Social Catfish Opt-Out Guide [11 Quick Steps]

Muninder Adavelli
Muninder Adavelli

Updated · May 05, 2023

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Social Catfish is an online investigation company based in California. It has an estimated 1 million monthly visitors and access to over 200 billion records.

Launched in 2013, the site has been dedicated to helping people avoid being scammed by someone with a fake identity. Social Catfish can provide anyone’s  basic information, social media profiles, photos, addresses, phone numbers, and more. 

It is a useful site for those wanting to know more about their online dating matches. However, social media information can also be used for online harassment. 41% of Americans experienced online harassment, and 75% were bullied through social media.

If you’re concerned about your online privacy, you can remove your personal data from Social Catfish by following this guide.

How To Remove Yourself From Social Catfish?

Manually submitting an opt-out request through the Social Catfish website is simple. Here’s how:

  1. Go to Social Catfish.
  2. To search for your listing, enter your name and select your country.
    select your country
  3. When you hit Search, a pop-up will appear to choose a state. On the next pop-up, select your city and click Continue.
  4. Another pop-up will ask you to select your age range. This is optional, so you can choose Skip For Now.
    Skip For Now
  5. Wait for the screen to load, then do the CAPTCHA.
  6. Find your listing from the results. Right-click on your name and click on Copy Link address.
    Copy Link address
  7. Paste the link on a notepad, then go to It should take you to the Social Catfish opt-out form.
  8. Enter the URL you copied. You can add multiple URLs, phone numbers, and email addresses in a single opt-out request.
    opt-out request
  9. Enter your email address. We recommend using a masked or disposable email address to avoid being listed again or receiving email ads.
    receiving email ads
  10.  Do the CAPTCHA and click Remove This Listing.
  11.  Check your inbox for the email confirmation. Click on the verification link.

Removing your data from Social Catfish may take 2-3 weeks, so keep checking your listing within this time frame.

You can also check out our FastPeopleSearch Opt-out Guide. 

Other Ways To Opt Out Of Social Catfish

Aside from submitting an opt-out request, using a data removal tool like Incogni or contacting Social Catfish are some options at your disposal. 

Let’s take a close look at each method. 

Using Incogni To Opt-Out Of Social Catfish

Incogni can help you in delisting from numerous people search sites in a single subscription. It will contact all the data brokers with your personal data and keep track of them to prevent you from being listed again.

The service covers 180+ people search sites. With a reasonable price of $6.49 monthly for a yearly plan, Incogni will save you 300+ hours of manually requesting to be opted out of data broker sites.

Here’s how to start using Incogni:

how to start using Incogni

  1. Go to Incogni and create an account. 
  2. Enter your email address and password, then click on Continue
  3. Check your inbox for email verification. Hit Verify email
  4. Enter your complete name and address.
  5. Digitally sign the Authorization Form to give Incogni the right to send opt-out requests on your behalf.
  6. Choose the plan that best fits you. Process payment

Incogni will automatically start looking for people search sites with listings of your personal data. You can keep track of each site’s opt-out progress through your Incogni dashboard.

Contacting Social Catfish 

You can also contact Social Catfish directly to request the removal of your personal data.

Send your opt-out request via email to [email protected]. Include your name and listing URL. Specify your intention to be opted out of their database on your subject line and body of the message.

You can also call Social Catfish’s customer support at (844) 422-8347 and ask a live agent to remove your listing for you. This line is available 9 AM-5 PM Pacific Time.


Social Catfish may be a well-known site for fighting catfishing. However, the privacy and security risks of being listed on data broker sites like this can’t be ignored. 

Since you can remove your personal data from these sites, use all the possible methods because your online safety comes first. 

Also, check out our guide to know how to opt out of Radaris.


What does Social Catfish tell you?

Social Catfish can provide data about names, usernames, social media profiles, email addresses, phone numbers, photos, home addresses, properties, criminal records, and all basic information.

How effective is Social Catfish?

There may be inaccuracies because the data-gathering process is automated. All information that Social Catfish provides is publicly sourced. It means you can get the same information if you want to get down to it.


Muninder Adavelli

Muninder Adavelli

Munni is also an ardent student of human-computer interfaces and user experience design. He makes the vital connections between technology and the end user. He always finds the ultimate way to tell the story of software, to highlight its strengths and weaknesses in an accessible way. He often contemplates the dynamic relationship between humanity and technology over a pint of lager, while enjoying some classy classical rock.

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