Global IT Economics [Infographic]

Nick G.
Nick G.

Updated · Jun 02, 2022


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We've come to an age that makes it easy to take for granted the global network and the millions of digital services possible thanks to it.

Google is older than the people who come of age now, in 2021.

But the truth is that this massive system that is the internet relies on an enormous infrastructure. All things digital that make our lives so much easier - ecommerce, email, online banking, 5G network, and instant communicators, to name a few - are incredibly complex.

They exist and function thanks to the many incredibly smart and dedicated people who put centuries of work into them.

You probably are well aware that time is money.

Check out the infographic below to see exactly how much money flow through the IT world to better our existence.

Global IT Economics Infographic global IT


Nick G.

Nick G.

Nick wants to create a board game where web servers are the good characters and the humans lose. He might simply need to wait a few more years to have a neverending LARP experience of such reality.

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