How to Download Music From YouTube - All The Methods

Deyan Georgiev
Deyan Georgiev

Updated · Oct 16, 2022


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YouTube is a great platform for both performers who want to share their work and music enthusiasts who want to discover something new

Sometimes, a song is only available on YouTube, but you want to have it for offline listening. 

Other times, you just want to play music in the background without signing up to YouTube Premium. 

Whichever the case, it’s always irritating when you can’t add a song you like to an offline playlist.

How to Download Music from YouTube?

Ripping songs from YouTube is quite easy, and there are various methods you could try.

Let’s check the most popular ones and show you how to download YouTube music.

Windows, Mac, and Linux

Desktop machines are highly versatile and easily programmable. That’s why there’s no shortage of platforms and software that allow you to download audio from YouTube

Here are some of the most straightforward options.

Free Websites

Getting the job done through a website is among the best choices since it doesn’t require installing additional software.

YouTube To MP3

Download Music from YouTube via YouTubeMP3 Free

YouTubeToMp3 is one of the first websites that spring out when you’re trying to download songs from YouTube. It has an easy-to-use 2-click design, which makes it simple enough to use without any conversion knowledge.

Copy the video URL and paste it into the text field. Then press convert now. After a few moments, you’ll be redirected to another page. There, you’ll see a small window with your chosen video and a button to download the sound file.

YouTubeMP3 Free download MP3

Best MP3 Converter

Download Music from YouTube

This is another simple-to-use option. The good thing about BestMP3Converter is the option to pick the quality of the recording you wish to download.

Copy the video URL and paste it into the text field. The platform should automatically process the link and show you the video’s thumbnail in a small box. 

From the drop-down menu, you can choose the desired quality. When you click Download, you’ll be redirected to an ad, and the download will start.

MP3 Convert

MP3 Convert, as the name suggests, is a platform dedicated to helping you download mp3 from YouTube. Copy the video URL and paste it into the text field. Click Convert.

Download Music from YouTube MP3 convert

It’ll take a few seconds to load. Once it’s ready, the name of the video will appear, with a download and covert next buttons beneath it.

On the downside, it doesn’t show the video’s thumbnail, so you should double-check if you’re downloading the right thing. On the upside, it immediately gives you the file without any ad pop-ups.

Download Music from YouTube MP3 Convert Download mp3

Browser Extensions

There are various extensions that let you download music. You can do it straight from your browser without relying on software or online platforms. Some of them are available only on specific browsers. 

Here’s an extension for each of the most popular ones.

ByClick Downloader (Chrome)

Chrome users can always rely on ByClick. It’s simple to install and even simpler to use. It lets you save YouTube music in both mp3 and mp4 formats. This extension’s strong point is that it automatically detects when the user is watching a video. There’s no need to search for it in a long list or meddle with URL inputs.

YouTube MP3 (Firefox)

YouTube MP3 adds an MP3 button next to the video’s view counter. Once you click the button, you’re prompted to choose a bitrate, and that’s it!

iTube Studio (Safari)

iTube Studio allows you to download videos from various sites -  from YouTube to the orange YouTube. It can easily rip audio from sites, exporting in mp3 and at a bitrate of your convenience. It also doubles as a converter, as you can use this function separately from the download one.


There are countless YouTube audio extract applications. It may be a bit confusing if you’re trying to find the one that best suits your needs. 

Here are a few suggestions:

4K Video Downloader (Windows)

Download Music from YouTube 3k Video downlaoder

4K Video Downloader is a versatile tool that works on many different sites

Copy the video URL. In the application, click the Paste URL button. Now a new window will appear, which lets you choose the download quality. You can also convert videos to mp3. Choose the location where you want to save the file, and you’re done.

Airy (Mac)

Download Music from YouTube AIry

Airy has been quite successful, and for a reason. It lets you download videos in all qualities and also convert them to mp3. What more could a person want from such software?

Copy the URL of the video you want to download. Open Airy and paste the URL in the text field. From the drop-down menu, you can choose the format and quality you want. You can simultaneously download multiple videos. You can also download playlists and even entire channels’ video libraries.

YouTube-dl (Linux)

YouTube-dl is a command-line program that downloads videos from multiple sites. To convert from YouTube to mp3, you’ll need to install FFmpeg.

To get the latest version of YouTube-dl, use the following commands:

sudo wget -O /usr/local/bin/youtube-dl

After that:

sudo chmod a+rx /usr/local/bin/youtube-dl

Now you’re ready to get YouTube-dl running.

To convert a video into an mp3 file, you’ll need to input the following command:

youtube-dl --extract-audio --audio-format mp3 <video URL>

On the place of <video URL>, put the URL of the video you want to download.

YouTube Audio Library

If you’re a YouTube content creator, you may not need to go through all the hoops of getting mp3s. YouTube Audio Library is a sprawling collection of free-to-download music. There are just a few rules that you must abide by, which can be summarized as do not distribute it and use it only for YouTube content creation.

Now that we’ve covered how to download music from YouTube on a desktop, let’s jump to:

Mobile Devices

If you listen to music from your phone, why not download the songs directly to it? 

Here are a few options to choose from.

Mobile Apps

There’s no deficit of apps to help you download audio from YouTube. The good news is most of them are available on multiple mobile operating systems.

Phoenix Browser

Phoenix Browser prides itself on being a fast and reliable mobile browser. It has an incognito mode, which leaves no traces of your online activities. It also offers an integrated video downloader, which can be used on many video-sharing platforms. Best of all, it comes with a video to mp3 converter.


TubeMate is an Android video downloader. When it comes to YouTube music to mp3, this is one of your best choices. You can download videos in all available quality and convert them to mp3 files. It doesn’t throttle your internet connection as you can set the maximum download speed, the number of active downloads, and Wi-Fi only mode.

iTube Studio

The mobile version iTubeStudio is available on iOS. It has no setbacks and offers full functionality. You get video downloads in different quality and, of course, video to mp3 conversion.

Mobile-Friendly Websites

There are more than enough YouTube to mp3 mobile-friendly sites for you to put to good use. All of the sites mentioned in the desktop section will deliver the desired results.

Honorable mentions go to MP3hub, Video Grabber, and YTMP3.

Via YouTube Premium

YouTube Red is a subscription service that comes with a few benefits. 

You can watch videos and listen to music in offline or background mode and without any ads. Another great advantage of YouTube’s premium service is that it allows you to download videos directly.

The downside is you can only play the music and videos you download for 30 days. If you’re looking to quickly build a library and cancel your membership, maybe this isn’t the service for you.

The legality of YouTube video to sound file practices varies for each specific case. Sora The Troll is a Japanese content creator who produces and freely distributes his music. He has stated that you can download, distribute, and do whatever you want with it, as long as you don’t claim it as your own work.

When it comes to copyright-protected works, the question becomes difficult to answer. Depending on your local intellectual property protection laws, it may either be classified as a crime or not. So, you’ll either have to ask a law specialist to answer the question for your particular case or read up on local law.

Keep this in mind – in countries like the US, Canada, and most parts of Western Europe, it’s considered illegal. In most countries in Eastern Europe, it’s either a gray zone or not criminalized. It’s not very wise to take legal advice from tech-related sites. So, familiarize yourself with local law before deciding to download YouTube music.

Wrap Up

That sums up how to download music from YouTube. You should now be familiar with the ways to do it on various devices and through numerous methods – websites, specialized software, or browser extensions.

Keep in mind, however, that it’s always a good idea to check the legality of your actions beforehand.


Deyan Georgiev

Deyan Georgiev

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