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Updated · Oct 13, 2022

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Looking for good username ideas for Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, or other sites? Our guide will spark your imagination and help you stand out from the crowd. 

How to Choose the Best Username?

Businesses, public figures, and influencers obviously have to think about their brand. But individuals should also consider the message behind their online username and how they’d like to be perceived.

A name can carry a lot of weight. If it’s for your primary account on a social media platform, it might be with you for life. Therefore, it’s important to choose something that you’re comfortable with seeing every day and that properly represents you.

The approach you take also depends on the purpose of your account. If you are going to use it to interact with friends and family, you might wish to incorporate your real name

However, if it’s an anonymous account or related to a specific hobby or interest, you can get a little more creative. Whatever you do, don’t go for an assigned username. Nobody likes the random string of numbers guy!

Some common ways to get brainstorming good username ideas are to consider your:

  • Profession
  • Hobbies
  • Favorite things
  • Celebrities
  • TV and Film
  • Humor
  • Nicknames
  • Wordplay

You might think about whether: 

  • the name stands out 
  • is easy to say out loud 
  • is unique across different platforms

Ultimately, your username can be anything, but here are some ideas to get the ball rolling.

200+ Good Username Ideas

Whether you want to be cute, funny, or promote your professional skills, our list of usernames and ideas is a good jumping-off point. 

Cute Username Ideas

Not everyone wants to be serious, so why not be cute? Here are some cute username ideas to invoke the ‘aww’ in your online persona. Combine your name with the following adorable ideas:

  • Animals: Chick, Kitten, Doggo
  • Foods: IceCream, Cupcake, Apple
  • Weather: Rainbow, Sunset, Dew
  • Nature: Bloom, Spring, Lush
  • Phrases: Kawaii, uwu
  • Others: Fluffy, Joy, Bubbles

Kawaii Usernames

Kawaii means “cute, loveable, and tiny” in Japanese. To keep with the Japanese theme, you can also add the following words:

  • Kirei: Pretty
  • Neko: Cat
  • Niko-niko: Smiley
  • Oishii: Delicious
  • Momo: Peach

Pretty Usernames

If cute is just too much, then pretty username ideas might be more your thing. The following words and phrases can be combined with other words to help invoke your inner gorgeousness: 

  • Beautiful
  • Petal
  • Glow
  • Fancy
  • Glamor
  • Shimmer
  • Sparkle
  • Smile
  • Blossom
  • Awe
  • Stunning
  • Elegance
  • Allure
  • Fine
  • Enchant
  • Shine

Creative Usernames

It’s time to get creative if you want clever usernames that make people think. You could go for a pun, a play on words, different letter cases, and more.

  • UserMcUsername
  • BunchofLetters
  • I_Tweet_Therefore_I_Am
  • NotMyRealName
  • InstaSpam
  • InspectorMeme

Funny Usernames

If there’s ever a place to be funny, it’s the internet. Here are some words and examples to generate humorous usernames:

    • Laughter Slang: LOL, ROFL, LMAO, LMFAO
    • Celebrities: KobeTyrant, TaylorRealitionshipRift, ScarlettJoManson, DwyanesJohnson
    • Film: HairyPoppins, SquidShame, Wolf_of_[your street], FoundGirl
    • TV: GameofGnomes, Better_Call_Paul, WalkingBedHead 
  • fedora_the_explorer
  • I_own_72_cats
  • YellowSnowden 
  • FloridaMan_

Weird Usernames

The outright weird is always going to generate unusual usernames. If you can incorporate words like Kerfuffle, Cattywampus, Bibble, or Lollylag into a username, you may be on to a weird and wonderful winner.

Positive Usernames

The internet is full of negativity, but that doesn’t have to be you. Use some of the following words to send out some positive energy into the universe.

  • Healing
  • Inspire
  • BestLife
  • Ascend
  • Dreams
  • Passion
  • Motivation
  • Mindful
  • Journey
  • Impact
  • Success
  • Winner
  • Conquer
  • Dimension
  • LevelUp

Simple Usernames

Simple username ideas are some of the best, especially if you are building a brand. Some of the best known brands are nothing more than invented words

Did anyone know what Google was before the search engine came along? You can apply the same catchy branding principles to your username.

What’s a Cartoi? We don’t know, but it could be your next simple username.

Aesthetic Usernames

Something that is aesthetic is all about the look, feel, and images it conjures up. It can be beautiful, interesting, or otherwise appealing. An aesthetic username should set a specific tone or mood. 

We’re not sure what TheRusticRealist is, but we bet it chops wood and has a logical thought process.

Business Usernames

If you are a professional, freelancer, or business owner, incorporating your business name or profession is great for promotion. It can also ensure that you get a unique username that isn’t taken. 

Try adding some of the following words to your core name to create a winning business username.

  • Inc – For incorporated businesses
  • Freelancer – If you provide freelance services
  • Pro – A professional in any industry 
  • Dr – Medical and academic doctors
  • Prof – Professors or professionals 
  • AtLaw – If you practice law
  • Writer – If you are a writer or written content creator
  • Corp – For corporations 
  • Company – For companies
  • PR – For public relations 
  • TM – Meaning trademark

Gamer Usernames

Dope usernames for gamers are easy to come up with because you have so much to work with. You can focus on gaming as a whole, go to console or PC, your favorite game and associated lingo, or merge your online gamertag with your usernames on other sites. Check out these ideas.

  • Shooters: Sniper, OneShot, Trigger, Aim, DeadEye, Sharpshooter, Hitman, DropShot, Flank, Scope, Killstreak, Collateral
  • RPGs: Buffs, EXP, Nerfed, NPC, Camper, Loot

What other game genres can you think of?

Fanpage Usernames

For fanpage username ideas you should use the page’s subject as your starting point. Many platforms disallow impersonation, so it is important to be clear that it is indeed a fanpage rather than an official page. One way is to simply use the word unofficial in the username itself. Other ideas could include:

  • Nouns: Zone, Community, Fan Club, Team, Group, Fandom, Stans
  • Descriptors: Memes, Images, Videos, Quotes, Reviews, News, Updates
  • Qualifiers: Not_[Celebrity], Unofficial

For Boys

Looking for ideas for cool usernames for boys? If you want to take a traditional masculine approach, try some of these terms on for size:

  • King
  • Alpha
  • Wolf
  • Powerful
  • Master
  • Champion
  • Hercules
  • Prince
  • Suave
  • Titan

For Girls

Traditional feminine words are a great place to start if you want to invoke your inner girliness. Here are some thought-provoking username ideas for girls

  • Sister
  • Femme
  • Lassie
  • Chick
  • Angel
  • Queen
  • Princess
  • Girl
  • Sass
  • Witchy
  • Lady

Pinterest Usernames

Pinterest names must be between three and 30 characters, and may include letters, numbers, and underscores, with no spaces.

Pinterest also displays your ‘name’ on your profile. Only your first name is displayed, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be your real name. It can also be your business name.

TikTok Usernames

If you’re looking for good TikTok usernames, most of the same principles apply, though the platform leans towards humor and less serious personas. TikTok usernames may only include letters, numbers, underscores, and periods — no other special characters. The only rule is the name cannot be offensive. You’re allowed to change your username every 30 days.

Twitch Usernames

Twitch supports letters, numbers, and underscores for its usernames and display names. They can be anywhere from four to 25 characters, including underscores. As per the rules you cannot include law-breaking, threats, hate, or unauthorized personal info like someone else’s address in your name. Moreover, you can get banned if you impersonate someone else, be that a regular person or celebrity. 

If you’re looking to start streaming, here are some funny Twitch names to get you started: 

  • Cecil Streams
  • GainEXP
  • Button_Basher_Ben
  • watchNchat

How to Check if a Username Is Available?

When you sign up, checking if your desired username is available, is a simple process. You’ll be told right away if you can use it. Moreover, some platforms will even give related suggestions.

However, many people like to have a uniform identity across the internet. Keep in mind though that it can be time-consuming to check every email provider, social media platform, and other site to see if the username is available across the board.

One solution is to use a third-party username checker. These tools will instantly scan all the popular sites, so you can decide which name is most viable for your online presence. They’re also useful when you’re brainstorming your best username ideas.

Good sites that can check unique usernames include:

  • Namechk.com
  • Brandsnag.com
  • Namecheckr.com
  • Dnschecker.org
  • Checkusernames.com

Some of these will also check if a domain name is available in case you wish to start a website under your handle too.

Username checkers will only cover the most popular sites on the internet, excluding forums and other niche platforms. However, if your username is available on popular platforms, it will most likely be available on smaller ones as well. If it isn’t, you can always use our other tips to grab a very similar username to your primary choice.

How to Modify Your Username If It’s Taken?

It’s no longer the early days of the internet and all the popular sites have millions of people active each day. Chances are, there are many people that already use your real name and even many of the interesting usernames you came up with. Unfortunately, even inactive users can hog your desired username. 

Fear not, there are lots of simple methods you can use to tweak a username if it’s already taken. 

Here are a few ways you can still acquire your moniker without thinking of something else completely. 

Top Tip: Different sites have different rules about the characters and symbols that can be used in a username.

Add Numbers

Adding one or two numbers is one of the easiest ways to create catchy usernames if your core idea is already taken.

For example, a simple full-name username like katiesmith can be quickly altered to katiesmith56 or 9katiesmith9 without sacrificing Katie Smith as your main identifier. 

Sometimes even numbered names are taken on mainstream platforms like Twitter, so other symbols or longer number combinations can do the trick.

Reverse Words

Another simple but effective way to generate username ideas with your name is to reverse the words. Using our example above, smithkatie is more likely to be available than katiesmith. If it isn’t, adding numbers to a reserved name gives you even better odds of finding an unused username without dropping your name completely.

Add Words

Adding words can also extend your username and make it more unique while maintaining the initial idea. A starting point is to put the word ‘the’ in front of it. Any word will work, and you can even add something fun or creative. 

Fancy yourself royalty? Why not add the term ‘queen’ or ‘king’ before your real name? What about your favorite color?

If your username is associated with a hobby, the possibilities expand threefold. 

Let’s say you’re part of the Minecraft gaming community. You could become MinerKatieS or QueenMinerKatie.

If you bake, it could be KateBakes.

Other cool words for usernames include:

  • Jobs: KatieSmithActress, KatieSmithLaw, WriterKatieSmith
  • Official: OfficialKatieSmith, KatieSmithOfficial
  • Location: KatieSmithLA, NYCKatieSmith
  • Title: MissKatieSmith, MrsKatieSmith, DrKSmith
  • Real: RealKatieSmith, TheRealKatieSmith, KatieRealSmith, KatieSmith4Real
  • Time: KatieSmithDaily, KatieSmithEveryDay
  • Business: TeamKatie, KatieHQ, DepartmentKS
  • Politics: KateSmithDemocrat
  • Star Signs: AquariusKatieS

Generic cool words for usernames might include:

  • Star
  • Elite
  • Boss
  • Chilling
  • Power
  • Tiger
  • Winner

The possibilities are endless.

Shorten It

It seems natural to lengthen a username if it is already taken but shortening it can be just as effective. You might just use your initials or one initial if you’re using your real name.

E.g., KSmith or KatieS.

The same technique can work for any words you want associated with your username.

Use a Nickname

If your real name is taken, you might use a nickname or common abbreviation. E.g., Jonathan could be replaced with John, Johnny, Johno, Jon, etc. 

Misspell It

Creative usernames can adopt misspellings that are obvious to the person viewing but still allow you to take the name and look cool doing so.

If you want games in the username, it could become gamez with a Z.

If your name is Richard and you want to keep that as part of your username, you could become R1chard or Richurd. Of course, R1chard is still probably taken on a lot of sites, but you can use this technique alongside the other methods to create something fun and unique.

You can also add an extra letter. For example, Smith might become Sssmith.

Add Underscores or Dashes

One of the oldest tricks in the book is to add underscores between words. For example, richardsmith changes to richard_smith or the_richard_smith, or even the_r1chard_smith

It’s the same principle for dashes, e.g., richard-smith or the-richard-smith.

In some instances, you can even add multiple separators, such as richard__smith, but it doesn’t always look good if you overdo it. Moreover, a lot of sites won’t let you start or finish your username with an underscore.

Username vs. Display Name

Your username is not always public facing. Some sites make a distinction between a username and display name. This is when your username is private or secondary and is primarily used for logging in. Instead of unique usernames, the site show display names to the rest of the community.

Depending on your approach, you might use your real name as the username and a different display name if you want to keep your identity anonymous. On the other hand, your username could just be gibberish for logging in, while your display name incorporates your real name.

Different sites have different approaches when it comes to display names. Your display name may be shown on most public pages — i.e., when leaving comments, while your username is still visible on your profile page.

Some sites require your username to be your email address and nothing else, while your display name is the only public name.

Either way, the same tips apply when picking your display name.

It’s now also common for sites to have a separate section for you to enter your preferred pronouns.

Wrap Up

Good username ideas are surprisingly easy to create once you get in the flow. We hope our tips and ideas help you find the perfect name, so you can have fun and maximize your online presence.


Keelan Balderson

Keelan Balderson

A qualified journalist and longtime web content writer, Keelan has a passion for exploring information and learning new things. If he's not writing or pushing his own brands, you'll find him watching pro wrestling or trying not to rant about politics online.

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