How to Add Money to Venmo? [All Methods Explained]

Keelan Balderson
Keelan Balderson

Updated · Oct 13, 2022


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Venmo is the perfect mobile solution for splitting bills and sending funds between family and friends. 

But if you’re wondering how to add money to Venmo, let’s take a closer look at the numerous options available on this PayPal-owned app.

What is Venmo?

Venmo is a powerful mobile payment app with a twist. Using it, you can flawlessly pay and receive money with a few taps. But its main focus is on splitting bills and making payments between friends and family members. 

It works with numerous sites, apps, and retailers that accept PayPal since the financial giant owns this app.

Its unique feature is social payments. You have a feed that displays your purchases and financial interactions with those in your social circle. It brings an element of fun to your shopping sprees and shared purchases. It’s also evolved into a great way to promote side businesses or charitable causes since you can maintain a separate profile page for them.

Almost everyone gives it a try. Some reasons for this popularity are: 

  • its inclusion of crypto
  • a generous cashback card
  • all the cutting-edge features you expect from a mobile payment app

So, if all your pals are using it, you should probably learn how to transfer money to Venmo and get started.

Here’s everything you need to know!

How to Add Money to a Venmo Account?

The ways of adding money to Venmo are extremely versatile. You can maintain a balance within your account, no different from PayPal or a bank account. These funds are kept safe and secure and can be used for any type of purchase. 

Alternatively, you can also pay directly from other accounts without maintaining a balance on the app itself. 

The easiest way to add funds to Venmo is to transfer them from your bank account. The one big drawback is — you will need to be approved for Venmo’s own Mastercard debit card first. Here’s how to do it.

From Bank Account

If you’re wondering how to transfer money from a bank to Venmo, the first step is to link your bank account to the app. To prevent problems, this should be a standard checking account. Not a savings account or other type that might have trouble transferring funds quickly.

To link your bank account:

  • first go to the ‘Me’ tab 
  • hit the gear icon for settings
  • swipe down to ‘Payment Methods’ and tap ‘Add a bank or card’
  • key in your bank account details, including the account and routing numbers

Linking Your Bank Account to Venmo 

Before you can transfer money to your Venmo balance, the account needs to be verified and you need a Venmo debit card. 

Linking your bank can be done instantly if you are willing to supply your online banking username and password. Venmo uses Plaid, which is an encrypted method of accessing your account. It essentially just checks your identity and verifies whether you have the required funds when making payments.

Not all banks will accept this form of verification, so the second option is to perform a micro transfer. You may have come across this type of transaction when verifying PayPal and other online financials.

Venmo will make two small deposits of less than $1 and then withdraw these deposits. The whole process takes between 1 and 3 business days. When all payments are cleared, your account is verified.

Note, Venmo recommends having at least $2 in your account prior to conducting the verification process. That’s because some banks may process the repayments before the deposits have cleared. 

Congratulations, you can now use your bank account to make direct payments through Venmo. Verified accounts can make combined transactions of $4,999.99 per week. A single transaction cannot exceed $2,000, however.

How Do I Transfer Money from My Bank to Venmo?

If you have a Venmo debit card (see below) you can also add funds from your bank to your Venmo balance. To do this:

  • tap the ‘Me’ tab and go to ‘Manage Balance’
  • then tap ‘Add Money’ or ‘Add or Transfer’ depending on your app version
  • enter the amount

Select the bank account you previously added and confirm the transaction. This way of adding to your Venmo balance can take up to 5 working days

Note that you do not have to maintain a Venmo balance, and most people choose not to. When you tap the payment icon at the top right, you can use your bank as the source for a ‘backup payment’.

If you do have some funds in your Venmo balance, these will be used first. Any remaining amount will be taken from your backup —in this case, your bank.

If you have no balance at all, you can go straight to using your bank for payment.

From a Debit Card

Adding a debit card as a payment method works much the same way as adding a bank account:

  • go to ‘Settings’
  • then to ‘Payment Methods’
  • tap ‘Add a bank or card’ and choose ‘card’
  • then enter your card details manually or via the photo scanning feature

There is no need to verify your card like there is with a bank account.

But how do you add money to Venmo using a debit card?

Unfortunately, this option is only available when you use Venmo's official debit card account. To do this, you also need to have a linked bank account.

To make a direct payment from your debit card: 

  • tap the payment icon at the top right
  • choose a contact or add a new recipient 
  • select your card as a ‘backup payment’

If you don’t maintain a balance, the card will instantly become the payment source.

From a Credit Card 

To add money to Venmo with credit card accounts, follow the same steps: 

  • go to ‘Settings’, then ‘Payment Methods’
  • tap ‘Add a bank or card’ and choose ‘card’
  • then enter your card details manually or via the photo scanning feature

Verification is not required as long as your Venmo account name matches that on the card.

To make a direct payment from your credit card: 

  • tap the payment icon at the top right
  • choose a contact or add a new recipient
  • use your credit card as a ‘backup payment’

If you have no Venmo balance, the credit card will become the payment source.

Unfortunately, you cannot fund your Venmo balance itself with a credit card. Because such payments aren’t classed as a purchase or cash advance. 

It is also worth noting that payments funded by credit cards are subject to a 3% Venmo charge unless the purchase is made from a few select outlets. 

A good alternative is to apply for Venmo’s own Visa credit card (we’ll discuss how to do that below), which comes with a ton of rewards.

Other Ways to Add Money to Venmo

Above, we’ve outlined the most common answers to how to add money to the Venmo app, but there are a few more helpful methods. Let’s take a look at them:

Venmo Debit Card

Venmo issues its own branded Mastercard debit card, which you can use to fund and spend your Venmo account balance directly. It works anyplace in the United States that accepts contactless payments.

Applying for a Venmo Mastercard

You can apply for the card under the ‘Cards’ tab on the app. 

You must provide: 

  • your name
  • address 
  • date of birth
  • a scan or clear photo of an identity document (can be a passport, driver’s license, or other US government-issued ID)
  • may also require proof of address and your SSN

The good news is that there are no vigorous credit checks because this isn’t a credit card. Most US adults will be approved – the main concern is verifying your identity. 

How to Load Money on Venmo from a Bank Account

If you have a Venmo debit card, you can top up your Venmo app balance using your verified bank account. So, instead of transferring money or making a purchase directly from your bank, you can deposit funds from your bank and hold them in Venmo for future use.

To do this:

  • tap the ‘Me’ tab, followed by ‘Manage Balance’
  • then click ‘Add or Transfer’
  • enter the desired amount and select your bank account

You should see the funds arrive in 3 to 5 business days.

If you are one of the lucky users chosen to trial the new Instant Add Money feature, you should see an option labeled ‘Instant’ in your feed. Your bank transfer will appear immediately. However, it may still take 3-5 business days to appear on your bank statement. 

Note that this method is limited to $500 a week.

Venmo Debit Card Reload

At this point, you may be asking, ‘Can I add cash to my Venmo card?’ Yes, but in a bit of a roundabout way. 

Your Venmo account balance is made up of funds sent to you or transferred from your bank account. By default, whenever you use your Venmo debit card online or in a store, it will pull from this balance.

However, if the cost of your purchase exceeds your Venmo balance, the card can automatically use your bank account as a backup source if you enable ‘reloads’. It works much like a regular bank debit card.

The catch is that it will fund Venmo in increments of $10, regardless of the purchase price. So, if your balance is $10 and you spend $55, Venmo will take $50 from your bank, not just $45. The extra $5 will remain in your Venmo balance. 

To turn on reloads:

  • go to the Debit Card section of the app 
  • tap the Venmo card image
  • you’ll see an option to turn reloads on (or off)

Remember, for transactions to go smoothly, you must have enough funds in your bank account to cover both the amount you’re spending and the $10 increment. 

At this time, there are no Venmo reload locations where you can top up your account balance. You can fund your Venmo balance via an in-app bank transfer. Or you can make a purchase with the Venmo debit card to trigger a reload.

Venmo Credit Card Cashback

Want to know how to add funds to Venmo for free? In addition to the debit card, Venmo now offers a Visa credit card, which you can apply for in the app. 

Like the debit card, you must provide your personal details and proof of ID. Furthermore, a credit check will be carried out to determine your eligibility.

Anyone approved will receive a credit limit of at least $250.

If you are approved, you can also get some of the best credit card perks on the market. These include:

  • up to 3% cashback on groceries
  • 2% on bills and utilities
  • 1% on all other purchases

Unlike other credit cards, cashback really is cash and it will be added to your Venmo balance.

Direct Deposit

Another common question is: ‘How do I add money to Venmo via direct deposit?’

This is a mechanism used by employers to pay wages. Verified Venmo users can divert their salary to their Venmo account by setting this up with their employer.

Here are the steps:

  • first go to the ‘Me’ tab and tap ‘Settings’
  • then tap ‘Direct Deposit’ if it is visible
  • this will display an account and routing number which you must give to your employer and enter into a Direct Deposit form

Sometimes you will be required to provide the name and address of your bank when setting up a direct deposit. In this case, you must use Venmo’s FDIC-insured partner bank:

The Bancorp Bank

Customer Service Ctr. 

409 Silverside Road, Suite 105

Wilmington, DE 19809

Check Deposit

How to add funds to Venmo by check? It’s surprisingly simple. First, your account must be verified by adding a bank account or being approved for the Venmo debit card.

Then all you have to do is: 

  • tap the ‘Me’ tab
  • go to ‘Manage Balance’
  • choose ‘Cash a Check’ 
  • enter the amount — it should correspond to the sum of the check 
  • you will then be prompted to take a photo of the front and back of the endorsed check within the app

Checks are usually verified in seconds but can take up to 15 minutes if closer inspection is required. 

Checks also appear remarkably fast in your Venmo balance. If you opt to pay the ‘In Minutes’ fee, you will literally see it on your account in minutes. Note that without the fee, you could have to wait up to 10 days for the check to clear.

The minimum you can deposit by check is $5 and the maximum is $5,000, with no more than $15,000 in checks per month.

Ask A Friend

If you want to know how to add money to Venmo quickly, you can get another user with a balance to send it instantly. After all, this is one of the primary functions of the app – making it easy for friends and family to send each other money and split bills.

To request a payment, tap the Pay/Request button at the bottom of the app. Then enter the amount, and leave a note if necessary. The recipient only has to tap to accept the request and then choose their payment method.

Another user can also tap Pay/Request, select you as the recipient, and enter your username or full name to find your profile. 

If you’re meeting face-to-face, there is also a QR code scanning option. All you have to do is scan the code, enter the desired amount, and confirm the transaction.

Wrap Up

Venmo is an impressive payment app that excels at making sending and receiving money effortless. Now that you know all about how to add to your Venmo balance, why not split the bill at this evening’s restaurant? Or apply for the Venmo credit card for some excellent perks? 


How do I put money on Venmo?

If you want to know how to load money on Venmo, the easiest option is to link it to your bank account, debit card, or credit card. Then you can send money and pay for your purchases directly. 

If you wish to keep a balance in the app, however, you must first get approved for a Venmo debit card. Then you can transfer as much money as you need from your bank account.

If you receive money from others, this will also build your Venmo balance.

Where can I load money on my Venmo card?

There currently isn’t a physical store or location where you can load your Venmo debit card. The card draws funds from your in-app Venmo balance, which can only be funded by bank transfer or by receiving money from another Venmo user.

However, you can make purchases with your Venmo card that exceed your balance. You can do so by turning on the ‘reloads’ option, which will take the excess amount from your bank account automatically.

Can I add money to my Venmo account immediately?

Wondering how to add money to Venmo instantly? A select number of users that hold a Venmo debit card have been picked to use the Instant Add Money feature. While this is not available to everyone yet and comes with a weekly limit, it is expected to be rolled out fully in the coming months. 


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