How To Drag Click - The Beginner's Guide To Gaming Mastery

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Gamers know that gaming strategies can completely transform the gaming experience. One impressive tactic is using a mouse for drag-clicking.

Drag-clicking is a mouse-clicking method extremely popular in games like Minecraft where over 173.5 million people play, and Roblox which is played by 214.2 million.

If you’re trying to strategize with these games against the massive 3.09+ billion active video gamers worldwide without using banned mods, drag-clicking may be your best bet.

Drag-clicking is also called fazer tapping or tap-clicking in the gaming world. Some players complain about being unable to do it or that it’s a powerful disadvantage.

Learn the right way to drag-click, discover the best mouse, and be equipped with tips to improve at drag-clicking in this guide!

🔑 Key Takeaways

  • Drag-clicking is purposely dragging your finger on your mouse.
  • Some games and game servers ban drag-clicking and consider it a form of cheating.
  • Not all mice are good for drag-clicking. Choose the best ones for higher CPS (click per second).
  • If your mouse is not suitable for drag-clicking, try using tape.

What Is Drag-Clicking? 

Drag-clicking involves the friction of your finger across your mouse button, causing it to register more clicks than average. 

Players drag-click to record a higher click per second (CPS) speed in less time. Higher CPS helps them get more frequent and quick actions, killing targets faster, earning high scores, and more opportunities to outrun opponents.

🎉 Fun Fact! 

An average gamer only produces a CPS of 6.51. The world record for the most clicks per second is 15 CPS. But with drag-clicking, it's possible to reach 32+ CPS.

Mastering the drag-clicking ability is a sure advantage for players. It lets them do more than get through tedious tasks faster. Because of this, drag-clicking is a controversial topic in gaming.

The advantage that drag-clicking gives puts questions to whether games should prohibit the technique.

Is Drag-clicking bannable?

Some games don’t explicitly ban drag-clicking. Pika network, for example, says they “don't disallow drag-clicking but highly discourage it” as it can get players banned.

A YouTuber named MontclairBear tried drag-clicking in Bedwars, a Minecraft mini-game where players protect their beds while trying to eliminate opponents on islands in the sky.

MontclairBear learned that drag-clicking can get them banned in servers with an anti-cheat. On the brighter side, drag-clicking helped him get a high CPS and less knockback from the enemy.

🎉Fun Fact!

Dylan Allred from Los Angeles has the world record for most clicks. Allred clicked his mouse 1052 times in 10 seconds!

Learning how to drag-click can be a valuable skill to learn if you’re planning to become a professional gamer. However, it is important to remember that it can get you banned, so understanding your game and its rules can be helpful.

How to Drag-Click Like a Pro

Whether you’re a pro gamer or not, you can level up your competitive edge in gaming by developing a solid drag-clicking strategy.

Drag-clicking on a mouse

Here’s how you can start with drag-clicking:

Step 1: Position your hand at the top of the mouse where the palm lies. Your thumb should be on the side, and the rest of your fingers on top.

Step 2: Get a comfortable grip on the mouse, lift your finger, and drag it down toward the tip of the mouse.

Step 3: Keep your movements smooth. You're doing it right if you hear a vibrating or grinding sound from the several clicks you're producing. 

When you drag-click, remember that you are tricking your mouse into thinking you pressed the button several times in a row, so it should produce a sound hinting that your clicks have registered.

Pro tip!

Doing the above steps will surely help you drag-click, but remember that practice makes perfect.

Some gamers find drag-clicking easier with the assistance of a tape. Learn how to drag-click with the tape below.

Drag-Click With Tape

Putting tape on mouse buttons dramatically increases friction, increasing CPS. Plus, it’s a good sweat barrier.

You can use razer tapes or silicon grip tapes. If you don’t have those, you can make one scratch using an electric tape. Just follow this guide:

Step 1: Start with a clean mouse. Align the electric tape to the sections where you press it and apply.

Step 2: Get a sharp object like a scissor and cut some lines on the tape. Be careful not to scratch your mouse.

Step 3: Apply another layer of electric tape and apply pressure to affix it. 

Put it to the test to see if it works. When overused, you will need to reapply a new piece of tape. Just follow the same steps above.

The drag-clicking motion with or without a tape is the same. The only difference is the new sensation that your fingers may feel from the surface of the taped button/s.

Whether you decide to put a tape or not, the more important matter is the type of mouse you have. You should use a mouse that is made for gaming when drag-clicking to avoid problems later on.

⚠️ Warning!

While drag-clicking is doable, it’s unsuitable for your office mouse. Drag-clicking puts a strain on the mouse’s switches, shortening its lifespan.

If you find your current mouse uncomfortable, don’t fret. Below are some of the best mice you can use specifically for drag-clicking.

Best Mouse for Drag-Clicking

As games become more sophisticated, investing in the right gadgets and accessories is essential. Those who don't have mice suitable for drag-clicking are immediately at a disadvantage.

Below are some of the best mice for drag-clicking purposes:

Bloody A70

Price: $49.99 on Amazon

Bloody A70 mouse

The Bloody A70 is a gaming mouse that redefines the standards of accuracy and speed as it is made for drag-clicking purposes.

This mouse has a shape that is perfect for a claw grip that naturally sets you up for drag-clicking. 

A YouTuber named Trycs hails the Bloody A70 as the world's best drag-clicking mouse.

Notable Features:

  • Optical gaming-grade sensor
  • Customizable RGB LED lighting
  • Fully programmable
  • Click response is less than 0.2 ms and without metal bouncing noise 
  • Infrared wheel Adjustable resolution of 1000/1200/1600/2000/6200 CPI 
  • 3 Shooting modes in left button 
  • 6 Sniper modes Zero-bouncing means no double-click issues 
  • Metal X'Glide armor boot eliminate friction on nearly any surface 
  • Optimal MMO (Ultra Core 4 & Macros) means simplified complex actions with just one click.

The Bloody A70 has a rating of 4.6 stars with ‎1,044 reviews on Amazon.

The top review says Bloody A70 is a great drag-clicking mouse for its price, "We bought this for our 9-year-old son. While it is a little large for a small guy, he figured out the drag clocking (clicking) within a day", they said.

It seems like Bloody A70 users buy it for drag-clicking purposes. But it's not the only mouse hyped for drag-clicking. The following two on the list are mice from the Brand Roccat.


Roccat is a Germany-based computer accessories manufacturer that designs its products with gamers in mind. They have several fantastic mice for drag-clicking, and these two stand out the most:

  • Roccat Kone AIMO Remastered

Price: $79.99 on Amazon

Roccat Kone AIMO Remastered mouse

The Roccat Kone AIMO Remastered has a futuristic design and a textured, easy-grip surface essential for drag-clicking.

Famous players on Minecraft PVP, like Lebbyy and SSanti, use this mouse.

Notable Features:

  • OCCAT® Owl-Eye optical sensor with 16,000dpi
  • Tri-button thumb zone featuring Easy-Shift[+]™
  • 32-bit processor + 512kB memory for macro storage & execution
  • Independently configurable RGBA multizone illumination
  • Superior ergonomics with classic, max-comfort Kone shape
  • Distance Control Unit for custom pick-up flight
  • AIMO intelligent lighting system
  • 4D Titan wheel with advanced tilting tech
  • ROCCAT® Swarm powered – comprehensive driver suite

The Roccat Kone has some impressive features, but the brand has another mouse competing. It’s the Roccat Kain 100.

  • Roccat Kain 100

Price: $95 as per Amazon

Roccat Kain 100 mouse

The Roccat Kain 100 has a comfortable shape for drag-clicking. Its excellent gripping properties make it adaptable for other click types as well.

Notable features:

  • Pro-Optic Sensor R8 with up to 8500dpi
  • 35G acceleration
  • Incl. Omron® switches
  • Buttons are hinged and feature a low-tolerance spring
  • A solid wheel click
  • Intelligent firmware that registers up to 8ms faster than the rest
  • Ergonomic shape
  • Rubberized side panels that are comfortable to hold

Use these mice above and experience the comfort essential for not getting fatigued while drag-clicking. You can experiment with different grips or tapes as well.

Pro tip!

Don’t solely base your decision on what industry experts say. Users have different hand sizes and grips. You can shop in-store instead of online to have better judgment.

After choosing the best mouse for gaming, you are now ready to dive into your game. Now, learn how to become better in drag through the next section.

Tips to Become Better at Drag-Clicking

Each game has a different level of complexity, so you can’t conclude that drag-clicking will be easy for you. However, one thing is sure—nothing beats practice.

Other than practice, you have to know these tips to become better at drag-clicking:

  • Always dry your hands first.
  • Clean up the mouse and its surface.
  • Don't press the button too hard.
  • Don't stop your fingers from gliding over the button.
  • Don't underestimate the impact of choosing the right mouse.
  • A thick and heavy mouse may not be able to drag-click.
  • If you have smaller or bigger hands than average, practice the more comfortable way of holding your mouse.
  • If your mouse doesn't vibrate, you may not get a drag-click registered.

Pro Tip:

Make sure your clicks register by cross-checking them with online tools like and These sites will tell you how many clicks you get per second.

You’re going to need patience in learning how to drag-click. If you press too hard, you might be straining your mouse. Press too gently, and it won’t register.

Consistent and gentle practice gives you a better chance at learning until you reach your desired speed.


Avid gamers, especially Minecrafters, know that drag-clicking is an effective winning strategy. You can do it with or without tape as you like.

It's essential to acknowledge that anti-cheat software flags unusually fast clicks, which may result in a ban. However, nothing seems to stop players from drag-clicking, as an array of mice specialized for doing it is widely available.

To pursue drag-clicking, you must invest in a good mouse built for it and practice until you get the grip.


Is drag-clicking hard to do?

People have mixed opinions on drag-clicking. Some find it easy, and others challenging. Drag-clicking is better with specific types and brands of mice.

Can all mouse drag-click?

No, you can't drag-click on any mouse. If you do, you can't expect it to last. Drag-clicking is best experienced on gaming mice.

Is drag-click bannable?

There's no fixed answer to this. Drag-clicking may be an unfair advantage to some players, but it's not explicitly banned in games. Only the number of clicks might issue a ban for 'suspicious activity.'

Why can't I drag-click on my mouse?

There needs to be friction between your finger and the mouse button. It could also be that your mouse isn't built for drag-clicking.

Is drag-clicking legal?

Drag-clicking isn't illegal or banned. However, it may lead to an auto ban when the game monitors the amount of clicks generated.


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