How to Join a Realm in Minecraft? [Java and Bedrock Editions]

Dejan Cvetnarevic
Dejan Cvetnarevic

Updated · Mar 27, 2023


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Minecraft Realms is a subscription-based service with a massive monthly player base, that lets users create their own private Minecraft server and invite other players to join.

This gives players a unique chance to play the popular sandbox game online with their friends, leaving many to wonder how to join a Realm in Minecraft.

Here is everything you need to know.

What is Minecraft Realms?

Before joining a Realm in Minecraft, you should first learn what Realms are and how they work.

Minecraft Realms are private multiplayer servers that support up to ten simultaneous players across all platforms. Many players can join the Realm, but only ten can play at once. Realms are always online and accessible, which means that anyone can play at any time, regardless of whether the host is online.

How to Join a Realm in Minecraft

Joining a Minecraft Realm is free and doesn’t require a subscription. However, it does require an invitation from the Realm's owner, and there is no way to join Minecraft Realm without an invite link.

Another thing to remember is that Minecraft’s Java and Bedrock editions don’t support cross-play. In other words, Minecraft Java players can’t join Bedrock Realms and can only play with other Windows, macOS, and Linux players.

So, if you are a PC user who wants to join a Realm with console or mobile players, you must use Minecraft for Windows 10.

If you're joining a Survival mode Realm, we listed some ideas for you to build.

Joining a Realm Requirements

Here are the basic requirements for joining a Realm in Minecraft:

  • An official copy of Minecraft for your specific device
  • An Xbox gamertag (take a look at some unique gamertag ideas)
  • A share link invitation or a gamertag invitation to the Realm
  • An active subscription for Xbox Live Gold, Nintendo Switch Online, or PlayStation Plus, depending on your console.

Now that we have covered the basics let’s take a look at how you can join a Realm in Minecraft via a share link.

Share links are custom URLs that players must enter to access a specific Realm. They allow Realm owners to invite Minecraft players who aren’t in their Friends list to their Realm.

Join Realm Minecraft Bedrock (Mobile, Xbox, PS4/PS5, and Switch)

The Minecraft Bedrock edition supports multiple platforms, including Windows 10 and 11, iOS, Android, PS4 and PS5, Nintendo Switch, as well as Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S.

There are two Minecraft Realm subscription plans for the Bedrock edition of the game — Realms and Realms Plus, supporting two and ten players, respectively. Both plans support cross-platform play across Bedrock devices and consoles.

In addition, the Realms Plus plan also gives you access to 150+ Marketplace packs that all players on the Realm can enjoy for free.

Here are the steps you need to take to join a Minecraft Bedrock Realm via a shared link:

  1. Open Minecraft and select Play.
  2. Go to the Friends tab and choose Join Realm.
  3. Enter the 6-digit invite code (the last six digits of the share link you received).
  4. Select Join.

Join a Realm in Minecraft Java (Windows, Mac, and Linux)

Minecraft Java is the original version of the game that is exclusive to Windows (all versions before Windows 10), Mac, and Linux.

The Realms Java edition subscription supports ten players. It provides access to free community-created content, such as mini-games, adventures, and experiences. However, it lacks access to Minecraft Marketplace.

Follow these steps to join a realm in Minecraft Java via a shared link:

  1. In Minecraft, select the Minecraft Realms menu.
  2. Click on the flashing mail icon at the top of your screen that indicates you have an invitation pending. This will open up a window with every Realm invitation you’ve ever received.
  3. Accept the invitation to the Realm you want to join.
  4. This will add the Realm to your list of Joinable Realms.

A Realm’s current status is indicated by the color of the dot next to it.

  • A green dot means that the Realm is currently open and available to join.
  • A yellow dot indicates that the Realm will expire soon.
  • A red dot means that the Realm is not available to join due to it expiring or being closed by the owner.

How to Join a Realm via Gamertag Invite

A gamertag is your unique username on Xbox Live — Microsoft's online gaming service. Assuming the Realm owner already knows your gamertag, they can use it to invite you to play on their Realm directly.

Here is how you can join a Realm in Minecraft via a gamertag invite:

  1. Open the invitation you received
  2. Click the Join button
  3. Select the Proceed option
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Bottom Line

Now that you know how to join a Realm in Minecraft, it's time to start playing with your friends online. Remember, you will need an invitation from the Realm's owner to join — whether a share link or a gamertag invite. But once you have that, the process is pretty straightforward.

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