How To Reset AirPods - The Only Guide You Need

Velina Nenova
Velina Nenova

Updated · Oct 16, 2022


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A set of wireless earphones is currently one of the most popular Apple products. Millions of AirPods are sold globally, and people love them for their simplicity and flexibility. Still, this pair of earbuds can sometimes lose connection and degrade sound quality.

If this happens, you’ll have to reset or restore them to factory settings. Luckily, learning how to reset AirPods is straightforward. What’s more, the steps are similar if you use Android devices. 

Keep reading to see what you can do.

How To Reset AirPods?

Since there might be some connectivity, sound, and functionality issues, sometimes you’ll have to reset your AirPods. Luckily, Apple has designed its devices to be intuitive, so learning how to completely reset AirPods shouldn’t be that hard.

The procedure is the same for all iOS devices – iPhone, iPad, or Mac. 

The first thing you should try is simply placing the AirPods in the box and closing the lid for about 30 seconds.

Then, head over to your iOS device’s Settings and go to Bluetooth. Tap the “i” icon next to the AirPods, and click “forget the device.”

This will completely unpair AirPods from all devices where you use the same Apple ID.

Afterwards, press and hold the setup button on the back of the AirPod case while the lid is open for about 15 seconds. Wait until the status light turns white. Keep the case open, get it close to the Apple device, and reconnect your AirPods.

If you don’t have your iPhone with you, here’s how to reboot AirPods:

First, place them in the charging case. Keep the lid open, locate the setup button, and hold it for 15 seconds. Once the status light changes from amber to white, your AirPods are reset.

To summarize the steps:

  • Place your AirPods in a case and close the lid for 30 seconds – this works even if you don’t have your phone.
  • On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod, visit Settings, then Bluetooth.
  • Tap the More Info button next to AirPods.
  • Tap Forget this device.
  • Confirm.
  • Open the lid, and reconnect the AirPods.

When you reset the earbuds, the settings will also turn back to basics, but you can change how your AirPods work again in no time.

You’ll have to learn how to hard reset AirPods in case they start losing connection or face any of the issues below:

  • Audio degradation
  • Trouble with charging
  • Automatic Ear detection stops working
  • Battery drains

Remember to clean your AirPods regularly to avoid charging issues.

How about AirPods Max?

Learning how to restart AirPods or AirPods Pro is easy, but AirPods Max headphones are slightly different. For example, they don’t have a power button. Still, there are Digital Crown and Noise Control buttons you can use. Follow the steps below:

  • Let them charge for a few minutes.
  • Press and hold Digital Crown and Noise Control at the same time.
  • Hold the buttons for about 12 seconds.
  • Release.

If the AirPods reset button doesn’t help with your issues, you should proceed to a factory reset. The steps are the same, but you should hold the buttons for about 15 seconds until the charging port flashes white instead of amber.

What If You Aren’t Using An Apple device?

If you want to reprogram AirPods on Android, you’ll go through similar steps as with an Apple device. 

Place your AirPods in the case, and press and hold the button on the back.

Keep holding for about 15 seconds until the light turns orange. Then, open the case and try pairing the earbuds with your smartphone.

You can also try unpairing your AirPods from all other devices, as they might get confused when more phones are around. Keep your Bluetooth on only on the smartphone you want to connect to your earbuds.

If these two steps didn’t help, try resetting the Android’s Bluetooth connection. Open Settings, go to Bluetooth, and toggle the switch off and back on. This will refresh your Bluetooth and reconnect your AirPods.

Finally, if the issues with your AirPods are still present, you can simply reboot your Android device. This takes about two minutes and should give you a fresh start if your AirPods are disconnecting.

Wrap Up

The AirPods’ convenience makes them one of the best earbuds around. They’re portable, flexible, easy to use, and provide high-quality sound. However, they may sometimes lag by losing connection or degrading the sound. This is why you might have to hard reset your AirPods.

The good news is resetting is fairly easy. You can start by holding the button on the case, and if that doesn’t work, you can completely remove them from your device and reconnect. The steps are similar for Android smartphones as well, with a few added options, such as rebooting your phone.


How do you reset AirPods when they won’t reset?

If your AirPods are not resetting, you’ll have to remove them from the list of devices on your smartphone. Then, try closing the charging box, wait for 15 seconds, and open the lid. Press and hold the setup button for up to 10 seconds, and try reconnecting them.

Can stolen AirPods be reset?

Since AirPods don’t connect to WiFi, there’s no way of remotely locking them and protecting them from thieves. This means that whoever got a hold of your AirPods can reset and use them as their own.

Can you reset AirPods that you found?

Yes, you can. Knowing how to reset AirPods is especially useful if you’ve found a pair lying around. This will bring them back to factory settings and remove all connections and iCloud accounts.


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