Can You Watch Twitch on Roku? 3 Methods That Work in 2024!

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Tens upon tens of millions of users satisfy all of their entertainment needs with a Roku device, which streams everything from music to shows, films, and even gaming!

So, you shouldn’t be surprised that the question: “Can you watch Twitch on Roku?” is quite popular lately. The answer is not that straightforward: while there’s no official Twitch app for the Roku OS any longer, you can still use a few workarounds.

Keep on reading as we cover them in detail!

How to Watch Twitch on Roku in 2023?

Despite being officially removed from the Roku Channel Store, Twitch can still be used on a Roku TV via several clever methods, which we review below.

1. By Adding a Twitch Channel to Your Roku TV

This option is unreliable since Amazon (the parent company of Twitch) and Roku are actively removing any and all Twitch channels from Roku’s Channel Store.

That said, below, we explain a method that used to and might work again in the future:

  1. Access your main Roku account page;
  2. Locate the ‘Add channel with a code’ option;
  3. Enter one of these two codes: ‘twitchtv’ or ‘twoku’ (‘C6ZVZD’);
    1. The first one links to the discontinued official channel;
    2. The second one and its alternative link to an unofficial channel.
  4. Click on ‘Add channel’ and tap ‘OK’ when you see a warning message;
  5. Click ‘Yes, add channel’ once Roku locates the non-certified channel;
  6. Start your Roku device and go to ‘Settings’;
  7. Head to ‘System update’ and click ‘Check now’;
  8. Wait a bit and look for the new channel on your home screen.

If this method works, you can simply log into Twitch and watch all your favorite streamers; if it doesn’t, check out the proven-to-work solutions below!

2. By Screen Mirroring from a Phone

As the most reliable method to watch Twitch on a Roku TV, screen mirroring allows you to start the Twitch stream on your phone before projecting it to your TV:

  1. Ensure your phone and Roku are connected to the same network;
  2. Open ‘Settings’ on your Roku TV and navigate to ‘System’;
  3. Scroll down to ‘Screen mirroring’ and open ‘Screen mirroring mode’;
  4. Choose ‘Always allow’ so your casting attempts always go through;
  5. Apple users also have to use AirPlay and HomeKit via Roku’s Settings menu;
  6. Start the Twitch app on your iPhone or Android phone;
  7. Activate the ‘Cast’ option on your phone;
    1. Samsung and iOS phones may use a different name for this feature.
  8. Wait for your device to discover Roku on your network;
  9. Press the corresponding button to start casting.

The above procedure works for any handheld device, including tablets and watches, and it effectively mirrors whatever you see or do on your device onto your TV. Therefore, to avoid distractions, go to full screen on your primary device, then put it down.

Note: You may also be able to use casting instead of screen mirroring, which effectively sends the stream to your Roku TV without running it on your main device. That way, you can continue using your phone without affecting your Twitch stream. However, for that to work, both your device app and your Roku TV app must support Twitch casting.

3. By Screen Mirroring from a Windows PC 

Screen mirroring from your PC or laptop is even easier! Just follow these steps:

  1. Connect your laptop or desktop PC to the same Wi-Fi network;
  2. Open the Windows Action Center and access ‘Cast’;
    1. You may find it as ‘Connect to a wireless display’;
    2. You can also press ‘Win’ + ‘K’ to access the feature.
  3. Select the Roku TV device from the list and click on it;
  4. Accept the connection on your Roku TV and choose ‘Always allow’;
  5. Access on your PC, start a stream, and go to full screen.

Note: Apple macOS devices use the same AirPlay feature as iPhones!

Bottom Line

So, can you watch Twitch on Roku? Officially, no, since the app has been removed from the Roku Channel Store. However, several workarounds allow you to follow your favorite Twitch gaming streams on a Roku-enabled device, the easiest of which involves casting your screen from a device that supports Twitch onto your Roku TV.


Why is there no Twitch app on Roku?

Amazon (Twitch’s parent company) pulled the app from the Roku Channel Store in recent years for a number of unknown reasons. That said, the most likely cause is the competition between Roku TV and Amazon’s Fire TV service.

Will Twitch be on Roku again?

Very unlikely. Current indications are that Amazon will never allow an official Twitch app on the Roku Channel Store ever again.


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