How to Cancel Avast VPN in a Few Easy Steps

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Avast is a well-known security company that offers a virtual private network service called SecureLine VPN. You can get it as part of the Avast product bundle or as a separate product.

AvastVPN ensures safe and private internet browsing, protecting users' online activities and keeping them anonymous. It offers fast download speeds, site unblocking, and streaming capabilities.

While AvastVPN has many great features, some customers could stop using it. Customers can cancel using a variety of channels, including the website, Google Play Store, App Store, or customer support.

This article will provide the steps to cancel your Avast VPN easily. To learn more, keep reading.

Key Takeaways: 

🎯If you avail of the subscription through Avast's official website, you can cancel your subscription through an Avast account or Avast support.

🎯You must cancel your subscription through the Google Play Store or App Store if you bought the service there. 

🎯To avoid new charges after canceling, cancel before the current subscription expires. 

🎯If you have tried all the available methods but can't cancel your subscription, contact Avast customer support.  

🎯There are alternative VPN services to Avast SecureLine VPN that offer comparable features.  

Methods To Cancel Avast VPN Subscription

Avast VPN provides several methods for canceling your subscription, ensuring flexibility and convenience. This gives subscribers freedom over their Avast account.

In the following section, you can learn about different methods to cancel your Avast VPN subscription.

✅ Pro Tip:  You will not be charged for the upcoming subscription period if you cancel your subscription before the next billing date.  

Canceling Avast Through Website

Avast VPN is a service that works on a subscription basis. Uninstalling the program from your device doesn't automatically end the subscription. 

You'll need to cancel through the Avast account and Avast support on the Avast Website to unsubscribe from its service.

📝 Note: This only applies to Avast SecureLine subscriptions purchased through the Avast website. 

Cancel Through Avast Account

The quickest way to cancel is through your Avast account, but have your Avast login information ready. If you don't have an Avast account, create one before doing the steps below.

Here's a detailed guide on canceling Avast VPN through the website: 

1. Head to Avast’s official website and sign in to your account. 

2. Click Manage Subscriptions under SecureLine VPN

Avast account manages subscriptions

3. Select Unsubscribe

Avast account unsubscribe 

4. Click Continue

5. Review the details about your cancellation, then click Close.

Your subscription is now canceled. You will receive a confirmation via email.

📝 Note: If the subscription gets canceled, the status changes to Expiring. You can continue using your AvastVPN until the expiration date.

Contact Avast Support to Cancel

Alternatively, you can cancel your Avast SecureLine VPN subscription by contacting customer support. 

Here are the steps: 

1. Visit the Avast website and click Support

2. Click Unsubscribe.

3. Select reasons why you want to unsubscribe. 

Avast support contact option and order id number

4. Select your preferred Contact Option

5. Enter your Order ID number. You can find it in an email you received upon first purchasing Avast SecureLine VPN. 

Your request to cancel has been sent, and an Avast support agent will contact you soon. 

Using Android to Cancel Avast VPN Subscription

If you purchased your subscription via the Google Play Store, you must cancel it using your Google account. 

Here are the steps to cancel your Avast VPN subscription on your Android device:  

1. Open the Google Play Store on your Android device. 

2. Tap your profile in the top-right corner and select Payments and Subscriptions. Tap Subscriptions.

3. Select the Avast SecureLine VPN you want to cancel. 

4. Tap Cancel Subscription.

Android Avast cancel subscription

5. Google Play may ask if you want to pause your subscription. Tap “No, Thanks” to confirm your wish to cancel your subscription. 

6. Optionally, provide a reason for canceling, then click Continue

7. Tap Cancel Subscription to confirm cancellation.

Avast cancel the subscription on Android

You have canceled your subscription via Android. Avast will send an email about your cancellation.

✅ Pro Tip: Uninstalling the app from your smartphone does not cancel the subscription. Your subscription will still automatically renew after expiration, even if you uninstalled the app without canceling.

Terminating Avast Subscription on IOS

If you purchased an Avast subscription on your iPhone or iPad, you can cancel it via the Apple Play Store. 

Here’s how to do it: 

1. Tap the App Store icon on your device's home screen to open it. 

2. Tap your profile in the upper right corner of the screen.

3. Select Subscriptions

 the App Store subscription tab

4. Tap Cancel Subscription (or Tap Cancel Free Trial).

Cancel Avast free trial

5. Select Confirm to confirm the cancellation. 

Cancelling Avast free trial - confirm cancellation

If you have multiple Avast subscriptions that you want to cancel, you need to repeat the steps above for each subscription that you wish to cancel. 

📝 Note: Ensure that the Apple ID used to purchase the Avast VPN subscription is logged into the App Store. 

In the next section, you will learn about some of the most common problems with canceling AvastVPN and how to fix them. 

Common Issues with Cancelling Avast VPN

Navigating the process of canceling an Avast SecureLine VPN subscription is generally straightforward. However, you may run into one or more issues along the way. 

Here are some common problems that may arise during the cancellation process and solutions to overcome them: 

1. Difficulty Finding the Unsubscribe Button on the Website

Find the unsubscribe option within the Avast VPN application or website. If you don't see the unsubscribe button, you may cancel your subscription using other alternatives, like balancing through Avast customer support. 

2. No Avast Account

Another problem with canceling an Avast VPN through an Avast account is that the user needs one. You must first create one to cancel your subscription through your Avast account. 

Here are the steps to create an Avast account:  

1. Visit the Create account page for Avast.

2. Enter your email address and click Continue.

Avast’s create an account window

3. Open your email and look for a message from Avast: Please Verify your email address

4. Click Verify email.

5. Create a password for your new email Avast account and click Continue to return to the main Avast Account Screen.

Avast account Create your password

You now have a new active account from Avast to cancel your subscription. 

3. Forgot the Password for Avast Account

Many users must remember their Avast account password when canceling their VPN subscription. If this happens, you can reset your password. 

To reset your Avant account password, follow the steps below: 

1. Go to the Avant Recover Password page.

2. Enter your email address and click Continue.

3. Go to your email inbox and open an email from Avast with the subject: Forgot your password?

4. Click the Reset Password button.

5. Type your new password and click Continue.

6. Click Continue to account to enter your Avast account with your new password. 

Now you can start processing the cancellation of your Avast SecureLine VPN.    

4. Cancel options won’t show the SecureLine VPN subscription 

There are some instances when SecureLine VPN is missing from the list of subscriptions to cancel. 

To address this issue, you can manually add the subscription to the list using one of the methods below: 

An activated Avast product 

You can add the subscription to your Avast account when your SecureLine VPN is active on at least one device. Add a subscription by signing in with your Avast account credentials. 

Here's how to do this: 

1. Open your Avast product and click the Menu in the top corner of the main application screen.

2. Select My Subscriptions.

3. Choose Sign in to your Avast account

4. Enter your Avast account information and click Sign in

The subscription is now visible in your Avast account's My Subscriptions section.  

Your Avast Account

You can link your Avast account to the email address you used to purchase SecureLine VPN. All Avast subscriptions purchased with that email address appear in your Avast account.

Here's how to do it: 

1. If you can't locate your subscription email, check the email address where Avast sent your order confirmation email.

2. Sign in to your Avast account, then click the tile that says Account Settings.

Avast’s Account settings

3. Click +Add Email under Email Management.

4. Type your Avast Account password, enter the email address you used to buy the missing subscription, and click Add.

Avast email management, add a new account 

5. Go to your email inbox and open the message from Avast with the subject: Please verify your email address.

6. Click the button Verify Email.

You have now changed the email address of your Avast account. Refresh your browser window or log back into your Avast Account to see if the status has changed.

5. Unable to Cancel Subscription via Avast Account 

If you can't cancel your subscription via your Avast account, try other ways. If you purchased it through the Google Play Store or the App Store, you should cancel it through those stores. 

You can cancel by contacting Avast support or the Nexway Avast customer portal. 

📝 Note: Using the Nexway Avast customer portal only applies if Nexway processes your Avast subscription purchase. Check your billing statement or confirmation email to see if Nexway processed your order. 

6. Issues with Recurring Bills Even After the Cancellation

Even after canceling your AvastVPN subscription, Avast might continue to bill your account due to issues with the recurring billing system. This is caused by technical errors or delays in the cancellation request.

Timing also plays a part in cancellation issues. To resolve this, contact Avast Customer Support. If AvastVPN and its features are not enough for you, the next part below are several alternatives. 

Alternative VPNs to Avast 

Whether you are dissatisfied with Avast VPN or want to explore other options, several excellent alternatives are available. 

These alternatives can provide reliable encryption, secure browsing, and anonymous internet access to protect your privacy. 

Check out two alternatives for Avast VPN below: 


NordVPN has been around since 2008. It is a widely recognized and popular VPN service known for its robust security features and extensive global server network. It is considered one of the leading VPN providers in the industry. 

They also offer security features like double VPN, allowing connections to route through two servers for enhanced protection. Users can also install the VPN directly onto their Wi-Fi router, ensuring secure internet activity on all devices.


ExpressVPN is a highly regarded VPN service known for its strong emphasis on security, fast connection speeds, and comprehensive coverage. It has earned its name as one of the best alternatives to Avast SecureLine VPN. 

It is a good choice for privacy-conscious users because it has no logging policy. It is also a good option for gamers because it reduces ping, reduces logs, and improves connectivity. 

VPN Quick Stats

Here’s a quick comparison of AvastVPN, NordVPN, and ExpressVPN.


Avast SecureLine VPN


Express VPN

Standard annual price 




Number of Devices 

Up to 10 devices 


Up to 5 devices

VPN Router 




Customer support




Logs data




Kill switch
















IP Address 




Wrapping Up

Canceling Avast SecureLine VPN may vary depending on how you availed of the service. You should cancel your subscription before it expires to avoid service renewal charges. 

Avast VPN presents a straightforward way of canceling your subscription, with many different methods that you can use. While there might be challenges, reaching out to Avast support can help resolve any issues you may encounter. 

Consider other VPN options on the market that offer different features and pricing plans. Conducting thorough research about the company and its VPN service can help you find a suitable replacement if you need one.


Will I get a refund if I cancel my Avast VPN?

No, you will not receive a refund for any time remaining on your Avast VPN subscription if you cancel it. You can continue using the paid service until your subscription expires.

Does Avast have a 30-day money-back refund policy?

Yes, Avast's 30-day money-back guarantee allows you to get your money back if you are unhappy with the service. However, the 30-day money-back guarantee doesn't apply to third-party resellers or App Store purchases.

When should I cancel my subscription if I don't want to be charged?

If you no longer need the Avast VPN, cancel your subscription before your next billing date to stop getting charged.

Do I need to cancel my Avast VPN free trial?

Cancel the free trial before it ends if you entered payment information before starting it. If you do not cancel, you will be charged for the following subscription period after your free trial expires.


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