How to Game Share on Xbox One, X, and Series S [Easy Way]

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Xbox is Microsoft’s famous video game console, with over 90 million monthly active users. The console's success can be attributed to its wide variety of games and new features like XBOX Game Share.

Game Share, as the name implies, allows Xbox players to share their digital games library, including titles from Game Pass and Game Pass Ultimate subscription plans. 

Continue reading this article to LEARN how you can game share on Xbox One, X, and Series S in easy STEPS. 

Key Takeaways


Before you can game share, confirm that you have fulfilled all the requirements, such as console compatibility, live accounts, and purchased games.


To game share on Xbox, you and the person you want to share with have an Xbox Live Gold account.


Game share is limited to two players and can only be changed five times a year.


Keep your account information safe and only game share with trusted friends and family.

Game Share on Xbox - Here's What You Need to Do 

Game sharing on Xbox lets you share your game library and subscriptions with your family and friends. The sharing process is is easy, but you need to do it simultaneously with a friend or family member so everything works smoothly.

 Xbox consoles and controller 

In the next section, you can find all the requirements and a STEP-BY-STEP guide on how to share your Xbox games.

Xbox Game Share Requirements - What You Need?

A smooth process of game sharing starts with the right consoles and connections. In general, here are what users need to have before sharing games on Xbox:

  • Xbox consoles (Xbox One, X, and Series S)
  • Valid Xbox Live accounts (with Live subscriptions)
  • Games purchased from Microsoft
  • Account details 
  • Internet connection
Note: It’s important that users need games bought from Microsoft servers. Microsoft will ban players from game sharing if the games they downloaded were illegally downloaded from other sources.

Steps for Xbox Game Share

Before you begin, you and your game share partner must have access to each other's consoles and be prepared to trade account information, including the email addresses linked with your Xbox accounts and the corresponding passwords.

Warning: Cyberattacks and identity thefts loom large. Only share your account information with someone you trust. Check out our article on identity security to learn more about how to protect yourself from these threats.

In this set of steps, we’ll call the original game sharer Player A. We’ll call the person with whom Player A wants to share with Player B

Here’s how you can use Game Share on Xbox:

1. Turn on Xbox and connect to the internet. Player A must sign in to their Xbox Live account. 

2. Press the Xbox guide button on the controller. 

3. Go to the profile on the right-most icon with Player A’s profile photo. 

Go to the profile on the right-most icon with Player A’s profile photo

4. Click Add or switch

5. Tap on Add new.

6. Player B must log in to their Xbox Live account. 

7. Player B should make Player A’s account their home Xbox. To do this, click on the Xbox guide button on the controller. 

8. Go to the profile on the right-most icon with the profile photo. 

Go to the profile on the right-most icon with the profile photo

9. Click Settings.

10. Select General and choose Personalization

Select General and choose Personalization

11. Tap on My Home Xbox.

Tap on My Home Xbox

12. Click Make this my home Xbox

Click Make this my home Xbox

Repeat these steps on Player B's Xbox console. Except for this time, Player A will set Player B as their home Xbox. 

After doing these steps, Player A and Player B will now share the following:

  • Game Pass subscriptions
  • Xbox Live Gold membership
  • Game library they purchased from Mircosoft Store
  • Downloadable content (DLC)
  • Pre-order bonuses
  • Other special edition perks 

All that there’s left to do is make sure to sign in and start playing! 

Limitations of Xbox Game Share Features 

When it comes to Xbox game sharing, there are a few limitations to remember, including:

  1. Game Share allows the changing or switching home Xbox only five times a year.
  2. This feature is limited to two people at the same time. Players cannot add one more account unless players have to remove the original sharing partner. 
  3. The original sharer doesn’t have strong privacy regarding credentials and banking details. 
  4. Game Share only creates digital copies of games. Physical copies of the games can only work with one Xbox console at a time. 
  5. The player cannot play digital games offline if the console is no longer the home Xbox. The players will need the internet to access the games. 

Players must also ensure to share the Xbox games with someone reliable to avoid any unwanted game purchases and protect their online privacy

Common Issues in Xbox Game Share

When it comes to Xbox game sharing, users may encounter a few common issues, such as:

  • Glitches
  • Sharing games is not working
  • Assigning home consoles
  • Persistent storage
Note:  To know more about fixing other common Xbox consoles issues , check out Techjury’s article on How to Fix Xbox One Stuck on Green Screen? [5 Causes & Fixes] and DNS Isn't Resolving Xbox Server Names - 5 Ways To Fix It

To address these issues, here are some tips that users can apply:

  1. Set up an Xbox Home Account. Users can follow the steps earlier in this article. 
  2. Check the number of home switches of a live account. There is a count limit for switches in a year. 
  3. Power cycle the Xbox console. Turn it off for 30 seconds before turning it on again. 
  4. Clear persistent storage on Xbox for a smoother game run. Go to Settings > Disc & Blu-Ray > Persistent Storage > Clear persistent storage.
  5. Factory reset the Xbox to remove the possible cause of an issue. Head to Settings > System > Console info > Reset console > Reset and keep my games.

When players reset their system, they must download the apps and games again. It’s best to consult an expert or call Microsoft Xbox for assistance if the issues remain. 

The game share feature is also available on PlayStation 4 and 5. To know more, read our article on How to Game Share on PS4 and PS5

Things To Consider Before Using Xbox Gamesharing Feature

When sharing Xbox games, there are some things users need to consider. In this list, we’ll still call Player A the person who wants to game share and Player B the other Xbox player. Here are some of the issues players can encounter:

  1. Some users worry about leaving their Microsoft account logged into their friend’s console.
  2. Player B’s Xbox console can access Player A’s credit card and purchase games without Player A’s consent. This instance can also happen vice versa as players can access each other’s details when game sharing. 
  3. Player B will control all of Player A’s home Xbox benefits. 
  4. Other friends or family who want to play games on Player A’s console must have Player A’s sign-in credentials. 

Players can consider these disadvantages while or before sharing games on Xbox. 


Microsoft made Xbox’s Game Share feature to benefit its customers’ gaming experience. Game Share is a great way to share digital copies of games with a friend or family while saving money.

However, there are a few issues and limitations that Xbox user face. Some of these are the number of switches in a year and privacy concerns. When dealing with issues like this, consulting an expert or tapping on Microsoft’s customer service is best. 

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Can I run 2 Xboxes on one live account?

Yes, you can sign in to two devices at once. However, if your account is signed in to many devices, there might be implications like incompatibility of Xbox versions.

Does Xbox Gameshare work both ways?

Yes, you can share the games with others, and others can share their games with you. You’ll need to make your Xbox console as their home Xbox. After, you’ll need to repeat the process on their console and make their console your home Xbox.

Can you Gameshare with two people?

Yes, you can Game Share with two people. Microsoft only allows two accounts simultaneously in-game sharing with Xbox. Two accounts can share digital copies of games, game passes, and other downloadable content.

What are the cons of game-sharing Xbox?

Players cannot play digital games offline and install games from SmartGlass. And players have to log in to the Sharer's account first to play the Sharer’s game.

Can you Gameshare and play at the same time?

Yes, you can share games while playing at the same time. You can also play the same game title at one time. However, you can’t share a physical copy of the game that you want to share and play with together.


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