How To Hack Into Someone’s iMessage?

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Do you know that 95% of teens have access to smartphones? Then, 87% of them own an iPhone, which they utilize to access its default messaging platform, iMessage.

Concerningly, the youth’s growing ease of technological access threatens their security. A JAMA Pediatrics study revealed that 1 in 4 teenagers receive explicit text messages.

With numbers like this, the thought of monitoring your child’s smartphone activity must have crossed your mind. Even though hacking is a criminal offense, parents are generally allowed to keep an eye on their kid’s mobile devices.

If you are a parent worried for your child’s safety, this article will help you learn how to hack into your child’s iMessage using the spy app — mSpy. 

LEGAL NOTE: Accessing another person's phone or personal data without consent is illegal. TechJury does not promote unlawful activities. Please check local laws and obtain permission before hacking a mobile device. 

Hack Someone’s iMessage with mSpy

mSpy is a user-friendly spy app that keeps track of a person’s device usage. Parents commonly use this app to monitor their kids or companies to watch their employees.

Moreover, mSpy is compatible with Android and iOS devices like iPhones and iPads. It offers the following features:

  • Tracking GPS location
  • Accessing media files

Of course, the mSpy feature you came here for is reading iMessages. The step-by-step guide below will show you how to do that with the spying app. 

👍 Helpful Article: Learn more about mSpy with Techjury’s in-depth review of the platform. 

Step 1: Create an account and choose a subscription plan

Before you can monitor using mSpy, you should create an account and choose a subscription plan. Simply follow these steps to do so:

  1. On your computer, open a browser and go to mSpy's official website
  2. Click the Log In button on the navigation bar. Select the Don’t have an account yet? option.
  3. You will be redirected to a page where you can use your Google account or enter your email address. Click Continue. 
  4. Choose the device you plan to monitor: iPhone or Android. You can also skip this and decide later. 
  5. Select the subscription plan that works best for you. 
  6. Enter your payment details and click Submit Order.

Step 2: Download the mSpy app on your computer

After setting up your mSpy account, you can install the application on the target device. 

📝 Note: For this step, ensure you have the phone and a USB cable. 

Follow the linking instructions given to you as shown below:

  1. Click Wizard > Get Started
  2. Select Apple, iOS. Choose your preferred way of connecting.
  3. Choose Local Sync. Download the mStar desktop app.

Select most suitable way of connecting

Unless you have a jailbroken phone, the most effective way to connect to the target device is through local sync. It would let you see even the phone’s iMessages.

Meanwhile, connecting through iCloud credentials is limited to letting you view notes, reminders, calendars, and contacts.

Step 3: Set up the mStar desktop app

Now that you’ve downloaded the desktop app, it’s time to set it up on the target device. Here are the steps on how you can do it:

  1. Once the download is complete, open mStar.exe. 
  2. Log in to your mSpy account. Then, select a slot or subscription. 
  3. Connect your kid’s phone using the USB cable. 
  4. On the target device, make sure to click Trust when a pop up message comes up. Enter the phone’s passcode. 
  5. Tap Refresh then click the phone once it’s shown as connected. 
  6. Click Select.
  7. Create an encryption password and select Next. 
  8. Wait for the backup process to be completed. 

Wait for the backup process to be completed.

Step 4: Start Monitoring 

After the backup is completed, you will receive the synced info in your mSpy account. Wait for a few more minutes for everything to sync. 

Then, click Text Messages on the sidebar menu to read the iMessages.

Text Messages on the sidebar menu to start reading the iMessages 

Control Features of mSpy

mSpy is also not just limited to giving access to iMessage. It offers a wide range of monitoring capabilities.

Here are some of its control features:



SMS Monitoring

You can track all details about the incoming and outgoing text messages on the target smartphone. 

Social MediaTracking

With mSpy, you can monitor someone’s activity on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram. 

Call Monitoring

You can see call logs, time stamps, and phone numbers on the target device. 

GPS Tracking

Follow the target device's GPS location with mSpy. You can also see the device's past and current areas on a map. 


MSpy's built-in keylogger feature records the phone’s keystrokes. This lets you gather important information like usernames and passwords.

App Blocking

You can remotely block particular apps. This feature is helpful for parents who want to limit their kids' access to specific applications.

Remote Control

With mSpy's remote control features, you can control the target device’s functionalities. You can remotely lock the device, erase its data, or even take a screenshot.

🔓 Security Note: Hacking an iPhone is never an easy feat. Its operating system has built-in privacy features that offer the utmost security. No wonder there are 1.46 billion active iPhone users today.

However, with mSpy, you do not need technical know-how to see every text message that comes in and out of your kid’s device.

Bottom Line

Unfortunately, children are more prone to falling victim to the dangers of the Internet. That’s why, as a parent, you must monitor your child’s online activity. One way of doing so is by keeping an eye on their text message exchanges.

Apart from looking into their iMessage, using reputable parental control software can help you ensure their safety across all online platforms.

However, it is still crucial to think before hacking an iPhone or any device that could violate the privacy rights of others, especially of your child. The best thing to do is to have an open and honest conversation with your children and establish trust. 

With proper and legal consent, you can consider mSpy as a last resort or a precaution.


Is it legal to hack into someone's iMessage?

No. Most legal systems consider breaking into someone's iMessage or any other application in the device as unlawful.

Can I hack into my child's iMessage legally?

If your child is under 18, you are allowed to monitor and read their iMessage communications. However, it is still best to brush up on your local laws to make sure you avoid facing legal consequences.

What are the risks of hacking into someone's iMessage?

Without sufficient authority, accessing someone's iMessage can result in serious adverse effects. They include interpersonal harm, loss of trust, and legal penalties. Moreover, it can violate ethical standards and privacy laws.


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