How to Keep Your Inventory When You Die in Minecraft?

Selma Citakovic
Selma Citakovic

Updated · Feb 20, 2023


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As most gamers know, you lose your inventory when you die in Minecraft, after which you must return to your body to retrieve all your belongings.

So how to keep your inventory when you die in Minecraft? To do it, you have to enable cheats and run the ‘/gamerule keepInventory true’ command.

Keep reading to learn how, when, and where to use this crucial code!

Can You Keep Your Inventory When You Die in Minecraft?

To retrieve your items after you foolishly die in Minecraft involves running back to your body and picking up all the items that were dropped and scattered on the floor. Also, unless you do this within five minutes of your death, your items will be gone for good!

That said, the only way to keep your inventory in Minecraft is to use the well-known cheat code ‘/gamerule keepInventory true’, which saves you time and nerves from having to find and re-loot all the valuable high-tier gear you have lost.

However, to run the above command, you must have toggled on the ‘Allow Cheats’ option while creating your Minecraft world. You can also do it after starting a non-cheat playthrough, but that requires a couple of additional steps.

Note: If you die by falling into lava, your items will be destroyed and irretrievable.

Minecraft Versions That Support the ‘keepInventory’ Command

While most devices and Minecraft versions support the ‘keepInventory’ command, not all do. Here are all the platforms that support this feature:


Supported Version

PC/Mac Java Edition

Yes (1.4.2)

Windows 10 Edition

Yes (1.0.5)

Pocket Edition

Yes (1.0.5)

Xbox One

Yes (1.2)

Xbox 360



Yes (1.14.0)



Nintendo Switch

Yes (1.5.0)

Education Edition


Wii U


Note that the cheat option is disabled by default. After enabling it, you can use many different commands to change the weather, switch modes, increase the difficulty, summon objects, teleport to different in-game locations, and much more!

How to Enable Cheats to Keep Your Inventory in Minecraft?

As soon as you start a playthrough allowing players to use cheats, you can turn on the ‘keepInventory’ safety measure in a few simple steps:

  1. Open the in-game console by pressing ‘T’ or ‘/’;
  2. Input: /gamerule keepInventory true;
  3. Press ‘Enter’ and wait for a confirmation message.

Once you successfully activate the ‘keepInventory’ command, you’ll see the following message: ‘Gamerule keepInventory is now set to: true’.

Then, when you die, you only have to click on ‘Respawn’, and you will restart the game with your inventory intact. To get back the excitement and the risk of permanently losing your inventory, you can change the rule by typing in ‘/gamerule keepInventory false’.

Note: If you are on an Xbox or PS console, you only have to press the D-Pad (right) button to launch the chat window, type in the ‘/gamerule keepInventory true’ command, and tap the corresponding button to confirm the command.

How to Enable Cheats on Minecraft Mobile?

You can easily enter the ‘keepInventory’ command even if you are playing the Minecraft Pocket Edition on your iPhone or Android device:

  1. Launch the Minecraft app;
  2. Click on the ‘Pause’ icon at the top of the screen;
  3. Tap on ‘Settings’ and navigate to ‘Game Settings’;
  4. Toggle on ‘Activate Cheats’ and ‘Keep Inventory’;
  5. Unpause and tap the chat icon at the top of the screen;
  6. Type in: /gamerule keepInventory true and press the ‘Enter’ button.

Now, once you die, you’ll still have all your tools and items, and you’ll only have to tap on ‘Respawn’ to resume your Minecraft adventure fully equipped.

Bottom Line

Keeping your inventory in Minecraft is a blocky piece of cake as you only have to ensure your in-game console works before typing in ‘/gamerule keepInventory true’. After that, your playthroughs will become more enjoyable since you won’t have to anxiously run back to your body to retrieve your items before they are gone for good!


How to run commands on a Minecraft world if you don’t own it?

To run commands in someone else’s Minecraft server, you have to ask the server admin to run the ‘op [yourname]’ command, which will give you command-level privileges.

How to turn off the ‘keep your inventory’ cheat in Minecraft?

Turning off ‘keepInventory’ is as easy as turning it on, and you only have to follow the same steps but type in the following command: ‘/gamerule keepInventory false’.

Why can't I turn on ‘keep inventory’ in Minecraft?

The main reason you may be unable to activate ‘keepInventory’ is the failure to turn on the ‘Cheats’ option, which is easy to do even after you start playing.

Is it cheating to keep your inventory when you die in Minecraft?

No, since most gamers play the single-player Minecraft experience. However, even if you are playing with other players, that same rule applies to everyone on your server.


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