How to Make a Tool in Little Alchemy 2? [All 9 Combinations]

Dejan Cvetnarevic
Dejan Cvetnarevic

Updated · Mar 07, 2023


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Players in Little Alchemy 2 can make more than 700 combinations of different elements. One such element is the tool. However, to make the tool in Little Alchemy 2, you need two main ingredients: wood and human. 

How to Make a Tool in Little Alchemy 2?

Several combinations of elements can allow players to make the tool. The key is that players should have Wood or Human as the first elements. The combinations include:

  • Human + Steel
  • Wood + Stone
  • Human + Metal
  • Wood + Steel
  • Human + Wood 
  • Wood + Metal
  • Human + Rock
  • Wood + Rock
  • Human + Stone

What Is the Fastest Way to Get a Tool in Little Alchemy 2?

The fastest way to get the tool element in Little Alchemy 2 is by mixing stone and human. However, this alchemy is not as simple as it looks. There is a lengthy process to achieving the human and stone elements in the game. Once you get them, only then can you get your tool. 

  • You start by mixing earth and water, which will give you mud
  • Then move on to mixing earth and fire that’ll give you lava 
  • Mix air with lava and get your stone 
  • The combination of stone and mud will get you clay
  • When you mix fire with fire, you’ll get energy
  • Water with water will give you a puddle
  • And puddle with a puddle with get you pond
  • A pond with a pond will get you a lake
  • Lake and lake will make a sea
  • Sea and earth will get you a primordial soup
  • Primordial soup and energy will give you life
  • Life and clay will make a human
  • And once the human is mixed with stone, you’ll get the tool element 

What Can You Make With a Tool in Little Alchemy 2?

Once you have your tool, you’ll be surprised at the many things it can make. Here are a few recipes where tools can be used to make more elements. 

  • Sweater (Tool + Wool)
  • Paint (Tool + Rainbow)
  • Wax (Tool + Wizard)
  • Wheel (Tool + Motion) 
  • Plow (Tool + Field)
  • Lens (Tool + Glass)
  • Computer (Tool + Hacker)
  • Solar Cell (Tool + Light)
  • Axe (Tool + Wood)
  • Fabric (Tool + Thread)
  • Leather (Tool + Sheep)
  • Milk (Tool + Cow)
  • Toolbox (Tool + Container)
  • Human (Tool + Animal)
  • Omelet (Tool + Egg)
  • Shovel (Tool + Gardener)
  • Thread (Tool + Cotton)
  • Factory (Tool + House)
  • Wool (Tool + Sheep)
  • Meat (Tool + Cow/Chicken/Fish)
  • Boiler (Tool + Steam)
  • Pottery (Tool + Clay)
  • Syringe (Tool + Needle)
  • Hammer (Tool + Stone)
  • Needle (Tool + Thread)
  • Stethoscope (Tool + Hospital)
  • Wand (Tool + Wizard)
  • Bullet (Tool + Gunpowder)
  • Pitchfork (Tool + Hay)
  • Safety Glasses (Tool + Glasses)
  • Wood (Tool + Forest)
  • Umbrella (Tool + Rain)
  • Thermometer (Tool + Quicksilver)
  • Sundial (Tool + Light)
  • Wand (Tool + Wizard)
  • Rope (Tool + Wire)
  • Pipe (Tool + Tobacco)
  • Flashlight (Tool + Light)

Bottom Line

Mixing a human and a stone is the easiest and fastest way to make a tool. However, different elements can help. Furthermore, you can make several items with the help of your tool. Now that you are well aware of the different combinations, it will help you ace the game.


Dejan Cvetnarevic

Dejan Cvetnarevic

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