugins is a more involved process comprising around dozen steps:

  1. Type in Aliucord in your mobile browser and open its GitHub page;
  2. Scroll down until you get to the ‘Installation’ section;
  3. Tap to download the ‘Installer-release.apk’ file;
  4. Open the ‘Downloads’ folder on your Android phone;
  5. Find and install the file you just downloaded;
  6. Open the installer app and click to install Aliucord;
  7. Open Aliucord (the modded version of Discord);
  8. a) You will have to grant the necessary app permissions.
  9. Join the official Aliucord Discord server;
  10. Navigate to the #plugins-list channel and hold down the very first message;
  11. a) You have to scroll to the top of the channel.
  12. Once the pop-up menu appears, click on ‘Open PluginDownloader’;
  13. Find and tap on ‘Install MessageLogger’;

Once the plugin is up and running, you can see all deleted and edited messages in red with a timestamp indicating they were deleted or changed.

Using AirDroid Parental Control

If you are a parent worried about what your kids may be up to on Discord, you can also install the AirDroid Parental Control app on your device. Then, you’ll have to download and install the AirDroid Kids app on your children’s phones and pair both of them.

Afterward, tracking what your kids are doing on social media is as easy as starting the Parental Control app and checking out everything they are doing and communicating. You can even mirror the screen they are seeing to check on them in real-time.

Bottom Line

Viewing Discord messages after they have been deleted is only possible if you have third-party mods that record whatever users say across your servers. For example, Dyno Bot will message you whenever a user deletes a message in your server, whereas BetterDiscord (with the proper plugin) will retain the original message but color it red.


Can Discord server owners see deleted messages?

You cannot see deleted messages by default, even if you are the server owner. You need third-party tools like Dyno Bot or BetterDiscord that record user actions to do that.

Can you report deleted discord messages?

No, you cannot, since deleted messages are gone for good. However, admins can utilize the Delete and Report feature to quickly delete an offensive message and save a copy for the Trust & Safety team.


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