How to Record on iPhone? [Everything You Need To Know]

Deyan Georgiev
Deyan Georgiev

Updated · Aug 01, 2022


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Knowing how to record on your iPhone can come in handy.

Sometimes you might need to put down a quick thought, conduct a short interview, or record an entire lecture after a long night out. Well, luckily for you, your iPhone has you covered.
Voice Memos is the stock iOS app that makes recording on your iPhone hassle-free. It will suit all your basic recording and editing needs. As long as you have free memory, there are no limits to the recording lengths.
The only thing you can’t do with this app is record phone calls. You will need a third-party solution for that.
So, let’s dive in and see how it works.

How to Record on an iPhone?

First, let’s identify where is the voice recorder on your iPhone.
Unless you’ve deleted it, you can find the Voice Memos icon in the Utilities Folder. If this isn’t on your home screen pages, you will find it in the App Library. You can also pull down the search bar and type it in or ask Siri to fetch it.

record on iPhone with Voice Memos
If deleted, you can just redownload it free from the App Store. 

Step 1: Once opened, press the big red button to start recording.

Step 2: To stop the recording, press the red button again. You now have it saved to your list of recordings. You can playback your audio or choose how to further manipulate it from there.

If you press the three-line menu adjacent to the play button, you have the following options:

  • Playback speed - this will adjust the playback speed of the recording.
  • Skip silence - this will skip the soundless parts of recordings.
  • Enhance - this option reduces excess noise and reverberation in your recording

recordings library on iPhone

For optimal sound quality, remember that the microphones used for recording sit at the phone’s base and so it's best to face them. Also, make sure there are no obstructions.
In the app’s Settings, you can switch the Audio Quality between Compressed or Lossless. Keep in mind, this will reflect on the file size of the recordings.

How to Rename and Edit a Voice Recording on an iPhone

If you’re running the latest iOS 15, there are enough features to edit and enhance voice notes on your iPhone.

Renaming a Voice Recording

Each new recording saves as New Recording. If you have given Location permissions to the Voice Memos app, it will name it based on where you’re at. Simply tap on the name and type a new one to your liking.
It’s that easy.

Trimming your recording

Step 1: Tap the More icon menu represented as three dots in a circle in the top right corner.

Step 2: Find and press Edit Recording.

Step 3: This brings up the editing screen with an audiograph of your recording.This screen is also accessible during recording. Simply swipe up from the waveform, and you can pause and edit your iPhone voice memo on the fly.

Step 4: To the right, above it, tap the icon illustrated below.

Trimming your recording
Step 5: If you just want to trim the ends of your track, position the yellow markers on either side as needed and press Trim.

If you want to delete a section within the recording, adjust the markers accordingly and press Delete.

Step 6: To save the edit, tap Save. If you have finished editing, press Done.

Once you set the markers, always review your selection. If something is not right, you can undo it by pressing Cancel instead of Save.

Replacing a section in your recording

Along with deleting or trimming, the iPhone voice recorder app also allows you to Replace or re-record a section by:

Step 1: Adjust the starting point using the blue marker

Step 2: Press the red Replace button to start recording

Step 3: Press the red button again to stop. Unfortunately, you can’t undo any replacement.

Something to consider if wanting to pick up where you left off, scroll to the very end of your track and press Resume.

Sharing A Voice Recording On an iPhone

Now that you have edited the audio recordings, maybe you want to share it.

Let’s review these easy steps.

Step 1: Tap the More button again

Step 2: Tap Share

Step 3: Choose the app or contact you want to share it with

In the same More menu, you also have options to copy, duplicate or even relocate the file to a folder within the Voice Memos app. You can also save your voice notes to the iPhone 

Files app or even straight into DropBox if you subscribe.

Delete A Voice Recording On an iPhone

If you’re running low on space, it may be worth checking if you have any unnecessary voice recordings on your iPhone. Deleting these is super easy.

Step 1: Find the recording in the main list

Step 2: Tap on it and then the Trash icon in the bottom right corner

Once deleted, it moves to a folder called Recently Deleted. You can review these and decide whether to recover or permanently remove them. All deleted recordings remain for 30 days before being purged from the system by default. 

How To Record Your Screen?

Another convenient feature is the Screen Record function. This allows you to capture your screen action while you record sound on the iPhone.

Some apps like Apple Music have built-in restrictions that prevent your iPhone from screen recording while there is content playing.

Finding the Screen Record function

Screen Record on the iPhone is not exactly a dedicated app. It is more of a function that you can add to your Control Center.

Here is the way to find it.

Step 1: Go to the Settings app

Step 2: Find and tap Control Center

Step 3: From the list of apps, find Screen Recording and tap on the green + icon.
This will add it to your Control Center.

Screen recording on iPhone

You can also add Voice Memos to the Control Center using the same steps.

How to Screen Record on an iPhone

Now that it’s at our fingertips let’s learn how to use it.

Step 1: To start, go to the Control Center and press the newly added Screen Recording icon.

Step 2: To stop, tap the red corner at the top where your clock is. This type of recording saves in your Photos library. You can edit them like a standard video.

How to stop Screen Record on an iPhone

If wanting to create explanatory videos, you need to enable your iPhone’s microphone. Press and hold the Screen recording icon in the Control Center and toggle the Microphone button. This will also include in-app sounds. 

To do a silent screen record, simply keep the Microphone and Ringer off. If you are in a meeting or a call and need to show something on your phone screen, you can broadcast it directly by selecting the app from the list.

Wrap Up

As you can see, these apps give you a simple and effective way to use your iPhone as a voice recorder and screen recorder. Not only that, but they provide us with the necessary tools to enhance, edit, and share these recordings.

The audio quality will be just fine for most applications considering you can choose between lossless and compressed files.

While the iPhone’s built-in microphones get better and better with each generation, we still can't consider them professional mics. And as microphones are key to determining how recordings turn out, you may wish to invest in an external mic or headset if looking for better sound.

You don't need to invest in third-party apps unless you need multi-track capabilities, effects, or other specific features. The stock apps will be enough for your iOS audio recorder needs.

Plus, they’re free.


How do I use my iPhone as a recorder?

You can conduct sound recordings on your iPhone using the stock Voice Memos app. With the Screen Record feature, you can also record your screen, voice, and internal sounds. It's best to use the Camera app to record a video.

To record sound on your iPhone, simply use the built-in microphone. If you’re looking to improve the quality of your recordings, you can also consider buying an external USB microphone or portable audio interface, depending on your goals. Wireless lavalier mics are also a great option if you need more freedom of movement.

Is there a voice recorder on iPhone?

Yes - the default voice recorder app is Voice Memos.

What is the best way to record audio on iPhone?

If you are looking to record simple voice notes or a simple interview, the best way is to use the Voice Memos app and your built-in microphone. It’s simple and free.
If you need higher quality audio recording on iPhone, you are best to invest in an external microphone. This upgrade can improve sound the most. Make sure to get either a directional mic or a windjammer accessory when recording outdoors. Even the slightest breeze may ruin your sound.If you want to record musical instruments with a DAW, like GarageBand, you need a portable audio interface. This will let you record and edit directly on your iPhone.
Depending on your requirements, specialized recording apps may also help. They don't contribute to the quality of sound that you record. But, many have options for editing and exporting specific to your needs.
How to record on your iPhone is entirely up to you, and hopefully, this article helps you get started.


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