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Updated · Mar 27, 2023

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Reddit is a popular discussion platform and a place where you can share your content with others. While some are trying to maximize the chances of Reddit posts getting noticed, admins, moderators, and other users can delete the content. 

Using five tools, we’ll explain how to see deleted Reddit posts

1. Unddit

One of the most popular tools to view deleted Reddit posts is Unddit. It enables you to see deleted Reddit comments too. It displays removed content by moderators colored in red and deleted posts and comments by other Reddit users in blue. It also shows the username of the person who posted the comment. 

Unddit uses the service, a platform for collecting and tracking social media data, including Reddit posts and comments. Once they are published, the platform records them in a database. Unddit compares Reddit’s API and Pushshift’s API to see which posts and comments are removed.

It’s quite easy to use Unddit on a computer.

  1. Open the the website
  2. Press Ctrl+Shift+B to open your bookmark bar and drag the big red Unddit button there. You can also right-click and select Bookmark this link.
  3. Open the deleted thread and when the page fully loads click on your Unddit bookmark.
  4. Unddit will load all Reddit deleted comments from that post.

Android users can also view deleted Reddit comments. All they need to do is install the Unddit app from the Google Play store. Alternatively, there is a manual option to replace the “reddit” part in the URL of the thread with “unddit”.

To see all the removed comments of a post, you’ll need to wait a bit for Unddit to load them. Therefore, if you want to see a specific comment in a thread, it’s best to provide a direct link to the thread where the deleted comment is. It’ll load faster from the archive. 

2. Reveddit

Revedit is a simple site that contains just a single search bar on its homepage. 

Here is how to use it:

  1. Open from any browser.
  2. In the text field enter a Redditor’s name, name of the subreddit or URL link, and click Go
  3. If you specify a subreddit name, then all the deleted comments under it will appear. You can browse through the list to find what you need.

Additionally, you can find deleted comments by inserting “ve” into the URL of any Reddit page.

However, Reveddit doesn’t retrieve user-deleted content, only moderator or bot-deleted posts or comments. But, the Reveddit Real-time extension can notify you when your content on Reddit has been silently removed. This will show you when you’ve been shadowbanned by bots or moderators. You can contact them to find out why they deleted your comments.

3. Resavr

Resavr is only limited to seeing deleted Reddit comments but not posts. This website has a very straightforward interface that allows you to simply search for the specific thread or the Redditor’s name in the search bar in the top right corner of the page.

You can also search through the most recently erased Reddit comments by clicking the button next to the search text field or browse the Resavr homepage’s list with deleted short comments to kill some time. 

No matter how you’ve searched the comments, for every comment you’ve discovered, Resavr will show you the time when it was written and deleted. You’ll be able to read the entire comment.

Unlike Unddit or Reveddit, this tool won’t allow users to search for a specific thread using its URL to view the deleted comment.

4. The Wayback Machine

If none of the tools we mentioned so far don’t work, the Wayback Machine might have archived the Reddit comment or post you missed. This nonprofit website stores not only Reddit content but pages from the entire web. It archives snapshots of websites at a certain time. The more popular the web domain you’re searching for is, the higher the chance of finding it here.

Here are the steps to see deleted Reddit posts using the Wayback Machine:

  1. Visit Wayback Machine’s website -
  2. Enter the URL of the Reddit post you want to view but clean it up first by removing any unnecessary HTTP parameters. If you don’t have the URL, type the subreddit or profile link in the search field.
  3. Next, you’ll see a displayed calendar interface with blue circles indicating when the Wayback Machine last stored the page. Select the relevant year, month, date, and then the timestamp when the archive was taken. 
  4. Wayback Machine will show you the snapshot of your deleted post, if it was ever captured. If the user or moderator deleted the content you’re looking for before it had a chance to be archived, then you won’t be able to see it. 

The Wayback Machine is a great tool for finding lost Reddit content. To view deleted comments, you can even see the edits that might have been made before the comment was removed.

5. Google Cache

Google also indexes web pages for you to access when the page isn’t loading properly or when the content you’re looking for was recently removed. That cached version of the pages can also help you view removed Reddit posts and comments.

To retrieve cached versions of recently deleted comments using Google Cache, do the following:

  1. On your computer open the Google Chrome web browser. On a mobile, hit the three-dot icon and then select Desktop site
  2. In the Google search bar type the URL of the deleted Reddit post or the Redditor’s name.
  3. Find the correct entry in the search results and click on the three-dot icon next to it.
  4. At the bottom of the drop-down list, on the side menu that appears, you can find an option labeled Cached.
  5. If Google has cached the page, you’ll be able to click to view it.

Since Google’s powerful caching service updates the pages frequently, it is possible that the deleted thread or comment will not be found. It could have happened that Google has recrawled and saved a new version of your link. 

For that reason, finding deleted Reddit posts or comments using this method might be best for recently deleted content.

Bottom Line

Reddit is a social news site that publishes thousands of new threads each hour. Some might have gone missing over time, but thanks to third-party archiving tools, you can revive them again.

Now that you know how to see deleted Reddit posts, nothing can stop you from finding that chocolate pie recipe you’ve been thinking of making.


How to see deleted comments on Reddit?

You can find lost comments or threads on any of the websites that store Reddit content. Resavr, for example, can bring removed Reddit comments back to life.

How to see deleted Reddit posts?

To see deleted Reddit posts, you can use one of the third-party archiving tools, such as Unddit, Reveddit, or Wayback Machine.


Keelan Balderson

Keelan Balderson

A qualified journalist and longtime web content writer, Keelan has a passion for exploring information and learning new things. If he's not writing or pushing his own brands, you'll find him watching pro wrestling or trying not to rant about politics online.

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