How to Donate on Twitch on Desktop or Mobile

Deyan Georgiev
Deyan Georgiev

Updated · Nov 10, 2022


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Have you ever been so impressed by a Twitch streamer’s performance that you felt an urge to tip them? If so, I want to tell you that you can actually do it! And that’s not all! You can even support them for a longer period of time, so they can entertain you even more.

Let me show you how to donate on Twitch!

How to Donate on Twitch

Supporting your favorite streamer shows not only appreciation but also helps them make higher-quality content. 

So if you’re new to this matter but still want to show support, stick with me for a step-by-step guide.

How to Support a Streamer With a Direct Donation

One of the main ways to show your support is through a direct donation. It’s the easiest and most recognizable way – just like tipping a waiter at a restaurant. 

Let me show you how to make a donation on Twitch with the steps below:

  1. Open Twitch’s app or website.
  2. Find your favorite streamer’s channel.
    donate on twitch via direrct donation
  3. Find their Donate button on and click on it. Typically, it's in their description, so you just have to scroll down.
    twitch donate button

  4. You’ll be redirected to an external website where you can complete the payment. You must fill in your Twitch username, the donation amount, and you can also add a custom message to the streamer.
    finishing a donation
  5. You can pay via various methods, but most Twitch streamers use PayPal as it’s the most convenient.

Voila! That’s how easy it is to tip on Twitch. Typically, after a donation, you’ll be able to see your custom message directly pop up on the stream. Also, the streamer may read your message and thank you, as they usually do! 

But that’s just one way of showing support! Let’s see what do bits do on Twitch.

How to Support a Streamer Using Bits Donations

Bits are a unique way to express your feelings for your favorite streamer. They’re just like the “Stars” on Facebook. 

Let me show you how to cheer up creators on Twitch.

  1. In order to donate Bits, you must first purchase some. So, open the Twitch website or app and locate the Get Bits button next to your avatar.
    getting bits
  2. Purchase as many as you want! You can buy them via various methods, such as credit cards, PayPal, etc. You’ll also receive a discount on your first purchase!
  3. Go to the streamer channel and type, for example, "Cheer500" in the chat to donate 500 Bits. You can also send them anonymously.

That’s how to donate Bits on Twitch. It’s pretty easy and without any commitment. 

But what if you want to support someone for a longer period of time? 

Let’s see how it’s done!

Is Subscribing a Form of Donation for the Streamer?

Now that you’ve learned how to easily send money on Twitch, maybe you’d like to show consistent support. After all, that’s how you can really help your favorite streamer.

So, if you’ve ever wondered how do streamers make money, subscriptions are definitely one of the main ways.

Subscribing to a channel will guarantee a regular income for the creator. Therefore, they can spare more time creating high-quality content.

Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Open the Twitch website or app.
  2. Go to the streamer’s channel.
  3. Locate the Subscribe button and click on it.
    twitch subscribe button
  4. A window with the benefits of the subscription will pop up. Choose the desired Tier level and click on the Subscribe button in the lower right corner.
    subscription benefits subscription tiers

  5. You’ll be redirected to an external page to complete your payment. Keep in mind that subscribing for longer periods will give you a discount. Fill in your personal info and proceed to checkout.
    subscription lenght

You can also give subs as gifts by buying them for other people.

Now you know how to donate to a Twitch streamer, but how much money does the content creator actually get? And how do Twitch donations work

Let me explain.

Twitch will charge 50% of the money from subscriptions. There’s a small group of streamers who can retain up to 70% of their earnings. However, that’s very rare and only available to top-tier streamers.

If you're trying to get to the top of Twitch, you might be interested in our thorough guide on how to get more viewers on Twitch.

Many people are urging Twitch to change its policy since while the company charges 50%, YouTube takes 30%, and Facebook 0%.

Luckily, direct Twitch donations aren’t affected by any fees. However, Bits are an exception. If you send 100 of them to a streamer for $1.40, Twitch will take around $0.40, which equates to roughly 30%.

How to Donate on Twitch Mobile

Nowadays, people tend to do everything on their mobile devices – from working to watching streams. So, it’ll be good to know how to donate on the Twitch mobile app.

Direct Donations and Subscriptions

  1. Open the Twitch app and go to the streamer’s channel.
  2. Go to the Info section and locate the Donation or Subscribe buttons.
    mobile donate button
  3. The next steps are the same as in the web or PC version of Twitch.

Bits Donation

As for how to donate bits on the Twitch mobile app, you can again type in the amount as usual.
mobile cheer500


Think of your donation not only as a way to show appreciation but as a ticket to the movies. You buy one to be entertained, which is basically the same as helping out a creator. Streamers make a living out of this, so it’s good to know how to donate on Twitch so you can support them. 

Now go ahead and show your love to your favorite streamer!


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