Heart Emoji Meanings Explained - Everything You Need To Know

Deyan Georgiev
Deyan Georgiev

Updated · Oct 16, 2022


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You have probably gotten at least one heart emoji. 

Don’t be quick to assume that someone is in love with you yet!

There are different heart emoji meanings. It’s confusing, I know. That’s why I prepared a guide.


Heart emojis are quite popular on messaging platforms. There is a significant boost in February, known as the month of love. No surprises here.

World Emoji Awards 2021 voted heart on fire (❤️‍🔥 ) as the Most Popular New Emoji. In addition, the red heart emoji ❤️ was voted number five on the top 10 most used emojis on Twitter in 2021. 

According to Emojipedia, the classic red heart ❤️ is the most used heart emoji on Twitter. The brown heart 🤎 is the least used.

Heart Emoji Meanings

The Unicode Consortium approves 3633 emojis. 20 out of them are heart emojis. 

Why so many?

The heart symbol is used to signify love. And as we know, this comes in different brands, ranging from romantic to platonic. It would be weird to send someone you’re not familiar with an emoticon that means sexual desire for example. Needless to say, a lot of thought should go into choosing the right one while texting.

Let’s examine the different options:

Red Heart ❤️

This classic love symbol. Primarily, you can use this to express romantic intentions. Say you tell someone you love them via text; including this emoji makes the confession cuter.

You can send it to your romantic partner and BFFs. It might be too much to send to someone you just met or someone from customer support! There are other alternatives.

For example:

Yellow Heart 💛

The color symbolizes positive energy, warmth, and happiness. The yellow heart emoji got its meaning from these attributes. 

It’s great for friends or family members! 

In addition, you could send it to indicate just how much you like an item.

Blue Heart 💙

This heart symbol has certain literal meanings. Use it when expressing your love and support for blue things. For example, use this when talking about the ocean, Seaworld, Smurfs, еtc.

Yes, really. 

You can also use it to show support for autism awareness. 

Controversially, the blue heart is taken to signify the friendzone. If you receive this from someone you like, especially after sending them a red heart, it could mean they have placed you in the friendzone.

Purple Heart💜

Hear us out. This emoji is perhaps the most controversial heart emoji. The purple heart emoji works well while texting an older person—for example, your grandparents. 

You can also use it for someone you would like to see naked or an FWB. 

I was extremely confused, too.

On Twitter, it is commonly used when talking about the famous Korean boy band, BTS. So… choose your fighter, wisely.

Green Heart 💚

One thing is for sure. There is nothing romantic about this emoji! 

The green heart has several meanings. Use it to show love, admiration, and support for things that are colored green. Like nature, organic lifestyles, salads, green smoothies, and more.

It’s pretty popular among eco activists. 

Broken Heart💔

The physical representation of the heartbroken emoji makes it look serious. But in reality, it’s not as intense. 

It is used to express disappointment and pain but in a joking manner. Use if you are trying to cause a little trouble with your partner or friend just for the fun of it. You can also use it when you are exaggerating hurt. 

Don’t use it when you are genuinely heartbroken or deeply hurt by something. It’s an ironic one.

White Heart 🤍

White symbolizes purity. The white heart emoji is a  symbol of a love that is pure. Its a pretty netural choice. Some use it as an alternative for the red one.

Orange Heart 🧡

You have to admit; it’s a cute color! Orange heart emojis are great for sprinkling around the group chat with your close friends and family members.

However, if you get it from a love interest, it could mean they are uncertain about their romantic feelings for you. 

But hey! At least it’s not blue.

Black Heart 🖤

Black is an intense color. This heart is popular among punk, rock, and metal fans. It’s also a fav of the goth kids.

You can also use it to show you’re joking after a controversial line.

Brown Heart 🤎

The brown heart emoji has neutral meaning in most cases. It saw a surge of popularity during the Black Lives Matter protests in America.

Growing Heart💗

A heart inside a heart inside a larger heart. It is appropriate for use when talking to your crush. It’s emoji speak for “you make my heart skip.” 

I also use it for cute animals, cuz, you know - they make my heart skip a beat.

Double Heart 💕

Double heart emoji sends a message that you love someone. It is something you’d use when talking to your best friend(s).

You can also use it for someone you just started dating. It’s not as romantic as the classic red heart, so great alternative.

Sparkling Heart 💖

The sparkle heart emoji is a playful one.

You can use it with your crush. You can also send it to your friend, when she’s looking hot in a new dress.

Revolving Heart Emoji 💞

You can use the two hearts revolving emoji for someone you vibe well with.  Additionally, you can use it to show agreement and that you had the same thought.

Heart Exclamation ❣️

When using an exclamation mark while texting, it gives off high energy. It shows excitement about something or someone you love.

You should not use this with someone you’re not so familiar with. You don’t want them thinking you’re a little too hyper. 

Beating Heart 💓

Did you just meet someone that has your heart racing? The beating heart emoji is perfect for expressing how you feel.

Asides from people that give you butterflies in your stomach, also use it to talk about things you like. 

Heart With an Arrow 💘

According to mythology, Cupid has a reputation for shooting people with a love bow to make them fall in love.

This heart emoticon with an arrow depicts a heart hit by the love god. Send it to someone you’re crushing hard on. 

Wrap Up

Heart emojis can make or break a conversation, especially with a stranger. They can also become a trademark - a few influencers only use the white heart, for example.

So find your messaging style! We’re all here to have fun, after all.


What does 💖 mean from a guy?

When a guy sends you a sparkle heart emoji, it could be a number of things. It could mean that he:

  • Had a nice time hanging out with you
  • Likes you but doesn’t want to come off too strongly
  • Likes you, but as a friend
  • Thinks you’re cute

It’s all about context in this case.

What does 💜 mean from a girl?

Context plays a huge role here, too. But most likely, it’s not a romantic message.

What does 💕 mean in texting?

It is a sign of love and affection. It’s popular among friends. If you receive it from a crush or new love interest, it could mean that they are really into you.

For more heart emoji meanings, check the article above!



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