How to Cancel Avast VPN in a Few Easy Steps

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Updated · Feb 27, 2023

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Avast is a company most well known for its antivirus software. But it also has a subscription-based Virtual Private Network by the name of SecureLine VPN

Since you’re here, you’ve probably decided that it is not for you.

Worry not.

In this article, we will discuss how to cancel Avast SecureLine VPN, regardless of platform. Furthermore, I’m also going to show how to know whether you’re eligible for a refund, and how to request one.

Finally, I will introduce some alternatives you might want to consider. There are many reasons you might need one, and it’s good to always be prepared.


Let’s go.

How to Cancel Avast VPN

First of all, Avast’s SecureLine VPN  is one of the most popular Virtual Private Network services. As such, it is available for many different platforms. Aside from being compatible with both Windows and macOS, it also has a mobile app for iOS and Android.

Why is this relevant?

Each version requires you to take different steps to cancel its subscription. 

First things first:

Windows and Mac

Here is how to cancel your Avast SecureLine VPN subscription on PCs and laptops:

First, you need to head to Avast’s official website and sign in with your account. Afterwards, click on the My Subscriptions button. It should look like this:

avast secureline interface

Once you’re in the My Subscriptions section, you should see your Avast SecureLine plan on display. Then, simply click the Unsubscribe button and make sure “Unsubscribe from future renewals and let my subscription expire” is ticked.

You’re all done!

Now if for some reason this method doesn’t work or isn’t available to you there is a second option:

You can cancel Avast SecureLine VPN by contacting customer support.

How do you do this?

Simple. First, head to Avast’s website and select Support at the top right corner, and then Unsubscribe.

unsubscribing from avast

After that, you will have to specify the reason you want to unsubscribe from a drop-down menu. Once you’ve done that, you will have to choose between phone or live chat. Keep in mind you will need your Order ID number!

You can find it on the receipt email you received upon first purchasing SecureLine.


If you wish to unsubscribe from Avast SecureLine on smartphones, the process is a bit different.

Let’s look at Android first.

To begin, sign in to Google Play with your account. Then, tap your profile picture in the top right, and select Payments & subscriptions.

unsubscribing from Avast SecureLine via a smartphone

There, you will find a list of all your currently active subscriptions. Select Avast SecureLine and then tap Cancel Subscription. You may be asked if you want to pause your subscription instead. Select No thanks if prompted.


Canceling Avast SecureLine’s membership on iPhone and iPad is quite similar.

First, open up the App Store, tap your profile icon in the top right and select Subscriptions. You will find your SecureLine subscription there. Select it and tap Cancel subscription and then Confirm.

There, done.

It really is that simple.

When you cancel a subscription, your plan will run until the expiration date. After that, your profile will switch to a free one.

How to Request a Refund from Avast VPN

Now that you’ve successfully canceled your subscription, let’s talk about refunds. What is Avast’s money-back policy, and how can you find out if you’re eligible?

For starters, you can ask for a refund on your Avast VPN within thirty days of purchase. This applies only to Windows, Mac, and Android purchases made directly through Avast’s official website or the smartphone app.

If you bought SecureLine more than thirty days ago, your request for a refund will likely be denied. Furthermore, the iOS version of the app is subject to Apple’s own refund policy.

If you meet all these conditions, do the following:

Open up your Avast account page, you will see a button that says Order history. There you can see all your product purchases. Find the one for SecureLine, and click on Request a refund in the bottom left.

Not seeing such an option?

That might mean your purchase is not eligible for a refund anymore.

In this case, there is a second option and that is through contacting Avast support to request a refund. Head to the official website, click on Support in the top right, and then Refund Request

Then, make sure the box that says “An Avast software product” is selected, and click Next.

How to Request a Refund from Avast VPN

Prepare your Order ID, as you will need it to fill out the contact form. Once you’ve submitted your ticket, customer support should handle your request for an Avast refund.

Alternatives to Avast VPN

If for whatever reason Avast SecureLine is not to your liking, having a VPN is generally a good idea. Here are a few alternatives you will want to consider looking into instead.

Private Internet Access

Looking for a fast Virtual Private Network? Then PIA is definitely worth looking into. With a policy for zero traffic logs and top-of-the-line 256-bit AES encryption, this option is excellent for torrenting or videos.

In addition, it is incredibly feature-rich. It has its own ad-blocker, it’s capable of port forwarding, and has a kill switch in case things go awry. And of course, it is quite fast, with its speed being well above the industry average.


Being one of the market leaders, NordVPN’s reputation in many ways precedes it. And for good reason. Not only is this VPN robust, it also has a friendly UI and military-grade encryption.

Furthermore, it offers more affordable prices than the Avast VPN subscription plans, although not by much.

But what really makes NordVPN stand out is its top-notch security and outstanding customer service. It utilizes OpenVPN technologies and Internet Key Exchange v2 to ensure its users stay fully concealed.


Truly living up to its name, ExpressVPN is one of the fastest on the market.

If you are seeking a VPN for streaming or downloading, this should be at the top of your list. Aside from speed, it also passes all IP and DNS leak tests and supports a number of different VPN protocols.

The only downside?

It tends to be on the more expensive side. But, much like Avast, their refund policy covers the first thirty days of purchase. But its functionality more than makes up for it.

Wrap Up

The bottom line is this:

Requesting a refund for your Avast SecureLine VPN subscription is only possible for the first thirty days. After this time limit has expired, your request is likely to be rejected.

With that being said… 

This is how to cancel your Avast VPN subscription:

Depending on your platform, you’ll have to take different steps. On Mac and Windows, it is done through your Avast profile. Android and iOS versions need to be canceled via their respective app stores.

Even if SecureLine is not your perfect solution, having a VPN is still worth considering

And with plenty of alternatives out there like NordVPN and ExpressVPN? You are sure to find one for you.


Georgi Karaivanov

Georgi Karaivanov

My fascination with technology began from quite an early age thanks to computers and video games. Nowadays, I love anything related to music production and astronomy. Coincidentally (or is it?), both of those have a great deal to do with tech. Honestly, most of the stuff that can be accomplished with modern electronics kind of seems like magic to me. This is why I feel this strong need to constantly learn more about it and talk about it, almost to the detriment of others.

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