BeenVerified Opt Out Guide [7 Easy Steps]

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Ever wondered what's out there about you?  BeenVerified has the answer! With over 100,000 subscribers and millions of records, it's the ultimate people search tool.

Founded in 2007, BeenVerified offers it all - basic info, emails, phone numbers, social media profiles, and even criminal backgrounds. It's like playing detective with your own life!

But let's get real – safety matters! Data breaches exposed 440 million records from 2012-2021. Don't let identity thieves have a field day with your info!

In this article, you will learn how to protect yourself by opting out of BeenVerified.

How To Remove Yourself From BeenVerified?

60% of internet users worldwide believe protecting their online privacy is impossible. However, removing your data from background check websites can be your first step in safeguarding your privacy on the Internet. 

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BeenVerified is a real and trustworthy service. In 2020, it had 10 million people visiting monthly and over 100 thousand subscribers. Even big newspapers like The New York Times have talked about it.

Best of all, it can be done in a few minutes. Here are the quick steps for the BeenVerified opt-out process:

  1. Go to the BeenVerified opt-out page.
  2. Enter your first and last name. Hit Search.
    Hit Search
  3. Find your listing from the search results and click on Proceed to Opt Out.
    click on Proceed to Opt Out
  4. Enter your email address, and do the CAPTCHA test. Click on Send Verification Email

Click on Send Verification Email.

🗒️ Note:

You can use another email address or a masked email if you don’t want to provide one.

5. Wait for the confirmation email. 

6. Once you receive it, click on Verify Opt Out at the bottom. You’ll be redirected back to the BeenVerified website to confirm the opt-out request.

7. A final confirmation will be sent to you within 24 hours to let you know about the successful opt-out.

💡 Did You Know?

BeenVerified doesn't offer a free trial, but you can get the most for just $1 as an initial seven-day subscription. Remember to cancel before the seven days are up, or you'll be charged for a full month's subscription.


Search sites like BeenVerified can help avoid scammers, but they also collect and sell personal records to companies. Be cautious about sharing sensitive information and know data usage policies to stay safe. 

Remember that much of the information gathered by these sites can be found on search engines like Google. Protect your privacy and be mindful of potential scams.

📒 Helpful Articles:

Consider practical measures to remove your online presence to reduce potential risks. In addition to opting out of BeenVerified, we also offer additional articles to help you:


What does BeenVerified tell you?

BeenVerified holds data that can be obtained publicly through the websites you have signed up for. This includes social media accounts, basic info, addresses, phone numbers, properties, and public records.

How do I submit a BeenVerified opt-out request?

Go to the BeenVerified opt-out page and follow the on-page instructions.

Does BeenVerified have an app?

Yes, BeenVerified offers a user-friendly mobile app for iOS and Android devices, including iPhones, iPads, Android phones, tablets, and even Apple Watches.


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