24 Funny Email Subject Lines That Guarantee High Open Rates

Selma Citakovic
Selma Citakovic

Updated · Jan 26, 2023


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Email marketing could give your business a much-needed leg up.

Did you know that you’re six times more likely to get a click-through from an email than a tweet? And when you slap on an attractive subject line, your chances are even better!

But how do you ensure your messages make a great first impression?

I’ll let you in on a little secret:

It’s humor.

No one can resist a witty one-liner. 

So, here are some funny email subject lines that will make your messages stand out! 

Deals That Make Us Proud (Unlike Our Nephew, Steve)

Poor Steve.

Try using this line to interest your subscribers in your exciting new deals. It’s effective because it’s funny without hiding your intention! You don’t want jokes that completely overshadow your primary goal. 

Warning: Unattended Items in Your Bag May Be Eaten by Gnomes

We all know how annoying abandoned shopping carts can be. It’s a lost opportunity for both you and your customers.

Luckily, there’s a simple solution to that problem. 

You can jog their memory with this quirky reminder!

Dad jokes. I’ve got ‘em.

If you’re on the lookout for funny email opening lines, you can’t go wrong with this one. You can tease your subscribers and then follow up with a bit that ties in with your offer

But try not to overdo it. As we all know, dad jokes are potent — sometimes even lethal. 

Witch, Please

Special season-appropriate intros are another clever idea.

You can get extra spooky when it’s Halloween. So, feel free to go wild with skeletons, witches, ghouls, vampires, werewolves... Just don’t accidentally put a curse on anyone. 

HO HO NO!!! Last Day for (Insert Benefit)!

Here’s another flavor of holiday email jokes. It’s an excellent pick for timed offers that you don’t want your customers to miss out on.   

If Santa’s the one reminding you, you have to listen. You don’t want to end up on his naughty list. 

We’re bringing sets-y back

You knew this was coming: puns.

They can spruce up any boring ol’ email introduction. Still, keep in mind that you have to get your point across with the word-play. Otherwise, your readers will just be confused.   

“Is that new? I love it!” - Everyone

You can also appeal to your customers’ vanity. I mean, everyone loves it when people notice the new cool thing they bought. Effective email subject lines are all about playing it smart!

Swipe right on us

Feeling a bit flirty? 

This playful line is sure to work on that one prospect that can’t seem to make up their mind about you. You can even create a fake dating profile for your product in the same email.

Ugh, not another email!

Let’s admit it: we all feel like we’re drowning in messages sometimes.

So many emails, so little time. So, why don’t you grab your reader’s attention with this unexpected heading?

The underwear you didn’t know you needed

Now that’s a title that’s hard to miss! 

Even underwear brands can use witty email subject lines. This one draws the reader in immediately. And as we all know, curiosity leads to clicks.

I saw your browser history

Well, that sounds ominous.

If you’ve got an intriguing offer and aren’t afraid to play it a bit risky, this is your line. You’re guaranteed to make an impression.

C’mon, it’s Friday and you’re killing time anyway

Sometimes, keeping it simple and honest is the best course of action. Sending this email to a prospect that’s gone cold could reignite their interest in your service.

It comes off as friendly and earnest — exactly the vibe that could get you to click on a message. 

Where to Drink Beer Right Now (Sent at 6:45 AM on a Wednesday)

Funny subject lines are all about connecting things that usually don’t go together

This intro is a great example of that. Yes, your customers are probably not looking for a beer on a Wednesday morning, but your email will make them laugh.

It’s pronounced “craptcha”

You can be hilarious even if your brand is selling toilet paper! Of course, jokes like this will only work if they fit your brand’s tone.

If you want to give off a more serious vibe, you’ll want to avoid email puns that might appear inappropriate.

Hey, We Need to Talk…

You don’t expect to see this when you open your inbox, do you?

Great subject lines will make you do a double-take. But, don’t worry, nobody’s breaking up with you via email. It’s just your friendly local ecomm service trying to get your attention.

It’s a ruff life 🐾

You can also try a different approach. So, how about something sweet?

If your target audience is pet owners, headings like this will seem very inviting. The pun combined with the cute emoji is irresistible!

Is Twilight the best movie ever made?

Remember Twilight? 

Slide in with this bold email subject and follow it with a similarly tongue-in-cheek comment. Your subscribers will click on it, whether they’ve been team Edward/Jacob or hated the whole thing.

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Literal email jokes are another option.

You can lead with this heading and then close with the punchline. Your joke will have to be really good, though. Otherwise, this setup will sound too cheesy. 

Knock-knock! Who’s there?

Or you can try this one!

You can seamlessly tie in the upcoming product line or special discount. But don’t overuse this type of headings because they’ll feel too gimmicky.

What’s your Uber rating?

I know this email subject is five-star material.

You can engage your prospects with this light-hearted question. Once you have their attention, switch to your main offer.

Subject Line

If you’re all out of funny email subject lines, you can go for the obvious choice. It’s so obvious that it will take your readers by surprise.

It’s also mysterious, as it doesn’t even hint at what it’s about. Guess you’ll have to open it to find out, huh?

I like you better than my nephew right now 

Want to check up on a prospect?

Try out this snappy intro. Sometimes, it can be hard to reconnect, especially if it’s been a while since you’ve last heard from them. But, a witty opener will smooth over any potential awkwardness.

Licking your phone never tasted so good

Catchy email subject lines can get you hooked as soon as you lay eyes on them. This is an excellent example of such a line for a foodservice business. It practically begs to be opened!

Since we can’t all win the lottery…

Congrats, you’re our lucky winner! Your reward is… this email. Well, it’s no grand prize, but it’s the perfect chance for you to introduce your service.

HBO GO password?

We all know this message — and that’s why this heading will work. It’s relatable and familiar, and will bring a smile to your prospect’s face. 

Wrap Up

One thing’s for certain:

In a sea of boring emails, funny subject lines will stand out.

Humor is your golden ticket. Your subscribers will be more likely to engage with your content. And if you automate your messages with an email marketing service, you’ll send your open rates soaring!


What is a catchy email subject line?

A catchy subject is the kind you can’t ignore in your inbox.

We’re all flooded with daily emails. We have neither the time nor patience for stuff that seems unimportant, dull, or suspicious. 

So, great email subject lines that can cut through the noise are critical to your success as an e-marketer.

What makes a catchy subject line?

The recipe for a catchy email heading is simple:

You need a humorous twist to stand out

Basically, go for the kind of intro that would make you stop scrolling. An easy way to achieve that is to reference movies, songs, and memes.

Which email subject lines are most effective?

The most effective email subject lines are suitable for your audience and your brand. So, you need to keep your voice true to your brand and reference things your customers will relate to.

How do you make an email subject stand out?

Here are some tips on writing funny email subject lines:

  1. Be blunt — state the obvious and explain how your service can help.
  2. Connect the unexpected — combine two things that don’t usually go together.
  3. Draw inspiration from pop culture —  use famous quotes and memes and tailor them to your business.
  4. Don’t offend your readers — try not to take your jokes too far.


Selma Citakovic

Selma Citakovic

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