How To Find Someone’s Address [9 Different Methods]

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There are so many uses for finding out the addresses of people without them knowing. It can be finding a long-lost relative or giving a surprise gift to a friend you haven’t visited in a long time.

Sometimes it could be about knowing the current address of your friend who recently changed theirs. Thanks to the advancing technology, there are people search sites, reverse phone lookup services, social media sites, and more.

The advanced tools below can help you find someone’s address by name, phone number, email, or image.

How To Find Someone’s Address

📝 Note: You will still need some basic details about that person to find their home address. It can be anything like:

  • Their name
  • Age
  • Location
  • Email address
  • Phone number

Since our main topic is finding addresses by name, we covered a few ways to find an address with a name. We also covered other reliable methods to look up someone's address by providing other details of people. 

1. Find Someone’s Address By Name - Use BeenVerified

Addresses and names go hand in hand on most files or public databases. That makes using a person’s full name one of the simplest ways to find someone’s address.

However, accessing open public data can take time and effort. You must scout through public databases or go to offices like courthouses to access open public data. A third-party website can easily provide you with the same report for a shorter duration.

One legit data broker we recommend is BeenVerified. It’s a paid and comprehensive people search site with access to billions of records on people in the USA. 


With BeenVerified, you can find basic everyday details like: 

  • Age
  • Emails
  • Relatives
  • Numbers
  • Vehicle information
  • Social media usernames

It can also dig out complex data on criminal or other court records on people. Most certainly, it can search for a person’s complete address if you can feed it their full name.

👍 Helpful Article: If you are still hesitant to use this, Techjury has looked into BeenVerified’s credibility. According to our assessment, it is a safe and legit people search website.

Here is a step-by-step guide on extracting the addresses of people with its people search or reverse address lookup features.

Step 1: Go to BeenVerified Website.

Step 2: Input their full name and click on search.

Screenshot of BeenVerified Website

Pro Tip: If you know more details about the target person, you can use the people search option to provide city and state details and the person’s full name. This will narrow down the search and reduce the tools looking up time.

Screenshot of BeenVerified Website

Step 3: BeenVerified will provide you with a list of people with your selected city name. You can click on your target profile and build a report.

Step 4: Download the report in PDF format.

Now that we covered the EASIEST way to find addresses by name, let’s check some free but more complicated ways.

2. Accessing Public Records

After trying the best people search sites, another way to find someone's address by their name is to check public records. 

Local, state, and federal government agencies keep the personal information of people who live in their judicial district.

To find the address of the person you’re trying to reach, you can search the following databases:

  • Census Bureau
  • US Postal Service
  • Voter Registration lists
  • Social Security Administration

📝 Note: Some agencies ask for requirements when giving away address-related information to everyone. The specific requirements and restrictions vary by state, county, or city.

Sometimes, you must fill out forms and pay a fee to access records in open public data.

3. Discovering Social Media Profiles

Almost everyone is on social media and spends significant time on each platform. More importantly, social media users share all kinds of personal details there. These details usually include:

  • Their pets
  • Places they visit
  • The food they eat
  • Clothes they wear
  • Adventures they do

There’s a chance you can directly find the address of someone on their profile page alone. However, some people are starting to prioritize their online privacy these days. That’s why they hide their personal information by setting them to private.

Some only share their PO box addresses with those who want to send them letters and other gifts.

4. Using Search Engines Like Google and Bing

Thanks to the internet generation, people create profiles and update their details on different websites. If any of those profiles are kept open to the public, search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo!, and DuckDuckGo can find them.

All you have to do is type the person's details in the search bar and hope to be lucky. 

Screenshot of Google Search Engine

📝 Note: Using search sites to find the addresses of people takes a lot of work. You must manually click through each link or page to find the address you seek.

5. Find Someone's Address By Email - Use TruthFinder

With everything going online, emails are slowly becoming the primary addresses of people. According to the data forecast, daily email traffic will reach 376.4 billion.

In addition, many public data sources that track names and addresses also have email IDs as an attribute. When you don’t know a person's name, you can still use email addresses to find people online.

Pro Tip: If you don’t know their email address, there is still a way. You can start by looking for their email address, then using that information to locate them.

As mentioned earlier, scouting through public records is a time taking process. However, Truthfinder can make it a million times easier. It is a data broker site that curates peoples’ profiles from various public data sources.

More importantly, it has a special tool called TruthFinder Reverse Email Look Up. It can help you find the address of someone easily using their email.

👍 Helpful Article: Techjury looked into the credibility of TruthFinder, and one thing we admire about it is honesty in giving out reports. 

Here’s how to carry out a reverse email search using TruthFinder:

Step 1: Go to TruthFinder Website

Step 2: Find the Reverse Email Look Up Option

Step 3: Feed the tool with an Email Address

Step 4: Follow the screen instructions and download the report with the address and other details of the Email Owner

6. How to Find Someone’s Address With Their Phone Number

Cell phone numbers or landline numbers are other attributes that go on the profiles of people. That means you can also use those types of information to find someone’s address.

PeopleLooker is one of the most reliable websites with a reverse phone number lookup service. By simply using a phone number, it compiles helpful data like:

  • Photos
  • Public documents
  • Social media profiles

Pro Tip: You can learn more about PeopleLooker’s trustworthiness by reading our extensive review. 

Here is how to use PeopleLooker to find the addresses of people using their phone numbers.

Step 1: Go to PeopleLooker Website

Step 2: Go to the Reverse Phone Look-Up Option

Step 3: Feed in the phone number of the target person.

Step 4: Choose a plan, subscribe, and get address details.

7. Find Someone’s Address By Image With Social Catfish

Google already made reverse image search a thing. But using images to find specific information like a person’s address can be challenging with generic tools like Google Reverse Image search. 

For that, you will need a combination of reverse image search technology and a database with information curated from multiple open public data sources. Social Catfish excels in this combination.

With SocialCatfish, you can take someone’s profile picture from social media. Then, search them through reverse image search tools like Social Catfish. It accumulates all the publicly available image data, helping you quickly find people's addresses.

Screenshot of Social Catfish Website

Follow these steps to conduct a reverse image search in Social Catfish:

Step 1: Go to Social Catfish Website

Step 2: Feed the tool with an image of the person you want to find the address. 

Step 3: The tool will give results with matching photos. 

Step 4: Click on the right photo and find all the background check details, including address details. 

8. Private Investigator or Tracing Agency

Tracing agencies specialize in finding long-lost friends, family, and missing persons. They usually employ private investigators with experience, training, and resources (such as Electoral Roll or Credit Agency Data) to locate a person.

Pro Tip: Before settling on a tracing agency or a private, ensure they are legit. Here are some ways to guarantee that:

  • Examine their license
  • Request for an in-person meeting
  • Ask for their qualifications and experience

When it comes to rates, they usually depend on how complicated the process is to find someone’s address. However, private investigators will only accept the job if your reason is permissible. 

Some states banned the services of private investigators due to safety reasons.

A note-worthy instance where a private investigation led to a murder was the case of Rebecca Schaeffer. According to LA Times, this is what happened:

Six weeks before Schaeffer’s killing, Robert John Bardo walked into the Anthony Agency, a Tucson firm that advertises its ability to find missing persons, and showed private investigators a studio publicity photo of the television and film actress, Los Angeles police officials said.

Employees of the firm told The Times that Bardo had said Schaeffer was an old friend, and he wanted her current address so he could send her a gift.

Out of all the ways to find someone, private investigators could give you quick results with tangible proof. However, choosing this option will cost you more money than people search sites or other methods.


Locations and addresses are personal details, and people have the right to keep their information safe from prying eyes. So some people do use privacy measures to hide address details. Finding someone’s address can be tricky in such cases. But thanks to reverse address lookup services, they can quickly solve these tricky cases.


How can I find someone’s actual current address?

You can find someone’s address using various methods, including people search sites.

Can the person know that I am searching for their address?

It depends on your search method and how you found the address. Some search sites or public data records must inform the person whose information you need.

Can I use Google Maps to find someone’s address?

Yes. If you know their business name and it’s on Google Maps, chances are that they live in that location. However, Google Maps doesn’t show the owner's name or the registered owner of the building.

What is the safest and most foolproof way to know someone’s address?

Ask them directly. If you have no malicious intent regarding their address, then you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

If I can’t find someone’s address, can I still send them gifts or letters?

Yes. You can send them items if you have or know their PO box numbers. Do not use their PO boxes to send malicious or prohibited items, as this can harm you or them.


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