100 Funny WiFi Names That Make You Stand Out in 2024

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Making people laugh is a social superpower that works whether you're trying to sound smart, be silly, or want a conversation starter. 

If you're looking for a laugh while trying to connect to the internet, try changing your Wi-Fi name into something funny! 

Wi-Fi names are often public. Anyone can see them, so having eye-catching, witty, or funny titles would be great. For all you know, you could make a stranger's day!

However, not everyone is a natural-born comedian, and that's understandable! To save your precious time from brainstorming, it's a great idea to consult our handy little list below.

Rest assured that you'll find this list hilarious!

🔑 Key Takeaways

  • Since the people around you can see your Wi-Fi name, you can show your playful personality through it.
  • The funniest Wi-Fi names commonly involve LAN and Wi-Fi puns.
  • You can adopt a funny Wi-Fi name, but never too offensive or inappropriate, so kids can enjoy a funny Wi-Fi name too.
  • Changing your Wi-Fi name can be done using an app and browser.

100+ Funny Wi-Fi Names Everyone Will Love!

Thanks to Wi-Fi, you can access a ton of entertaining content on the internet in the comfort of your home.

Because your neighbors or anyone around you may see your Wi-Fi’s name, changing it into something funny or witty is a good idea. 

Below are some clever ideas to get you started.

Pop-culture-inspired Wi-Fi Names

Pop culture is a wonderful thing; it reflects our society, shaping how we think, act, and communicate with one another. 

Engaging in pop culture makes people feel highly relevant. American television host Greg Gutfeld once said: 

“If pop culture is a pool, it never hurts to dive into the deep end once in a while.”

– Greg Gutfeld

From iconic names to multi-awarded songs, shows, and movies, pop culture is important, fun, and everywhere!

Below are Wi-Fi names from your favorite pop culture references in one place.


1. Martin Router King

2. Vladimir Routin

3. Winona Router

4. Ludwig WAN Beethoven

5. Bob DyLAN

6. I am IRON LAN

7. Benjamin FrankLAN

8. Christopher No-LAN


9. LANa Del Rey

10. House of the Rising LAN

11. Life in the Fast LAN

12. Wi of the Figer

13. Never Gonna Give You Up

14. 99 Problems But WiFi Ain't One

15. I Believe Wi Can Fi

16. Click It Like It's Hot

17. The Wi-Fi Must Go On

18. I Know What You Browsed Last Summer


19. Wi-Fi So Serious?

20. Wi-Fi art thou romeo

21. Titanic syncing

22. America's Next Top Modem

23. That's what she SSID

24. Wi-Fi and Chill

Pro Tip!

Establish a good relationship with people you share your Wi-Fi with for a good inside joke.

Another set of people who would be changing their Wi-Fi names into something they love is the geeky individuals. Check out our funny geek Wi-Fi names below!

Geeky Wi-Fi Names

Whether you're a bookworm, a gamer, or an enthusiastic TV viewer, there is something here to please everyone. 

Here's a special shout-out to film enthusiasts. You'll love this list as well!

Harry Potter

1. Muggles only

2. Wifi-that-shall-not-be-named

3. Lord Voldemodem

4. Connecto Patronum

5. Weasely Family

6. Hogwarts Hotspot

7. Yer a Wi-Fi harry

Star Wars

8. Obi-WAN Kenobi

9. LAN Solo

10. Embrace the power of the Wi-Fi

11. The last Wi-Fi

Game of Thrones

12. LAN of Thrones

13. Winternet is coming

14. Tyrion LANnister: the half-WAN


15. Lord of the Ping

16. Torrent Gump

17. I Think Therefore I am…On The Internet

18. LAN of Legends

19. Clash of LANs

20. Gordon FreeLAN

21. Gotta connect 'em all!

The list above is audience-specific. How about the general audience? Below is a list of Wi-Fi names guaranteed to make adults of any age laugh.

The Funniest Wi-Fi Names

Impress visitors, family, and neighbors with puns or clever allusions that will make them pause and think! 

Why not use relationship and family-inspired names? LAN and Wi-Fi puns are endless as well.

Pro Tip!

If you’re trying to put a good image on people living around you, give your Wi-Fi a new name worthy of the fantastic person you are!

Change your Wi-Fi name into something so amusing (or bizarre) that those who discover it can’t help but take a screenshot.

Wi-Fi Speed

1. Slow and shitty

2. Everyday I'm buffering

3. Lag out loud


4. Rebellious Amish Family

5. Mom use this one

6. I now declare you husband and Wi-Fi

7. Tell My Wi-Fi Love Her 

8. I’m Cheating on my Wi-Fi

9. Router? I hardly know her

10. I’m your ex

11. I’m feeling a connection

12. Reserved for guests I hate

LAN and Wi-Fi pun

13. WIFIght the inevitable?

14. Making Wi-Fi great again

15. The promised LAN

16. The LAN Before Time 

17. A LAN time ago

18. LAN of Milk & Honey

19. LAN Down Under

20. Winter WonderLAN

21. LAN (Love Adam’s Ni**le)

LAN and Wi-Fi pun


22. It Hurts When IP

23. How hot is your spot?

24. Pretty WiFi Lady

25. Yell for Wi-Fi

26. Loading funny Wi-Fi name

27. Wi-Fi on board!

28. Look behind you

29. I'm under your bed

If you're funny and clever at the same time, we've got the best Wi-Fi names tailored for you!

Clever WiFi Names

When you don't like sharing your Wi-Fi but don't want to be rude, you may want to rename it into something clever.

Neighbors who often don't get along very well sometimes extend their quarrels and communicate passively via Wi-Fi names. 

You may also want to scare dubious people out of your neighborhood. Here are the perfect Wi-Fi name ideas for that.

1. Searching..

2. Access denied!

3. Wi-Fi not found

4. Get off my Wi-Fi

5. Get your own damn Wi-Fi

6. Get off my LAN

7. Your dog sh*t in my yard

8. Not the Wi-Fi you’re looking for

9. Network Connection Lost

10. My neighbors suck

11. Not_Yours

12. Nothing is free, son

13. Wi-Fi my a$$

14. Text ###-#### for Password

15. Hack of all trades


16. Free viruses here

17. Virus Downloaded

18. Virus Detected

19. Not a virus

20. Begin loading virus?

🎗️ Reminder:

The Wi-Fi names on the above list are unsuitable for young audiences.

If you feel these names are too much or worry about kids finding them, you may be looking for kid-friendly yet funny Wi-Fi names.

Kid-friendly Funny Wi-Fi Names

Whether or not you’re letting your kids access the Internet, there’s still a chance they may stumble upon your Wi-Fi name. 

To play it safe, you can use the Wi-Fi names below.

1. Byte me

2. Byte me, not

3. Nacho Wi-Fi

4. Mr. & Mrs. Wi-Fi

5. LANscaping

6. DisneyLAN

7. Moo LAN

8. Willy Wonka's Wi-Fi Factory

9. Wreck-It Ralph's router

10. Bill Wi the Science Fi

11. Simon says no Wi-Fi

The list above is not only fitting as Wi-Fi names but as usernames as well. 

👍 Helpful articles:

If your username needs a level-up, here are hilarious username suggestions you can use anywhere and a couple of awesome Instagram usernames plus bio ideas.

Now that you’ve picked the perfect Wi-Fi name, it’s time to change it. Be guided by the steps below.

Changing Your Wi-Fi Name

All Wi-Fi networks have names broadcasted by a router; it's how people discover the Wi-Fi on their devices. 

By default, the router manufacturer sets your Wi-Fi name (SSID). Usually, they name it with their company name with some random numbers.

An example of Verizon's Wi-Fi name is Verizon_9HY9HN and ATT6R8kftK for AT&T.

Want to make a statement or show some personality? You can change your Wi-Fi name with something from the list above. 

If you don't know how to change your Wi-Fi name, here's a step-by-step guide. You can do it two ways — on an app and using the router's IP Address.

Wi-Fi Name Change Via App

Internet service providers have made it easy for users to change their WiFi names in an app.

CenturyLink Fiber Internet customers can update their Premium WiFi network name anytime in their HomePass app.

HomePass app logo

Step 1: Click this triple bar ≡ icon at the lower right side.

Hamburger icon inside the HomePass app

Step 2: Go to "Adapt".

Wi-Fi logo inside the HomePass app

Step 3: Click the pencil icon next to the Wi-Fi name you plan to change.

Pencil icon next to Wi-Fi name

Step 4: Type in your chosen Wi-Fi name and tap “Done” in the top corner.

Done button on HomePass

While the first method is already convenient, in many cases, you don’t need to download an extra app to change a Wi-Fi name.

You’ll only need to know your IP address and a browser to access your network’s configuration page. Below is how it should be done:

Wi-Fi Name Change Via IP Address

This method of changing a Wi-Fi name requires you to know your router’s IP address. It should look something like this:

You can easily find your IP address in the properties of your connected network. You can also find it in the router sticker.

Here is how you can use it to change your Wi-Fi name: 

Step 1:  Enter your IP Address into your preferred browser on any device. Your device should be connected to the router's network you're trying to change the Wi-Fi name for.

Step 2: Enter the router's username and password to log in. For some types of routers, such as on AT&T, a device access code may be necessary. This is also printed on the router sticker.

Pro tip! 

Wi-Fi routers often come with a default network name and password printed on the case of the router itself.

Once you access your router's admin page, go to the Settings page.

Step 4: Look for a setting named "SSID," "Network name," or "Router Name," all these are the names of your wireless network.

Step 5: Type in your favored funny Wi-Fi name. Click "Apply," "Save," or a similarly named button to save your settings, and you're done!

Bottom Line

Entertain your family, friends, and neighbors with a funny Wi-Fi name that shows them you’re light at heart. 

You can also use your Wi-Fi name as a passive-aggressive option when you have a beef with your not-so-cool neighbors. Just remember that you should never cross the line and use discriminatory or offensive names.

Whatever your reason for changing your Wi-Fi name into something fun, a good laugh will surely lighten someone else’s mood.


Are there illegal Wi-Fi names?

No. While there were cases where Wi-Fi names caused disturbances, they didn't rise to the level of threat or incitement. Nonetheless, making an overly scandalous Wi-Fi name is a terrible idea.

What is a Wi-Fi descriptive name?

A Wi-Fi descriptive name is displayed to identify the connection. It is not something strict so it can be anything.

What is the longest Wi-Fi name?

Wi-Fi names are commonly short but can be as long as 32 characters. 

Can you have an inappropriate Wi-Fi name?

You can change your Wi-Fi name to whatever you want, but it's safe to avoid harassing or racist words, so you will not be sued or anything else.


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