How to Copy and Paste on Facebook [All You Need To Know]

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Updated · Apr 19, 2023

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Wondering how to copy and paste on Facebook? You’re in the right place—our detailed guide will clear the air.

It’s a quick and easy process, so no worries.

Let’s begin:

What Is Clipboard on Facebook?

When browsing through Facebook, you often want to copy and paste text elsewhere. The copied words are stored in a virtual place called a clipboard. That’s a temporary save location where the text “stays” before you paste it.

If you use the Facebook app on Android or iOS, you won’t be able to access the feature directly—it’s a hidden part of your phone’s storage space.

However, there is a way to see the Facebook clipboard history on Windows 10. Just press the Windows key plus V, and you’ll open the following menu:

Facebook clipboard history on Windows 10 shown 

Before doing anything else, it’s important to have your history turned on. Once you do that, a window saying your clipboard is empty will pop up. When you copy something, it’ll immediately appear after using the Windows key + V.

Facebook clipboard option selected 

The clipboard is useful when copying valuable information from Facebook comments or posts. Keeping in mind that 71% of Americans use Facebook, it’s better to have such an option than else.

Now, let’s see how exactly it’s done:

How to Copy and Paste on Facebook

Facebook copy-paste is available on desktop computers and mobile devices. Although the process is quite similar, there are some key differences. Don’t be alarmed, we’re here to guide you through every step:

Copy-Pasting On Facebook Desktop

  • Step 1: Sign in to Facebook from your personal computer.

Signing in to Facebook from a computer

  • Step 2: Click and hold the left button to highlight the words you’re interested in.

Highlighting the words of interest

  • Step 3: Press the Ctrl + C on the keyboard (or click the right button while the cursor is on the highlighted area and from the options). On macOS, the combination is Command + C.

Choosing the Copy option

  • Step 4: Find a field where you can add text, such as a status, comment, message, or separate file.
  • Step 5: Now press the Ctrl + V keyboard combination for pasting (or right-click and choose the Paste option). For a Mac computer—click Command +V.

Copy-Pasting On Facebook Mobile App

  • Step 1: Open the Facebook App and sign in to your account.
  • Step 2: Find something worth copying, tap on it and hold for a few seconds.
  • Step 3: Select the Copy text popup. That’s it, now you’ve got it copied to the Facebook clipboard.

Selecting the Copy text popup option

  • Step 4: Find a text field, tap, and hold it for a couple of seconds.
  • Step 5: Choose the Paste option on the screen. You’re all done!

The latest statistics reveal that 88% of people access Facebook through a mobile device (tablet or phone). So our simple mobile guide may turn out quite helpful.

Remember that all steps above are valid only for text. They don’t apply to videos or photos. The image copy process on Facebook is also possible, albeit slightly different. Video content cannot be copy-pasted.

Copying Pictures From Facebook Desktop

  • Step 1: Find an image you like.
  • Step 2: Right-click on it.
  • Step 3: Pick the Copy image alternative.

Copy image option selected

  • Step 4: Choose where you want to place the image—it can be within the Facebook platform, on Messenger, or a computer.
  • Step 5: Pasting the picture requires the Ctrl + V (Command + V for Mac devices) keyboard combination or to right-click and select Paste.

Image Copy and Paste From Facebook Mobile App

To copy images on the Facebook app, you must first save them on your phone. After that, you can upload them anywhere you want.

  • Step 1: Go to a photo you like.
  • Step 2: Tap on the selected image to view it in Gallery mode.
  • Step 3: Hold the photo or press the three dots in the upper right corner.
  • Step 4: Select the Save to Phone option.

Why Copy and Paste on Facebook?

The copy-pasting function also helps when sending Facebook URLs. On a desktop device, you open the desired content (profile, post, message, etc.) and copy the URL from the browser. In the app, you have to tap on the three dots and click on Copy Link.

Facebook Challenges Copy and Paste

Is it safer to copy and paste images and texts on your Facebook timeline than to share? That’s a two-sided discussion:

On the one hand, when you share a post, you’re not in full control of the entire content. For instance, if the original post is deleted, your shared one will also disappear.

Additionally, when you share someone’s Facebook status, the post is limited to the audience settings of the original owner. For example, if the owner sets it to Friends, the only people who’ll see the post after sharing will be your mutual friends. Sharing only works when the original setting is Public.

Some users call for people to copy and paste the original post instead of sharing it so that the original message can reach a bigger audience without being limited by personal settings.

It’s important to know that the original posters might have a hidden agenda. Facebook’s algorithm detects calls to share and doesn’t display such posts prominently on the News Feed. If you copy and paste them, you significantly extend their reach. Many individual posts are harder for Facebook to track and remove than just one.

You should be aware of scammers if you’re inclined to copy and paste Facebook content from unknown users. Fake news is effortlessly distributed through such practices. Make sure the information is valid and truthful before posting it.

Facebook follows strict forbidden content rules. If your post goes under them, your profile might be affected. Something that looks harmless to post at first glance can lead to blocking your account for a certain period.

Scammers can track Facebook copy and paste posts easily on Google. A few lines from such posts placed in the search engine show all people who copied and pasted them on Facebook.

Wrap Up

Knowing how to copy and paste on Facebook is a pretty useful skill to have in the social media era. The invisible clipboard storage place also plays a massive role in copy-pasting, as we’ve learned today.

There’s a slight difference between copying text and images from desktop and mobile devices and operating systems, but we’ve made sure to cover everything important above.

Don’t forget—although Facebook employs strong mechanisms to cope with inappropriate content, scammers frequently find different workarounds. So be careful what you copy and paste!


Velina Nenova

Velina Nenova

Velina describes herself as passionate media savvy and a versatile individual with numerous different interests, most a result of her Media & Communications BA. She has also developed a keen interest in Digital Marketing and Advertising. Her never-ending desire to constantly learn new things and enrich herself and her ultimate dream to go around the globe before 45 are her driving forces.

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