How to Game Share on PS4 and PS5

Dejan Cvetnarevic
Dejan Cvetnarevic

Updated · Mar 27, 2023


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Fan of PlayStation, the most popular console? Are you, by any chance, curious about how to game share on PS4 and PS5? Look no further! In this article, we will explain what game sharing is and how it works.

Read on for the best tips and tricks to make the process easier!

How Does Game Share Work?

In the past, people could borrow games from friends to try them out before deciding whether to buy them. But as digital gaming has become more popular, this isn't possible anymore, or not as common, to say the least.

However, although it may seem tricky, you can still share games. With a bit of know-how, you can game share on PlayStation 4 and 5 with friends and family and save you and your close ones some cash on some of the best games of 2022.

What makes the whole game sharing even more appealing is that PlayStation 5 is compatible with PS4 games, making this console a must-have and a great gift idea for gamers.

PlayStation's game share allows you to play video games with friends or other gamers on separate consoles. Game sharing is a feature that authorizes access to someone else’s PlayStation library from where you can download games.

It’s a pretty straightforward process. You can just log in to another PS on their account and download games on their PlayStation IDs. If you are interested in how to game share on both PS4 and PS5, we have the answers for you, so read on.

How to Game Share on PS4

Check out this short guide below to see how to game share on PS4.

  1. Firstly, you need access to another’s PS4 and your primary account information.
  2. Next, log in to your PS account on a friend’s PlayStation console, from where the game sharing occurs.
  3. Go to the main PS4 menu and press Settings.
  4. Then, open Account Management.
  5. Press Activate as Your Primary PS4.

Remember, you might need to deactivate your PS4 as the primary console to do the sharing.

By doing this, you should be able to get access to play your games on your friend’s PlayStation.

Although you’ll download the titles onto the PS4 hard drive, you can play them without signing in to your account.

To conclude, all you need to complete this process is a PlayStation and 15 minutes.

How to Share Games on PS5

Allowing game share on your PlayStation 5 is simpler than doing it on a PS4. There is a difference in the terminology, though. Instead of game sharing, on PS5, the feature is called ‘Console Sharing and Offline Play.’

To set up game sharing on PS5, follow the brief guide below.

  1. Log in to your Network Account on your PS5.
  2. Go to the main menu and press the Gear icon between your avatar and the magnifying glass to open Settings.
  3. Choose Users and Accounts.
  4. Select Other from the scroll-down menu.
  5. The next step is to choose Console Sharing and Offline Play. Keep in mind that if this option is enabled on your PS5, you need to disable it to game share.
  6. Next, you should log out from your PlayStation Network on your PS5.
  7. Now, log in with your PSN on the PlayStation you want to do the sharing with.
  8. Go to the same menu to select Don’t Disable in the Console Sharing and Offline Play menu.
  9. Log out of your network on this PS.

Once the friend you're game-sharing with logs in to their PSN, they can play any game from their PlayStation 5. The good news is that the game-sharing feature works both ways, giving you access to your friend’s library and vice versa.

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Bottom Line

Game sharing on PS4 and PS5 is a straightforward and quick process. Both options function similarly, approving to share your library with other gamers. While on PS4, it’s all about adjusting a console as the primary system of your PSN library, on PS5, you should enable ‘Console Sharing and Offline Play.’


Are you allowed to game share on PS4?

Yes, you are allowed to share titles with your friends. You will abide by the license limits by switching PS IDs and consoles. Although only one owns the game, you can play games together with a friend. However, be careful not to share games on three or more consoles, as your account might be suspended.

Is game share legal?

Yes, PlayStation game share is legit, and you won’t get banned for doing it. Even so, it’s better to have your console as a home console and then share titles. However, it’s preferred to game share only with your closest circle because game developers earn from game purchases.

Can you double game share on PS4?

No, unfortunately, it’s impossible to double game share on PS4. Since PlayStation allows just two players, one can’t have various users on PlayStation. Moreover, it’s against the company’s terms.

Can you game share from PS5 to PS4?

Yes! Although they are different console generations, you can still share games. And if you wonder how to gameshare on PS5 to PS4, it’s simple. First, you should access the games library and download the title you want. Then, if it has a PS4 version, you can play it.

Can you game share from PS4 to PS5?

Yes, you can game share from PS4 to PS5, the best part being you can play old games on a next-gen console. If you were interested to know how to game share on PS4 and PS5, we believe this guide helped you.


Dejan Cvetnarevic

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