How To Drop a Pin on iPhone [Step-by-Step]

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Apple Maps has become a staple for directions and exploring new destinations for over 200 million users worldwide. One key feature that makes this web-mapping tool convenient is dropping a pin.

Dropped pin on IphoneSource: Apple

The drop pin feature allows you to easily mark new places or share locations with friends or contacts effortlessly. Continue reading this article to learn how to drop a pin on an iPhone and how to share it.

Key Takeaways


1. Apple Maps’ drop pin feature enhances navigation and exploration experiences for millions of users worldwide.


2. By dropping a pin, users can easily mark new places, search for directions, and share locations with friends or contacts.


3. Adding pinned locations to Favorites allows users to create a curated list of places they have visited or want to see, providing convenient access in the future.


4. Users can personalize their pinned locations by customizing their names, making it easier to identify and remember specific spots of interest.


5. With Apple Maps, users can effortlessly share locations through text or iMessage, enabling seamless tracking and participation from friends and family during the adventure.

How to Mark a Location on Maps

If you want to mark a location on maps, here’s a simple guide on how to do it: 

  1. In the Maps, locate the blue dot which signifies your current location. 
  2. Mark a Location on MapsFind the spot you want to pin. 
  3. Tap and hold to create it. If it’s not working, zoom in on the map for more detail. Then, choose the place. 
  4. Click on Move to reveal a satellite image. Drag it to set the right spot. 
  5. Press Done

Press Done

After learning to mark a location on maps, the next step is adding the pinned location to your favorites, ensuring easy access whenever needed.

Adding a Pinned Location to Favorites

If you want to curate a list of the places you’ve visited or want to see, adding pinned locations to your favorites is more convenient. 

Here’s how to add a pinned location to your favorites: 

  1. Press on the pin. 
  2. Swipe up with your finger from the middle of the screen. 
  3. Click on Add to Favorites

Add to Favorites

If you wish to remove the pinned location from Favorites, do the same step when you add it.  

When you open its details window, click on Remove from Favorites, and that’s it.

Remove from Favorites

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Once you have your desired locations neatly added to favorites, it's time to personalize them further by changing the names of your favorite pins.

Changing the Name of Your Favorite Pins

You can customize the name of your favorite pins based on your preferences and travel plans. 

It’s better to rename marked pinned locations for easier identification, especially when visiting new places. Name that coffee shop, museum, or retail store you want to visit!  

Here’s a simple guide on changing the name of your favorite pins: 

  1. Open the Favorites. Click on the icon
    ⓘ icon
  2. Delete the name of the selected pinned location. 
  3. Write a new one. 
  4. Press Done. 

Aside from personalizing your pins, you can also share your location or favorite pins with your friends.

Sharing Pinned Locations with Friends

Whether you’re planning a catch-up with friends and family or visiting unfamiliar places, sharing pinned locations makes it effortless for them to track it. 

You can send the pinned location via text or iMessage using your iPhone. Here’s how to share pinned locations with others: 

  1. Tap on the pinned location. 
  2. Swipe up with your finger from the middle of the screen. 
  3. Click on the three dots

Sharing Pinned Locations with Friends

  1. Press Share
  2. Choose how you want to send it and tap on the desired option. 

While Apple Maps offers excellent features, you can explore third-party apps to drop pins on your iPhone quickly and benefit from their extra features for better navigation.

How to Drop a Pin on iPhone using Third-Party Apps

You can install Google Maps as an alternative if you don’t have Apple Maps on your iPhone. Google Maps works the same way on iOS devices. Here’s how to drop a pin on an iPhone using Google Maps. 

  1. In Google Maps, type the location's name in the search bar.
    How to Drop a Pin on iPhone using Third-Party Apps
  2. Zoom in on the spot for a clearer and more accurate view. 
  3. Drop a pin by long-pressing the exact location.

How to Drop a Pin on iPhone using Third-Party Apps

Now that you understand how to add pins on Apple Maps, let's delve into some common issues that users may encounter when using pins in Apple Maps.  

In the next section, let's explore the potential problems and how to address them effectively.

Common Issue with Dropping a Pin on Map

Although Apple is constantly improving its navigation services through Maps, there are errors that users may  encounter. 

Here are the most common issues encountered when dropping a pin on a map and the steps to resolve these problems. 

  • Incorrect map pin locations. You may turn on your Location Services if the pin location is wrong. Go to Settings, click Privacy, and turn on Location Services

Pro Tip

Setting the correct date, time, and time zone can improve your GPS accuracy.

  • Unlabeled locations. Touch and hold the map to mark unlabeled locations until a pin marker appears. You may refine the location by tapping Move, then dragging the map. Save the pinned location to your Favorites for easier access in the future. 

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There are so many things you can do while using Apple Maps. Aside from dropping a pin on your desired location on the map, you can also personalize the pins by changing their names or adding them to your Favorites. 

The step-by-step guide offers a detailed process for maximizing the use of Maps. We have also identified common issues encountered by users and provided possible solutions. 


How can someone see my location on my iPhone?

To know the list of people who can track your location, open the Find My app and tap on the People tab. People you have shared your location with will appear on the list.  

Can you see how often someone checks your location on your iPhone?

No, there is no feature on iPhone that allows you or anyone to know how many times others have looked at your location. 

Does airplane mode hide your location?

No, Airplane mode only affects location-sharing services you download because they require cellular service or WiFi, but it won't turn off your phone's internal GPS.

Can you use Apple Maps without Internet or data?

You can use Apple Maps offline if you have downloaded the region you need for navigation and routing.


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