How to Unblock Netflix? [A Beginner-Friendly Article]

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There are more than 190 countries where Netflix is available, each with its unique collection of licensed movies and shows. The availability of its content varies by country, and specific content is unavailable to users in other nations. 

Netflix was preferred by 47% of Americans out of all other video streaming services. Some people who watch international films find it inconvenient to access them due to their location.   

It's a good thing that there are ways to get Netflix despite its restrictions. Learn more about how to unlock Netflix so you can watch more shows. 

Key Takeaway

🔑 Several countries have substantially richer content collections than others. For various reasons, some are getting banned or inaccessible. 

🔑 Changing your location to unblock Netflix may not be illegal, but it violates Netflix’s terms of service.

🔑 There are 3 simple methods to access blocked content from where you are: Tor Browser, Proxy servers, and VPNs 

🔑 Using a VPN to unblock Netflix Restrictions is the easiest and fastest method. 

🔑 Netflix content is blocked due to various reasons: geographical location, censorship, or copyright disputes.

3 Simple Ways to Unblock Netflix

Streaming services like Netflix offer a variety of content for their users to enjoy. Unfortunately, geographical restrictions or censorship laws of certain countries block some of these contents from users. 

Luckily, there are hacks available so that you can still access Netflix without leaving the room. 

Here are several safe ways to access Netflix.

Method 1: Watch Netflix with Tor Browser

The Tor Browser allows users to access and watch videos online anonymously. It hides the user’s IP address when browsing the web. Netflix will not be able to detect users’ geolocation.

Here’s how to use the Tor Network to access Netflix:

1. Download a Tor browser from the Tor Project website.

2. Choose the operating system. 

3. Then, install the Tor browser.

Screenshot of the Tor Project Homepage

4. Open the Tor Browser and type in

Screenshot of Tor Browser

5. After being directed to the Netflix website, sign in with your Netflix account and search for content.

✅ Pro Tip: 

Netflix blocks IP addresses that belong to the Tor network. To access Netflix using Tor networks, you can use a VPN or proxy server to connect to a server not blocked by Netflix. 

Method 2: Unblock Netflix Using a Proxy

Users can use proxy servers to access more content and bypass Netflix restrictions. 

This proxy server directs the web traffic to a third-party server before connecting to Netflix. It hides the user's real IP address and tricks Netflix into believing they are in a country where the proxy server is located.

Check out this video and learn more about a proxy server.

YouTube Video: What is a Proxy Server? (0:00 - 0:48)

One way to use a proxy to unblock Netflix is to proxify the device's operating system. This method works on both Windows and Mac computers.

When using this method, ensure that the web browser used for Netflix automatically copies your system's proxy settings. 

Proxifying Windows

Here are the steps for proxifying the Windows operating system:

1. Go to Windows and select “Settings.”

Settings Option on Window Menu

2. Select “Network & Internet.”

Window Settings Menu Board Showing Network & Internet Options  

3. Under the network and internet section, click "Proxy.”

Screenshot of Windows Setting Search Bar  Where “Proxy” is Located

4. Go to manual proxy setup. 

5. Select "Use a proxy server." 

6. Input the IP address and port, then save.

Windows Proxy Settings Activating Manual Proxy Setup 

7. An authorization prompt will pop up if the user uses a personal proxy. 

8. Input the username and password of the proxy server and click sign in.

Windows Authorization Prompt Sign-In Pop-Up

Proxy on Mac

Follow the steps to apply a proxy on your Mac.

1. In the spotlight search, type in proxy and click the option “Proxies.”

Mac Spotlight Search For Proxies

2. Then select “Proxies” and choose “Secure web proxy (HTTPS).”

Mac Settings Proxies Settings For Secure Web Proxy (HTTPS)

3. Turn on the secure web proxy and input the IP address and port.

Mac Settings Secure Web Proxy (HTTPS) Manual Set-Up

4. Then, save the new settings.

Proxies Settings Save Settings

💡Did You Know?

Proxy servers are not just for Netflix users; you can also access other regionally blocked websites

Best Proxies for Netflix

There are various proxy sites for Netflix on the market. Here is the list of proxies that users may use to bypass restrictions and access content on Netflix.

1. BrightData

Bright Data provides web data services that offer various proxies from different locations worldwide. 

Its easy set-up makes it user-friendly. There is no coding needed to set up this proxy. It offers four types of IP addresses: residential, data center, static residential, and mobile.

BrightData offers different pricing options. Pricing differs depending on the type of proxy network users need. The pay-as-you-go prices start at $0.50 per IP and $15 per GB. The cheapest monthly plan costs $500 per month.

2. ProxyEmpire

ProxyEmpire can be an excellent option to unblock Netflix because it offers various proxy IPs from over 150 countries.

Users can customize their proxies. They can choose a maximum rotation period of 90 seconds to 60 minutes. Even custom software solutions can use their proxy servers with compatibility.

Like other proxy service providers, ProxyEmpire offers various plans for its premium features.  Prices for a monthly plan start at $45.

3. BeeProxy

By simply providing a proxy management solution through a single dashboard, BeeProxy makes switching proxies easier. Checking proxy activities and changing settings can be done within the dashboard.

Aside from excellent customer support, it also offers a  high-speed network of 1 GB/s to ensure minimal service delays.

Unlike other proxy service providers, it provides competitive pricing without sacrificing quality. Single proxy HTTPS or socks cost $2 monthly.

Helpful Article:  

Choosing the correct proxy server can be difficult. See this article for reviews of the best proxy servers on the market. 

Method 3: Stop Netflix Restrictions with VPNs

One of the best methods to unblock Netflix restrictions is to use a VPN;  with a VPN server, users can easily change their location.

To do this, follow the step-by-step guides on how to unblock Netflix with a VPN:

1. Select a VPN service with servers in the country you want to access. Install the chosen VPN software on the device.

Screenshot of ExpressVPN Homepage

2. Connect to the country's server. For instance, if the content is available in France, set the server to France. 

Screenshot of Country’s Available Server

3. Refresh the Netflix website to verify its connection to the desired country.

Screenshot of Netflix’s Available Movies

Best VPNs For Netflix

Choosing suitable VPNs for Netflix use takes time and effort. Regular updates from Netflix on its VPN detection measures make it hard for VPNs to provide secure access to streaming services abroad.

To help users choose the right VPN, here is a list of the top 3 VPNs used to unblock Netflix:

1. NordVPN

NordVPN is one of the primary VPN services, with over 5,000 VPN server locations in its network throughout 50 countries. It works with Netflix in 11 countries, including the UK, the US, Canada, and Australia.

The price for NordVPN starts at $12.95/month for a standard monthly subscription plan.

2. Surfshark VPN

Surfshark VPN's advantage over other VPN services is that it does not limit the number of devices users can connect to simultaneously. It uses the lightning-fast WireGuard protocol and adheres to a strict no-logging policy.

The subscription price for a Surfshark Starter plan is $12.95/month.

3. ExpressVPN

One of the advantages of ExpressVPN is its smooth streaming of content and one-button interface. Other than Netflix, it also offers secure access to other streaming services. ExpressVPN's server locations are available in 94 countries.

ExpressVPN's monthly subscription costs $12.95/mon.

👍Helpful Article: 

Are you planning to unblock Netflix? Read this comparison between Proxy vs. VPN to know which is better and why. This will enable you to choose the best suits your needs and preferences.

Reasons Why Netflix is Blocked

If Netflix is having connection problems or some of its content is temporarily unavailable, it means Netflix is blocked. 

There are many reasons for Netflix's restriction in a specific area. To summarize, here are the reasons:



Geographical Reason

This limits access to content based on location. Not all information is accessible in all countries.

Content Censorship

Some content is offensive for some regions. This is why content might only be available in some areas.

Copyright Violations

Copyright holders do not sell rights to Netflix alone. Different streaming services also buy content rights. 

Illicit Sharing of Passwords

Sharing passwords violates Netflix's contract with users. This may restrict user access.

Productivity Issues 

Netflix is an entertainment app. It can distract workers and decrease productivity.

Appropriate Contents

Some materials require parental controls and are unsuitable for specific age groups.


There are numerous ways to unblock Netflix and view restricted content in various countries. However, not all available methods are safe and legal.

Unblocking Netflix depends on the location, the specific content, and the users’ willingness to take risks.  If you still want to unblock Netflix, employing trustworthy and legal techniques is imperative.

🎉Fun Fact:

Reed Hastings has been the CEO of Netflix since 2002; it is a publicly traded corporation listed on the Nasdaq Stock Market and owned by numerous stockholders. 


Is it illegal to unblock Netflix?

It depends on the method to unblock Netflix and the country's laws. For example, using a VPN is not illegal; however, it violates Netflix’s terms of service.

Why are some shows blocked on Netflix?

Some shows are unavailable on Netflix due to content licensing. To distribute the content, Netflix must obtain the necessary rights in each country.

How do you unlock hidden categories on Netflix?

Users must find the content category's code. Once known, input the code at this URL's end (XXXX): Then, press enter.


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