How to Refund a Game on Oculus Quest 2 Hassle Free?

Dejan Cvetnarevic
Dejan Cvetnarevic

Updated · Oct 10, 2022


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If you’ve been wondering how to refund a game on Oculus Quest 2 as it is not what you expected, no need to worry as we guide you through the process below.

With the VR industry growing year after year, these sorts of issues are bound to happen.

Fortunately, the Oculus refund policy is fairly straightforward as long as you meet a few simple requirements, such as playing the game for less than two hours.

Get all the details below!

How to Refund a Game on Oculus Quest 2?

Have you recently purchased or gifted a game for the Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality headset (recently renamed to Meta Quest 2), but it’s not what you or your gift recipient expected?

Fortunately, you can quickly request a refund from the device you used to purchase the content or on which you are using the gift.

Typically, to complete an Oculus refund, users have to follow these steps:

  1. Launch the Meta (Oculus) app on your device;
  2. Tap on the ‘Menu’ icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen;
  3. Tap on ‘Settings’ and navigate to Purchase History’;

Meta Oculus app settings


  1. Locate the app/game in question and tap the three dots;
  2. Click on ‘Request Refund’ and select the refund reason.

Purchases History tab in the Meta Oculus device settings


After completing the above steps, you will lose all access to the game and all your in-game purchases, which you will regain only if your request is denied.

Meta takes between 3 to 5 days to verify your refund eligibility, after which you will receive an approval or denial email, the latter of which will contain the reasons why.

Note that you will be credited back via the same payment method you initially used and that your statement may reflect the credit after several days.

Refunding a Gifted Game

Players can also complete the Oculus game refund procedure if they were gifted the game instead of purchasing it themselves.

However, only the gift recipient can submit a refund request in such cases, and if approved, the funds will be credited back to the buyer.

Also, the refund process is almost identical to the one above, except applicants have to navigate their account to ‘Manage Gifts’ instead of ‘Purchase History’.

Note: The gift purchaser will receive an automatic refund if the recipient doesn’t claim the gift within 30 days of receiving it.

Do You Meet the Oculus Refund Criteria?

Before approving you for a refund, Meta has to ensure you meet the two main requirements set forth within the Oculus Quest 2 return policy:

  • You have purchased the game within the last 14 days;
  • You have played the content for less than two hours.

As you can see, you can safely try any title you are planning to purchase to see whether or not you like it, as the refund conditions are relatively lax.

After all, despite being one of the best VR headsets, not all of the games offered on the Oculus platform are worth your time.

However, the company may still decline refund requests if they detect any abuse of their return policies, such as recurrent game refunds over a longer time period.

What Kind of Content is Ineligible for a Refund?

While most digital content, such as apps, games, and experiences, are eligible for a refund, Meta does not credit back purchases of the following items:

  • Movies or in-app purchases,
  • Bundles or content within bundles,
  • Subscriptions or software received via subscriptions,
  • Digital goods created outside of the Meta VR platform.

What if Your Refund Is Denied?

If you find your Oculus VR game refund has been declined, but you believe you are still entitled to one, contact Meta’s Customer Support team.

However, before you report your issue, you will have to select the corresponding support category: Meta Quest > Orders and payments > Content refund request.

Then, you have to choose one of the following reasons for requesting a refund:

  • You had to pay a different price than the one listed;
  • You have decided to get the content elsewhere;
  • You are no longer interested in the product;
  • You found the game quality lacking;
  • Your hardware does not support the game;
  • You have not received the product on time.

Finally, you are asked to pick the method of contact: email, chat, WhatsApp, or a callback.

After establishing contact, the Meta support team will ask you for additional details regarding your purchase and your VR experience with the product. Then, they’ll consider any relevant extenuating circumstances before deciding on your refund request.

Bottom Line

Getting an Oculus refund is quite simple as long as you meet a couple of requirements. In any case, most refund requests are promptly approved as the procedure is automated and does not require any proof of purchase or lengthy refund explanations. 

So if you are lucky enough to own an Oculus device—considered one of the best gaming accessories around—you can try out several titles thanks to Meta’s return policy.


How long does a refund take on Oculus Quest 2?

Per the Oculus return policy, all requests are processed within 3 to 5 days, but your refund may still arrive a couple of days later, depending on your financial institution.

How to return Oculus games?

Simply navigate to the ‘Purchase History’ settings section from your Meta app, where you have to select the game and click ‘Request Refund’.

How to refund a game on Oculus Quest 2 if you are ineligible?

While Meta does not guarantee you a refund if you fail to meet their criteria, you can still apply for one manually by contacting Customer Support and pleading your case.


Dejan Cvetnarevic

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