Can You Tell if Someone Deleted Their Onlyfans Account?

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Once an OnlyFans account has been permanently deleted, there is no definitive way for users or subscribers to confirm if it is gone. The content and user information are wiped out from the platform. In short, there is no way to tell or get notified if someone deleted their account.

Many people delete their OnlyFans accounts to maintain their online privacy and to keep their digital footprint to a minimum. 

However, this article will guide you in using reverse search tools to look for a person who deleted their OnlyFans account. Continue reading to find out.

🔑 Key Takeaways:

  • Confirming if a user or a subscriber in the platform has deleted their account is difficult to do.
  •  Many people delete their accounts to minimize their digital footprint and safeguard their privacy.
  • Reverse image search sites like Social Catfish aid in finding possible leads.
  • Social Catfish generates a report to check if someone once had an OnlyFans account.

What Happens if an OnlyFans Account is Deleted?

OnlyFans is a subscription-based platform that allows users to share or watch adult content. With over 170 million subscribers, it is one of the most visited websites in the world. 

There are many ways to check whether a person has an existing Onlyfans account. However, checking for a deleted account is an entirely different matter.

When a user decides to delete their OnlyFans account, all associated data are removed from the platform. Many people do this when they want to delete traces of their identity from the internet

Moreover, there are ways to stay anonymous in OnlyFans. Deleting an OnlyFans account includes deleting posted content and personal details like name and email address. 

Subscribers or customer support cannot access the information from a deleted account. However, even if you can’t acquire specific account details, it is still possible to confirm the existence of the account itself.

Pro Tip: 

You can also keep track of specific content creators by following them on social media or subscribing to their email lists. This way, you’ll be in the loop if they delete their OnlyFans account or move to another platform.

You can do this with the help of reverse search tools. 

Try Using Reverse Search Tools

Reverse search tools like Social Catfish can help you locate people on OnlyFans. This handy reverse search tool is one of the market's most comprehensive background check websites.

Social Catfish is a tool that allows users to search people using different parameters — like email addresses and names

If you have a photo of the person of interest, you can use Social Catfish to do a reverse image search and see if they had an OnlyFans account. You can also find someone's social media profile using Social Catfish's reverse image search. 

✅ Pro Tip

Social Catfish can also provide information if you are looking for a person on social media sites like  Facebook or Instagram. 

Below are steps to start a reverse image search using Social Catfish: 

1. Open your browser and go to

2. Select the Image option.

A screenshot of a section in Social Catfish’s website highlighting the “Image” option.

3. Click Browse and upload an image here to upload the subject’s photo. Wait for the process to be completed.

4. After the upload, go to the Search History tab on the left side of your screen

A screenshot of the “Search History” section of the Social Catfish website
5. Once the results appear, click the View Report button in the Action column

A screenshot of the reports generated by Social Catfish

6. Read the results to find out if they have an OnlyFans account.

A screenshot of the results of a Social Catfish search

With this, you can confirm if someone had an OnlyFans account but deleted it. 

However, keep in mind that reverse search tools cannot give any information if the subject’s account has been permanently deleted. 

A subscriber can do this by simply following the process for deactivation and deletion. On the other hand, accounts of content creators with active subscriptions are permanently deleted only after the last subscription expires. 

In such cases, you can contact OnlyFans’ customer care team. They may be unable to provide specifics about a deleted account, but they can confirm if the user is no longer active on the platform.  

In A Nutshell: Amongst concerns regarding online privacy and its risks. Many people now opt to delete information about them on the internet. OnlyFans is no exception.

People’s digital footprint can last forever now that our world is digitally dominated. Whether you’re an OnlyFans creator or not, you should take extra steps to ensure your information’s security online.

Bottom Line

The deletion of an OnlyFans account cannot be definitively confirmed, but there are ways to check if the account existed using reverse image search tools.

Note that OnlyFans creators and subscribers often delete their accounts due to personal reasons and privacy concerns.

Determining if someone deleted their OnlyFans account is challenging. However, thanks to technology, reverse search tools like Social Catfish can lead us to a possible answer.


How can you look for a person’s old OnlyFans account?

To find someone's OnlyFans account, you can search for them on the platform using their username or email address. You can also use OnlyFinder to look for someone according to their name, location, ethnicity, and type of content they create. 

Does OnlyFans delete your data?

Yes. OnlyFans will permanently delete all your information 30 days after your deletion request. However, based on their privacy policy, they can keep personal data for six months or longer if necessary. 

How long does an OnlyFans account deletion take?

A subscriber’s account is deleted right after they submit an account deactivation and deletion request. However, a content creator will have to wait for 30 days.


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