How To Find Someone’s Birthday Through 5 Easy Methods

Jacquelyn Bulao
Jacquelyn Bulao

Updated · Dec 20, 2022


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Thinking about throwing a surprise party for that helpful coworker but don’t know the exact date they were born? You’ve come to the right place.

Here we’ve listed five ways to find someone’s birthday. Let’s dig in.

How To Find Someone’s Birthday Online

In today’s day and age, the internet is always the best place to search for information. If you don’t know something, Google is bound to. Social media platforms are places where people willingly share personal data, so your birthday lookup quest can start there.

Social Media

We all have a profile or two on social media platforms. However, the amount of details we share there varies by network and your privacy concerns. Most people are quite open when it comes to their date of birth. This may be because they like to be showered with birthday wishes on their special day.

There are basically two ways to find someone’s date of birth on social media networks. One is through the person’s profile, and the other is through posts. 

How To Find Out Someone’s Birthday on Facebook

Facebook is the first place to look. This is how: 

  1. Open your account and navigate to your target’s profile.
  2. Tap the About section.
  3. Under Overview, you’ll see their birthday.

The person might have a private account, so you need to be Facebook friends to perform a birthday search on their profile. If their date of birth isn’t listed there, try scrolling down their profile to see a group of birthday posts from friends made on the same day.

How To Find Someone’s Birthday on Instagram

Accounts on Instagram can also be searched to find people’s birthdays:

  1. Look at the person’s bio - you might find their birthdate or an emoji of their zodiac sign. Find out the dates for that sign and look through posts from that period. You might find photos showing a birthday celebration.
  2. Review their posts from the previous year to search for birthday-related pics.
  3. If none of the above works, browse their photos under the Tagged tab on the right. Close friends tend to tag people on their profile when it’s their birthday as a way of congratulating them. Chances are something will turn up there.

How To Figure Out Someone’s Birthday on Snapchat, Twitter, or LinkedIn

If you didn’t have any luck on Facebook and Instagram, try other social networking sites. People tend to have more than one social network profile, and they might include their birthday in at least one.

You’ll see a birthday cake emoji next to the user’s name on Snapchat, indicating that it’s their birthday. Another way to find out your target’s birthday is to see if they have listed their zodiac sign as part of their personal information. You’ll see a purple box emoji with one of the twelve signs.

Twitter offers the option to enter your birthdate if you wish. You can see it on the upper left-hand side of the user’s profile if it’s entered. On the day of their birthday, balloons will appear on their profile.

LinkedIn is a professional social media site where you can often find a birthday. If you’re connected with a person, the site will send you a message notifying you about their birthday. Just remember that the person will be notified that you viewed their profile if you click on it unless you turn off the option.

Google is a powerful search engine that handles over 9 billion queries every day, and you can certainly use it for birthdate lookup. Simply type your question in its search bar, and the results might surprise you. Of course, you should provide as many details as you can about the person in question. 

Enter their name, place of residence, username, email address, or phone number to narrow down your search. You’ll get hits such as website posts, open forums, public records, and other social media accounts that might contain your target’s birthday. The results are publicly available and instantaneous. 

Public Records

If you want to perform a free birthday lookup, you may be successful by looking at public records. They aren’t confidential, and anyone can access them.

Many states have online databases with birth, death, marriage, divorce, court, criminal, tax, and other records. Finding someone’s date of birth isn’t tough because it’s basic information usually available online.

Also, many public records sites can be great places to find someone’s personal data by simply typing in their name and address.

Some sites allow different searches like name, phone number, residential address, email address, or social security number searches.

Additionally, you can visit your county office and request help. However, you need to be a family or close relative to see these public records.

Background Check

If you’re determined to find out someone’s birthday and nothing else works, you can run a background search. Look for the top people search sites that can get the job done for you.

Unfortunately, they cost money and if you want to find only someone’s birthdate, ask yourself if it’s worth it. You can do all the detective work yourself, but bear in mind that this can be time-consuming.

Still, if you suspect social media information about the targeted person is incorrect, then a background check might be your only option.

By Their Email

Android is the world’s most widespread operating system, and people who have an Android smartphone have a Gmail account to access the Google Play store. If you know your target’s email or you can easily obtain it, you should take the following steps:

  • Find the Gmail ID or account.
  • Add it to your contacts. You can do that by sending them anything from your email to add it to your contacts automatically.
  • Sync on Google Calendar. Add the Gmail ID to their phone number in your contact list. This means you need to find the person’s number as well. Go to sync settings to synchronize Google calendar with your native calendar app.
  • Access the calendar app. Open it on your smartphone to see what information has been updated and whether new birthdays have been added to your calendar.

Bottom Line

Now that you know how to find someone’s birthday, get down to making them a birthday cake. We’re sure that our guide will help you in your quest.


Jacquelyn Bulao

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