How to Clear Cache on Android in a Few Easy Steps


Updated · Oct 16, 2022


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Is your phone suspiciously slow? Relax - it’s an easy problem to fix. In this blog post, I’ll show you how to clear the cache on Android and enjoy faster loading times. 

What is Cache Data?

Cache (pronounced like cash) data is the information your device stashes away whenever you use apps or visit websites

Whenever you load an application or visit a site, your device must communicate with servers to display stuff like scripts, forms, or graphics. 

Having that lengthy chat every single time can massively slow you down. It can also consume lots of data, especially if you’re on a metered data plan. 

Enter caching.

To simplify the concept, here’s a real-life example.

You’ve been going to this cafe for ages. But you prefer to sweeten your drinks with honey instead of sugar. 

Would you:

  1. Prefer it if your barista remembered that when you show up 
  2. Request for the same thing repeatedly 

I’m guessing #1?

That’s how caches work. 


On the flip side, storing this information for a long time can be dangerous. It makes it very easy for hackers to get all your data.

So, that’s one reason to clear your Android cache.

But caching can also make any device laggy with time. It doesn’t matter if you’re using a gaming phone or a PC. It’s like piling up books on your shelf - eventually, you won’t be able to put anything in there. 

That’s not all:

If you have prying eyes around you, they can peep into your browser history. 

In adittion, some of your apps can't handle cache data for long. They’ll break on their own if you do it repeatedly. 

Hence the need to delete the cache. But how?

It’s quite easy - remove the temporary files on your device. This won’t harm your device and you’re not deleting important information. 

Here’s how to do it the right way: 

How to Clear Cache on Android

It’s easier than you think, really.


Open Chrome and tap on the three dots at the top right-hand corner.

How to Clear Cache on Android Chrome settings

You’ll see several options. Tap on History then Clear Browsing Data.

How to Clear Cache on Android Chrome Clear browsing Data

At the top right, choose a time range, then check or uncheck the boxes you want. You can also select to delete cookies on Android, autofill, passwords, site settings, etc. 

Whatever you choose, hit Clear Data

How to Clear Cache on Android Chrome Clear browsing Data options

Your screen should look like this when you finish.

How to Clear Cache on Android Chrome cache cleared

Individual Apps

Have your apps been misbehaving - freezing, suddenly shutting down, or being painfully slow?

Well, it could be because of their cache data, and luckily it’s fixable.:

To clear an app cache on Android, head over to Settings. Then navigate to Apps & notifications or Apps depending on your phone and hit it. 

How to Clear Cache on Android Individual apps

That should bring up a screen with all your apps, like the one below. 

How to Clear Cache on Android Individual apps screen

Choose the app you want to clean up. I picked Carlcare.

How to Clear Cache on Android Individual apps choosing app

Then tap the Clear Cache tab. 

See how Carlcare had 53.34 KB cache data? It should show 0B afterward, like this:

How to Clear Cache on Android Individual apps choosing app clear cache

Rinse and repeat that for all the applications. Or just do it for the ones giving you a headache. 

System Cache Partition

Now let’s find out how to clear the cache on your phone. Your gadget stores like updates and can affect its performance when full. 

But first things first - check for a system update. You don’t wanna hoard old data.

After that, switch your phone off, then press the power and volume button simultaneously.  

The action will bring forth the Recovery Mode menu. Use your volume buttons to move up and down to get to the Wipe Cache Partition.

Press the power button to clear the cache on your Android phone. After that, select “Reboot” to take you back to your familiar screens. 

How Often Should You Clear Cache on Your Phone?

First and foremost, remember that a cache should help with uploading speeds. 

So, as you’ve probably guessed, cleaning too frequently can be counterproductive.  

On the other hand, if you wait too long, your device will start to misbehave.

Then what are you supposed to do?

The best approach is to only clear the Android cache when your apps/device start becoming problematic, i.e., glitchy, disruptive, hanging, slow, or buggy.

You can also clean up when you run out of space

Find out how much space you have left by going to Setting > Storage. You should see something similar:

How to Clear Cache on Android Storage

Wrap Up

Learning how to clear the cache on Android can save you tons of trouble. 

Your devices will get faster, the overall security of your data will be improved and your apps will stop acting out.

So, better start now than later!

Just don’t overdo it.




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