7 Ways to Lookup an Unknown VoIP Number

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Current Internet statistics report that there are currently 5.16 billion Internet users worldwide. With this vast number of users, most already know how to make calls using Internet apps.

However, phone numbers can be attached to online calls, too. It's called a VoIP number. The person using it is a VoIP caller

VoIP is short for Voice over Internet Protocol. A VoIP number is an actual telephone number operating on an internet connection instead of through local telephone lines. They’re basically virtual phone numbers that many reliable companies provide.

If you're receiving calls with an unknown number but need to know who's on the other end, there's a way to find out who they are. 

 🔑 Key Takeaways

  • VoIP calls are calls made using an internet connection.
  • A reserve phone search for unknown VoIP numbers can be done using various methods.
  • A VoIP service provider may identify another VoIP number if requested.
  • CNAM lookup tools can help trace the CNAM data for a phone number.
  • IP address lookups help you trace an IP address’s location, ISP, and domain name.
  • Social Catfish is a great way to look for more comprehensive information from a VoIP number.
  • Other reverse phone search websites help you find information about a number and the person behind it.
  • Packet analyzers are tools that trace the numbers through a signaling protocol.

Methods of Tracing Unknown VoIP Numbers

There are multiple ways to do a VoIP reverse phone search. 

👍Some examples are:

  1. Checking with a VoIP service provider
  2. Social Catfish and other reverse phone search websites
  3. CNAM Lookup
  4. Packet Analyzers
  5. IP Address Lookup

These are reliable ways to help you find out who owns the VoIP number trying to reach you. It would be good to get a grasp of how to do this since there have been many cases of anonymous calls both from Android phones and iPhones.

Some of these applications and websites offer their services for free, while others require payment. 

Using a VoIP Service Provider

A VoIP service provider is a business entity that offers VoIP services directly to business and individual customers. Inversely, a VoIP service can also be used to call people anonymously.

📝 Note: Here's how a provider might help you identify the owner of a VoIP number:

1. Note the caller ID and the time you received the call. 

2. Contact your VoIP service provider and give them the necessary information. Your provider will be able to track the number owner for you.

The caller you are trying to track down may have an IP address or a registered caller ID they use to make calls.

It can be harder to know their identity if they use a fake IP address or a third-party ID. 

CNAM Lookup

There are two identifiers when making calls: a phone number and a CNAM. 

The CNAM is called Caller ID Name, usually a 15-character string. It helps display the calling party's name and phone number to help users quickly identify a caller.

📝 Note: You can use a CNAM lookup tool to get the CNAM data for a phone number. A CNAM lookup tool can be free or charge low fees per query or monthly.

Some examples are:

  1. Bulk Vs
  2. CallerIDservice
  3. CallWithUs
  4. Digital Conceptions Canada
  5. Multitel

Among these applications, Bulk Vs., CallerIDservice, and Multitel offer free queries.

Searching for the CNAM will only work if you have your VoIP number. It can be tricky to find the phone number's owner with just the caller ID since, unfortunately, this can be faked.

The CNAM, on the other hand, is difficult to fake. Many spoofers don't even bother trying to alter it. You can also do a CNAM query if you have some coding skills. 

👍 Helpful Article: You can also hide your own caller ID if you’re an iPhone user through your phone settings or through a third-party app.

IP Address Lookup 

An IP means Internet Protocol, which refers to a collection of rules governing the format of data transmitted over the Internet. IP addresses can be used for a variety of things like transferring data and identifying you and your devices.

The 'address' refers to a unique number linked to all activities you do online. This address is similar to a return address on a letter you'd send out. However, the data-sending occurs much faster across the internet.

For example, you might see the IP address on your VoIP phone screen. This display gets it from your router. This protocol is what assigns IP addresses within a computer network. Note that an individual can hide their IP address through VPNs and other technologies. 

Also, you can use a reliable website that can obtain IP addresses, such as Searchbug:

A screenshot of Searchbug’s IP address search option

Type the address in the box, and you're ready. Wait for the results and the instructions to come in.

This tool will tell you the IP address location, the internet service provider, and the domain name.

These pieces of information can help you have an idea about who might be calling you or where they’re coming from.  

🎉 Fun Fact: You can also track a person’s location just with a phone number. You can do this using a reverse phone lookup service.

Social Catfish Reverse Phone Lookup

There are other ways to look up phone numbers, but one of the best ways to do it is through Social Catfish. 

Social Catfish is a website that uses images, emails, and social media profiles to investigate the online dating world. It also uses phone numbers.

Its reverse phone search tool can help you verify the person behind the phone number you have. 

It can also help you find friends or connections. Here's how to search: 

1. Click the Phone tab

A screenshot of Social Catfish’s reverse phone lookup search page.

2. Enter the phone number of the person you are searching for. Click Search.

A screenshot of Social Catfish’s reverse phone lookup page

 3. Wait a few minutes as the website searches records.

A screenshot of Social Catfish’s search process

4. See all of the available information it generates.

A side by side screenshot of Social Catfish’s results page

 A side by side screenshot of Social Catfish’s results page


 5. Select the most vital information to get the answers you're looking for.

A screenshot of Social Catfish’s results with details like usernames and websites

6. Get access to more data, such as other phone numbers, emails, and job information, by choosing Access Premium Data.

Social Catfish allows free access to some information, but more in-depth results may cost more.

A screenshot of Social Catfish’s “Access Premium Data” option

These results show the person’s numbers, address, possible usernames, websites closely linked to them, and their potential social media accounts. With this search, you may be one step closer to having the information you need. 

Other Reverse Phone Search Websites

Several reverse phone number lookup websites and tools offer their services for free. 

👍 Some examples of phone number lookup websites are:

Using any of these websites is pretty straightforward. Their layouts are simple and easy to use.

Go to any of the links above, and with the number you have, type it in the search box on the website. Wait a few minutes for the results. 

You’ll see that most of these sites offer comprehensive results. It may be a matter of which pieces of information you’d like to know aside from the name of the person behind the number. 

📝 Note: Most of these sites will ask you to provide your email address to access the results. With this comes the warning that you should not use any info you receive for illegal purposes.

 Some paid websites that offer reverse phone lookup services are BeenVerified and Spokeo. While they require payment, they're also relatively simple as Social Catfish. 

Installing Packet Analyzers

Packet analyzers trace the numbers on SIP or Session Initiation Protocol phones. SIP is a signalling protocol. It manages voice communications and multimedia sessions. You can find these phones in call centers. You can categorize packet analyzers according to softphones and hard phones.

A packet analyzer is a program that intercepts or logs network traffic. On softphones, the packet analyzer's SIP filter will display the IP address and Caller ID Name of the VoIP owner.

You can use a packet analyzer on your local router and filter for hard SIP and IP on hard phones. You can trace the number on your own using an Internet Telephony Service Provider.

How To Trace a Non-Fixed VoIP Number

There are two types of VoIP numbers: fixed and non-fixed. Non-fixed VoIP numbers are more challenging to trace than fixed numbers because the latter requires a physical address to be assigned to the number. On the other hand, non-fixed ones have no address requirement. 

To get a non-fixed VoIP number, you only need an email address. Though tracing it can be difficult, you can use a caller ID lookup service. You have a good chance of getting information from that service that matches that of the caller.

Bottom Line

Your VoIP service provider can help you search for an unknown VoIP number. You can use a reverse phone number search for free on several websites.

Social Catfish can help you see the possible social media accounts a person owns by using a VoIP reverse phone search. A Caller ID Name is challenging to fake, which makes it a good piece of data for identifying a caller.

Lastly, you might have more difficulty tracing a non-fixed VoIP number than a fixed one.

FAQs .

Where are VoIP numbers registered?

Service providers usually allocate these numbers to different area codes, which are geographically based. 

However, VoIP number owners do not have to work or live within such zip codes to receive and register them with their providers.   

How does a VoIP phone number work?

If you're getting a number for business purposes, you'll need to get a business VoIP phone number with a VoIP service provider.

 Once they've set it up, you can make outbound calls and get incoming calls through your VoIP network instead of the network that uses traditional phone lines. Ensure you have a reliable internet connection and a phone logged into your VoIP account.

Is VoIP secure?

VoIP is as secure as you make it. Year after year, with the advancement of knowledge and technologies, VoIP can be encrypted using "secure SIP" and is typically secure.


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