How to Find Someone's Email on Facebook? 3 Effective Methods!

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Around 3 billion people are using Facebook in 2023, making it the largest social media platform worldwide and one of the best places to track someone down!

For instance, if you are wondering: “How to find someone’s email on Facebook?”, the only thing you need to do is visit their ‘About’ page in most cases.

Keep reading as we outline the process of getting someone’s email from Facebook to reconnect, promote your products, or hire them.

 Facebook Email Finder

How to Search for a Person’s Email on Facebook?

The first and obvious place to find someone’s email address is via their Facebook page. For the most part, you only have to complete a few steps:

  1. Type in the user’s name in the Search field on top;
  2. Open the person’s profile and click on the ‘About’ section;
  3. Click on the ‘Contact and basic info’ tab on the left;
  4. The person’s email address (if made available) is on the top;
  5. Write down the email address for future use.

Note: While most users reveal their email to the Facebook public, some only make it available to their friends, and some still even hide it from everyone.

While the above steps apply when looking someone up via the desktop Facebook website, completing the procedure via the mobile app is more or less the same.

You only have to find and open the user’s profile, click ‘See [User] About Info’ (below their profile pic), and scroll down to the ‘Contact info section’.

Alternative Method to Get Someone’s Email Via Facebook

If you are unsure which profile belongs to the person you want to contact, use Facebook’s thorough search engine, which lets you refine your search results with criteria like city, education, work, and friend network, and it only takes a few steps:

  1. Go to;
  2. Enter the person’s name in the search field;
  3. Refine your search if needed;
  4. Open the user’s profile in which you are interested;
  5. Note down the username after ‘’;
  6. Log out of Facebook and click on ‘Forgotten password?’;
  7. Enter the person’s username and click ‘Search’;
  8. Take down the coded email address.

This method is no longer foolproof since Facebook started hiding the full email address. Now, you can only see the first and last letter of the email username, plus the email provider. Therefore, some guesswork is needed to figure out the entire address.

At the end of the day, if both methods fail you, you can always send the person a direct message asking them for their email, even if you are a business representative.

Finding an email on Facebook

How to Search for Someone's Email Using Third-Party Tools?

Since the above methods no longer guarantee results, you may have a better chance of finding the email you need by using paid-for Facebook Email Finder services.

In general, these people search sites connect to an extensive data network of hundreds of sites, where they scrape all kinds of information, including email addresses.

Most of them don’t even violate any privacy policies since they rely on a person’s profile URL as a data reference and double-check all the info they uncover via Google.

Some of the best third-party sites to offer email-finding services include:

  •—utilizes over 200 network data partners to deliver the most accurate and up-to-date contact information available. In most cases, uncovers personal and business emails and phone numbers too!
  •—the email finder software employed by searches through one of the world’s largest email databases (430 million emails). Despite focusing on lead mining, this email finder tool can also find specific users just with a name;
  • UpLead—self-proclaimed as the best sales intelligence tool, UpLead guarantees 95% data accuracy of the personal data they uncover. Also, the information generated by UpLead is thoroughly vetted in real time before it is delivered.

Note: These services typically employ monthly payment plans ranging between $50 to $250, but you can still try them out by signing up for a free trial.

Facebook profile email finder


Finding someone’s email through their Facebook page is as easy as navigating to their ‘About’ us page and clicking on the ‘Contact and basic info’ tab. If they have intentionally hidden their email, you may still be able to find it via third-party Facebook Email Finder tools, which often provide you with more than just the person’s email address.


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