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Facebook has approximately 30 billion monthly users, with a massive population of consumers worldwide, making it a go-to platform for marketers. Users can see different ads and promotional posts on Facebook for many products and services. 

If you are a businessman who wants to use Facebook as an advertising platform, keep reading to know more about the demographics of these billion users.

Editor’s Choice

  • The 25 to 34 age group has the highest number of Facebook users.
  • Kids aged 13-17 are the smallest size of demographic groups on Facebook 
  • 7.2% of Facebook’s total audience base is comprised of the older generation
  • Around 32% of U.S. teens use Facebook

Statistics on the Demographic of Facebook Users in 2023

Knowing that Facebook’s total number of users is billions, let’s break it down and analyze how varied these users are. See what makes up a big chunk of this community. 

Here are the Facebook demographics you need to know.

Facebook Users' Age Statistics

The social networking platform has 2 billion daily active users from different places with different age groups. 

Let’s now try to zoom in on which age groups account for the big chunk of the total Facebook user base. See what audience is prominent inside Facebook. 

1. 25 to 34 age group has the highest number of Facebook users.


A study shows that this age group primarily occupies the total number of users. 30% of the billion users of Facebook fall within this age range. That is a total of 596.8 million people. They are followed by the 18 to 24 age group, which makes up 21.5% of users worldwide. The two age groups hold 51.5% of all active Facebook users.

2. Kids aged 13-17 are the smallest size demographic group on Facebook.

(Omnicore Agency, Oberlo)

Based on a report on global audience distribution for Facebook, kids ages 13 to 17 rank as the lowest number of Facebook users. They only account for 4.7% of the active Facebook users population. 

3. 7.2% of Facebook’s total audience base comprises the older generation.


The social networking platform is not used by the older generation, ages 55 to 64. The age group only accounts for 7.2% of the total user base. Those aged 65 and above comprise just 5.6% of the total population. 

4. 32% of U.S. teens are Facebook Users.

(Pew Research Center)

From 71% of the population, the count has dropped to only 32% for U.S. teens who use Facebook nowadays; only 2% use it frequently. 

Final Words

The social networking platform has been very significant since its launch. It became an essential part of history. With Facebook, distance did not matter. You can always connect to people you love and even to strangers. 

With that in mind, knowing what kind of audience is on Facebook is essential. These statistics explain what generation is most prominent on Facebook, and if you are a businessman, you’d want to use these statistics wisely.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What country has the highest number of Facebook Users?

329.65 Facebook users are based in India. This makes the country leading in terms of Facebook audience size. Aside from India, several countries have more than 100 million Facebook users, like the United States, with 175 million, Indonesia, with 119 million; and Brazil, with 109 million users.

How many active advertisers are on Facebook?

In 2020, 10 million active advertisers were doing Facebook marketing. They use Facebook as a social networking platform for product and service promotion—an increase from the 7 million advertisers in the first quarter of 2019. In return, Facebook ads revenue amounted to over $84.2 billion.


Darko Jacimovic

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