How Does the New MWII Gunsmith 2.0 Work?

Dejan Cvetnarevic
Dejan Cvetnarevic

Updated · Oct 18, 2022


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The Gunsmith system implemented in Modern Warfare (2019) has forever changed the FPS genre with its innovative approach to adjusting a player’s weapon loadout.

For MWII, Infinity Ward is offering a drastically changed and simplified Gunsmith 2.0 system based on weapon platforms that come with more customization depth.

But what’s changed, and how does it actually work?

We tell you all about it below!

modern warfware 2

What Are Weapon Platforms in MWII?

The biggest change in the new and yet-to-be-seen if improved Gunsmith 2.0 is the introduction of ‘Weapon Platforms’, which work similarly to their real-world counterparts.

Essentially, these represent a family of weapons with a ‘head’ weapon and several variations stemming from it, which vary in power, purpose, and weapon class.

Players will be able to unlock the base weapon of every platform by progressing through their Military Rank (up to Rank 55), which then they have to level up to get its variations.

modern warfare 2

Pictured above: the M4 family tree with the M4 Assault rifle as the base weapon

While the platform’s base weapon will often be an assault rifle, like in the case of the M4, some platforms may have a head weapon in a different class, such as the ‘Lachmann Meer’ with the Lachmann-762 single-fire battle rifle.

What Is a Receiver in MWII?

The method used to create new weapons of a different class than the head weapon is via so-called ‘receivers’, which are essentially the variants of their base weapons.

Similar to weapon attachments, which we go over below, receivers take up their own progression slot, after which they branch out into a weapon of their own (often of a different class) that you modify and level up separately from the gun they stem from.

modern warfare 2

Pictured above: the M4 base weapon transformed into an LMG using the 556 Icarus Receiver

Therefore, a receiver is basically the core of a new weapon that comes with its own stats and use case. You can add your preferred attachments, including optics, grips, magazines, barrels, etc., to further adjust its characteristics to fit your playstyle.

modern warfare 2

Pictured above: the current M4 platform receiver attachments

Those that enjoy delving into the game lore should know that these weapon variations (the receivers) can either be created by the same manufacturer as the base weapon or by another, similar to how real-life weapon manufacturing works.

For instance, the M4 Assault Rifle, created by Tempus Armaments and the head weapon of the M4 platform, branches out into the FSS Hurricane SMG manufactured by FSS and the FTAC Recon Battle Rifle made by Forge Tac.

However, the M4 platform also features an M16 receiver, which is a burst-fire Assault Rifle built by the same manufacturer—Tempus Armaments.

How Does Weapon Progression Work in MWII?

Similar to previous games, leveling up your weapons (including their variations) unlocks various attachments of several types that you can use to modify the weapon stats and purpose.

But unlike the previous weapon builder, Gunsmith 2.0 is a much more explorative platform with a big advantage: you can use unlocked attachments across all weapons of a single platform (platform-native), with some available across all weapon platforms (universal).

Players needed and asked for this change as it eliminates the unnecessary grind of unlocking the same attachment multiple times for different weapons.

1. What Are Platform-Native Attachments in MWII?

Gunsmith’s platform-native attachments are only sharable across the weapons of the same family tree, and they include the following attachment types:

  • Barrels
  • Magazines
  • Rear grips
  • Stocks
  • Receivers

So if you see only 2 barrel attachments in your M4 progression, don’t worry, as you will get additional options when you level up the platform’s various receivers.

2. What Are Universal Attachments in MWII?

On the other hand, the following group of attachments can be used universally across every weapon platform, provided the specific weapon supports such an attachment:

  • Muzzles
  • Lasers
  • Foregrips
  • Ammunition
  • Optics

So once you unlock the Echoline GS-X Suppressor Muzzle for the M4, that is it! You don’t have to unlock that attachment again for any platform or its variations, something you would have had to do 40 different times for each weapon that supported it in the previous title.

 Pros & Cons of the MWII Weapon Progression System

Players who played the Modern Warfare II Beta in the second half of September praised the overhauled Gunsmith 2.0 system for its versatility in trying out various weapon loadouts and playstyles since it eliminates the constant grind of leveling up every weapon.

At first, however, it takes some time to understand how the weapon platforms, receivers, and attachments work as it's a new system resembling their actual use in the real world.

Another drawback is the lack of transparency of unlockable attachments, the weapons with which you can combine them, and the fact that you will have to play with a different gun than the one you prefer if its progression includes an attachment you can use.

For example, what if an especially powerful foregrip attachment that you can use for your M4 is hidden away in the progression of another receiver, but you have no idea about that?

Hopefully, Infinity Ward will resolve these issues by adding the necessary information within the Gunsmith’s UI by the time the full game is released.

What Are Weapon Vaults in MWII?

As one of the new series additions introduced with MWII, the Weapon Vault is the ultimate blueprint as it unlocks dozens of platform-native attachments from other manufacturers.

In addition to offering a hand-picked selection of the most effective attachments, weapon vaults also feature the same visual style across all attachments and receivers they contain.

Moreover, universal attachments like Optics, Foregrips, etc. will be coated in the design specific to your Weapon Vault once you unlock them regularly.

You can immediately try out this new cosmetic feature at launch if you purchase the MWII Vault Edition on any platform since it includes the FJX Cinder Weapon Vault.

How Do Weapon Blueprints Work in MWII?

Regular weapon blueprints make a comeback, and they will work more or less the same as they did in the previous titles, meaning you can equip them with the attachments they contain.

However, despite earning or buying these blueprints, your weapon will lose its unique look if you replace the blueprint’s attachments, unlike keeping its design as with weapon vaults.

Entering the Firing Range

Modern Warfare (2019) and Warzone lack one crucial game feature: a mode where you can try out your weapon loadouts, or even basic graphics settings, without risking your K/D ratio.

Thankfully, the Firing Range is coming back, allowing you to test your weapon creations, check out their look, and master their firing patterns straight from the Gunsmith menu.

That way, you don’t have to start and complete an entire match to fine-tune your weapons or see if any gameplay changes you’ve made have improved your performance.


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