How to Send Money Anonymously? 5 Easy Ways to Do it!

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Updated · Apr 19, 2023

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Many situations require an anonymous money transfer. But not every method is equal in its privacy capabilities. 

How to Send Money Anonymously?

Money Transfer Services

Money transfer services are the best way to meet a wide variety of specific money transfer needs. With the right service, you can make an untraceable money transfer easily. What’s most important is the choice of vendor you intend to use.

The most popular traditional money transfer service is Western Union. There are plenty of similar services and many that are far more modern. These methods typically allow anonymous transfers from the sender. They offer a few options, but the most private way is to send an anonymous transfer directly to the recipient’s bank account. The recipient will see a code for the transfer service but will not be privy to any details about who initiated it.

With these options, neither the banks nor your recipient will see your or your bank details. The recipient’s bank will only record the amount and the name of the transfer service.

Blank Checks

Most checks come from personal or company checkbooks with the user's name written on them. But many banks can assist you in writing a more private check.

To get a blank check, try requesting a single check without your name on it from your bank. Usually, they will only need to include the account number on the check. This enables the recipient to cash the check, but only the banks can identify both parties.


If considering how to send money anonymously online, cryptocurrencies are popular for providing privacy and control. However, it’s important to discern between different cryptos. The largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, doesn’t offer all the anonymity that many people believe it does. The blockchain records Bitcoin transaction times, amounts, and both the sender’s and recipient’s wallet addresses. While considered relatively anonymous, it’s not a completely private money transfer method.

Of all the cryptocurrencies, Monero has the most privacy features. It records no names or addresses publicly. This is due to its design for maximum privacy at all times. 

Prepaid Cards

Having a debit or credit card typically requires you to go through a long process where the card provider delves into your financial history. Credit cards require a full credit assessment, and most debit cards have all transactions logged transparently.

There are prepaid debit and gift cards that offer far more anonymity. If you’re looking for how to send money anonymously, most debit card providers offer prepaid cards that don’t record transactions. You just top up the card with sufficient funds beforehand and then use it as needed. Because you’ve already provided the money, there is no need to record transactions.

You need to choose a single-use card as refillable cards often require credit checks and Social Security numbers, while single-use cards do not.  

Pay by Cash

Lastly, we have the surest method for how to give money anonymously. Where possible, it’s best to use cash if your goal is privacy. Cash may not be king anymore, considering the many contemporary payment methods providing easy and safe transfers. But cash still reigns over all when it comes to anonymity. Once the cash transfer is complete, if you don’t give or receive a receipt, then there’s no traceability. 

Wrap Up

So what’s the best way to send money anonymously? Most methods fall under one of the above transfer services with varying levels of anonymity. 

If you're still considering how to send money anonymously, it's best to examine the various methods’ level of privacy in relation to its convenience. Money transfer services make it especially easy and convenient. While all described methods will enable you to send money anonymously to a certain degree.


Deyan Georgiev

Deyan Georgiev

Deyan has been fascinated by technology his whole life. From the first Tetris game all the way to Falcon Heavy. Working for TechJury is like a dream come true, combining both his passions – writing and technology. In his free time (which is pretty scarce, thanks to his three kids), Deyan enjoys traveling and exploring new places. Always with a few chargers and a couple of gadgets in the backpack. He makes mean dizzying Island Paradise cocktails too.

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